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Now updated for CSW19. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

aerobus a type of monorail that is suspended by an overhead cable.
balise an electronic beacon or transponder placed between the rails of a railway as part of an Automatic Train Protection (ATS) system.
bankerly like a banker.
boxcar an enclosed railway goods wagon.
branchline a secondary line, usually of a railroad.
bulgine (US sl.) a steam locomotive.
bullgine (US sl.) a steam locomotive.
chairlift a series of chairs on an endless cable for carrying passengers up a mountain etc.
checkrail an inner rail on a railway track, aka guardrail.
cocopan (Zulu) a wagon on a narrow gauge railway serving a mine.
cogway a railway operating on a steep slope.
derail to run off the rails of a track.
derailer one who derails.
detrain to alight, or to cause to alight, from a railway train.
dieselisation the process of dieselising.
dieselise to equip eg a train with a diesel engine.
dieselization the process of dieselizing.
dieselize to equip eg a train with a diesel engine.
dinkey a small locomotive used in a railroad yard.
downbound of e.g. a train, heading in a southerly direction.
drawbar a sliding bar.
el (US) an elevated railroad.
elevated raised, lofty; (noun) an elevated railroad.
euroterminal the end station of a railway line, coach-route, etc that operates a direct service from the UK into Europe.
fishplate an iron plate used to join railway lines.
flanger a vertical scraper for clearing snow from railway tracks to allow room for the wheel-flanges.
flatcar a railroad car without sides or roof.
footplate a platform for a footplateman, an assistant to a train driver.
funicular relating to a string or cable; (noun) a cable railway ascending a mountain.
gricer a train-spotter or railway enthusiast.
gyrocar a monorail car balanced by a gyroscope.
handcar a workman's small open-sided railway car.
hotbox an overheated bearing of a railroad car; (verb) to smoke marijuana in a small confined area until it is full of smoke.
hovertrain a train that moves supported by a cushion of air, like a hovercraft.
intercity between cities.
interrail to travel between cities by train.
interrailer one who travels by interrail.
jerkwater not on a branch line, hick, insignificant; (noun) a train on a branch line.
kingbolt a vertical iron bolt, by which the forward axle and wheels of a vehicle or the trucks of a railroad car are connected with the other parts.
loco crazy; (noun) a locomotive; (verb) to poison with locoweed.
locomotive moving from place to place (noun) a self-propelled vehicle that runs on rails and is used for moving railroad cars
locomotively (Adv.) LOCOMOTIVE, moving from place to place.
mailcar a railway coach specially constructed for the transport of mail.
mailcoach a railway coach specially constructed for the transport of mail.
manrider the formal name for a paddy train.
metro an urban railway system running wholly or partly underground.
monorail a railway with carriages running on a single rail.
motorail a system of carrying cars and passengers on certain routes.
nonmetro designating a railway that is not metropolitan.
nonrailroad not related to a railroad.
petcock a valve for draining condensed steam from engine cylinders.
platelaying laying plates for a railway.
pullman a railroad sleeping car.
railage transportation by railway; the cost of this.
railbed the roadbed of a railway track.
railbus a lightweight railway bus.
railcar a powered railway carriage.
railcard a card allowing the holder reduced travel on the railways.
railhead a railway terminus.
railroad the railway; (verb) to put through a process forcefully and rapidly.
shunter an engine used for shunting.
sidetrack a railway siding; (verb) to divert or turn aside.
station a fixed stopping-place, esp one on a railway; (verb) to assign to a position.
straphang of a passenger in a train or bus, to hold on to a strap for safety.
subway an underground railway; (verb) to travel by an underground railway.
superexpress a very fast express.
teleferique (Fr.) a cableway.
telepherique (Fr.) a cableway.
train a procession; a string of railway carriages or wagons; (verb) to instruct systematically.
transmanche (Fr.) relating to the tunnel under the English Channel.
trolly a form of truck which can be tilted, for carrying railroad materials, or the like; (verb) to convey by trolley.