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Now updated for CSW19. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

acerose like a needle.
acervate heaped.
acicular needle-shaped.
aciform needle-shaped.
acinaciform scimitar-shaped.
actinomorphy the quality of being actinomorphic.
adunc (Lat.) hooked.
aduncate hooked.
aduncated hooked.
aduncity the state of being hook-shaped.
aduncous hooked.
aeriform of the form or shape of gas; gaseous.
aliform wing-shaped.
alphabetiform shaped like letters.
alveated formed or vaulted like a beehive.
alveolation the state of being alveolate.
amorphism absence of regular form; amorphous quality.
amorphous without definite shape.
amorphously (Adv.) AMORPHOUS, without definite shape.
amorphousness the state of being amorphous.
anaxial asymmetrical.
anguiform shaped like a snake.
anguilliform shaped like an eel.
angular having sharp corners.
angularity the quality of being angular.
angularly (Adv.) ANGULAR, having sharp corners.
angularness the state of being angular.
angulate to form with angles.
angulation a making angular; an angular formation.
angulose angular; having corners.
angulous angular; having corners.
annularity the state of being ring-shaped.
annularly (Adv.) ANNULAR, ring-shaped.
annulation a circular or ringlike formation.
ansate having a handle or handlike shape.
ansated having a handle or handlike shape.
antenniform shaped like an antenna.
archwise in the manner of an arch.
arciform shaped like a bow.
arcuate shaped like a bow.
arcuated shaped like a bow.
arcuately (Adv.) ARCUATE, shaped like a bow.
arcuation the state of being shaped like a bow.
arrowlike like an arrow.
arrowy like an arrow, in shape, motion, etc > ARROWIER, ARROWIEST.
askewness the state of being askew.
aspheric not spherical; (noun) a lens that has a shape that is not completely round; a contact lens with changing lens strength.
aspherical not spherical.
asteriated having starlike rays.
astroid a hypocycloid with four cusps.
asymmetric not symmetric.
asymmetrical not symmetrical.
asymmetrically (Adv.) ASYMMETRICAL, not symmetrical.
auriform shaped like an ear.
axelike like an axe in form.
azonal of e.g. soil, not arranged in zones.
bacillary of the shape or nature of a bacillus, rodlike.
bacilliform shaped like a bacillus.
baculiform rod-shaped.
baggily (Adv.) BAGGY, loose-fitting.
bagginess the state of being baggy.
baggy loose-fitting.
ball anything spherical or nearly so; (verb) to form into a ball.
balls to mess up.
basinlike like a basin.
beadlike like a bead.
belemnoid of a fossil, shaped like a dart.
bellylike shaped like a belly.
biaxal having two axes.
biaxial having two axes.
biaxially (Adv.) BIAXIAL, having two axes.
bicentric having two centres.
biconcave concave on both sides.
biconcavity the state of being biconcave.
biconvex convex on both sides.
biconvexity the state of being biconvex.
bifacial having the opposite surfaces alike.
bifacially (Adv.) BIFACIAL, having the opposite surfaces alike.
bifarious organized in two rows.
bifariously (Adv.) BIFARIOUS, organized in two rows.
bifidity the state of being divided into two parts.
biforked forked, bifurcate.
biform having two forms.
biformed having two forms.
bifurcate to fork.
bifurcation the state of being bifurcated.
billowy in billows.
bilocular divided into two chambers or cavities.
biloculate divided into two chambers or cavities.
binuclear having two nuclei.
biparted having two parts.
bipyramid a crystal formed of two pyramids base to base.
bipyramidal in the form of a bipyramid.
biradial having dual symmetry.
bisymmetric showing symmetry in two planes at right angles to each other.
bisymmetrical showing symmetry in two planes at right angles to each other.
bisymmetrically (Adv.) BISYMMETRICAL, showing symmetry in two planes at right angles to each other.
bisymmetry symmetry in two planes at right angles to each other.
blob a drop or globule; (verb) to make a blob or blobs.
blobby blob-shaped.
blockiness the state of being blocky, block-like.
blocky block-like.
blubbery swollen, protuberant.
boatlike resembling a boat.
bowlike shaped like a bow.
bowllike like a bowl.
boxily (Adv.) BOXY, like a box.
boxy like a box.
branchlike like a branch.
bricklike like a brick.
brickshaped shaped like a brick.
brushlike like a brush.
bulbous shaped like a bulb; rounded, swollen.
bulbously (Adv.) BULBOUS, shaped like a bulb.
bulbousness the state of being bulbous.
bulge a protuberance, a swelling (verb) to swell out
bulginess the state of being bulgy.
bulgingly (Adv.) BULGING, swelling out.
bulgy bulging.
bullate blistered, puckered, bubble-like.
bunchily (Adv.) BUNCHY, swelling out in bunches.
bunchiness the state of being bunchy.
bunchy swelling out in bunches.
bursiculate shaped like small pouch.
bursiform shaped like a pouch or purse.
bushily (Adv.) BUSHY, bushlike.
byssaceous composed of a mass of fine threads; delicately filamentous.
byssoid composed of a mass of fine threads; delicately filamentous.
cactiform cactus-shaped.
cacuminous with pointed or pyramidal top.
cagelike like a cage.
calcariform spur-shaped.
calceiform slipper-shaped.
calceolate slipper-shaped.
calycoideous calyx-shaped.
calyculate having a calyculus, a cuplike structure.
calyptrate capped or hooded.
canaliculate grooved or channelled lengthwise.
canaliculated grooved or channelled lengthwise.
cancriform shaped like a crab.
capsular of or pertaining to a capsule.
capsulary of or pertaining to a capsule.
