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Now updated for CSW19. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

adiathermic impervious to radiant heat.
ardor (US) warmth, fervour.
ardour warmth, fervour.
balmily (Adv.) BALMY, mild, temperate.
balminess the state of being balmy.
balmy mild, temperate.
beath (Spenser) to bathe, heat.
calefacient a substance (eg mustard) that produces a sensation of warmth when applied to a part of the body.
calefaction the act of heating.
calefactor a heater; one who, or that which, makes hot, as a stove, etc.
calefy to make warm or hot.
calescence an increase in heat.
calescent increasing in heat.
calid hot; burning; ardent.
calidity heat.
candent (Arch.) glowing, white-hot.
candescent glowing, white-hot.
candescently (Adv.) CANDESCENT, glowing, white-hot.
chafe to warm by rubbing.
fervent hot, glowing.
fervently (Adv.) FERVENT, hot, glowing.
fervescent growing hot.
fervid warm, ardent.
fervidly (Adv.) FERVID, warm, ardent.
fervor heat, vehemence, ardour.
fervorous full of fervor.
fervour heat, vehemence, ardour.
frowst (Obs.) hot stuffy fustiness (verb) to luxuriate in hot stuffiness and stupefaction
heat that which excites the sensation of warmth; (verb) to make hot.
heatable that can be heated.
heatedly (Adv.) HEATED, with strong feeling.
heatedness the state of being heated.
hot very warm (verb) to heat
hotly (Adv.) HOT, very warm.
hotness the state of being hot.
hottish somewhat hot.
incalescence the process or action of becoming warm or hot.
incalescent growing warm.
luke moderately warm; tepid.
lukewarm moderately warm; tepid.
lukewarmish somewhat lukewarm.
lukewarmly (Adv.) LUKEWARM, moderately warm.
lukewarmness the state of being lukewarm.
lukewarmth the state of being lukewarm.
mafted (Dial.) suffering under intense heat.
meltage the process of melting.
melter one who, or that which, melts.
melty liable to melt.
mirchi (Hinglish) hot.
muggily (Adv.) MUGGY, warm and humid.
mugginess the quality of being muggy.
muggish somewhat muggy.
muggy warm and humid.
overheat to heat to excess.
overhot excessively hot.
overwarm excessively warm; (verb) to make excessively warm.
perfervor a state of great fervour.
perfervour great fervour, ardour.
ploat (Scots) to dip in very hot water, to scald.
preheat to heat in advance.
prewarm to warm in advance.
recalesce to liberate heat suddenly when cooling through certain temperature.
recalescence the renewed glowing of iron at a certain stage of cooling from white heat.
recalescent liberating heat suddenly when cooling through certain temperature.
rewarm to warm again.
scorcher (Coll.) a very hot day.
sinter a deposit from hot springs (verb) to coalesce under heat without liquefaction
sintery coalescing under heat without liquefaction > SINTERIER, SINTERIEST.
sizzler a very hot day.
snuggly warm and cosy.
stove a closed heating or cooking apparatus; (verb) to heat or dry in a stove.
sultrily (Adv.) SULTRY, humid and oppressive.
sultriness the state of being sultry.
sultry humid and oppressive.
superheat the state of being superheated; (verb) to heat to excess.
superhot extra hot.
swelter to endure great heat.
swelteringly (Adv.) SWELTERING.
sweltry sultry, oppressive with heat.
tepefaction making or becoming tepid.
tepefy to make or become tepid, or moderately warm.
tepid moderately warm.
tepidity the state of being tepid.
tepidly (Adv.) TEPID, moderately warm.
tepidness the state of being tepid.
thermal relating to heat (noun) a rising current of warm air used by eg gliders or birds of prey
thermally (Adv.) THERMAL, relating to heat.
thermic of or by heat.
thermical of or by heat.
thermically (Adv.) THERMIC, of or by heat.
thermogenesis the production of heat.
thermogenous relating to thermogenesis, the production of heat.
thermolabile easily decomposed by heat.
thermolability the state of being thermolabile, easily decomposed by heat.
thermotactic of or showing thermotaxis.
thermotaxic of or showing thermotaxis.
thermotaxis movement influenced or controlled by heat.
thermotic of or due to heat.
thermotical of or due to heat.
torrid intensely hot, scorching.
torridity torridness.
torridly (Adv.) TORRID, intensely hot, scorching.
torridness the state of being torrid.
ultraheat to heat to very high temperatures, as used for sterilisation.
ultrahot very hot.
unwarmed not warmed.
warm moderately hot (verb) to make warm
warmer one that warms.
warmish somewhat warm.
warmly (Adv.) WARM, to make warm.
warmness the state of being warm.
warmth warmness.
whot (Spenser) hot.