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Now updated for CSW19. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

atomise to reduce to atoms.
atomize to reduce to atoms.
baby a very young child; (adj.) like a baby (verb) to treat like a baby
bedwarf to make a dwarf of; to stunt or hinder the growth of.
bitsy (Coll.) pretty small.
bittie (Scots) a small piece, a short time.
bittily (Adv.) BITTY, tiny.
bittiness the state of being bitty.
bittock (Scots) a small bit of anything; a short distance.
bitty fiddly, in small bits BITTILY.
blastie a dwarf.
bubkes (Yiddish) a very small amount.
bubkis (Yiddish) a very small amount.
bupkes (Yiddish) a very small amount.
bupkis (Yiddish) a very small amount.
bupkus (Yiddish) a very small amount.
cantlet a piece, a fragment.
chota (Hindi) little, as in chota peg, a little drink.
crine (Scots) to shrink or shrivel.
diddley the least amount.
diddly the least amount.
diminish to lessen.
diminishingly (Adv.) DIMINISHING.
diminution the act of diminishing.
diminutive small (noun) a diminutive word, affix, or name
diminutively (Adv.) DIMINUTIVE, small.
diminutiveness the state of being diminutive.
drib a drop, a trickle; (verb, obs.) to do by little and little.
dribblet a drop, a trickle.
driblet a drip, a trickle.
droich (Gaelic) a dwarf.
droichy (Gaelic) dwarfish.
durgan (Dial.) a dwarf, any undersized creature.
durgy dwarfish.
dwarf a very small person (adj.) built like a dwarf, small (verb) to make small
dwarfish like a dwarf.
dwarfishly (Adv.) DWARFISH, like a dwarf.
dwarfism the condition or character of being a dwarf.
dwarflike like a dwarf.
dwarfness the state of being dwarf.
dwindle to decrease steadily.
eensy (Coll.) very small.
exiguous scanty in amount, meager.
exiguously (Adv.) EXIGUOUS, scanty in amount.
fewtrils little things, trifles.
flibbert (Dial.) a small piece.
frust (Sterne) a fragment.
granule a little grain.
haet (Scots) a small amount, a whit.
hafflin (Scots) a halfling.
halfling a half-grown person.
homuncle a little man, a manikin.
homuncular of or like a homunculus.
homuncule a little man; a manikin.
homunculus a little man; a manikin.
ickle (Coll.) little.
imminute (Arch.) lessened, decreased.
least smallest; (adv.) in the smallest degree; (noun) the smallest amount.
leetle an old-fashioned affectation for little.
less a smaller portion or quantity.
lilliput a very small person.
lilliputian very small; (noun) a very small person.
little small (noun) a small quantity
littleness the quality of being little.
littlish somewhat little.
micrify to make small.
micromini extremely small; (noun) something extremely small.
microminiature made on a very small scale.
micronise to reduce to a few microns in diameter.
micronize to reduce to a few microns in diameter.
microscale an extremely small scale.
midget a very small person.
mignonne small and dainty; (noun) a darling.
mini something distinctively smaller than others of its kind.
miniature a small or reduced copy, type or breed of anything; (verb) to miniaturize.
miniaturise to design or construct in small size.
miniaturistic in the style of a miniaturist.
miniaturize to design or construct in small size.
minify to diminish, in appearance or reality.
minimise to make as small as possible.
minimiser one who minimises.
minimize to make as small as possible.
minimizer one who minimizes.
minimum (Lat.) the smallest amount.
minimus (Lat.) a being of the smallest size.
minish (Arch.) to diminish.
minutely (Adv.) MINUTE, small.
minuteness the quality of being minute.
minutia (Lat.) a minute particular or detail.
minutial of or like a minutia, a minute particular or detail.
minutiose of or like a minutia, a minute particular or detail.
modicum (Lat.) a small quantity.
morceau (Fr.) a bit, a morsel.
nanoscale on a very small scale. No -S.
nanoworld the world of the very small.
nubbin a stunted or imperfect ear of maize etc.; (fig.) a residual part, a stub, a stump.
particle a very small piece or part.
paucity smallness of number or quantity.
petite (Fr.) small esp of build; (noun) a clothing size for short women.
petiteness the state of being petite.
pettiness the state of being petty.
piddly insignificant.
pigmy a person of short stature.
pintsize very small.
pintsized very small.
puckle (Scots) a small quantity; a grain of corn.
puisny (Shakesp.) puny.
punily (Adv.) PUNY, small and feeble.
puniness the state of being puny.
puny small and feeble.
pygmyism the state of being a pygmy.
scantling a small portion.
scliff (Scots) a small segment or piece.
scrunt (Scots) anything stunted; a niggard.
semimicro somewhat micro.
shaird a fragment.
sherd a shard, a fragment; now used only in composition, as in potsherd.
shreddy consisting of shreds.
shrink to contract or draw back (noun) an act of shrinking.
shrinking drawing back, shy.
shrinkingly (Adv.) SHRINKING.
shrunk (PaP.) SHRINK, to contract or draw back.
shrunken (PaP.) SHRINK, to contract or draw back.
skerrick (Aust.) a minute quantity, a scrap, as in 'not a skerrick'.
skliff (Scots) a small segment or piece; (verb) to shuffle (the feet).
skosh (Japanese) a small amount.
sma (Scots) small.
small not large (verb) to make or become small
smallish somewhat small.
smallness the state of being small.
smidge a tiny bit.
smidgen a tiny bit.
smidgeon a tiny bit.
smidgin a tiny bit.
smithereen a small fragment; (verb) to break into fragments.
smithers tiny fragments.
smytrie (Scots) a collection of small things.
snippet a small piece of material etc. cut off; a fragment or scrap of information etc.
snippetiness the state of being snippety, ridiculously small.
snippety ridiculously small; petty.
stim (Irish) a very small amount.
stunt a difficult, often showy, performance, enterprise; (verb) to retard the growth of.
tad a small amount.
tait (Scots) a small portion, a pinch.
tate (Scots) a small portion, a pinch.
teensy (Coll.) very small.
teentsy (Coll.) very small.
teenty (Coll.) very small.
teeny (Coll.) very small.
thumbling a diminutive being, a dwarf.
tich a small person.
tichy very small.
tidbit a small portion, a delicacy.
tinily (Adv.) TINY, very small.
tininess the quality of being tiny.
tiny very small.
titbit a small portion, a delicacy.
titch a small person.
titchie very small.
titchy very small.
titman the smallest pig etc. of a litter.
ultratiny very very tiny.
undergrown of small stature; not grown to a full height or size.
undersize below the usual size.
undersized below the usual size.
wanze (Obs.) to decrease, waste away.
wee small (noun) urine; (verb) to urinate
weensy tiny.
whit the smallest particle imaginable.