capsulate contained in or made into a capsule.
capsulated contained in or made into a capsule.
capsule a gelatine case for holding a dose of medicine; (verb) to condense into a brief form.
carinate shaped like the prow or keel of a ship.
carinated shaped like the prow or keel of a ship.
cavitied having a cavity.
cellular consisting of, characterized by or containing cells or compartments; (noun) a cellular phone.
cellularity the state of being cellular.
cellulated cellular.
centerless without a centre.
cerebriform shaped like the brain.
chunkiness the state of being chunky.
cingular ring-shaped, encircling.
circular in the shape of a circle (noun) a leaflet intended for wide distribution
circularity the state of being circular.
circularly (Adv.) CIRCULAR, in the shape of a circle.
circularness the state of being circular.
cirriform formed like a cirrus or tendril.
clavate club-shaped; growing gradually thicker toward the top.
clavately (Adv.) CLAVATE, club-shaped.
claviculate shaped like a clavicula, the collarbone.
claviform in the shape of a club.
clinopinacoid a form consisting of two faces parallel to the clinoaxis and the vertical axis.
clinopinakoid a form consisting of two faces parallel to the clinoaxis and the vertical axis.
clottiness the state of being clotty.
clotty in clots.
clump a thick mass (verb) to form into a thick mass
clumpiness the state of being clumpy.
clumplike like a clump.
clumpy in clumps.
cluster a group of similar objects (verb) to form into a cluster
clustery growing in, or full of, clusters.
clypeate shaped like a buckler, a round shield.
clypeiform shaped like a buckler, a round shield.
cobwebby abounding in cobwebs.
cochleariform spoon-shaped.
cochleate having the form of a snail shell.
cochleated having the form of a snail shell.
coilability the ability to form coils.
columniation the use or arrangement of columns in a structure.
combwise in the manner of a comb.
comby full of holes like a honeycomb.
compast (Arch.) rounded.
complanate flattened.
complanation the state of being flattened.
concave curved inward (verb) to make or become hollow
concavely (Adv.) CONCAVE, curved inwards.
concaveness the state of being concave.
concavity the state of being concave.
conchate shell-shaped.
conchiform shaped like a shell.
concretion a concreted mass.
concretionary of or like a concretion.
conelike shaped like a cone.
conglobate shaped like a small ball or globe; (verb) to gather in a globe.
conical shaped like a cone.
conically (Adv.) CONICAL, shaped like a cone.
conicity the state of being conical.
coniform cone-shaped; conical.
conoid anything like a cone in form.
conoidal nearly, but not exactly, conical.
conoidally (Adv.) CONOIDAL, nearly, but not exactly, conical.
contortedness the state of being contorted.
contrate of wheels, esp in watchmaking, having cogs parallel to the axis.
convex having an outline or surface curved like the exterior of a circle or sphere (verb) to make convex
convexedly (Adv.) CONVEXED.
convexity the state of being convex.
convexly (Adv.) CONVEX, having an outline or surface curved like the exterior of a circle or sphere.
convexness the state of being convex.
convolute rolled together, coiled (verb) to twist, coil
convolutedly (Adv.) CONVOLUTED, coiled, twisted.
convolutedness the state of being convoluted.
convolutely (Adv.) CONVOLUTE, rolled together, coiled.
convolution a form or shape that is folded in curved or tortuous windings.
convolutional of or like convolution.
convolutionary of or like convolution.
coralloidal having the form of coral.
corbiculate like a small basket.
cordate heart-shaped.
cordately (Adv.) CORDATE, heart-shaped.
cordiform heart-shaped.
corniculate horn-shaped; horned.
corniform shaped like a horn.
corrugation the act of corrugating.
coryneform virgate, rod-shaped.
cotyloidal shaped like a cup.
crabwise in the manner of a crab, sideways.
crateriform cup-shaped.
crenature the state of being notched.
crenulation the state of being crenulated.
crescent the figure of the moon in its first or last quarter.
crescented having the shape of a crescent.
crescentic formed like a crescent.
crestal pertaining to a crest or peak; (noun) a crystal.
cribriform shaped like a sieve.
crispation the state of being curled.
crispature a curling.
cristiform in the form of a crest.
cruciate cross-shaped or Y-shaped (noun) a ligament in the knee
cruciately (Adv.) CRUCIATE, cross-shaped or Y-shaped.
cruciform cross-shaped (noun) something cross-shaped
cruciformly (Adv.) CRUCIFORM, cross-shaped.
cteniform comb-shaped.
cube a solid body having six equal square faces; (verb) to form into a cube.
cubical shaped like a cube.
cubically (Adv.) CUBICAL, shaped like a cube.
cubicalness the state of being cubical.
cubicity the state of being cubic.
cubiform shaped like a cube.
cuboidal cube-shaped.
cucullated hooded; hood-shaped.
cultrate shaped like a knife blade; sharp-edged.
cultrated shaped like a knife blade; sharp-edged.
cultriform knife-shaped.
cumulate in a heap (verb) to heap together, to accumulate
cumulately (Adv.) CUMULATE, in a heap.
cumuliform shaped like a heap, esp of a cloud.
cumulose containing or consisting of small heaps.
cuneal wedge-shaped.
cuneate wedge-shaped.
cuneated wedge-shaped.
cuneately (Adv.) CUNEATE, wedge-shaped.
cuplike like a cup.
cuppy cuplike.
cupular of or pertaining to a cup; cup-shaped.
cupulate of or pertaining to a cup; cup-shaped.
curlily (Adv.) CURLY, having curls.
curly having curls.
curney granular.
curny granular.
curvaceous pleasingly curved.
