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Now updated for CSW19. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

adjigo a plant native to Australia that has edible tubers, aka yam plant > ADJIGOS.
alchera alcheringa the dreamtime.
bangalay an Australian myrtaceous tree with hard red wood.
bangalow an Australian palm-tree.
bardie bardy a white wood-boring grub of Australia > BARDIES.
barra short for BARRAMUNDI, an Australian fish.
barramunda barramundi burramundi an Australian river-fish.
belah an Australian tree of the Casuarina genus.
bettong a short-nosed rat kangaroo > BETTONGS.
bilby a burrowing marsupial, aka dalgyte.
billabong a dead-end channel; a stagnant backwater.
bimble as in bimble box, a type of dense Australian tree. No —S.
bingy (slang) the stomach.
bogong bugong a noctuid moth eaten by Australian aborigines.
bombora a submerged reef; a dangerous current over this.
boobialla an Australian tree, aka golden wattle.
boobook a kind of owl found in Australasia, aka MOPOKE, MOREPORK.
boodie a species of rat-kangaroo.
boomerang a curved missile used by the Australian Aborigines, sometimes so balanced that it returns towards the thrower; (verb) to return like a boomerang > BOOMERANGS, BOOMERANGING, BOOMERANGED.
boongary a tree kangaroo from NE Queensland.
bora an aboriginal initiation rite.
borak borax nonsense, banter.
boree any of several species of Australian acacia.
boyla a witch-doctor.
brickfielder a hot dry wind in Australia.
brigalow any of several species of acacia.
brolga an Australian bird of the crane family
budgeree obs. Aust. slang for good. [Aborigine budgeri].
budgerigar budgie an Australian parakeet.
bulldust an Australian parakeet.
bullwaddy bulwaddee bulwaddy bullwaddie a N. Australian tree.
bulnbuln the lyrebird.
bungwall an Australian fern with an edible rhizome.
bunya an Australian coniferous tree with edible seeds.
bunyip a fabulous monster of swamps and lagoons.
burrawang any of various palm-like plants having edible nuts.
callop an edible freshwater fish of Australia.
carbeen an Australian eucalyptus with drooping branches and grey bark.
churinga a sacred amulet of the Australian aborigines.
coala koala an Australian marsupial.
coolabah coolibah coolibar a species of Australian eucalyptus tree.
coolamon a shallow vessel made of wood or bark used by Australian aborigines to hold water etc.
corella an Australian long-billed cockatoo.
corroboree a noisy festivity.
cowal a shallow lake or swamp.
cudgerie a large tropical tree > CUDGERIES.
cumbungi a tall Australian marsh plant > CUMBUNGIS.
cunjevoi a tall Australian plant of the arum family whose corms were formerly cooked as food; also, a kind of sea squirt found on Australian reefs and rocks and used as bait.
currajong kurrajong an Australian evergreen.
currawong an Australian crow-like bird with a resounding call.
currejong currijong kurrajong an Australian evergreen.
dalgyte a burrowing marsupial, aka dalgyte.
dibbler a small carnivorous Australian marsupial with long snout and short hairy tail.
didgeridoo didjeridoo a native Australian musical instrument.
dilli dilly an Australian aboriginal bag made of woven grass or fibre.
dingo he Australian wild dog > DINGOS or DINGOES; (verb) to act in a cowardly manner > DINGOES, DINGOING, DINGOED.
dugite a venomous snake of Central and W Australia, having a small head and slender olive-coloured body with black specks.
eugarie yugarie another name for PIPI, any of various shellfishes.
eumong eumung an Australian acacia. Also EUMUNG.
euro any of several large types of kangaroo, aka WALLAROO.
fuckwit a very stupid person > FUCKWITS
galah an Australian bird of the parrot family; (fig.) a loud, rude person.
geebung an Australia proteaceous tree.
ghilgai gilgai a saucer-shaped depression forming a natural reservoir.
gibber a stone or boulder; (adj.)of or relating to a dry flat area of land covered with wind-polished stones
gidgee gidjee a small acacia tree whose foliage gives off an unpleasant odour.
gilgie jilgie a small freshwater crayfish, aka YABBY or YABBIE.
gnamma namma as in gnamma or namma hole, an Australian term for a natural well in rock.
gnow the mallee fowl > GNOWS.
gub gubbah a white man.
gunyah an Australian aborigine's hut.
gympie a tall tree with stinging hairs.
hielaman an Australian Aboriginal narrow shield of bark and wood.
