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Now updated for CSW19. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

audible able to be heard (noun) a tactic or game plan shouted out in coded form by a quarterback in American football; (verb) to call out such a plan
audibly (Adv.) AUDIBLE, that can be heard.
away at or to a distance; (noun) an away match.
backfield in American football, playing in the position of a back; (noun) the backs collectively.
bodycheck to make a blocking move in football.
bouncedown in Australian rules football, an occasion of restarting play by the umpire by bouncing the ball.
catenaccio (Ital.) a defensive system of play in football.
clogger a football player who habitually fouls opponents.
clothesline to knock (a person) down with a blow to the neck (or sometimes head), esp by placing an outstretched arm in his or her path.
cornerback a position in American football.
crackback in American football, an illegal block made by an offensive player.
crossband a horizontal bar eg across goalposts.
crossfield of a football pass, long and transverse in direction.
dribbling the act of propelling the ball with repeated small taps.
dropkick a kick made by both feet while jumping in the air.
endzone in American football, one of the areas at either end of the field of play into which the offensive team attempts to take the ball.
football a large ball for kicking about in sport.
footballer one who plays football.
footballing related to football.
footballist one who plays football.
footer to mess around aimlessly.
footie (Sl.) football.
footsal a form of association football played indoors with five players on each side.
footy mean (noun) football
fullback a player positioned towards the back of the field, usually with a defensive role.
futsal a form of association football, played indoors with five a side.
galactico an internationally famous footballer.
goalie (Coll.) a goalkeeper.
goalkeeper a player who defends the goal in any of various games (as hockey, lacrosse, or soccer).
goalkeeping the activities of a goalkeeper.
goalkicker a player who kicks a goal, or does a goal kick.
goalkicking the kicking of a goal.
goalless with no goals scored; without goals in life, unambitious.
goalmouth the space between the goalposts and immediately in front of the goal.
goalpost one of the upright posts forming the goal.
goalscorer one who scores goals.
gridder (US) an American football player.
gridiron (US) the field of play in American football.
halfback a position in football.
handball in Australian rules football, to pass the ball with a blow of the fist.
handpass in Australian Rules and Gaelic football, an instance of passing the ball by striking it with one hand while it is held in the other; (verb) to make a handpass.
kickabout an informal game of football.
kickaround an informal game of football.
kickoff the first kick in a game of football.
kickout in Gaelic football, a free kick to restart play after a goal or after the ball has gone out of play.
lateral sideways (verb) to throw a sideways pass in football
libero (Ital.) a footballer who plays behind the backs, a sweeper.
linebacker in American football, a defensive player.
linebacking playing as a linebacker.
linesman an official who helps the referee or umpire in various sports, esp by indicating when the ball has gone out of play.
loosie (Sl.) a loose forward in rugby.
midfield the middle area of a football, etc pitch (adj.) playing in the midfield.
midfielder a player who playes in the midfield.
minicamp a football players' training camp.
netminder a goalkeeper.
noseguard in American football, the innermost of five linesmen on a defensive team.
nutmeg to kick or hit the ball between the legs of (an opposing player).
offside between the ball, or the last player who had it, and the opponents' goal; (noun) that part of the pitch where this can happen.
onside not offside.
placekick in football, a kick made when the ball has been placed on the ground for that purpose; (verb) to make a placekick.
placekicker one who does placekicks.
platoon a subdivision of a company; (verb) in American football, to alternate with another player at the same position.
playoff a game to decide a tie.
quarterback in American football, the player between the linemen and the halfbacks, who directs the teams's attacking play; (verb) to direct the offensive play of (as a football team).
rabona an unconventional method of kicking the ball in which a player plants one leg and brings the kicking foot round behind it.
ref (Short for) referee; (verb) to referee.
referee an arbitrator, umpire, judge; (verb) to act as a referee.
rollout a type of play in football.
ruckman in Australian rules football, a person who plays in the ruck.
rusher in American football, a player who rushes; esp a forward.
safetyman a type of defensive player in American football.
scarfer a football fan who is not a hooligan.
scatback a type of player in football.
shootout settling a football match by taking penalties.
slotback a type of football player.
smashmouth of e.g. football, characterized by brute force without finesse.
soccer association football.
stepover an instance of raising the foot over the ball while in possession in order to wrongfoot an opponent.
striker an attacking player, esp one whose task is to attempt to score goals.
tackler one who tackles.
tifo an elaborate organized display performed by supporters during a football match.
tinkerman a football manager or coach who continually experiments by changing the formation or team personnel from game to game.
togger (Coll.) football; (verb) to play football.
touchback a play in which the ball is dead on or behind a team's own goal line, having been put across the line by an opponent but actually put down by a member of that team.
touchdown an act of touching the ground behind the opposing side's goal with the ball while it is held in the hands, to score points.
touchline either of the lines marking the side boundary in football, etc.
wantaway a footballer who wants to transfer to another club.
wideout a football position.
wingback a backfield position in football.
winger wingman a footballer who plays on the wing.