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Now updated for CSW19. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

aficionado afficionado an ardent follower, esp. of bullfighting > AFICIONADOS, AFFICIONADOS.
banderilla a dart stuck into bull at bull-fight.
banderillero a person who thrusts in the BANDERILLAS in a bullfight > BANDERILLEROS.
bullfight a fight with a bull.
bullfighter one who takes part in a BULLFIGHT, a MATADOR.
bullfighting the action involved in a bullfight > BULLFIGHTINGS.
bullring the arena where a bullfight takes place.
burladero the wooden barrier in a bullring used for protection > BURLADEROS. [Sp. burlar, to make fun of].
capework a matador's performance with his cape.
corrida a bullfight.
cuadrilla the attendants of a matador.
encierro in Spanish towns, an event in which bulls are driven through the streets of a town to a bull-ring > ENCIERROS.
espada a sword, esp. as used by a MATADOR.
faena all the work done with the MULETA in the last part of the bullfight.
matador matadore the bullfighter who kills the bull in a bullfight.
matadora a female matador.
muleta a small cape fixed to a stick used by a matador in a bullfight.
ole an interjection expressing approval e.g. of a matador's performance.
pase a movement of a matador's cape. [Sp. pase, pass].
paseo a leisurely stroll; the march of bullfighters into the arena.
pic a PICADOR's lance.
picador a matador's asistant, a mounted bull-fighter with a lance > PICADORS or PICADORES.
pundonor a 'point of honour': the depth of feeling shown by a matador: PUNDONORES.
rejon a lance with a wooden handle, used in bullfighting > REJONES.
rejoneador a mounted bullfighter who uses REJONES > REJONEADORES.
rejoneadora a female REJONEADOR.
rejoneo the art of bullfighting on horseback using REJONES.
taurine related to bulls.
tauromachian pertaining to bullfights.
tauromachy the art of bullfighting.
toreador an old name for a BULLFIGHTER on horseback.
torero a BULLFIGHTER on foot.
toro a bull > TOROS.
veronica the fundamental two-handed cape pass named after St.Veronica.