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Now updated for CSW19. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

aquabatic relating to AQUABATICS.
aquabatics spectacular feats in water.
aquacade an exhibition of swimming, diving etc.
aquafit a type of aerobic exercise performed in water.
aqualung a lightweight, self-contained diving apparatus with compressed-air supply carried on the back.
aquanaut a skin-diver; someone who explores and/or lives in the sea at considerable depth.
aquanautics skin-diving.
aquarobic relating to a system of exercises, similar to aerobics, performed to music in chest-high water > AQUAROBICS.
aquashow an exhibition of swimming and diving.
aquatics water sports.
aswim swimming.
backstroke a swimming stroke executed on the back and usually consisting of alternating circular arm pulls and a flutter kick; (verb) to swim backstroke > BACKSTROKING, BACKSTROKED.
backswimmer one who swims on the back.
bellyflop to perform a dive into water in which the body lands horizontally.
beltman the member of a lifesaving team who swims out to the rescue, with a line tied to his belt.
bikini a brief swimming-costume, in two separate parts > BIKINIS, BIKINIED.
bogie (Aust.) to bathe or swim > BOGIES, BOGIEING, BOGIED.
breaststroke a swimming-stroke performed breast-down, with circling movements of the arms and a frog-like movement of the legs.
butterfly a very energetic swimming stroke ideal for terrorising old ladies.
butterflyer a swimmer who does the butterfly stroke.
crawl a swimming stroke in which the arms are held in front of the body and rotated from the shoulder alternately and the feet kicked up and down.
dive to enter water more or less head-first.
diver one that dives.
flipper a broad flat limb used for swimming, as those of seals, sea turtles, whales, etc; a rubber foot-covering imitating this.
floater one who floats or swims.
freediver one who practises FREEDIVING.
freediving the sport of diving for depth without apparatus > FREEDIVINGS.
freestyle an event where the swimmer can choose the swimming stroke; since crawl is the fastest stroke freestyle is more or less synonymous with crawl.
freestyler a swimmer who swims freestyle.
freestyling the act of swimming FREESTYLE.
frogman a person equipped for extended periods of underwater swimming.
header a dive head foremost.
jackknife a type of dive in which the body is hinged; (verb) to perform a jackknife.
kickboard a buoyant rectangular board held by swimmers to practise kicking technique.
lido a bathing beach; an open-air swimming pool > LIDOS. [The original Lido is a beach resort near Venice, Italy. The town's name comes from the Italian word lido, shore or bank.]
lifeline a line thrown to swimmers in difficulties.
lifesaving the skill or practice of saving or protecting the lives especially of drowning persons.
lifeguard one employed to assist swimmers in difficulties; (verb) to act as a lifeguard.
lifesaver a lifeguard.
monokini a woman's topless beach garment consisting of the lower half of a bikini.
natation swimming.
natational relating to NATATION.
natatorial natatory of or relating to swimming; adapted to or characterized by swimming e.g. natatorial birds. Human beings are basically not natatorial creatures.
natatorium an indoor swimming-pool > NATATORIUMS or NATATORIA.
nonswimmer someone who does not swim.
outsweep to make an outward movement of the arms in swimming breast-stroke.
outswim to swim faster or farther than
overswim to swim across.
paddleboard a long narrow buoyant board used for rescuing swimmers.
piscine a pool, a pond, esp. one for bathing or swimming.
poolside the area at the side of a swimming pool.
postdive after a dive.
predive before diving e.g. 'his predive routine'.
scuba an underwater breathing device; (verb) to dive using a scub > SCUBAS, SCUBAING, SCUBAED.
sidestroke a swimming stroke which is executed on the side and in which the arms are swept in separate strokes towards the feet and downward and the legs do a scissors kick.
snorkel see SCHNORKEL.
snorkeler snorkeller one who snorkels. N.B. no SCHNORKELER*.
soom (Scots) to swim.
subaqua under water.
subaquatic taking place under water.
surfboat a boat capable of riding the surf, used in lifesaving.
surfman one who operates a surfboat.
swim to propel oneself in water by natural means > SWIMS, SWIMMING, SWAM, SWUM.
swimmable capable of being swum.
swimmer one that swims.
swimmingly in swimming fashion.
swimsuit a costume worn for swimming.
swimwear anything worn for swimming > SWIMWEARS.
synchro synchronized swimming > SYNCHROS.
tankini a women's two-piece swimming costume.
trudgen trudgeon a swimming stroke in which each hand alternately is raised above the surface, thrust forward, and pulled back through the water.
urinator a diver.
wetsuit a suit worn to keep warm in cold water
wettie (NZ) a wetsuit.