curvaceously (Adv.) CURVACEOUS, pleasingly curved.
curvaceousness the state of being curvaceous.
curvacious pleasingly curved.
curvaciously (Adv.) CURVACIOUS, pleasingly curved.
curvaciousness the state of being curvacious.
curvedness the state of being curved.
curvey full of curves.
curviform curving.
curvilineal bounded by curved lines.
curvilineally (Adv.) CURVILINEAL, bounded by curved lines.
curvilinear bounded by curved lines.
curvilinearity the state of being curvilinear.
curvilinearly (Adv.) CURVILINEAR.
curviness the state of being curved.
curvy full of curves.
cusp a point; the point or horn of the moon; a toothlike meeting of two branches of a curve.
cuspal of or like a cusp.
cuspate in the form of a cusp.
cuspated in the form of a cusp.
cusped having a cusp.
cuspidated shaped like a cuspid, a tooth with a single point, a canine tooth.
cuspis (Lat.) a point eg the horn of the moon.
cusplike resembling a cusp.
cyathiform shaped like a cup.
cylinder a roller-shaped object; (verb) to fit with cylinders.
cylindraceous somewhat cylindrical.
cylindric shaped like a cylinder.
cylindrical shaped like a cylinder.
cylindricality the state of being cylindrical.
cylindrically (Adv.) CYLINDRICAL, shaped like a cylinder.
cylindricalness the state of being cylindrical.
cylindricity the state of being cylindrical.
cylindriform shaped like a cylinder.
cylindroid a body like a cyclinder.
decurvation downward curvature.
demonstrability the state of being demonstrable.
dendriform shaped like a tree, eg a dendriform ulcer.
denticulate finely dentate or serrate.
denticulated finely dentate or serrate.
denticulation the state of being denticulate.
dentiform shaped like a tooth.
dentoid shaped like a tooth.
difform (Obs.) unlike, irregular in form.
digitiform shaped like a finger.
digitule any small fingerlike process.
dilatate dilated.
discal pertaining to, or resembling, a disk.
disciform round or oval in shape.
disclike like a disc.
discoid disc-shaped; (noun) something in the form of a disc.
discoidal disk-shaped.
disform to alter the form of.
dishlike like a dish.
disklike like a disk.
dismayd (Spenser) misshapen, deformed.
distichous in or having two rows.
distichously (Adv.) DISTICHOUS, in or having two rows.
dolabrate shaped like the head of an axe.
dolabriform shaped like a hatchet or cleaver.
domelike resembling a dome.
dorsiflex bent towards the back; (verb) to bend towards the back or dorsal.
doughnutlike like a doughnut.
downswept curved downwards.
droplet a tiny drop.
dropwise by drops.
egglike resembling an egg in shape.
ellipse a type of plane curve.
ellipsoidal having the shape of an ellipse.
elliptic having the shape of an ellipse.
elliptical having the shape of an ellipse (noun) an ellipse
elliptically (Adv.) ELLIPTICAL.
ellipticalness the state of being elliptical, having the shape of an ellipse.
ellipticity the state of being an ellipse.
embossment the act of forming bosses or raised figures.
enridged (Shakesp.) formed into ridges.
enround (Shakesp.) to make round, surround.
erose irregularly notched as if bitten.
erosely (Adv.) EROSE, irregularly notched as if bitten.
ethmoidal of or like a sieve.
falcate resembling a sickle.
falcated resembling a sickle.
falcation the state of being falcate, sickle-shaped.
falciform shaped like a sickle.
fanlike resembling a fan.
fanwise in the fashion of a fan.
fasciate exhibiting a flattened ribbon-like structure.
fasciated exhibiting a flattened ribbon-like structure.
fasciately (Adv.) FASCIATE.
fascicled arranged, growing, or occurring in a fascicle or fascicles.
fascicular in bundles.
fascicularly (Adv.) FASCICULAR, in bundles.
fasciculate in bundles.
fasciculated in bundles.
fasciculately (Adv.) FASCICULATE, in bundles.
fasciculus (Lat.) a little bundle; a fascicle.
fastigiate pointed; conical.
fastigiated pointed; conical.
fatiscence the state of being fatiscent, having gaps.
fatiscent gaping with cracks.
faveolate honeycombed.
fibriform shaped like a fibre.
fibrilliform in the form of fibrils.
figurate of a definite form or figure.
figurately (Adv.) FIGURATE, of a definite form or figure.
filament a slender or threadlike object.
filamentary like a filament.
filamentous threadlike; of some bacteria, viruses, etc, having long strands of similar cells.
filiform shaped like a thread.
filose threadlike; having a threadlike end.
finched finch-backed, striped or spotted on the back.
fingerlike like a finger.
finlike resembling a fin.
fistular hollow and cylindrical, like a pipe or reed.
fisty like a fist.
flabellate fan-shaped.
flagginess the condition of being flaggy, flabby.
flaggy flag-like; flabby.
flary flare-like.
flatten to make or become flat.
flattish somewhat flat.
floriform shaped like a flower.
forcepslike like a forceps.
forcipate formed and opening like a forceps.
forcipated formed and opening like a forceps.
forficulate like scissors.
forkedness the state of being forked.
forkiness the state of dividing in a forklike manner.
forky forked; furcated.
formless lacking structure.
formlessly (Adv.) FORMLESS, without form.
fossulate grooved; pitted.
foveate pitted.
foveated pitted.
foveiform shaped like a small pit.
freeform having a free-flowing design or shape.
funiculate forming a narrow ridge.
funnelform having the form of a funnel.
furcal forked.
furcate forked (verb) to divide into branches
furcately (Adv.) FURCATE, forked.
