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Now updated for CSW19. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

abseil to descend a rock face using a double rope, to rappel.
abseiler one that abseils.
alpenstock a long staff, pointed with iron, used in climbing the Alps.
alpinism the sport of climbing alpine peaks.
alpinist one who engages in ALPINISM.
ascendeur a metal grip that is threaded on a rope as a climbing aid.
ascensionist a person who has completed a mountain ascent, esp. a notable one.
belay to secure a rope by a turn round a point of rock.
biner short for KARABINER, a clip used by climbers.
bouldering rock climbing on large boulders or small outcrops either as practice or as a sport in its own right > BOULDERINGS.
carabiner karabiner a steel link with a clip on side used in mountaineering.
chimney to climb (a narrow crevice) with one's back against one wall and feet against the other.
chockstone in mountaineering, a stone jammed in a crack.
clamber to climb awkwardly.
climbable that can be climbed.
climber one who climbs.
clinker a nail used as a protective stud in footwear, esp in climbing boots; (verb) to form fused residue in burning.
coasteering a sport involving travelling along cliffs before jumping down from them into the sea.
cragfast in mountaineering, unable to move from a position on a crag.
cragsman a person skilled in rock-climbing.
crampet crampit a CRAMPON.
crampon a boot-spike for rock and ice climbing; (verb) to climb using crampons: CRAMPONS, CRAMPONING, CRAMPONED or CRAMPONNED.
cramponning the sport of climbing using crampons.
crampoon a CRAMPON, a boot-spike for rock and ice climbing.
deadboy deadman a metal plate driven into firm snow for use by mountaineers as a belaying point.
descendeur a shaped metal piece through which the rope can be fed: used to control the rate of descent in abseiling.
etrier a small rope ladder used by mountaineers.
fifi a kind of hook used by mountaineers.
fingerhold a hold or place of support for the fingers.
glissade the act of sliding down a slope in a standing or squatting position, often with the aid of an ice axe.
incut in rock climbing, an indent cut into the face of the rock which can be used as a handhold or foothold.
jamming a rock-climbing technique in which holds are got by wedging the hands and feet in suitable cracks.
jumar a mountaineering clip that grips rope when weight is applied; (verb) to climb using jumars: JUMARS, JUMARING or JUMARRING, JUMARED or JUMARRED.
junglegym a climbing frame for children.
karabiner see CARABINER.
kernmantel denoting a type of mountaineering rope. No —S.
kletterschuh a lightweight climbing boot with a canvas or suede upper and Vibram > KLETTERSCHUHE.
krab a short form of KARABINER.
layback in climbing, a method of climbing a sharp-edged crack in a horizontal position; (verb) to climb using the layback technique.
mountaineer one who climbs mountains; (verb) to climb mountains.
mountaineering the sport of climbing mountains > MOUNTAINEERINGS.
outclimb to surpass in climbing > OUTCLIMBS, OUTCLIMBING, OUTCLIMBED or OUTCLOMB.
pegging the act of putting in pegs (pitons).
pendule a manoeuvre in climbing by which a climber swings from a rope in order to reach another line of ascent.
piolet a mountain-climbing ice axe.
piton a metal spike which is hammered into rock or ice and used to secure a rope through an eye at one end.
prusik a type of rope sling used in climbing; (verb) to climb by using such a sling: PRUSIKS, PRUSIKING, PRUSIKED. [From Karl Prusik, Austrian mountaineer who devised the method].
rappel a call to arms by the beating of a drum; (verb) to descend by rope > RAPPELS, RAPPELING or RAPPELLING, RAPPELED or RAPPELLED.
rurp a small hook-like piton used in mountaineering.
scarpetto a climbing shoe with a hemp sole > SCARPETTI.
skyhook a type of grappling-iron used by climbers to secure a rope above on a cliff-face.
snaplink a metal link used in mountaineering.
stegophilist one who climbs buildings for sport.
toehold a space that supports the toes in climbing.
topo a picture of a mountain with climbing routes superimposed on it.
traverse to climb across a rock-face rather than up it.
vibs shoes with Vibram soles, used esp. for climbing. N.B. no VIB*.
wall a very steep smooth rock-face.