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Now updated for CSW19. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

bajada a scrummaging technique developed in Argentina.
conversion a score made after a try by kicking the ball over the crossbar from a place kick.
garryowen in rugby, a high kick forward followed by a rush towards the landing place of the ball.
handoff the act of pushing off an opponent eg in rugby.
jackling the winning of the ball, by the defender's team, after a tackle and before a ruck has formed.
loosie (Sl.) a loose forward in rugby.
minirugby a scaled down version of rugby.
murderball a form of rugby played in wheelchairs by people afflicted with quadriplegia.
openside in rugby, a flanker who plays on the open side of the scrum.
rugby a form of football using an oval ball.
rugger rugby football.
scruff the back of the neck (verb) in rugby, to engage in a scrummage
scrum scrummage a disorderly struggle, a melee esp in rugby; (verb) to form a scrum.
scrumdown the act of forming a rugby scrum.
scrummager one who takes part in a scrummage.
scrummie (Sl.) a scrum half.
scrumpox (Sl.) rugby slang for impetigo spread by players' faces rubbing together in the scrum.
speculator an unidrected kick of the ball.