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Now updated for CSW19. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

backhouse a building behind the main building esp a privy.
biffy an outdoor toilet, an outhouse.
bogger a lavatory.
brasco a lavatory.
carsey a lavatory.
cesspit a cesspool.
cludgie a lavatory.
donnicker an outside lavatory.
donniker an outside lavatory.
dunnakin an outside lavatory.
dunny deaf; stupid (noun, Aust. sl.) an outside lavatory
jakes a privy.
john a toilet.
karsey a lavatory.
karsy a lavatory.
karzy a lavatory.
kazi a lavatory.
khazi a lavatory.
kleinhuisie an outside lavatory.
kybo a temporary lavatory constructed for use when camping.
latrine a type of toilet.
lav lavatory.
lavatorial relating to a lavatory.
lavatory a room equipped with washing and toilet facilities.
lavvy lavatory.
pissoir a public urinal on the streets of Paris.
privily pRIVY, private.
privy private (noun) a lavatory
reredorter a lavatory built behind a monastic dormitory.
sanitary related to health (noun) a public urinal
shithouse a lavatory.
shitter a toilet.
shouse a toilet.
superloo a very big loo.
urinal a sanitary fitting, usually plumbed into a wall, for the use of men when urinating.