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Now updated for CSW19. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

abature a trail through a wood beaten down by a stag.
alan aland alant a large hunting-dog.
alew a huntsman's cry of halloo.
antihunter opposed to hunting.
antihunting opposed to hunting.
basenji a small African hunting-dog.
batfowl to catch birds at night by confusing them with light.
batfowler one who BATFOWLS, catches birds at night by confusing them with light.
battue indiscriminate slaughter; the driving of game towards slaughter.
beagle a breed of dog; (verb) to hunt with beagles.
beagler one who hunts with beagles.
beagling hunting with beagles.
benet to catch in a net, to ensnare > BENETS, BENETTING, BENETTED.
bird to catch or snare birds > BIRDS, BIRDING, BIRDED.
birdlime a sticky substance used to trap birds; (verb) to smear or catch (as) with birdlime > BIRDLIMES, BIRDLIMING, BIRDLIMED.
blencher one who, or that which, scares another; specifically, a person stationed to prevent the escape of the deer, at a hunt.
blooding a end-of-hunt ceremony whereby hunting novices are smeared with the blood of the dead fox.
boarhound a dog used to hunt boar.
bowhunt to hunt with a bow and arrow.
bowhunter bowsman a person who hunts with a bow and arrow.
brach a female hound > BRACHES or BRACHS.
buckhound hound used for hunting deer.
chasseur a hunter; a liveried hotel attendant.
clapnet a net made to clap together suddenly by pulling a string.
coondog coonhound a dog trained to hunt raccoons.
cote a place of shelter for animals; (verb, arch.) to pass by; to outstrip (as one dog another) > COTES, COTING, COTED.
course to cause hounds to chase game.
cubbing cub-hunting.
currie = QUARRY, the parts of an animal killed in hunting that were given to the hounds.
cynegetic of or related to hunting.
deadfall a type of trap.
deerhound a hound used to hunt deer.
deerstalking the sport of stalking deer.
dogging shooting with dogs.
ducking duck-hunting.
ensnare insnare to catch in a snare.
ferreter one who hunts with ferrets.
fewmet the dung of deer, hares etc.
flewed furnished with hanging lips, as hounds are.
flews the pendulous corners of a hound's lips.
fowl to hunt birds.
fowler one that fowls.
fowling the act of hunting for wildfowl > FOWLINGS.
foxhound a hound used for hunting foxes.
foxhunt (verb) to hunt foxes.
foxhunter one who hunts foxes.
fumet the dung of deer, hares etc. Also FEWMET. 2. the scent of game when high, in which sense also FUMETTE.
gundog a dog trained to work with a hunter or gamekeeper.
gunning the act or practice of hunting or shooting game with a gun.
hamble to make (a dog) useless for hunting (by cutting the balls of its feet).
harrier a medium-sized scenting dog for hunting hares
hoicks a cry to encourage hounds; to utter such a cry.
hound a dog bred for hunting; (verb) to pursue.
huic an interjection to encourage hounds.
hunt to pursue for food or sport.
huntable that can be hunted.
hunter one that hunts; a horse used for hunting.
hunting an instance of searching.
huntress a female hunter.
huntsman a hunter.
insnare see ENSNARE.
jacklight a light used especially in hunting at night.
jaeger jager yager a huntsman.
keddah kheda khedah an enclosure used for the capture of wild elephants.
kennet a type of small hunting-dog.
lamping the hunting of ferrets etc. by using bright lights to lure them out of their holes.
larker a catcher of larks.
livetrap to capture in a type of animal trap.
machan a raised platform, esp. in a tree, to watch for game.
meuse a small hole or gap through which a wild animal passes; (verb) to pass through a MEUSE.
mews to pass through a MEUSE > MEWSES, MEWSING, MEWSED.
mort the note sounded on a hunting horn when an animal is killed.
muset musit a MEUSE, a gap in a fence or thicket through which an animal passes.
muttonbirder in New Zealand, a person who hunts muttonbirds.
neckshot a shot in the neck of an animal.
nimrod a jocular name for a hunter.
nonhunter one who does not hunt.
nonhunting not given to hunting.
