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Now updated for CSW19. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

acro a skiing event in which actions are performed to music.
avalement a skiing technique that involves keeping the knees flexible so as to absorb bumps and remain in contact with the snow.
biathlon a competition in cross-country skiing and shooting.
biathlete one who takes part in a BIATHLON.
chairlift a series of chairs on an endless cable for carrying passengers up a mountain etc.
christiania christie christy a turn with skis parallel executed when descending at speed. [From Kristiana, former name of Oslo].
combined a skiing competition involving two events.
downhiller one who skis downhill.
freeride an extreme form of skiing in which participants attempt difficult jumps and turns.
gelande as in gelande jump, a jump made in downhill skiing.
gelandesprung a skiing jump from a crouch using both poles.
gondola an enclosed car suspended from a cable and used to transport passengers esp. one used as a ski-lift.
heliski to ski down mountains reached by helicopter.
heliskiing the sport of skiing down mountains reached by helicopter.
herringbone (in skiing) of a method of climbing a slope, the skis being placed at an angle and leaving a herringbone-like pattern in the snow.
hotdog to perform fancy stunts, as when skiing or surfing.
inrun the approach ramp of a ski jump.
klister a kind of wax for skis. [Norweg. klister, paste].
langlauf cross-country skiing or running.
langlaufer a cross-country skier.
loipe a track used for cross-country skiing > LOIPEN.
loppet a long-distance cross-country ski race.
miniski a small ski.
mogul a bump on a trail that a skier skis around, formed naturally after many skiers travel down the slope on the same path or man-made by machine.
monoski a wide ski on which a skier stands with both feet; (verb) to ski on a monoski.
monoskier one who skis on a MONOSKI.
nonskier one who does not ski.
nordic pertaining to cross-country ski racing and ski jumping.
paraskiing parapente the sport of jumping off high mountains wearing skis and a light parachute composed of inflatable fabric tubes that form a semirigid wing.
piolet an early form of ski-stick; also, an ice-axe.
piste a ski-trail.
pisted marked off in pistes.
quersprung in skiing, a jump-turn at right angles.
salopettes a type of ski suit consisting of usu quilted trousers extending to the chest and held up with shoulder-straps. No SALOPETTE*.
schuss in skiing, a straight slope on which it is possible to make a fast run; (verb) to make such a run > SCHUSSES, SCHUSSING, SCHUSSED.
schussboomer a very proficient SCHUSSER.
schusser one who makes SCHUSSES, makes fast runs on a straight skiing slope.
sitzmark a depression left in snow after a skier has fallen backwards.
skee to ski > SKEES, SKEEING, SKEED.
ski a narrow strip attached to a boot for gliding over snow; (verb) to move on skis > SKIS, SKIING, SKIED.
skiable that can be skied.
skibob a downhill racer with a fore and aft ski; (verb) to ride a skibob > SKIBOBS, SKIBOBBING, SKIBOBBED.
skibobber one who rides a SKIBOB.
skier one that skis.
skiing the sport of traveling on skis.
skijorer skikjorer skiorer one who does SKIJORING.
skijoring skikjoring skioring the sport of being drawn on skis over snow by horse or motor.
skijumper one who engages in the sport of skijumping.
skiwear related to clothes for skiing. No —S.
slalom a zig-zag course e.g. in skiing; (verb) to ski a slalom > SLALOMS, SLALOMING, SLALOMED.
slalomer slalomist one who SLALOMS.
slopeside the side of a slope, especially a ski slope.
snowblader one who engages in SNOWBLADING.
snowblades short skis used without poles. No SNOWBLADE*.
snowblading a form of skiing without poles, using short skis.
snowmaking of a machine, used for the production of artificial snow for ski slopes.
tailhopping the act of hopping to lift the tails of the skis off the ground while flexing the knees into a crouching position.
telemark a skiing turn or stop executed by shifting the weight forward on the ski so that it will be on the outside of the turn, and gradually turning its tip inward; (verb) to make this kind of skiing turn.
turfski a type of ski.
turfskiing skiing using turfskis.
unweight to reduce momentarily the force exerted, as by a ski, on a surface by shifting the weight or position of one's body.
vorlage the position of a skier leaning forward from the ankles, usually without lifting the heels from the skis.
waterski a ski used for skiing on water.
waterskiing the sport of skiing on water.
wedel wedeln to ski in a swiveling motion with skis close together.