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Now updated for CSW19. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

aerobics exercises for conditioning the heart and lungs by increasing oxygen consumption.
aftergame a rematch; a means employed after the first turn of affairs.
airboard an inflatable board that is used in sport of airboarding.
airboarding the sport of riding an airboard.
aquaerobics a system of exercises, similar to aerobics, performed to music in chest-high water.
aquarobics a system of exercises, similar to aerobics, performed to music in chest-high water.
astroturfer one who engages in astroturfing.
backline in some team sports, the defensive players considered as a unit.
backmarker a person who starts a race with the least advantageous handicap.
backstall (Of a kite) to lose power and begin to drop in low winds.
badminton a game played with a shuttlecock.
ballgame a game played with a ball.
balloonist a person who operates or rides in a balloon.
ballplayer a person who plays ball.
barrace (Obs.) the lists in a tournament.
battledoor (Obs.) a light bat for striking a shuttlecock.
battledore a light bat for striking a shuttlecock.
beachball a light ball for playing on a beach.
bearbaiting the sport of tormenting bears with dogs.
besport to sport, play.
bingo a lottery-type game (verb) to play all seven of one's tiles at Scrabble
bobber a bobsleigh rider.
bobsled a short sledge; (verb) to ride in a bobsled.
bobsledder one who rides a bobsled.
bobsledding riding in a bobsled.
boxball a street ball game.
boxla a form of indoor lacrosse.
broomball a team game played on ice with brooms and a plastic ball.
broomballer one who plays broomball.
bullbaiting the former practice of baiting bulls with dogs.
camanachd (Gaelic) the game of shinty.
camogie (Irish) an Irish game, a form of hurling, played by women.
cancha (Spanish) a court for the playing of jai alai.
canyoning the sport of going down a canyon river by any of various means.
caver one who explores caves.
chessboxing a hybrid sport which combines the sport of boxing with games of chess in alternating rounds.
chukka (Hindi) a period of play in polo.
chukkar (Hindi) a period of play in polo.
chukker (Hindi) a period of play in polo.
cockfight a fight between cocks.
cockfighting the sport of fighting with cocks.
cockmatch a cockfight.
cockpit a pit, or inclosed area, for cockfights.
cockthrowing the old sport of throwing sticks at a cock.
cottabus (Greek) an ancient Greek game of throwing wine into a vessel.
cresta as in cresta run, high-speed tobogganing down a steep narrow passage of compacted snow and ice.
croquet a game, played on a lawn, in which wooden balls are driven through a series of hoops; (verb) to play croquet.
crosse (Fr.) the stick with which lacrosse is played.
dartboard the target used in the game of darts.
diabolo (Ital.) a game in which a two-headed top is thrown up and caught on a string stretched between two sticks.
dodgeball a ball game.
drakestone a flat stone so thrown along the surface of water as to skip from point to point before it sinks.
dropkicker one who takes dropkicks.
duathlete someone who takes part in duathlons.
faceoff the action that starts a hockey game.
fillipeen (US) a game in which each of two players eats a twin kernel of a nut.
flexwing a collapsible fabric wing used in hang gliding.
flyoff a competitive testing of model aircraft.
foefie (S. African) as in foefie slide, a rope, fixed at an incline, along which a person suspended on a pulley may traverse a space, esp across a river. No -S.
foosball (US) table football.
footbag the sport of keeping a small round object off the ground by kicking it.
freefall as in freefall parachuting, a variety of parachuting in which the jumper manoeuvres in free fall before opening the parachute.
frisbee (Tradename) a disc used for throwing.
frontenis a racket used in a Basque ball game.
fusball (US) table football.
fussball (US) table football.
gamebook a book of strategies used by a sports team.
gamer one who enjoys competitions.
gamesman a player of games.
gamesy keen on sports.
giust (Spenser) to tilt with lances.
goal a pair of posts with a crossbar through or over which the ball is driven in some games; (verb) in Rugby, to convert a try into a goal.
goalball a ball game esp for the blind.
grannie a grandmother; (verb) to inflict a heavy sporting defeat on, to whitewash.
granny a grandmother; (verb) to whitewash, defeat completely in a sporting contest.
handball a small rubber ball; (verb) to handle the ball in football.
handballer one who plays handball.
hillwalker one who likes walking in the hills.
hillwalking the pastime of walking in the hills.
homestand a series of games played at a team's home ground.
hoodman the person blindfolded in the game called hoodman-blind.
hoopla a game of throwing hoops on to pegs.
hopscotch a game in which children hop over lines scotched or scored on the ground; (verb) to play hopscotch.
hoyle a rule book.
iceboating the sport of using an iceboat.
