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Now updated for CSW15. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

barbastel (Fr.) a long-eared species of bat with hairy lips.
barbastelle (Fr.) a long-eared species of bat with hairy lips.
bat a flying mammal; an implement for striking a ball; (verb) to strike with a bat.
batlike like a bat.
chiropter a type of bat.
chiropteran a member of the Chiroptera, an order of mammals comprising the bats.
chiropterous relating to the Chiroptera, bats.
flittermouse (Dial.) a bat.
kalong (Malay) a large fruit-bat.
leisler a small black bat.
noctilio any member of the S. American genus Noctilio, the hare-lipped bat.
noctule a kind of bat.
pipistrel a small reddish-brown bat.
pipistrelle a small reddish-brown bat.
rearmouse a bat.
reremouse a bat.
roussette (Fr.) a kind of fruit-bat; a kind of dogfish.
serotinal relating to a serotine, a kind of bat.
serotine (Lat.) a kind of bat, named for its habit of appearing late in the evening.
vespertilian like a bat.
vespertilionid belonging to the Vespertilionidae family of insect-eating bats; (noun) a member of the Vespertilionidae.

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