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Now updated for CSW19. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

answer to say, write, or act in return.
answerer one that answers.
ask to request, inquire or invite.
asker one who asks.
backspeer (Scots) to cross-question.
backspeir (Scots) to cross-question.
beg to ask for.
beggingly (Adv.) BEGGING, pleading.
beseech to implore.
beseecher one who beseeches.
beseechingly (Adv.) BESEECHING, imploring.
beseechingness the state of being beseeching.
beseeke (Spenser) to entreat, to implore.
consult to ask an opinion of.
consultee one who is consulted.
consulter one who consults, or asks counsel or information.
counterquestion a question in response to another question.
demand to ask for with authority.
demandable that may be demanded or claimed.
demander one who demands.
demandingly (Adv.) DEMANDING.
enquiration (Dial.) inquiry.
enquire to ask.
enquirer one who enquires.
enquiry an inquiry.
entreat to ask for earnestly.
entreatingly (Adv.) ENTREATING, asking earnestly.
entreative (Obs.) used in entreaty; pleading.
entreatment the act of entreating.
entreaty an earnest request.
exact precise (verb) to demand
exacter one who exacts.
exactingly (Adv.) EXACTING.
exactor one who exacts.
exoration (Obs.) entreaty.
flagitate to entreat or importune.
flagitation the action of asking or demanding with passion.
impetrate to obtain by entreaty, request or prayer.
impetration seeking by entreaty.
impetrative relating to impetration.
impetrator one who impetrates, obtains by entreaty.
impetratory relating to impetration.
imploration the act of imploring.
implorator (Shakesp.) one who implores.
imploratory having an imploring quality.
implore to beg for urgently.
implorer one who implores.
imploringly (Adv.) IMPLORING.
importune importunate (verb) to press or urge with repeated requests
importunely (Adv.) IMPORTUNE, importunate.
importuner one who importunes.
inquere (Spenser) to inquire.
inquest a legal inquiry.
inquiration (Dickens) inquiry.
inquire to ask about.
inquirer one who inquires.
inquiringly (Adv.) INQUIRING.
inquiry a question.
inquisition the act of inquiring.
inquisitional relating to inquisition.
inquisitor one who inquires or makes inquisition.
interpellate to question formally concerning an official action or policy or personal conduct.
interpellation a formal questioning or challenging regarding an action or policy.
interpellator one who interpellates, questions formally concerning an official action or policy or personal conduct.
interrogant a questioner.
interrogate to question formally and systematically.
interrogatee one who is interrogated.
interrogatingly (Adv.) INTERROGATING.
interrogational relating to interrogation.
interrogator one that interrogates.
intreat (Arch.) to ask earnestly.
intreatfull (Spenser) full of entreaty.
intreatingly (Adv.) INTREATING.
intreatment the act of intreating.
invocate to call on, or for, in supplication.
nonanswer something that is not an answer; (verb) to answer in an unsatisfactory way.
nonresponse something that is not a response.
obsecrate to beseech, supplicate or beg.
obsecration an entreaty.
obtest to beseech, supplicate.
outask to surpass in asking.
outbeg to surpass in begging.
petition a written supplication signed by a number of people; (verb) to make a formal request.
petitionary like a petition.
petitioner one who presents a petition.
petitory petitioning.
plead to ask for earnestly.
pleading an allegation in a legal action.
pleadingly (Adv.) PLEADING.
pray to address prayers to.
prayer a devout petition to a deity.
precative supplicating; expressing entreaty.
precatory expressing a wish.
prier one who pries.
quaere (Lat.) a query, question; (verb) to query.
quaeritur (Lat.) the question is asked.
querier one who queries.
querist one who queries.
query to question.
queryingly (Adv.) QUERYING.
question an inquiry; (verb) to put a question to.
questionary an asker of questions.
questionee one who is questioned.
questioner one who asks questions.
questioningly (Adv.) QUESTIONING.
questionist a questioner, a doubter.
quiz a set of questions; (verb) to question.
quizzer one who quizzes.
quizzery quizzing.
quizzical mocking, questioning.
quizzicality the state of being quizzical.
quizzically (Adv.) QUIZZICAL, mocking, questioning.
redemand to demand back; to demand again.
reinterrogate to interrogate again.
reply to answer.
request to express a desire for.
requester one who requests.
requestor one who requests.
respond to say or act in return.
responder one who responds.
response a reply or reaction.
responseless without a response.
responser one who responds.
responsor one who responds.
retort to answer back sharply.
retorter one who retorts.
retortive of the nature of a retort or sharp reply.
rogation an asking or supplication, esp in an ecclesiastical sense.
rogatory seeking information; authorized to examine witnesses or ascertain facts; as, a rogatory commission.
scrutator one who investigates.
solicit to ask for earnestly.
solicitant one who solicits.
solicity (Shakesp.) solicitation.
speer (Scots) to ask.
speerings (Scots) news.
speir (Scots) to ask.
speirings (Scots) news.
spier (Scots) to ask.
suppliant (Shakesp.) supplicating, asking (noun) one who supplicates
suppliantly (Adv.) SUPPLIANT, supplicant, asking.
supplicant one who supplicates.
supplicat in English universities, a petition.
supplicate to entreat for.
supplicatingly (Adv.) SUPPLICATING.
supplication an act of supplicating; an earnest or humble petition.
supplicatory humbly pleading.
unasked not asked.
unbegged of a person, not entreated, not begged for.
unenquiring not enquiring.
uninquiring not inquiring.
unquestionable not open to question.
unquestionably (Adv.) UNQUESTIONABLE, not open to question.