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Now updated for CSW19. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

astringer austringer ostreger a falconer who keeps a goshawk.
auceps a hawker or bird-tender > AUCEPSES.
bate to beat the wings impatiently, to try to fly from the fist or perch when still attached by leash or jesses.
brail a leather strap to bind a hawk's wing; (verb) to fit a hawk with this.
brancher a young hawk or other bird when it leaves the nest and begins to take to the branches.
cadge a padded wooden frame on which a number of hawks may be carried; (verb) to beg or sponge from another.
canceleer cancelier the turn of a hawk upon the wing to recover herself, when she misses her aim in the stoop; (verb) to make such a turn.
creance the cord which secures the hawk in training.
emmew enmew immew to confine, mew up, as a hawk in MEWS.
enew in falconry, to drive or plunge into water. [OF. en + eau].
eyas eyass a young hawk taken from its nest for training.
falconer one that hunts with hawks.
falconry the sport of hunting with falcons.
haggard a wild or unreclaimed hawk.
hawkbell a small bell attached to a hawk's leg.
hawking falconry.
immew see EMMEW.
imp to engraft (a hawk) with new feathers.
jess jesse a strap of leather attached to the talons of a hawk, by which it is held on the fist; (verb) to fasten such straps.
lanner a kind of falcon.
lanneret the male LANNER, a kind of falcon.
lure a bunch of feathers used to retrieve a hawk; (verb) to attract with something desirable.
mew a cage for hawks; (verb) to confine in a mew.
nyas = EYAS, a young hawk taken from the nest for training
ostreger see ASTRINGER.
rifler a hawk that grasps only feathers in striking at the quarry.
saker a falcon native to Southern Europe and Asia, closely resembling the LANNER.
sakeret the male of the SAKER.
seel to stitch up a hawk's eyes.
sorage the first year of a hawk's life; a hawk in its first year.
unmew to release from confinement or restraint.
unseel to unstitch a hawk's eyelids.
varvel vervel a ring for a hawk's jess.
varvelled having VARVELS.
vervelled having VERVELS.
yarak of a hawk, in a fit condition for hunting.
ympe (Spenser) to imp > YMPES, YMPING, YMPT.