jackstone a piece used in the game of jacks.
jayvee a junior varsity player.
jeff (Aust. sl.) to spoil or destroy ruthlessly.
jeu (Fr.) a game.
jock (US sl.) a keen sportsman.
jockdom the world of athletes.
jocky resembling an athlete.
joust a contest between two lance-bearing knights on horseback; (verb) to tilt with lances.
jouster one who jousts.
jukskei (Afrikaans) an outdoor game similar to quoits.
just fair, equitable (adv.) exactly, barely; (verb) to tilt with lances
juster a jouster.
kabaddi (Tamil) an Asian version of tag played between two teams of nine boys or young men.
kent (Scots) a leaping or punting pole; (verb) to punt or pole.
kiwisports outdoor sports associated with New Zealand.
kottabos (Greek) an ancient Greek game of throwing wine into a vessel.
lacrosse a type of ball game.
lahal a team game played by the indigenous peoples of the Pacific Northwest.
landboarding the sport of being pulled along by a kite on a board.
lauf (Ger.) a run in a bobsleigh contest.
leadoff an opening play or move.
lineup a list of team members.
luge a light toboggan; (verb) to ride on a luge.
luger one who rides a luge.
matchup a setting of two players against each other.
microlighting the activity or sport of flying microlight aircraft.
minimax in games, the strategy of minimizing one's maximum loss; (verb) to adopt a minimax strategy.
minivolley a scaled down version of volleyball.
morra a game of guessing how many fingers are held up.
mumbletypeg a game of throwing knives to make them stick in the ground.
netball a sort of girls' basketball.
netballer one who plays netball.
nonleague of a sporting club, not in the league.
nontitle pertaining to a sporting event in which a title is not at stake.
oche the throwing line in darts.
overcoach to coach to excess.
pachinko (Japanese) a Japanese arcade game.
paddleball a game like handball played by hitting the ball with a paddle.
paintball a type of war game where the ammunition used is paint fired from compressed-air guns.
paintballing a game in which teams of players simulate a military skirmish, shooting each other with paint pellets that explode on impact, marking the players who have been shot.
pallone (Ital.) an Italian game, played with a large leather ball.
pantine (Obs.) a pasteboard jumping-jack, fashionable in the 18th century.
paragliding the sport of drifting through the air to the ground while wearing a modified type of parachute, after having been towed into the air by, or jumping from, a plane.
parakite a parachute kite, for towing a person through the air by motorboat.
parakiting the sport of soaring suspended from a parachute which is being towed.
parapenting a cross between hang-gliding and parachuting, a sport in which the participant jumps from a high place wearing a modified type of parachute, which is then used as a hang-glider.
parasail to glide through the air on a parachute towed by a boat.
parasailing the sport of gliding through the air on a parachute towed by a boat.
parascender a person who takes part in parascending.
parascending a sport similar to paragliding, the participant being towed into the wind behind a motor vehicle.
patball rounders; gentle hitting in other games.
peepbo the game of peekaboo.
pelota (Spanish) a Basque game played with rackets.
pickback a carry on one's back; (verb) to carry someone on one's back.
pinball an electric game; (verb) to ricochet.
pingpong (Coll.) as in aerial pingpong, Australian rules football.
playdown a playoff.
plink a short, high-pitched sound (verb) to shoot informally at any of a variety of inanimate targets
plinker one who plinks, shoots informally at a variety of targets.
plogging a recreational activity, originating in Sweden, that combines jogging with picking up litter.
plyometric relating to plyometrics.
plyometrics exercise involving repeated rapid stretching and contracting of muscles (as by jumping and rebounding) to increase muscle power.
poloist one who plays polo.
postgame after a game.
potholer one who potholes.
potsie a child's game.
potsy a child's game.
powerlifting the sport of weightlifting.
powerplay strong, attacking play designed to put pressure on the defence, with players and action concentrated in one small area.
premeet taking place before a meet.
puckout in ice hockey, a free hit from the goal area made by the goalkeeper.
pushball a game in which an enormous ball is pushed.
quidditch an imaginary game played on broomsticks.
quintain (Hist.) a post for the practice of tilting with a turning crosspiece.
quoit a heavy flat ring thrown over pin in a game like horseshoes; (verb) to play at quoits.
racquetball a game similar to handball that is played on a 4-walled court with a shorthandled racket and a larger ball.
raincheck a ticket for future use given to spectators when rain stops a game.
raindate an alternative date set for an event in case of rain.
raker in games, a long, fast, low-flying shot.
rally a gathering for a common purpose; (verb) to call together for a common purpose.
redshirt to keep a college athlete out of varsity play in order to extend his eligibility.
riflery the practice of shooting at targets with a rifle.