furcation a branching like a fork.
furciferous bearing a forked appendage; rascally.
furcular shaped like a fork.
fusiform tapering at each end, spindle-shaped.
galea (Lat.) a helmet-shaped structure.
galeate helmet-shaped.
galeated helmet-shaped.
geminate twinned (verb) to double, to arrange in pairs
geminately (Adv.) GEMINATE, in pairs.
gemlike resembling a gem.
geniculation being jointed, like a knee.
geomorphic earth-shaped.
gibbose humpbacked, humped; (of a moon) between half and full.
gibbous humpbacked, humped; (of a moon) between half and full.
gibbously (Adv.) GIBBOUS, of a moon, between half and full.
gibbousness the state of being gibbous.
gimmal a ring that can be divided into two or three rings.
gimmalled jointed, hinged, like a gimmal.
gimp a yarn with a hard core; (verb) to make or furnish with this.
gladiate shaped like a sword.
global spherical.
globally (Adv.) GLOBAL, spherical.
globate having the form of a globe.
globated having the form of a globe.
globby glob-like.
globe a ball, a round body (verb) to form into a globe
globelike like a globe.
globoid globelike; (noun) a globelike shape.
globose having a rounded form resembling that of a globe.
globosely (Adv.) GLOBOSE, having a rounded form like a globe.
globoseness the state of being globose.
globosity sphericity.
globous having a rounded form resembling that of a globe.
globular spherical (noun) a globular star cluster
globularity the quality of being globular.
globularly (Adv.) GLOBULAR, spherical.
globularness the state of being globular.
globule a little globe; a small particle of matter, of a spherical form.
globulet a little globule.
globulous globular, spherical.
globus (Lat.) any spherelike structure.
globy (Milton) round.
glomerate to gather into a ball.
goadlike like a goad.
goosenecked having a neck like a goose.
granular consisting of or like grains or granules.
granularly (Adv.) GRANULAR, consisting of or like grains or granules.
granulary (Arch.) granular.
granuliform having the form of a granule.
granulose consisting of or like grains or granules.
granulous consisting of or like grains or granules.
graticule a design or draught which has been divided into squares, in order to reproduce it in other dimensions.
gregatim (Lat.) in flocks.
grid a grating, network; (verb) to set out in a grid.
gridded having a grid.
gridiron a frame of iron bars for broiling over a fire; (verb) to mark with parallel lines or bars.
gulflike like a gulf.
gutlike like a gut.
gymmal a ring that can be divided into two or three rings.
gyrose having a folded surface; marked with wavy lines.
gyrous of or like a gyre, spiral.
hairlike resembling a hair.
halolike like a halo.
hamose hooked.
hamous hooked.
hamular of the form of a small hook, hooked.
hastate spear-shaped.
hastated spear-shaped.
hastately (Adv.) HASTATE, spear-shaped.
headlike shaped like a head.
heap a mass of things resting one above another (verb) to pile up
heapy full of heaps.
helical shaped like a helix.
helically (Adv.) HELICAL, shaped like a helix.
helix (Greek) a screw-shaped coil.
hemihedron a solid hemihedrally derived, such as a tetrahedron.
hemisphere half of a sphere.
hemispheric like a hemisphere.
hemispherical like a hemisphere.
hemispheroid the half of a spheroid.
hemispheroidal in the form of a half-sphere.
hemitropal half turned round; half inverted; (Crystallog.) having a twinned structure.
hemitrope of a crystal, twinned; (noun) a twinned crystal.
hemitropic half turned round; half inverted; (Crystallog.) having a twinned structure.
hemitropism the state of being a hemitrope, a twinned crystal.
hemitropous half turned round; half inverted; (Crystallog.) having a twinned structure.
hersed (Obs.) arranged like a herse, in harrow form.
heteromorphism the state of having different forms.
hexagrammoid a hexagram shape.
hexangular having six angles.
hippocrepian horseshoe-shaped; (noun) a type of bryozoan that has a lophophore shaped like a horseshoe.
holosteric totally solid.
homomorphic relating to homomorphism.
homomorphism similarity of external form, appearance, or size.
hooklike resembling a hook.
hooplike like a hoop.
hornlike resembling a horn.
hubbly having an uneven surface.
hummocky abounding in hummocks.
humpiness the state of being humpy.
humplike like a hump.
imbricately (Adv.) IMBRICATE.
incisiform shaped like an incisor tooth.
incudal shaped like an incus or anvil.
infundibular funnel-shaped.
infundibulate funnel-shaped.
infundibuliform shaped like a funnel.
inkblot a blotted pattern of spilled ink.
insectiform having the form of an insect.
intumescence a swollen or enlarged part of a plant or animal.
isomorphism similarity in shape or structure in unrelated forms.
jagged cut unevenly into notches.
jaggedly (Adv.) JAGGED, cut unevenly into notches.
jaggedness the state of being jagged.
jaggy having jags, as, jaggy teeth (noun) a jaggy computer image
jagless not producing intoxication.
jymold (Shakesp.) jointed, hinged.
kidneylike shaped like a kidney.
kitelike like a kite.
knobbiness the state of being knobby.
knobbly covered with knobs or nodules.
knobby covered with knobs.
knoblike like a knob.
knotlike like a knot.
knub a small lump.
knubbly knobbly.
knubby full of or covered with knubs or small protuberances.
labral relating to the labrum, liplike.
labrum (Lat.) a lip or edge, as of a basin.
lacelike resembling lace.
lacey of or like lace.
lacily (Adv.) LACY, of or like lace.
laciness the quality of being lacy.
lacy of or like lace.
ladderlike like a ladder.
