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Now updated for CSW19. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

airmanship skill in piloting or navigating aircraft.
antiradar designed to foil radar; (noun) a device designed to foil radar.
astrocompass a navigational instrument for giving directional bearings from the centre of the earth to a particular star.
astronavigation the navigation of aircraft, spacecraft or sailing craft by means of observation of the stars.
astronavigator one who practises astronavigation.
avigator one that navigates an aircraft.
buoy a floating secured mark, serving as a guide or as a warning; (verb) to mark with buoys.
circumnavigable able to be circumnavigated.
diaphone a siren-like fog signal.
innavigable that cannot be navigated.
innavigably (Adv.) INNAVIGABLE, that cannot be navigated.
lidar a system of using lasers in the same way as radar.
lighthouse a structure (as a tower) with a powerful light that gives a continuous or intermittent signal to navigators.
loran acronym for long-range radio navigation system.
nav (Short for) navigation.
navaid any of the electronic devices designed to aid navigation in a ship or aircraft.
navar a system of air navigation.
navarho a low-frequency, long-range radio navigation system for aircraft.
navigable that can be navigated.
navigably (Adv.) NAVIGABLE, that can be navigated.
navigation the act or practice of navigating.
navigational relating to navigation.
navigationally (Adv.) NAVIGATIONAL, relating to navigation.
navigator a person who navigates or sails.
omnirange a system of radio navigation.
portolan (Ital.) in the Middle Ages, a navigation manual.
portolano (Ital.) in the Middle Ages, a navigation manual.
portulan (Ital.) in the Middle Ages, a navigation manual.
racon a radar beacon.
radar an electronic locating device.
radarscope an instrument for detecting radar signals.
radiophone an instrument for producing sound by radiant energy.
radome a protective housing for radar antenna.
satnav (Coll.) satellite navigation.
seacraft skill in navigation, seamanship etc.
seamanship the art or skill of handling, working, and navigating a ship.
sextant a navigational instrument having a 60-degree arc, for measuring altitudes of stars and planets.
shoran a system of navigation in an aircraft or other vehicle using the measurement of the time taken for dispatched radar signals to return from two known fixed points.
sonar an underwater locating device.
sonarman a person who operates sonar equipment.
sonobuoy sonar equipment dropped to float on the sea and pick up underwater noise eg of a submarine.
sparker a powerful form of sonar apparatus used to investigate solid structures underlying sediment on the seabed.
tacan an electric system of air navigation.
teleran an air-traffic control system, in which ground based radar screen is televised to pilots.
unnavigated not navigated.