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Now updated for CSW19. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

ahimsa the principle of doing no harm to living creatures: one of the cornerstones of yoga philosophy.
anga a yoga practice.
asana a yoga posture.
ashram asrama a residential place for people living together and practising yoga.
ashrama one of the stages of life through which the truth-seeker must pass.
ashramite one living in an ASHRAM.
ashtanga astanga asthanga a form of yoga aiming to synchronize breathing and posture.
bhakta bhakti devotion to a god, as a path to salvation; a form of yoga.
chakra in Sikh culture, a disc-shaped knife used as a missile; a discus representing the sun, as in portrayals of Hindu gods; in yoga, one of the seven centres of spiritual power in the body.
hatha as in hatha yoga, a form of yoga stressing the importance of physical exercises and positions and breathing-control in promoting physical and mental wellbeing.
jnana spiritual knowledge, as in jnana yoga, a form of yoga stressing this.
kundalini in yoga, spiritual energy that lies dormant at base of spine until the brain is enlightened.
maha as in maha yoga, a form of yoga practised with a master that incorporates all eight classical yogas.
mantra mantram a sacred word or syllable, chanted in yoga practice.
mudra a sealing movement in Yoga.
padma the sacred lotus, after which a famous yoga posture is named.
prana in yoga, vital energy present in air and sunlight.
pranayama the discipline of yogic breathing.
savasana shavasana a meditative posture in which one lies on one's back that is typically considered the final resting pose in yoga .
siddha sidha one who has attained occult powers or SIDDHI.
siddhi (in Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism) the supernatural powers that come with the spiritual perfection attained by yoga meditation, etc.
tantra any of a number of Hindu and Buddhist writings giving religious teaching and ritual instructions (including the use of incantations, diagrams, etc), as in tantric yoga, a form of yoga based on these.
tantric relating to TANTRA.
tantrism the teaching of TANTRA.
tantrist one who practises tantric yoga.
yoga a system of Hindu philosophy showing the means of emancipating the soul from further reincarnations and uniting it with the supreme being; any of a number of systems of physical and mental disciplines based on this.
yogee yogi yogin one who practises yoga.
yogic relating to yoga.
yogini a female YOGIN.
yogism the practice of YOGA.