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Now updated for CSW19. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

affrap (Spenser) to strike.
backhand a stroke made with the back of the hand turned in the direction of the stroke; (verb) to hit with the back of one's hand.
backhandedly (Adv.) BACKHANDED, hit with the back of one's hand.
backslap to show much approval.
backslapper one who backslaps.
bash to strike.
basher one who bashes.
batoon a short rod; (verb) to strike with a batoon.
batter to beat repeatedly.
batterer one who batters or hits with repeated blows.
beat a recurrent stroke in music (verb) to strike repeatedly
beaten (PaP.) BEAT, to strike repeatedly.
becudgel to cudgel thoroughly.
bedaze to daze thoroughly.
belabor (US) to buffet, beat.
belabour to buffet, beat.
bemaul (Arch.) to maul or beat severely; to bruise.
bepat (Arch.) to pat frequently, beat.
bepepper (Arch.) to pelt with a rain of blows.
bepommel (Arch.) to pommel soundly.
bethump to beat or thump soundly.
bethwack to thwack continuously, belabour.
biff to strike hard.
blad (Scots) to strike, disfigure.
blaud (Scots) a fragment, a broken off piece; (verb) to strike, disfigure.
blindside to hit unexpectedly; to surprise unpleasantly.
buffet a blow with the fist; (verb) to hit sharply.
buffeter one who buffets; a boxer.
bullwhip a long whip; (verb) to strike with a bullwhip.
bunt a push; (verb) to push with the horns, butt.
butt a push or blow with the head; (verb) to strike with the head, as a goat etc.
cane a slender, flexible stem or rod (verb) to beat with a rod
clobber belongings, esp clothes; (verb) to strike very hard.
clour (Scots) a knock, bump; (verb) to knock, bump.
clout to hit with the hand.
cob a male swan; (verb) to strike.
coldcock to knock unconscious.
collide to come together with violent impact.
collision the state of being struck together.
collisional relating to a collision.
collisionally (Adv.) COLLISIONAL, relating to a collision.
contund (Arch.) to bruise or pound.
counterblow a blow in return.
cudgeler one who cudgels.
cudgeller one who beats with a cudgel.
dad (Coll.) father; (verb) to thump.
daud (Scots) to knock, thump.
dawd (Scots) to knock, thump.
devel (Scots) a hard blow; (verb) to stun with a club.
devvel (Scots) a hard blow; (verb) to stun with a club.
dod (Scots) a lump; (verb) to knock, thump.
donder (Afrikaans) to beat up, thrash.
drub to beat, to defeat decisively.
drubber one who drubs.
dunt to strike with a heavy blow.
dush (Scots) to strike heavily against.
fist the closed or clenched hand (verb) to strike or grip with the fist
flick to strike with a quick, light blow.
flog to beat with a whip or rod.
fustigate (Obs.) to beat with a club.
fustigation beating with a club.
fustigator one who fustigates, beats with a club.
hit a blow; a success; (verb) to strike.
hittable that can be hit.
hitter one that hits.
horsewhip a whip for driving horses; (verb) to beat with a horsewhip.
illision the act of striking against something.
impact to pack firmly together.
impacter something that impacts eg an asteroid.
impactive relating to impact.
impactor something that impacts eg an asteroid.
impingent striking against or upon.
jarp (Dial.) to strike, smash esp the shell of an egg at Easter.
jole (Dial.) to bump, knock.
joll (Dial.) to bump, knock.
jostler one who jostles.
joule the derived SI unit of work, energy and heat, equal to the work done when a force of one newton moves its point of application one metre in the direction of the force; (verb) to bump, knock.
jowl the jaw, the cheek (verb, dial.) to bump, knock
kick a blow with the foot (verb) to strike out with the foot or feet
klap (S. Afr.) to slap or smack.
knack a special unfailing talent (verb) to strike sharply
knevell (Scots) to pound with the nieves, the fists.
knobble a small knob (verb) to pound with the fists
knock a sudden stroke, a rap; (verb) to strike sharply.
knubble a small knob (verb) to pound with the fists
laldie (Scots) a beating or thrashing.
laldy (Scots) a beating or thrashing.
lam escape or hurried flight, as in on the lam; (verb) to beat.
lambast to beat severely.
lambaste to beat severely.
larrup to flog or thrash.
larruper one who larrups.
lash the flexible part of a whip; (verb) to strike with a whip.
lashing the act of lashing.
lashingly (Adv.) LASHING.
lounder (Scots) to beat, thump.
mall a mallet; (verb) to beat, batter.
malleate to hammer; to beat into a plate or leaf.
malling a mauling.
marmalise to beat soundly.
marmalize to beat soundly.
marmelise (Joc. sl.) to thrash, defeat heavily.
marmelize (Joc. sl.) to thrash, defeat heavily.
misstrike to strike wrongly.
nevel (Scots) to pound with the nieves, the fists.
noser (Sl.) a blow or fall on the nose; a strong head wind.
nubble a small lump (verb) to pound with the fists
nudger one who nudges.
outhit to surpass in hitting.
outstrike to outdo in striking.
overbeat to beat excessively.
overhit to hit too far.
overstrike to strike beyond.
paddywack a slap; (verb) to spank or smack.
paddywhack a spanking or smack.
paik (Scots) to thump, drub.
pandy a beating on the palm with a strap, formerly used as a school punishment; (verb) to slap.
pash (Coll.) passion; (verb) to kiss, embrace.