ringette a team sport played on an ice surface in which straight sticks are used to control a rubber ring.
ringsider one with a seat at the ringside.
ringtoss a game in which the object is to toss a ring so that it will catch upon an upright stick.
rokkaku (Japanese) a Japanese fighting kite No -S.
rollerblade (Tradename) a type of rollerskate with wheels set in line resembling the blade of an ice skate; (verb) to skate on rollerblades.
rollerblading the sport of skating on rollerblades.
ropedancing the sport of dancing with a rope.
roque an American game, a modification of croquet.
roquet in croquet, a stroke by which the player's ball strikes an opponent's; (verb) to make such a stroke.
roshambo (Japanese) the game of rock-paper-scissors.
roulette (Fr.) game of chance involving coloured balls; (verb) to make roulettes in.
rounders a bat-and-ball game in which players run from station to station.
sailplaning the sport of flying using a sailplane, a kind of glider.
scoreless without a score.
scoreline the result in a game.
shotmaker in sport, a person who produces winning or attacking shots.
shotmaking the making of winning or skilful shots.
sidespin a type of spin imparted to a ball.
skeet a form of clay-pigeon shooting.
skydive to jump by parachute as a sport.
skydiver one who practises skydiving.
skysurf to perform freefall acrobatics.
skysurfer one who skysurfs.
slahal a team game played by indigenous peoples of the Pacific Northwest.
sliotar (Irish) the ball used in hurling.
snowboard a board, similar to a skateboard but without wheels, on which the user balances, guiding the board with movements of the feet and body; (verb) to use a snowboard.
snowboarding the sport of using a snowboard.
snowmobiling the sport of using a snowmobile.
snowmobilist one who engages in the sport of snowmobiling.
snowsnake an Indian game in which a straight wooden rod having a weighted head like that of a snake is slid over a smooth field of snow or down specially constructed runways.
snowsurfing surfing on snow.
snowtubing a winter snow sport that involves sliding down a chute in the snow.
spaldeen a ball used in a street game.
speedboating the sport of driving a speedboat.
spelldown (US) a spelling competition.
spelunk to explore caves.
spelunker one who explores caves.
sphairee an Australian game played with wooden bats and a perforated plastic ball.
sporter one who sports, a sportsman.
sportif (Fr.) sporty; (noun) a person who is active or interested in physical competition.
sportscast a broadcast of a sporting event.
squail a counter for playing squails; (verb) to pelt with sticks.
stickwork skill in using one's stick in any game played with one.
stoolball a kind of game with balls, formerly common in England, esp with young women.
swy (Aust.) the Australian game of two-up.
tagger the pursuer in a game of tag.
tchoukball a ball game involving a ball thrown against a highly sprung net.
teammate one in the same team.
tetherball a ball suspended by a string from a pole.
tiddledywink a game in which one attempts to flip a small disc into a cup by pressing its edge with a bigger one.
tiddleywink any of the discs used in the game of tiddlywinks.
tiddlywink a game in which one attempts to flip a small disc into a cup by pressing its edge with a bigger one.
tifoso (Ital.) a fan or devotee of some sport.
tig a touch, a game of 'it'; (verb) to touch.
tilter one who tilts, or jousts.
tiltyard a place for tilting, jousting.
tipcat a game in which a small piece of wood pointed at both ends, called a cat, is tipped, or struck with a stick or bat, so as to fly into the air.
titlist a sports champion.
tolley in the game of marbles, a marble fired at others to drive them from the central ring.
tombstoning (Sl.) the activity of diving off cliffs into the sea.
tourney a tournament; (verb) to take part in a tourney.
tourneyer one who takes part in a tourney.
trapball an old game of ball played with a trap.
trapshooter a person who engages in trapshooting.
trugo (Aust.) a game similar to croquet.
tryout a trial eg for a sports team.
tugger one who tugs, esp in a tug of war.
umpirage the office of an umpire.
underspin a kind of spin in table tennis.
urbex (Short for) urban exploration, a recreational activity in which people explore derelict urban structures such as abandoned sewers or underground railways.
victrix (Lat.) a female victor.
vigoro (Aust.) an Australian game for women, with elements of baseball and cricket, played with a soft rubber ball.
volleyball a game played by volleying an inflated ball over a net.
walkaway an effortless victory.
wallyball a ball game played on a court .
weightlifter one who practises the sport of weightlifting.
weightlifting the sport of lifting weights competitively.
whippeting the sport of racing whippets.
wildcard a person given entry to a competition without qualifying.
woodchop a woodchopping competition.
wordgame a game in which words are used.
zorbing the sport of rolling downhill in a ball.
zorbonaut one who engages in zorbing.