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Now updated for CSW19. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

activeness the quality of being active.
alacrity briskness, liveliness.
alert ready for sudden action (verb) to warn
animatedly (Adv.) ANIMATED.
animation the state of being animated.
antsiness the state of being antsy, eager, excited.
antsy eager, excited.
athletic like an athlete.
athletically (Adv.) ATHLETIC.
aygre (Shakesp.) eager.
bazazz panache, flamboyance.
bezazz panache, flamboyance.
bizazz panache, flamboyance.
bobbish hearty, in good spirits.
brilliante (Fr.) with spirit, lively.
brisk quick of movement (verb) to make or become brisk
brisken to make brisk.
briskish somewhat brisk.
briskly (Adv.) BRISK, quick of movement.
brisky (Shakesp.) brisk.
cantiness (Scots) cheerfulness, liveliness.
cheerly (Arch.) cheerful.
crank lively (noun) an arm on a shaft for communicating motion to or from the shaft; an eccentric (verb) to turn (a shaft) using a crank
crankly (Adv.) CRANK, lively.
crouse (Scots) lively, pert, arrogant.
crousely (Adv.) CROUSE, lively, pert, arrogant.
deedful full of deeds or exploits.
deedily (Adv.) DEEDY, industrious, active.
deedy (Dial.) industrious, active.
ebullience the quality of lively or enthusiastic expression of thoughts or feelings.
ebulliency the quality of lively or enthusiastic expression of thoughts or feelings.
ebullient bubbling with enthusiasm or excitement.
ebulliently (Adv.) EBULLIENT, exuberant.
elan (Fr.) ardor inspired by passion or enthusiasm.
empresse (Fr.) eager, enthusiastic.
enliven to make lively.
feistily (Adv.) FEISTY, full of spirit.
feistiness the state of being feisty.
feisty full of spirit, spunky.
fizzen (Scots) physical energy or strength.
flisky (Scots) restive, whimsical.
foison (Scots) physical energy or strength.
frack (Scots) prompt, eager; (verb) to engage in fracking for shale oil.
friskful brisk; lively; frolicsome.
friskily (Adv.) FRISKY, lively.
friskiness the state of being frisky.
frisky lively.
frolicky frolicsome.
fushion (Scots) physical energy or strength.
gaillard (Obs.) brisk, lively.
gaillarde (Obs.) brisk, lively.
gamesome playful, merry, sportive.
gamesomely (Adv.) GAMESOME, playful.
gamesomeness the state of being gamesome.
gammock (Dial.) to frolic.
gaucie (Scots) portly, jolly.
gaucy (Scots) portly, jolly.
gawcy (Scots) portly, jolly.
gawsie (Scots) portly, jolly.
gawsy (Scots) portly, jolly.
goey enterprising, go-ahead.
grushie (Scots) healthy, thriving.
gusto (Ital.) zest; an individual taste.
jantee (Obs.) jaunty, sprightly.
jauntee (Obs.) jaunty, sprightly.
jauntiness the state of being jaunty.
jism (Coll.) energy, force; semen.
jissom (Coll.) energy, force; semen.
jivey jazzy, lively.
jivy jazzy, lively.
joco (Scots) cheerfully complacent; (noun) a joke.
jollify to make jolly.
kedgy (Scots) brisk, cheerful.
kicky exciting.
kidge (Scots) brisk, cheerful.
leish (Scots) active, supple.
lifeful full of vitality.
lifesome (Arch.) animated; sprightly.
lifull (Spenser) full of vital energy.
live having life (verb) to function as an animal or plant
livelihead (Obs.) liveliness.
livelily (Adv.) LIVELY, full of energy.
liveliness the state of being lively.
lively full of energy.
liveness the quality of being live.
livingness the state of being alive.
lustick (Obs.) lusty, healthy.
lustihead (Arch.) lustiness.
lustihood (Arch.) lustiness.
lustily (Adv.) LUSTY, full of life and desire.
lustiness the state of being lusty.
lustique (Obs.) lusty, healthy.
lusty full of life and desire.
lyfull (Spenser) full of vital energy.
mettled mettlesome, high-spirited.
mettlesome full of mettle.
mettlesomeness the state of being mettlesome.
nimblesse (Spenser) quickness of motion in body or mind.
oomph zest, vigour.