humpy an Australian Aboriginal bush dwelling of simple construction.
illawarra a breed of shorthorn dairy cattle.
irukandji a venomous jellyfish found off the coast of Australia.
jarrah the mahogany-like wood of the Australian tree Eucalyptus marginata.
jilgie a freshwater crayfish, aka yabby.
kadaitcha in certain Central Australian aboriginal tribes, a man with the mission of avenging the death of a tribesman.
kangaroo a large marsupial; (verb) to bound like a kangaroo.
karri a Western Australian gum tree.
kiley kylie a boomerang.
kookaburra goburra a large Australian kingfisher. Its call sounds like a raucous laugh.
koolah an obsolete form of KOALA.
koori a young Aborigine girl.
lerp in Australia, a scalelike, waxy, protective, edible secretion produced on the leaves of certain plant louse larvae.
lowan an Australian bird, the mallee-bird. [Aboriginal lauan].
luderick an estuarine and rock fish of Australia.
mallee a scrubby Australian evergreen tree.
marri a eucalyptus of W. Australia, with coloured flowers.
marron a freshwater crayfish of W. Australia.
marron a freshwater crayfish of W. Australia.
mickery a well or waterhole, esp in a dry riverbed.
morwong an Australasian food fish.
mugga an Australian eucalyptus with dark bark and pink flowers.
mulga a kind of acacia found in arid regions of Australia.
mulloway a large Australian food-fish. [Aborigine malowe].
muntrie an Australian shrub with green-red edible berries.
murree murri a native Australian.
myall an Australian aborigine living traditionally; also a kind of acacia.
nannygai nannyghai nennigai a large edible marine fish.
nardoo an Australian name for Marsilea drummondii, a four-leaved cryptogamous plant, sometimes used for food.
numbat a small Australian marsupial that feeds on termites.
paddymelon padymelon pademelon any of several small wallabies.
parakeelya parakelia a succulent Australian herb.
perentie perenty a large monitor lizard of Australia.
pindan a desert region of Western Australia.
pituri an Australian solanaceous shrub.
potoroo any small kangaroo belonging to Hypsiprymnus, Bettongia, and allied genera, native of Australia and Tasmania. Aka kangaroo rat.
quandang quandong quantong a small Australian tree of the sandalwood family.
quarrian quarrion a kind of COCKATIEL.
quokka a small marsupial found in W. Australia.
quoll an Australian marsupial, about the size of a cat.
silvertail a socialite, a rich influential person.
taipan an Australian venomous snake.
tammar a small scrub wallaby.
tarwhine an Australian sea-bream.
teraglin an edible marine fish of Australia.
tewart tooart tuart a strong-timbered eucalyptus.
tuan an Australian arboreal marsupial.
tundun turndun an Australian bullroarer.
waddy a kind of war-club used by Australian aborigines; (verb) to strike with a waddy.
wallaby any of a number of small marsupials of the family Macropodidae.[Aboriginal word wolaba].
wallaroo any of several large types of kangaroo.
wambenger a small Australian marsupial, aka TUAN.
wandoo an Australian hardwood tree.
waratah any of a genus of Australian proteaceous shrubs with very showy flowers.
warragal warrigal warragle warragul the Australian wild dog, the dingo.
wilga a small white-flowered Australian tree.
wilja wiltja an aboriginal hut.
wirilda an Australian acacia tree.
wirrah a saltwater fish with bright blue spots.
witchetty any of the edible grubs of certain moths and longhorn beetles. [Aborig. wityu hooked stick + varti grub.]
wobbegong a carpet shark.
wombat any of three species of Australian burrowing marsupial.
womera woomera wommera woomerang a stick for launching a spear with greater force.
wongi to talk or chat.
wudjula a non-aboriginal person.
wurley wurlie a nest; an aboriginal hut > WURLEYS or WURLIES.
yabber talk, conversation; (verb) to talk. [Australian pidgin, probably from aboriginal yabba, language.]
yabbie yabby a small freshwater crayfish; (verb) to fish for crayfish > YABBIES, YABBYING, YABBIED.
yacka yakka a name for the grass-tree.
yacker yakker yakka hard work, toil.
yarraman a horse.
yarran a small eucalyptus tree.
yidaki a long wooden wind instrument played by the Aboriginal people of Arnhem Land > YIDAKIS.
yowie a tall ape-like monster of SE Austalia. [Aborigine yuwi, dream-spirit].
yugarie see EUGARIE.