lageniform shaped like a flask.
lambdoid shaped like the letter Greek lambda.
lambdoidal shaped like the Greek letter lambda.
lamella (Lat.) a thin plate or layer.
lamellar flat and thin; composed of lamellae.
lamellarly (Adv.) LAMELLAR, flat and thin.
lamellate composed of, or furnished with, thin plates or scales.
lamellated composed of, or furnished with, thin plates or scales.
lamellately (Adv.) LAMELLATE, composed of, or furnished with, thin plates or scales.
lamelloid like lamellae, in thin plates.
lamellose composed of, or having, lamellae.
lamellosity the state of being lamellose.
lamina (Lat.) a thin plate or layer.
laminal in, or consisting of, thin plates or layers; (noun) a consonant articulated with the blade of the tongue.
laminar in layers or thin plates.
laminary in layers or thin plates.
laminose relating to lamina, a thin plate or layer.
laminous relating to lamina, a thin plate or layer.
lanceolate shaped like a lance-head.
lanceolated shaped like a lance-head.
lanceolately (Adv.) LANCEOLATE, shaped like a lance-head.
lanciform shaped like a lance.
lathlike like a lath, long and slender.
leaflike resembling a leaf.
ledgy abounding in ledges; as, a ledgy island.
leglike like a leg.
lenslike like a lens.
lenticularly (Adv.) LENTICULAR, lens-shaped.
lentiform shaped like a lens.
lentoid shaped like a lens or lentil, biconvex; (noun) something lens-shaped.
libriform shaped like a book.
ligniform of the form or shape of wood.
liguloid like a ligule, a thin outgrowth at the junction of a leaf and leafstalk.
limbous overlapping.
linear of or belonging to a line.
linelike like a line.
liney like a line.
linguiform shaped like a tongue.
lingular of or like a lingula, a tonguelike process or part.
lingulate shaped like the tongue or a strap.
lingulated shaped like the tongue or a strap.
liplike resembling a lip.
lobar of or relating to a lobe.
lobate having a lobe or lobes.
lobated having a lobe or lobes.
lobately (Adv.) LOBATE, having a lobe or lobes.
lobe a rounded, projecting anatomical part; (verb) to divide into lobes.
lobelet a small lobe.
lobelike like a lobe.
lobose having a lobe or lobes.
lobular shaped like a lobe.
lobularly (Adv.) LOBULAR, shaped like a lobe.
lobulate having lobules.
lobulation the state of being lobulate.
lobule a small lobe.
loculus (Lat.) a small compartment or chamber.
looplike like a loop.
lopsided leaning to one side.
lopsidedly (Adv.) LOPSIDED, leaning to one side.
lorate having the form of a thong or strap.
lozenge a rhombus or diamond-shaped figure.
lozenged divided into lozenges.
lozengy with lozenges > LOZENGIER, LOZENGIEST.
lump a shapeless mass (verb) to make into lumps
lumpily (Adv.) LUMPY, full of lumps.
lumpiness the state of being lumpy.
lumpy full of lumps.
lunate crescent-shaped (noun) a crescent-shaped bone of the wrist
lunated crescent-shaped.
lunately (Adv.) LUNATE, crescent-shaped.
lune anything shaped like a half-moon.
lunular crescent-shaped.
lyrate lyre-shaped.
lyrated lyre-shaped.
lyrately (Adv.) LYRATE, lyre-shaped.
lyriform lyre-shaped.
malleiform shaped like a hammer.
mamillate with nipple-like projections.
mamillated with nipple-like projections.
mamillation the state of being mamillate, with nipple-like projections.
mamilliform nipple-shaped.
mammiform shaped like a breast.
mammillar resembling a breast or nipple.
mammillate with nipple-like projections.
mammillated with nipple-like projections.
mammillation a nipple-like protrusion.
mammilliform in the form of a nipple.
mandibulate shaped like a mandible; (noun) something shaped like a mandible.
mandibulated shaped like a mandible.
maniform having the shape of a hand.
maplike having or consisting of lines resembling a map.
mapwise in the manner of a map.
mazelike like a maze.
meniscal pertaining to, or having the form of, a meniscus.
meniscoid concavo-convex, like a meniscus.
meshwork a network, a web.
meshy formed with meshes; netted.
microsphere a small sphere.
microspherical of or like a microsphere.
mirrorwise in the fashion of a mirror.
misform to make in an ill form.
monadiform having the form of a monad.
moniliform having narrow intervals or joints resembling a string of beads.
monomorphic having or existing in only one form.
monomorphism existence in one form only.
monomorphous existing in one form only.
monosymmetric having only one plane of symmetry.
monosymmetrical having only one plane of symmetry.
monosymmetry the state of being monosymmetric, having only one plane of symmetry.
monticulate having small projections.
monticulous having small projections.
morphic relating to form, morphological.
multangular having many angles.
multiangular having many angles.
multiaxial having more than one axis.
multifid having many divisions.
multifidly (Adv.) MULTIFID, having many divisions.
multifidous having many divisions.
multiform a multiform object; something exhibiting many and various forms.
multilobate having many lobes.
multilobular having many lobules.
multiserial in many rows.
multispiral having many coils.
multitier having many tiers.
mytiliform mussel-shaped.
napiform resembling a turnip in shape, form, or appearance.
needlelike like a needle.
nephroid kidney-shaped.
netlike resembling a net.
netty like a net, or network.
niblike like a nib.
nodality the state of being nodal.
nodated knotted.
nodation the act of making a knot, or state of being knotted.
nodose having knots or nodules.
nodosity knottiness; a knotty swelling.
nodous having knots or nodules.
