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Now updated for CSW19. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

arefaction the act of drying, or the state of growing dry.
arefy to dry up.
arid very dry.
aridity the state of being arid.
aridly (Adv.) ARID, very dry.
aridness the state of being arid.
barken to dry up into a barky crust.
bedabble to dabble.
bedash to wet by dashing or throwing water or other liquid upon.
bedew to wet with dew.
bedrench to drench; to soak.
bedrop to sprinkle, as with drops.
beduck to duck, drench.
beliquor to soak with liquor.
bewet (Shakesp.) to make wet.
blash (Scots) a dash or splash of liquid or semiliquid (verb) to splash
clammily (Adv.) CLAMMY, unpleasantly damp.
clammy unpleasantly damp.
daggle to trail, so as to wet or befoul.
damp moist (noun) moistness; (verb) to lessen in intensity
dampen to moisten.
dampener a thing that dampens; (US) a contrivance for moistening linen etc.
dampish somewhat damp.
dampishness the state of being dampish.
damply (Adv.) DAMP, to lessen in intensity.
dampness the state of being damp.
dampy somewhat damp.
dank damp (noun, Milton) a wet place
dankly (Adv.) DANK, damp.
dankness the state of being dank.
dehydration loss or withdrawal of moisture.
deluge to flood.
desiccant a drying or desiccating agent.
desiccate to remove the moisture from, dry up.
desiccation the state of being desiccated.
desiccative a drying agent.
dew moisture deposited from the air on cooling (verb) to moisten as with dew
disponge to sprinkle or discharge as if from a sponge.
drench a draught; a dose of liquid medicine forced down the throat (of an animal); (verb) to wet thoroughly.
drencher something that drenches.
drily (Adv.) DRY, not wet.
drook (Scots) to drench.
dropple a trickle.
drought a dry period.
droughtiness the state of being droughty.
droughty characterized by drought.
drouk (Scots) to drench.
drouth drought.
dry not wet (noun) a prohibitionist (verb) to make dry
dryable that can be dried.
dryish somewhat dry.
dryly (Adv.) DRY, not wet.
dryness the state of being dry.
dunk to dip into liquid.
dunker one who dunks.
embrue to wet or moisten.
ensear (Shakesp.) to dry up.
exsiccant (Something) having the quality of drying up.
exsiccate to dry up.
exsiccative serving to dry up.
flouse (Dial.) to splash.
floush (Dial.) to splash.
flowage an overflowing with water; also, the water which thus overflows.
fluxion the act of flowing.
gizzen (Scots) to shrink from dryness so as to leak.
gloop thick viscous liquid (verb) to plop slowly and heavily
guttate to exude liquid by guttation.
guttation the release of drops of moisture.
hirstie (Scots) dry, barren.
histie (Scots) dry, barren.
humect to moisten.
humectate to moisten; to wet.
humectation the act of moistening.
humective something tending to moisten.
humefy (Obs.) to moisten.
humid having much humidity.
humidify to moisten, make humid.
humidly (Adv.) HUMID, having much humidity.
humidness the state of being humid.
humify to moisten.
hydric adapted to life with an abundance of moisture.
hydrically (Adv.) HYDRIC, pertaining to an abundance of moisture.
hyperarid excessively arid.
imbrue to wet or moisten.
immerge to immerse; to dip into water.
immerse to plunge into a liquid.
immersion the act of immersing.
indrench (Obs.) to submerge in water.
inpour to pour in.
introfy to increase the wetting properties of.
inundant overflowing.
inundate to overwhelm with water.
irriguous watered; wet; irrigating.
jabble (Scots) to splash, ripple.
jap to splash or spatter.
jaup (Scots) to splash or spatter.
jirble (Scots) to pour splashingly.
leakage the act or an instance of leaking.
lyophilise to dry by freezing.
lyophiliser an agent that lyophilises.
lyophilize to dry by freezing.
macerate to steep or soak.
madefaction moistening.
madefy (Arch.) to moisten.
madid wet; dank.
mersion (Obs.) dipping, as in baptism.
moist damp (verb, Shakesp.) to moisten
moisten to make or become moist.
moistener something that moistens.
moistful full of moisture.
moistify to make moist.
moistly (Adv.) MOIST, damp.
moistness the state of being moist.
moisture condensed or diffused liquid.
moistureless without moisture.
moisturise to add moisture to.
moisturize to add moisture to.
