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Now updated for CSW19. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

adz adze a cutting tool with an arched blade which is set at right angles to the handle.
assagai assegaai assegai a slender spear of hard wood tipped with iron; (verb) to kill or stab with this.
atlatl a Native American throwing-stick; an ancient Mexican spear-thrower.
ax axe a tool or weapon for cutting or chopping, having its edge and handle in the same plane; (verb) to strike with an axe.
battleax battleaxe a kind of axe once used in battle; a domineering, usually older woman.
bident a two-pronged spear.
bident a two-pronged spear.
bill a concave battle-axe with a long wooden handle.
broadax broadaxe a kind of battle-axe.
celt a prehistoric stone axehead.
chopper something that chops; (verb) to transfer by helicopter.
cleaver a butcher's chopper.
feutre fewter a spear-rest; (verb) to set a spear in a rest.
fishgig fisgig fizgig a kind of HARPOON.
gavelock a javelin; a crow-bar. [OE gafeluc].
gisarme a long-shafted halberd with two-edged axe carried by a medieval foot soldier.
gurlet a PICKAXE with one pointed and one bladed end.
halberd halbert a PIKE with an axe-head.
harpoon a barbed dart or spear, esp. for killing whales; (verb) to spear with a harpoon.
hatchet a small axe for use in one hand.
hatchety like a HATCHET.
javelin a light spear for throwing, either as a weapon or in sport; (verb) to spear with a javelin.
jereed jerid jerreed jerrid a wooden Oriental javelin.
lance a cavalry weapon with a long shaft and a spearhead; (verb) to pierce with a lance.
lancelike like a lance.
lancegay launcegaye a kind of spear.
lister leister a three-pronged spear or trident used for fishing; LEISTER but not LISTER can be used as a verb: to spear with a leister. [ON ljostr].
mattock a kind of PICKAXE for loosening soil, with a cutting end instead of a point.
morne the blunt head of a jousting LANCE.
palstaff palstave a peculiar bronze adz, used in prehistoric Europe about the middle of the Bronze Age.
partizan a kind of PIKE.
pickax pickaxe a tool with a blade and a pointed end, used for digging; (verb) to dig with a pickaxe.
pike a weapon with a long shaft and a sharp head like a spear, formerly used by foot soldiers; (verb) to pierce with a pike.
pikestaff the staff, or shaft, of a pike. Pl. PIKESTAFFS or PIKESTAVES.
pile pilum a Roman javelin. The pl. of PILUM is PILA.
piolet a mountain-climbing ice axe.
poleax poleaxe a battle-axe consisting of an axe-head on a long handle; (verb) to strike with a POLEAXE.
sax zax zex a CHOPPER for trimming slate.
sparke (Spenser) a weapon of some kind, possibly an error for SPARTHE.
sparth sparthe sperthe a long battleaxe. [ON spartha].
spear a long weapon made of a pole with a pointed head; (verb) to pierce with a spear.
spearhead the pointed head, or end, of a spear.
sperthe see SPARTH.
spontoon a kind of half-pike, or halberd, formerly borne by inferior officers of the British infantry, and used in giving signals to the soldiers.
tomahawk a war-axe; (verb) to strike with a tomahawk.
tomboc a Javanese long-handled weapon.
trident a three-pronged spear.
twibil twibill a double-headed axe.
vouge voulge a weapon carried by foot-soldiers in the 14th century, consisting of a blade on a staff.
womera wommera woomera woomerang a stick for launching a spear with greater force.