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Now updated for CSW19. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

backflip to perform a reverse somersault.
barbell a weightlifting bar.
bodybuilder one who engages in bodybuilding.
bodybuilding the sport of building up one's physique.
burpee a type of physical exercise movement.
cartwheel a sideways somersault with arms and legs extended; (verb) to turn a cartwheel.
cartwheeler one who does cartwheels.
dumbbell a weight lifted for muscular exercise.
gymnast one who teaches or practices gymnastic exercises.
gymnastic a system of training by exercise.
gymnastical related to gymnastics.
gymnastically (Adv.) GYMNASTICAL, related to gymnastics.
gymnastics exercises and activities devised to strengthen the body and improve agility and coordination.
gymnic (Arch.) gymnastic.
handspring a somersault made with the assistance of the hands placed upon the ground.
handstand an act of balancing one's body on the palms of one's hands with one's trunk and legs in the air.
headstand a gymnastic standing on one's head.
multigym a gym with various types of exercise equipment.
powerlifter one who practises power lifting.
pullup a type of gymnastic exercise.
pushup a type of gymnastic exercise.
situp an abdominal exercise.
trampet a small trampoline.
trampette a small trampoline.
trampolin a springy mat for bouncing on.
trampoline (Tradename) a springy mat for bouncing on; (verb) to use a trampoline.
trampoliner one who uses a trampoline.
trampolinist one who uses a trampoline.
turnverein a club of turners or gymnasts.