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Now updated for CSW19. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

airstrike an attack by military aircraft.
ambuscade (Fr.) an ambush; (verb) to lay an ambush.
ambuscado an ambuscade.
ambush to attack from a concealed place.
ambusher one who ambushes.
anabasis (Greek) an expedition or an advance, esp a military one; also, a difficult or dangerous retreat.
assail to attack.
assailant one who assails.
assailer one who assails.
assault an attack; (verb) to attack.
assaulter one who assaults.
assiege (Spenser) to besiege.
attack to set upon violently.
attrit to wear down esp enemy forces.
barrage a heavy or continuous fire; (verb) to subject to a massive attack.
batteilant (Spenser) combatant.
battle to fight.
battler one who battles.
beleaguer to surround with an army so as to preclude escape; to besiege.
beleaguerment the state of being beleaguered.
besiege to surround.
besiegement the state of being besieged.
besieger one that besieges.
besiegingly (Adv.) BESIEGING.
blitz (Ger.) to attack or damage (as if) by an air raid; to deal with or complete by a burst of intense activity.
blitzkrieg (Ger.) a rapid advance in warfare.
bodrag (Spenser) a hostile attack, a raid.
bordraging (Spenser) a hostile attack, a raid.
breakthrough an offensive thrust that penetrates and carries beyond a defensive line in warfare.
brushfire a border war, involving mobilization only on a small and local scale.
bushfighting fighting in the bush.
camisade (Spanish) in mediaeval warfare, a night attack.
counterraid a raid in retaliation; (verb) to make a retaliatory raid.
creach (Gaelic) a foray, booty.
creagh (Gaelic) a foray, booty.
crescentade a religious war for Islam.
depredate to plunder or prey upon.
depredation the act of depredating.
depredatory serving to depredate.
dogfight a fight between dogs; a fight between fighter aircraft, esp at close quarters; (verb) to engage in aerial combat.
emboscata (Ital.) an ambuscade.
escarmouche (Obs.) a skirmish.
expugn to take by storm.
expugnation the act of expugning.
firefight an intense exchange of gunfire.
foray a raid, a venture; (verb) to make a raid.
forayer one who makes or joins in a foray.
forray (Spenser) to foray; to ravage.
freeboot to plunder.
guerillaism the activities of guerillas.
guerrillaism the activities of guerrillas.
harry to plunder, ravage.
herriment (Scots) spoliation, plunder.
herryment (Scots) spoliation, plunder.
hership (Scots) plundering, plunder, esp cattle.
infight to fight at close quarters.
maraud to rove in search of booty.
marauder one that marauds.
pickeer to forage, to skirmish in advance of an army.
pickeerer one who pickeers, a marauder.
pillage to plunder.
pillager one who pillages.
raid a sudden swift assault; (verb) to make a sudden assault on.
raider one that raids.
rapine pillaging.
ravage to destroy.
ravager one who ravages.
ravener one who, or that which, ravens or plunders.
raveningly (Adv.) RAVENING.
ravin plunder, booty; (verb) to take away by force.
razzia (Arabic) a plundering and destructive incursion; a foray; a raid.
reave (Arch.) to rob, plunder.
reaver a raider, plunderer.
reive (Arch.) to plunder, rob.
reiver a raider, plunderer.
rieve to rob, plunder.
riever a raider, plunderer.
sackage the act of taking by storm and pillaging; (verb) to sack or plunder..
saliaunce (Spenser) an assault, sally.
sallier one who sallies.
scarmoge (Arch.) a skirmish.
siegecraft the military art of conducting a siege.
skirmish to engage in a minor battle.
sortie a sally from a besieged party to attack their besiegers; (verb) to make a sortie.
spoliate to despoil; to plunder.
spoliation the act of pillaging and plundering.
spoylefull (Spenser) plundering.
spreagh (Gaelic) a cattle raid, a foray.
spreaghery cattle-stealing; plunder esp of petty possessions.
sprechery cattle-stealing; plunder esp of petty possessions.
spuilzie (Scots) spoliation; (verb) to plunder.
spulye (Scots) spoliation; (verb) to plunder.
spulyie (Scots) spoliation; (verb) to plunder.
spulzie (Scots) spoliation; (verb) to plunder.
stour (Scots) a battle, assault.
stowre (Scots) a battle assault.
warfare the waging of war; (verb, obs.) to wage war.
warray (Obs.) to make war on.
warrey (Obs.) to make war on.
waterloo a decisive defeat.