overlusty (Shakesp.) too lusty.
pacey fast, lively, smart.
pacy fast, lively, smart.
panache (Fr.) dash or flamboyance in style; verve.
pazazz panache, flamboyance.
pazzazz panache, flamboyance.
peart active, lively, brisk; smart.
peartly (Adv.) PEART, active.
peartness the state of being peart.
pep vigour or spirit (verb) to put pep into
pepful full of pep.
peppily (Adv.) PEPPY, full of pep.
peppiness being peppy.
peppy full of pep.
perkily (Adv.) PERKY, cheerful, lively.
perkish somewhat perky.
perky cheerful, lively.
piert active; lively; brisk; (noun) a small plant with greenish leaves.
pizazz panache, flamboyance.
pizazzy full of pizazz > PIZAZZIER, PIZAZZIEST.
pizzaz panache, flamboyance.
pizzazz panache, flamboyance.
pizzazzy full of pizzazz, panache, flamboyance > PIZZAZZIER, PIZZAZZIEST.
pzazz panache, flamboyance.
rampacious (Dickens) turbulent, unruly.
rampageous turbulent; unruly.
requicken (Shakesp.) to give new life to.
rompish given to rude play; inclined to romp.
rompishly (Adv.) ROMPISH, inclined to romp.
rorty (Aust. sl.) lively, enjoyable.
skeigh (Scots) (of a horse) skittish, spirited; (of a person, esp a woman) shy, coy, disdainful, proud.
skippy frolicsome, exuberant.
skittish frisky, lively.
skittishly (Adv.) SKITTISH, frisky, lively.
smeddum (Scots) a fine powder; (fig.) spirit, mettle.
spiritful full of spirit; spirited.
sportful full of sport; merry.
sportfully (Adv.) SPORTFUL, full of sport.
sportive playful.
sportively (Adv.) SPORTIVE, playful.
sprack quick; lively; alert.
sprightful (Obs.) full of spirit or of life.
sprightfully (Adv.) SPRIGHTFUL, full of spirit or of life.
sprightfulness (Obs.) the state of being sprightful.
sprightliness the state of being sprightly.
sprightly lively.
spritefulness the state of being spriteful.
spritely lively.
spry smart, dapper.
spryly (Adv.) SPRY, smart, dapper.
spryness the state of being spry.
spunkily (Adv.) SPUNKY, courageous, spirited.
spunky courageous, spirited.
startful of a horse, apt to start.
startish of a horse, apt to start.
startly of a horse, apt to start > STARTLIER, STARTLIEST.
tittuppy gay, lively, unsteady.
tittupy gay, lively, unsteady > TITTUPIER, TITTUPIEST.
titupy gay, lively, unsteady > TITUPIER, TITUPIEST.
unlively not lively.
vegete vigorous, active.
verve vivacity.
vibey lively, vibrant.
vibrance the state of being vibrant.
vibrancy the state of being vibrant.
vigor (US) active strength.
vigour active strength.
vim energy, vigour.
vitality exuberant physical strength or mental vigor.
vitalize to give life to.
vivacious lively.
vivaciously (Adv.) VIVACIOUS, lively.
vivaciousness the state of being vivacious.
vivacity the state of being lively.
vive (Scots) lively, forcible.
vively (Adv.) VIVE, lively.
vivency vitality.
vivific vivifying, enlivening.
voema (S. Afr.) vigour.
vogie (Scots) vain, proud; merry, cheerful.
yald (Scots) active, nimble.
yar nimble.
yare (Arch.) nimble.
yarely (Adv.) YARE, lively.
yauld (Scots) active, nimble.
yeastily (Adv.) YEASTY, full of restless energy or creativity.
yeasty of, relating to, or resembling yeast; (fig.) full of restless energy or creativity; insubstantial.
zappy (Sl.) full of verve.
zest enthusiasm; relish (verb) to give zest to
zestful full of zest.
zestfully (Adv.) ZESTFUL, full of zest.
zestfulness the state of being zestful.
zestily (Adv.) ZESTY, full of zest.
zestiness the quality of being zesty.
zestless lacking in zest.
zesty full of zest.
zinger someone or something with zing.
zingy pleasantly stimulating.
zippily (Adv.) ZIPPY, full of zip, energy.
zippy full of zip, energy ZIPPILY.
zoetic living; vital.