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Now updated for CSW19. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

armament a military force equipped for war.
army a large body of people armed for war and under military command.
battalia (Ital.) order of battle; battle array.
battalion a body of soldiers consisting of several companies.
brigade a body of troops consisting of a group of regiments; (verb) to form into brigades.
cohort one of ten divisions of an ancient Roman legion.
corps (Fr.) a military formation consisting of two or more divisions.
darraign (Obs.) to vindicate; to put in battle array.
darrain (Obs.) to vindicate; to put in battle array.
darraine (Obs.) to vindicate; to put in battle array.
darrayn (Obs.) to vindicate; to put in battle array.
deraign (Obs.) to vindicate; to put in battle array.
garrison a body of troops stationed in a town, fortress, etc to defend it; (verb) to assign to a military post.
landforce a military force serving on land.
legion a large military force.
legioned set out in legions.
maniple (Lat.) a subdivision of Roman legion consisting of two centuries of 60 to 120 men each.
manipular a soldier of a maniple.
peshmerga the military forces of the autonomous region of Iraqi Kurdistan.
phalanx a formation of infantry in ancient Greece a bone of the finger
presidial of or relating to a garrison.
rearguard the rear of an army; a body of troops protecting it.
regiment a large permanent unit within an army; (verb) to form into military units.
regimental of or relating to a regiment (noun in pl.) the uniform of a regiment
regimentally (Adv.) REGIMENTAL, relating to a regiment.
squad a small group of soldiers drilled or working together; (verb) to form into squads.
squadron primarily, a square; hence, a square body of troops; a body of troops drawn up in a square; (verb) to form a squadron.
squadronal relating to a squadron.
stratonic of an army or armies.
turm a troop.
turme (Milton) a troop.
vant (Shakesp.) van, vanguard.
vexillation a company under one vexillum.