niagara a deluge or outpouring.
oose (Scots) fluff, nap.
overdry to dry too much.
oversoak to soak excessively.
overwet to wet excessively.
parch to make very dry.
parchedly (Adv.) PARCHED, very dry.
parchedness the state of being parched.
plash a dash of water (verb) to splash, dash with water
plasher one who plashes.
plashy relating to a plash, a shallow pool or puddle.
plesh (Spenser) a pool; a plash.
plotter one who plots; (verb, Scots) to dabble in liquid; to potter.
plouter (Scots) to dabble in liquid; to potter.
plowter (Scots) to dabble in liquid; to potter.
poachy spongy and sodden.
premoisten to moisten beforehand.
presoak to soak beforehand.
puddly full of puddles.
redry to dry again.
remoisten to moisten again.
resoak to soak again.
rewet to wet again.
saturate to fill completely with something that permeates.
saturation complete infiltration.
scoosh to squirt, spurt.
seepage the action of seeping; water or other liquid that has seeped.
seepy tending to seep.
semidry half dry.
semidrying not drying completely.
semimoist slightly moist.
sere scorched, withered (noun) a series of ecological communities; (verb) to dry up, wither
siccative a drying agent.
siccity dryness, aridity.
sipe (Dial.) to soak through, seep.
sket (Dial.) to splash water.
skoosh (Scots) to squirt, spurt.
slocken (Scots) to quench, moisten.
sloken (Scots) to quench, moisten.
sloppiness the state of being sloppy.
sloppy wet or muddy.
sloshy splashy.
sluicy falling copiously or in streams, as from a sluice.
soak to saturate thoroughly in liquid.
soakage the process or period of soaking.
soakingly (Adv.) SOAKING, very wet.
sodden wet through (verb) to make or become sodden
soddenly (Adv.) SODDEN, wet through.
soddenness the state of being sodden.
sog (Dial.) a wet place (verb) to soak
soggily (Adv.) SOGGY, soaked.
sogginess the state of being soggy.
soggy soaked.
sop bread or other food dipped or soaked in liquid (verb) to soak
sozzle to splash, soak; to intoxicate SOZZLY.
spairge to sprinkle (with moisture).
sparge to sprinkle (with moisture).
spirt to spurt.
splash the effect of an impact into a liquid (verb) to scatter a liquid about
splasher one that splashes.
splashily (Adv.) SPLASHY, given to splashing.
splashiness the state of being splashy.
splashy given to splashing.
splatch (Scots) a splash, a splotch; (verb) to splotch.
splatter to spatter, to splash.
splish to splash.
splodge a big, heavy splash or spot (verb) to make a splash
sploosh to splash.
splosh to splash.
splotch a big, heavy splash or spot (verb) to make a splash
splurt to gush forth in a stream or jet.
spouty issuing in a spout.
spray a cloud of small flying drops (verb) to disperse in fine particles to chap, roughen
sprayey in a spray.
spritz (Ger.) a spray of liquid; (verb) to spray (liquid).
spritzy emitting a spray.
spume foam (verb) to foam
spumescence foaminess, frothiness.
spurt a sudden or violent gush; (verb) to gush forth.
squatter (Dial.) to splash water about.
squidgy unpleasantly damp, clammy.
squirt a jet, a spurt; (verb) to eject in a thin, swift stream.
stillicide a succession of drops of water, esp falling from the eaves of a house.
subarid slightly arid.
subsaturation a state of incomplete saturation.
sunbake to bake eg mud hard by the action of sun.
swash a wash of liquid, eg of water over a beach (verb) to dash, to splash
swatter (Dial.) to splash water about.
sype (Dial.) to soak through, seep.
torrefaction the act of torrefying.
tricklet a little trickle.
ultradry very very dry.
unmoistened not moistened.
unsoaked not soaked.
unsod not boiled, not sodden.
unwet not wet.
unwetted not wetted.
updry to dry completely.
washily (Adv.) WASHY, watery; damp.
washiness the state of being washy.
washy watery, damp.
waterlog to saturate.
wet not dry (verb) to make wet
wetly (Adv.) WET, not dry.
wetness the state of being wet.
wetproof waterproof.
wettability the ability to be wetted.
wettable capable of being wetted.
wetter something that wets.
wettish somewhat wet.
xeransis (Greek) a drying up.
xerantic relating to xeransis, a drying up.