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Now updated for CSW19. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

alien foreign (verb) to alienate
alienator one who alienates.
alienly (Adv.) ALIEN, foreign.
antic quaint (verb) to act in a clownish manner
antical of plant parts, in front of or above another part.
antically (Adv.) ANTIC, grotesque, fantastical.
anticly (Adv.) ANTIC, bizarre, grotesque.
bizarre strange (noun) a strangely striped flower
bizarrely (Adv.) BIZARRE, strange.
bizarreness the state of being bizarre.
bizarrerie (Fr.) something bizarre.
drole amusing, odd (noun) a rogue or knave
eccentric odd or unconventional (noun) one who is odd or unconventional
eccentrically (Adv.) ECCENTRIC, odd or unconventional.
eerie uncanny.
eerily (Adv.) EERY, weird.
eeriness the state of being eerie.
eery uncanny.
eldrich weird, eerie.
eldritch weird, eerie.
epatant (Fr.) wonderful, marvellous.
farand (Scots) having a certain manner or humour.
farfet farfetched.
farfetchedness the state of being far-fetched.
farrand (Scots) having a certain manner or humour.
farrant (Scots) having a certain manner or humour.
ferlie (Arch.) a wonder, a marvel.
ferly (Arch.) marvellous (noun) a wonder, a marvel; (verb) to wonder
forinsecal (Obs.) foreign, alien, extrinsic.
fraim (Scots) foreign, strange; (noun) a stranger.
freakish unusual.
freakishly (Adv.) FREAKISH, unusual.
freakishness the state of being freakish.
fremd (Scots) foreign, strange; (noun) a stranger.
fremit (Scots) foreign, strange; (noun) a stranger.
frenne (Spenser) foreign, strange; (noun) a stranger.
geason (Obs.) rare; wonderful.
hinky strange, unreliable.
marle (Obs.) a marvel.
marvel to be filled with wonder or astonishment.
marvelous (US) astonishing, very pleasing.
marvelously (Adv.) MARVELOUS, marvellous.
mirabilia (Lat.) wonders.
mirific working wonders; marvellous.
mirifical working wonders; marvellous.
mirifically (Adv.) MIRIFICAL, working wonders.
moonraking the following of crazy fancies.
odd strange, unpaired (noun) in golf, an additional or allowed stroke
oddish somewhat odd.
oddity one that is odd.
oddly (Adv.) ODD, strange.
oddness the state of being odd.
outlandish of or relating to another country.
outlandishly (Adv.) OUTLANDISH, of or relating to another country.
outre (Fr.) beyond what is customary or proper; extravagant, fantastic.
peculiarity the state of being peculiar.
peculiarly (Adv.) PECULIAR, strange.
prodigious resembling or befitting a prodigy.
prodigiously (Adv.) PRODIGIOUS.
quaint pleasantly odd.
quaintly (Adv.) QUAINT, pleasantly odd.
quaintness the state of being quaint.
quare (Dial.) queer.
queer strange (verb) to spoil, to put someone in a difficult position
queerish somewhat queer.
queerity oddity.
queerly (Adv.) QUEER, strange.
queerness the state of being queer.
queint (Spenser) quaint.
quirkily (Adv.) QUIRKY, peculiar.
quirkiness the state of being quirky.
quirkish full of quirks.
quirky peculiar.
quizzify (Obs.) to cause to look odd.
quizziness oddness.
remarkable worhty of note (noun) something worthy of remark
remarkableness the state of being remarkable.
remarkably (Adv.) REMARKABLE, worthy of note.
rummily (Adv.) RUMMY, queer.
rumminess the state of being rummy.
rummish somewhat rum; (verb) to roar or protest..
rummy queer (noun) a card game
rumness the state of being odd, queer.
seeld (Spenser) rare, unusual.
selcouth (Obs.) strange, unfamiliar.
seld (Obs.) rare; unusual.
seldseen (Obs.) seldom seen.
seldshown (Shakesp.) rarely shown.
strange unusual or unfamiliar (noun) an unfamiliar thing
strangely (Adv.) STRANGE, unusual or unfamiliar.
strangeness the state of being strange.
straunge (Arch.) strange, in the sense of foreign, borrowed.
uncannily (Adv.) UNCANNY, strange, eerie.
uncanniness the state of being uncanny.
uncanny strange, eerie.
unchancy unlucky, spooky.
unco (Scots) strange; foreign; extraordinary (noun) a stranger, a piece of news
unearthly not belonging to the earth, eerie.
unked odd; strange; uncouth.
unkend unknown; strange.
unkent unknown; strange.
unket odd; strange; uncouth.
unkid odd; strange; uncouth.
weird eeerily strange (noun) doom, destiny; (verb, Scots) to destine, to doom
weirdly (Adv.) WEIRD, eerily strange.
weirdness the state of being weird.
weyard (Shakesp.) weird.
weyward (Shakesp.) weird.
whigmaleerie (Scots) a trinket or knickknack; a fantastic ornamentation; a whim.
whigmaleery (Scots) a trinket or knickknack; a fantastic ornamentation; a whim.
wonderful causing wonder; strange, extraordinary.
wonderfully (Adv.) WONDERFUL, causing wonder; strange, extraordinary.
wonderfulness the state of being wonderful.
wonderous strange, wonderful.
wondred (Obs.) marvellous, wonderful.
wondrous strange, wonderful.
wondrously (Adv.) WONDROUS, strange, wonderful.
wondrousness the state of being wondrous.
wonner (Scots) a wonder.