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Now updated for CSW19. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

accumulator a bet on at least two, and usu four or more, races with the original stake and winnings from each race being, by previous arrangement, laid on the next race, so that the gambler either wins a large amount or loses all.
better bettor one who bets.
bloodstock horses of thoroughbred breeding.
boilover a surprising result in a sporting event, esp. a horse-race.
bookie bookmaker a person who accepts bets at racecourses, etc, and pays out the winnings.
bookmaking the business of a BOOKMAKER > BOOKMAKINGS.
corso a race esp. of riderless horses > CORSOS.
dopesheet a document giving information on horse races.
dopester one who predicts the outcome of contests.
dromic dromical relating to a race-course.
exacta a type of horse-racing bet
filly a female horse up to four years old.
flaptrack a racetrack for flapping i.e. unregistered horse-racing.
ganger a fast horse.
gelding a castrated stallion.
horsebox a vehicle for transporting horse.
horserace a race for horses.
jockette a female jockey.
jockey a person who rides (esp professionally) in horse-races; (verb) to maneuver for an advantage.
jockeyish like a JOCKEY.
jockeyism the practice of jockeys.
jockeyship the art, character, or position, of a jockey; the personality of a jockey.
motser motza a large amount of money, esp. a gambling win.
mudder a racehorse that responds well to muddy conditions.
mutuel a system of betting on races.
neddy (Aust. sl.) a racehorse.
nobble to drug a racehorse.
nonstarter a horse due to race that does not in fact start.
oddsmaker one who figures odds.
offtrack away from a racetrack.
outjockey to surpass in jockeying.
paceway a racecourse for trotting and pacing.
parlay to bet (stake plus winnings) on a further venture; hence to exploit successfully, to increase or otherwise transform into something of much greater value.
perfecta a form of bet in which the punter has to select and place in order the first two horses, dogs etc.
pinhooker a speculator who buys up foals hoping to make a profit on them when selling them as yearlings for racing.
plater a mediocre horse entered chiefly for minor races.
punter one that punts, bets on horses.
quadrella a group of four horse races at a meeting for which the punter has to select the four winners.
quinela quinella quiniela a bet whereby the bettor must pick first two winners of a race but not necessarily in order.
raceable of a racecourse, fit to be used for racing.
racecard a programme for a race meeting.
racegoer one who attends race meetings.
racegoing attendance at race meetings.
racehorse a horse bred to race.
racepath a course for running races over.
racetrack a track on which races take place.
racetracker one who attends a RACETRACK.
raceway a course for running races over.
railbird a racing enthusiast.
stableboy stableman someone who works at a stable.
steeplechase a horse race over a course with obstacles to be jumped.
steeplechaser a horse used in steeplechasing.
studbook a genealogical register of a particular breed or stud of horses, esp. thoroughbreds.
studfarm a farm where horses are kept for breeding.
studhorse a stallion kept for breeding.
superfecta a bet in which the bettor must pick the first four winners of a race in the correct order.
thoroughbred bred from a dam and sire of the best blood.
tipsheet an advice sheet concerning which horses to bet on.
tipster a person who makes a living by providing tips, esp about horses on which to bet.
totaliser totalizer a system of betting in which the total amount staked is divided among the winners in proportion to the size of their stake.
tout someone who hangs about racing-stables, etc, to pick up profitable information; (verb) to solicit brazenly.
triactor a wager whereby the bettor must pick the first three places in the correct order.
triella three nominated horse races on which connected bets are placed.
trifecta a wager whereby the bettor must pick the first three places in the correct order.
turfite one devoted to horse-racing.
turfman someone devoted to horse-racing.
turfy related to horse-racing.
unraced not raced.
vig a vigorish, a charge paid to a bookie on a bet.
vigorish the percentage of a gambler's winnings taken by bookkeeper.
walkover a race involving only one horse and jockey.
workwatcher a tout.
yearling a horse of either sex during 1 January to 31 December following the year of its birth.