nodular composed of nodules.
nodulation the state of having nodules.
nodule a little rounded lump or swelling.
noduled having little knots or lumps.
nodulose having small nodes or knots.
nodulous having small nodes or knots.
noncellular not cellular.
nooklike like a nook.
nooselike like a noose.
nubbiness the state of being nubby.
nubbly having small protuberances.
nubby having small protuberances.
nubiform cloudlike.
nuggety in nuggets> NUGGETIER, NUGGETIEST.
nummular coin-shaped.
nummulated coin-shaped.
oary having the form of or using oars.
obcompressed flattened from front to back.
obconic conical, but having the apex downward; inversely conical.
obeliscoid shaped like an obelisk.
obeliskoid shaped like an obelisk.
oblateness the state of being oblate.
oblong long in one direction (noun) something that is oblong
oblongly (Adv.) OBLONG, long in one direction.
obovoid of a solid body, eg a fruit, egg-shaped, with the base as the narrower end.
olivary olive-shaped.
omniform having every form or shape.
omniformity the state of having every form.
ooidal egg-shaped.
orbicular spherical.
orbicularly (Adv.) ORBICULAR, spherical.
orbiculate having the shape of a solid the vertical section of which is oval, and the horizontal section circular.
orbiculated having the shape of a solid the vertical section of which is oval, and the horizontal section circular.
orblike like an orb.
orby orbed.
ornithomorphic shaped like bird.
outbulge to bulge outwards.
outjet a projection.
outjetting a projection.
outjut a projection.
outjutting a projection.
oval egg-shaped (noun) an oval (egg-shaped) figure or object
ovality the state of being oval.
ovally (Adv.) OVAL, egg-shaped.
ovalness the state of being oval.
ovately (Adv.) OVATE, egg-shaped.
overarch to form an arch above.
oviform egg-shaped.
ovoid egg-shaped; (noun) something egg-shaped.
ovoidal egg-shaped; (noun) something egg-shaped.
pairwise in pairs.
paliform shaped like a stake.
palmlike resembling a palm tree.
parcelwise by parcels, piecemeal.
peaklike like a peak.
pectinal having teeth like a comb; (noun) a fish with bones or a spine resembling a comb.
pectinate toothed like a comb.
pectinated toothed like a comb.
pectinately (Adv.) PECTINATE, toothed like a comb.
pedate footed, footlike.
pedately (Adv.) PEDATE, like a foot.
pediform shaped like a foot.
peglike like a peg.
pellet a little ball; (verb) to make into a pellet.
pelletal resembling a pellet.
pelletise to make into a pellet.
pelletize to make into a pellet.
pelmatic of or like a pelma, an impression showing the shape of the sole.
pelviform basin-shaped.
penannular in the form of an almost complete ring.
penicilliform paintbrush-shaped.
pennaceous featherlike.
pentacyclic having five whorls.
pentalpha a five-pointed star, resembling five alphas joined at their bases.
pentangle a five-pointed star, formerly used as a mystic or magical symbol.
pentangular having the shape of a pentangle.
phacoid lens-shaped, lentil-shaped.
phacoidal lens-shaped, lentil-shaped.
phalloid shaped like a phallus.
phialiform saucer-shaped.
piecewise piece by piece.
piliform shaped like a hair.
pillowy like a pillow in form or feel > PILLOWIER, PILLOWIEST.
pilular like a pilule, a small pill.
pinacoid a crystal face, or a crystallographic form consisting of a pair of faces, parallel to two axes.
pinakoid a crystal form consisting of two (or more) parallel planes or faces.
pincerlike like a pincer.
pipelike like a pipe.
pipiness the quality of being pipy.
pipy like a pipe; hollow-stemmed.
piriform shaped like a pear.
pisciform shaped like a fish.
planform the contour of an object as viewed from above.
planklike like a plank.
planulate flat.
planuliform having the form of a planula.
plasm a mold or matrix in which anything is cast or formed to a particular shape.
platelike like a plate.
plexal pertaining to a plexus, a network.
plexiform in the form of a network.
plexure an interweaving.
plexus (Lat.) a network.
plicately (Adv.) PLICATE, folded like a fan.
plicateness the state of being plicate.
ploughwise as in ploughing.
pluffy puffed up, puffy.
poculiform cup-shaped.
pointy pointed.
polygonal like a polygon.
polygonally (Adv.) POLYGONAL, like a polygon.
polymorphic occurring in several forms.
polymorphically (Adv.) POLYMORPHIC, of species where several (eg color) forms may be produced in a single brood.
polymorphous occurring in several forms.
polymorphously (Adv.) POLYMORPHOUS, having, assuming, or occurring in various forms, characters, or styles.
pooch a dog; (verb) to bulge.
pouchlike like a pouch.
pouchy sagging, pouched-looking.
pouff to give a puffed appearance to.
pouffe to give a puffed appearance to.
premorse ending abruptly as if bitten off.
prill to turn into pellet form eg by melting and letting the falling drops solidify.
prismatoid a body that approaches to the form of a prism.
prismatoidal having the form of a prismatoid.
procoelous cupped in front.
proteiform changeable in form.
protuberate to bulge out.
pseudomorph a false or abnormal physical form.
pseudomorphic of or like a pseudomorph.
pucker a fold or wrinkle (verb) to gather into small wrinkles or folds
puffily (Adv.) PUFFY, swollen, puffed up.
puffy swollen, puffed up.
pulvinate cushion-like; bulging; pillowy.
pulvinated cushion-like; bulging; pillowy.
pyramidal shaped like a pyramid.
pyramidally (Adv.) PYRAMIDAL, shaped like a pyramid.
