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Now updated for CSW19. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

bladework in rowing, management of the oars.
boatie (Sl.) a rowing enthusiast.
canoe a light narrow open boat, propelled by one or more paddles; (verb) to travel by canoe.
canoeable navigable by canoe.
canoer one who travels by canoe.
cox (Short for) coxswain; (verb) to steer a rowing boat.
coxless without a cox.
eightsman one of a crew or team of eight.
oar a light pole with a blade at one end for propelling a boat (verb) to row a boat
oarage oars collectively.
oarless without oars.
oarlike like an oar.
oarlock a rowlock.
oarsman a person who rows a boat.
oarsmanship the craft of rowing with oars.
oarswoman a woman who rows.
oary having the form of or using oars.
outrow to surpass in rowing.
randan a boat rowed by three people, the second with two oars.
regatta (Ital.) a rowing or sailing competition.
remigate to row.
remigation the act of rowing.
repechage (Fr.) a supplementary heat or competition giving eliminated competitors the chance of competing again to reach the final.
row a noise; an argument; (verb) to quarrel; to propel through water with oars.
rowable capable of being rowed.
rowboat a rowing boat.
rower one that rows.
rowlock a contrivance serving as a fulcrum for an oar.
rowover the act of winning a rowing race unopposed by rowing the course.
rullock a contrivance serving as a fulcrum for an oar.
scull a short, light spoon-bladed oar for one hand, used in pairs; (verb) to row with a scull or sculls.
starn to row backwards.
thoft a rowing bench.
tholepin a pin in the side of a boat to keep an oar in place.
torpid numb, lethargic (noun) at Oxford, the second boat of a college
torpidly (Adv.) TORPID, numb, lethargic.