nonsporting lacking the qualities of a sporting dog.
outhunt to surpass in hunting.
overhunt to hunt to excess.
oxer in foxhunting, an ox-fence.
pigstick to hunt pigs with a spear on horseback > PIGSTICKS, PIGSTICKING, PIGSTICKED or PIGSTUCK.
pigsticker one who sticks pigs.
pitfall a lightly covered hole as a trap.
pointer a GUNDOG.
pothunter one who hunts game for the pot.
quarry the object of a pursuit; the parts of an animal killed in hunting that were given to the hounds; (verb) to dig out, excavate.
rabbiter one who catches rabbits.
rach rache ratch a dog that hunts by scent.
rechate a Shakespearian form of RECHEAT.
recheat a strain given on the horn to call back the hounds when they have lost track of the game; (verb) to sound the recheat > RECHEATS, RECHEATING, RECHEATED.
redbone a kind of hunting dog.
reynard an appellation applied after the manner of a proper name to the fox.
ridgeback a kind of large hunting dog.
rocketer a bird, especially a pheasant, which, being flushed, rises straight in the air like a rocket.
sabbing the act of engaging in direct action to prevent a targeted activity, esp fox hunting.
safari a hunter's or traveller's party or caravan, esp. in E. Africa; (verb) to go on safari > SAFARIS, SAFARIING, SAFARIED.
safarist a person who goes on SAFARI.
saluki a hound used in hunting gazelles.
scumber skummer to void excrement.
sealer one who hunts seals.
shikar hunting, game; (verb) to hunt (animal) as sport.
shikaree shikari a hunter, esp. of big game.
skirter a huntsman who dodges jumps.
skummer see SCUMBER.
smeuse a MEUSE, a space through which an animal track passes.
snarer one who sets snares.
soho (Shakesp.) a huntsman's halloo.
spoor a track or trail left by a hunted animal; (verb) to follow a trail.
spoorer one who spoors, a tracker.
springe a snare with noose and spring; (verb) to snare in a springe > SPRINGES, SPRINGING or SPRINGEING, SPRINGED.
springle a snare, a SPRINGE.
staghound a hound used for hunting stags.
stalker one who stalks.
suffari a safari.
swiler in Newfoundland, a seal hunter.
swiling the activity of hunting seals.
tallyho a hunting cry; (verb) to utter a hunting cry > TALLYHOS, TALLYHOING, TALLYHOED.
tantara tantarara a hunting cry.
tantivy a headlong dash or rapid gallop; (interj.) expressive of galloping or (later) expressive of the sound of the hunting-horn.
tinchel a circle of men who close in round a herd of deer.
toho a call to pointers or setters to stop.
tole to lure or decoy.
toling a method of decoying ducks etc by exciting theirattention.
trap to catch in a trap > TRAPS, TRAPPING, TRAPPED or (obs.) TRAPT.
trapline a series of traps.
tufter a hound that drives deer out of cover.
turtle (verb) to hunt turtles or tortoises. [These latter are pursued with the aid of very short-legged dogs called tortoise-hounds, specially bred for slowness so as to give the quarry a sporting chance. Hunts have been known to last for weeks...]
turtler one who TURTLES.
uncape to throw off the hounds.
uncope to unmuzzle or unsew the mouth (of a ferret).
unhunted not hunted.
venatic venatical related to hunting > VENATICALLY.
venator a huntsman.
venatorial pertaining to hunting.
venerer a gamekeeper; a hunter.
venery hunting; also, the pursuit of sexual gratification.
vizsla a Hungarian breed of hunting dog.
vulpicide the killing of a fox other than by hunting.
warrantable of sufficient age to be hunted.
waterfowler one who hunts waterfowl.
wildfowler one who hunts wildfowl.
wildfowling the sport of hunting wildfowl.
wolfer wolver a hunter of wolves.
wolfhound hound used to hunt wolves.
wolfing wolving the hunting of wolves for their skins.
wolve to hunt for wolves.
wolver see WOLFER.
yager see JAGER.
yoick yoicks a hunting cry to urge the hounds after the fox; (verb) to utter this cry.