pyriform shaped like a pear.
quadrangle a plane figure with four angles (and therefore four sides).
quadrangular like a quadrangle.
quadrangularly (Adv.) QUADRANGULAR, like a quadrangle.
quadrate square; (verb) to make square; to make to agree.
quadricone a quadric cone, or cone having a conic as base.
racemation a cluster or bunch of anything esp grapes.
radiciform like a root.
raduliform like a rasp or file.
ramate branched, as the stem or root of a plant.
ramiform branching; shaped like branches.
randomwise in a random fashion.
rectangled rectangular.
recurvate bent back.
reedlike resembling a reed.
reniform kidney-shaped eg of a mineral mass.
repand slightly wavy.
repandly (Adv.) REPAND, slightly wavy.
reptiliform having the form of a reptile.
restiform cordlike.
retial pertaining to a rete, a network.
retiform shaped like a net.
retroverse turned backwards.
rhipidate fan-shaped.
ribbonlike like a ribbon.
riblike like a rib.
ridge a long narrow ridge (verb) to form into ridges
ridgelike like a ridge.
ridgy having a ridge or ridges.
ringlike like a ring.
ringwise in the manner of a ring.
rodlike like a rod.
rostrocarinate beaked and keeled; (noun) a supposed flint implement with beak and keel.
rotiform wheel-shaped; as, rotiform appendages.
rotundate rounded off; orbicular.
rotundity the state of being rotund.
round shaped like a sphere or circle (noun) a round thing; a series of calls made by a tradesman etc.; (verb) to make round
roundedness the state of being rounded.
roundish somewhat round.
roundly (Adv.) ROUND, shaped like a sphere.
roundness the state of being round.
sacciform shaped like a sac.
saccular sac-like.
sacculate formed in a series of saclike enclosures.
sacculated formed in a series of saclike enclosures.
sacculation the state of being sacculated.
sacklike like a sack.
saclike like a sac.
saddlebacked saddle-shaped.
sagittal shaped like an arrowhead.
sagittally (Adv.) SAGITTAL, shaped like an arrowhead.
sagittate shaped like an arrowhead.
saucerlike like a saucer.
sawlike resembling a saw.
scalariform shaped like a ladder.
scalariformly (Adv.) SCALARIFORM, shaped like a ladder.
scalelike like a scale.
scalpelliform shaped like a scalpel.
scalpriform shaped like a chisel.
scarry having scars.
scissorwise in the fashion of scissors.
scoleciform tapeworm-shaped.
scolopendriform having the form of a centipede.
scopate brushlike.
scraggly irregular or ragged in growth or form.
scrollwise in the fashion of a scroll.
scutate buckler-shaped; round or nearly round.
scutation the state of being scutate, buckler-shaped.
scutiform shield-shaped.
scyphate cup-shaped.
scyphiform cup-shaped.
seamlike like a seam.
securiform shaped like an axe.
semicircular having the shape of semicircle.
semicircularly (Adv.) SEMICIRCULAR, having the shape of semicircle.
semicylinder a longitudinal half-cylinder.
semielliptical being in the form of a partial ellipse.
semiglobe a half globe, a hemisphere.
semiglobular being in the form of a half globe.
semilunar shaped like a half moon.
semilunate shaped like a half-moon.
semioval shaped like half of an oval.
semiround something half round.
semiterete half-cylindrical.
septiform shaped like a partition.
septilateral having seven sides.
serpentiform in the form of a serpent.
serrate to notch.
serration the state of being saw-edged.
serratulate minutely serrate.
serrature a notching, like that between the teeth of a saw.
serriform resembling a notched or sawlike edge.
serrulate finely serrate; having very minute teeth.
serrulated finely serrate; having very minute teeth.
serrulation the state of being serrulate, sawlike.
sesamoid shaped like a sesame seed; (noun) a small rounded bone formed in the substance of a tendon, eg in the flexor tendon of the big toe.
setiform shaped like a bristle.
sexangular hexagonal.
sexangularly (Adv.) SEXANGULAR, hexagonal.
shapable that may be shaped.
shapeable that can be shaped.
shapeless without shape.
shapelessly (Adv.) SHAPELESS, without shape.
sheafy resembling a sheaf.
sheathlike like a sheath.
sheathy forming or resembling a sheath or case.
sheety in sheets.
shelflike like a shelf.
shoalwise in shoals.
sievelike like a sieve.
sigmate s-shaped; (verb) to add a Greek s to.
sigmoid s-shaped; (noun) an S-shaped curve in a bodily part.
sigmoidal s-shaped.
sigmoidally (Adv.) SIGMOIDAL, S-shaped.
sinisterwise in left-handed fashion.
sinuose wavy; bending in a supple manner.
sinuosity the state of being sinuous.
sinuous wavy; bending in a supple manner.
sinuously (Adv.) SINUOUS, wavy.
sinuousness the state of being sinuous.
skewness the state of being skew.
slab a thin flat piece of stone, etc (verb) to form into slabs
slablike resembling a slab.
sleevelike like a sleeve.
slitlike like a slit.
slitty like a slit.
slubby lumpy, knobbly in texture.
snaglike like a snag.
snakelike like a snake.
snubness the quality of being snub.
solid having definite shape and volume (noun) a solid substance
spadelike like a spade.
sparlike like a spar.
spathulate spoon-shaped.
spatular shaped like a spatula, broad and blunt.
spatulate shaped like a spatula, broad and blunt.
spearlike like a spear.
speary having the form of a spear.
sphaer (Obs.) a sphere.
sphaere (Obs.) a sphere.
sphear (Arch.) a sphere.