pelt an animal's skin with hair or fur; (verb) to strike repeatedly with blows or missiles.
percussive of or relating to percussion.
percussively (Adv.) PERCUSSIVE, of or relating to percussion.
percutient something that strikes or has the power to strike.
polt a hard blow; (verb) to strike, thump.
pommel a knob, esp on a sword-hilt; (verb) to beat with the fists.
potch (Aust.) inferior quality opal; (verb) to push violently, thrust.
potche to push violently, thrust.
pote to poke, thrust.
pounching (Spenser) punching.
pound a unit of money or weight; (verb) to strike heavily and repeatedly.
pownd (Spenser) to pound.
pratt (Shakesp.) to beat on the buttocks.
proke (Dial.) to poke.
pulsator a beater; a striker.
pummel to beat rapidly with the fists.
punce (Dial.) a punch; (verb) to punch.
punch a vigorous blow (verb) to strike with the fist
ramrod a rod for ramming down a charge into, or for cleaning, a gun-barrel; (verb) to push or drive with great force.
rap a sharp blow; (verb) to strike sharply.
rawhide a rope or whip of untanned leather; (verb) to beat with a rawhide whip.
restrike to strike again.
ruler a strip or roller for ruling lines; (verb) to strike with a ruler.
sclaff (Scots) a light slap or its sound; (verb) to slap; to scrape the ground instead of hitting the ball cleanly on a golf stroke.
sclaffer one who sclaffs, slaps.
scutch to beat out impurities from flax or wool.
siderate to blast or strike.
sideswipe a blow dealt from the side; (verb) to deal a blow from the side.
sideswiper one who sideswipes.
skatt (Dial.) a sudden blow.
skelp (Gaelic) to hustle; to slap, strike.
sky the apparent canopy over our heads (verb) to hit towards the sky
slap a blow with the open hand; (verb) to strike with the open hand.
slat a thin strip of wood; (verb) to strike, beat.
slockdolager a conclusive argument, a hard blow.
slockdoliger a conclusive argument, a hard blow.
slockdologer a conclusive argument, a hard blow.
slogger a person who hits hard in boxing, baseball, etc.
slug a heavy blow; (verb) to strike.
slugger a person who hits hard in boxing, baseball, etc.
smack a sharp sound, a crack; (verb) to strike sharply.
smight (Spenser) to smite.
smite to strike heavily.
smiter one who smites.
smitten (PaP.) SMITE, to strike heavily.
socdolager a conclusive argument, a hard blow.
socdoliger a conclusive argument, a hard blow.
sockdolager a conclusive argument, a hard blow.
sockdoliger a conclusive argument; a hard blow.
sockdologer a conclusive argument, a hard blow.
sogdolager a conclusive argument, a hard blow.
sogdoliger a conclusive argument, a hard blow.
sogdologer a conclusive argument, a hard blow.
spank to slap on the buttocks.
spankingly (Adv.) SPANKING.
spat a slap, a large drop; (verb) to slap, strike.
spifflicate to overcome or dispose of by violence.
spiflicate to overcome or dispose of by violence.
squabasher one who deals a squabash, a crushing blow.
squelcher an overwhelming blow, retort etc.
stonker (Aust. sl.) to hit hard, to knock unconscious.
stonn (Obs.) to stun.
stonne (Obs.) to stun.
stricken strongly affected or afflicted.
strickenly (Adv.) STRICKEN.
strike a stroke; a cessation of work; (verb) to come or cause to come into contact with.
strikingly (Adv.) STRIKING.
strooke (Obs.) a stroke.
stub something blunt and stunted (verb) to strike accidentally against a projecting object
swack (Scots) pliant, nimble; (verb) to strike, brandish.
swat a sharp blow; (verb) to hit sharply.
swindge (Shakesp.) to swinge.
swinge to beat, chastise.
swingeing severe, drastic.
swingeingly (Adv.) SWINGEING, severe, drastic.
swipe a sweeping blow; malt liquor (verb) to strike with a sweeping blow
switch a flexible rod (verb) to beat with a flexible rod
tap a gentle knock or its sound; (verb) to knock gently.
tapotement (Fr.) the use of light taps in massage.
tawse to beat with a taws.
thraiping (Dial.) a thrashing.
thrash a party; a beating; (verb) to beat.
thump a dull heavy sound; (verb) to strike so as to make a dull, heavy sound.
thumpingly (Adv.) THUMPING.
thwack to beat or strike vigorously.
thwacker one who thwacks.
tingler a thing which causes tingling, esp a smarting blow.
touk (Scots) to tap, drum.
trounce to beat severely.
tund (Arch.) to beat, thump.
vapulation the act of beating or whipping.
verberate (Arch.) to beat.
verberation (Arch.) the act of verberating, beating.
wallop to beat soundly.
welt a weal, a blow; (verb) to lash, beat.
whack to strike sharply.
wham to crash or bang into.
whample (Scots) a blow.
whang a resounding noise; a blow; (verb) to hit with a whang.
whap to beat.
wherret (Obs.) a blow; (verb) to give a sharp blow to.
whip a lash with a handle for beating or driving (verb) to beat with a whip
whirret (Obs.) a blow; (verb) to give a sharp blow to.
whomp to strike heavily, thump.
whop to beat.
whump to strike heavily, thump.
whup (Coll.) to defeat totally.
winder (Sl.) a blow that takes one's breath away.
wop (Offensive) a member of a Mediterranean or Latin race, eg an Italian; (verb) to thump.