spheare (Arch.) a sphere.
sphenoid wedge-shaped; (noun) a wedge-shaped bone.
sphenoidal wedge-shaped.
spheral relating to a sphere; perfectly round.
sphere a solid figure bounded by a surface of which all points are equidistant from a centre (verb) to place in a sphere, encompass
spherelike like a sphere.
spheric having the shape of a sphere.
spherical having the shape of a sphere.
sphericality the state of being spherical.
spherically (Adv.) SPHERICAL, having the shape of a sphere.
sphericalness the state of being spherical.
sphericity a descriptive term to describe how close a particle's shape is to a sphere.
spheroid a body resembling or approximating to a sphere in shape; esp one formed by the revolution of an ellipse about one of its axes.
spheroidal having the form of a spheroid.
spheroidally (Adv.) SPHEROIDAL, having the form of a spheroid.
spheroidically (Adv.) SPHEROIDAL, having the form of a spheroid.
spheroidicity the state of being spheroid.
spherular like a spherule or small sphere.
spherule a small sphere.
sphery spherelike; belonging to the celestial spheres.
spicate spiked; spikelike.
spicated spiked; spikelike.
spicular resembling a dart; having sharp points.
spiculate having a sharp point.
spiculated covered with spicules or needle-like.
spiculation the state of being spiculate, having a sharp point.
spicule a spike or splinter.
spikelike like a spike.
spikily (Adv.) SPIKY, having spikes.
spikiness the state of being spiky.
spiky having spikes.
spinelike like a spine.
spinescence the quality of being spiny.
spinescent tapering or developing into a spine.
spiniform like a thorn or spine.
spininess the state of being spiny.
spiny having spines.
spirality the state of being spiral.
spirewise in the form of a spire.
spiroid in spiral form.
spiry spire-like; having spires.
spongiform resembling a sponge; soft and porous.
spoonways like spoons packed closely together.
spoonwise like spoons packed closely together.
squamiform shaped like a scale.
squareness the state of being square.
squarewise in squares.
squarish somewhat square.
squarishly (Adv.) SQUARISH, somewhat square.
squarishness the state of being squarish.
stairwise in the fashion of stairs.
stalactitiform having the form of a stalactite.
stalklike like a stalk.
staphyline like a bunch of grapes.
starlike resembling a star.
stellate star-shaped; starry.
stellated star-shaped; starry.
stellately (Adv.) STELLATE.
stelliform shaped like a star.
stellulate minutely stellate.
steplike like a step.
sticklike like a stick.
stilliform having the shape of a drop or globule.
stipitiform in the form of a stipes.
straticulate composed of parallel strata.
straticulation the state of being straticulate.
strigiform shaped like an owl.
stringily (Adv.) STRINGY, fibrous.
stringy fibrous.
strobiliform having the form of a strobilE
strombuliform shaped like a spinning top; spirally twisted.
subarcuation the state of being subarcuate, somewhat arched.
subcordate somewhat cordate; somewhat like a heart in shape.
subglobose not quite globose.
subglobular having nearly the shape of a globe.
sublunate approaching the form of a crescent.
suborbicular almost orbicular, nearly circular.
suboval somewhat oval; nearly oval. No -S.
subovate nearly ovate.
subtriangular not quite triangular.
subulate awl-shaped.
succise (Lat.) appearing to have the lower part cut off.
superficies (Lat.) the outer surface or appearance of something or someone.
swathy in swathes.
symmetric having symmetry.
symmetrical having symmetry.
symmetricalness the state of being symmetrical.
symmetry an exact correspondence between the opposite halves of a figure.
synclastic curved in all directions towards a single point.
syphonal like a syphon.
syphonic like a syphon.
tablewise in the manner of a table.
tabular in the form of a table.
tabularly (Adv.) TABULAR, in the form of a table.
taeniate ribbonlike; shaped like a ribbon or tapeworm.
taenioid ribbonlike; shaped like a ribbon or tapeworm.
taggy of eg wool, matted into tags.
taglike like a tag.
taillike like a tail.
tandemwise in tandem.
tanklike resembling a tank.
tapelike like a tape.
taperness the state of being taper.
taperwise in tapering fashion.
tauriform having the form of a bull.
tauromorphous bull-shaped.
tectiform shaped like a roof.
tela (Lat.) a weblike structure.
telescopiform in the form of a telescope.
tenioid ribbonlike; shaped like a ribbon.
tentlike resembling a tent.
tentwise in the fashion of a tent.
terete smooth-surfaced, cylindrical, and tapering at the ends.
tessellar like a tessella, a small tessera, a token or ticket.
testiculate like a testicle, esp in shape.
testiculated like a testicle, esp in shape.
tetracyclic of, in or with four whorls or rings.
tetramorphic having four forms.
theriomorphic having the form of a beast.
theriomorphous having the form of a beast.
thongy resembling an item of clothing made from a strip of cloth.
thornlike like a thorn.
threadlike like thread.
thready threadlike.
thumblike like a thumb.
thyrsoidal having the form of a thyrsus.
tilelike like a tile.
toelike like a toe.
tonguelike like a tongue.
toothlike like a tooth.
toroid shaped like a doughnut or anchor-ring; (noun) anything shaped like a doughnut or anchor-ring.
torose swelling; bulging.
torosity the state of being torose, swelling.
torous swelling; bulging.
torsive twisted spirally.
tortile wreathed; twisted; coiled.
tortive (Shakesp.) turned awry.
torulose with small swellings at intervals.
trachelate having a neck.
transeptate divided by transverse septa.
trapezohedral having the shape of a trapezohedron.
trapezohedron a crystalline form whose faces are trapeziums.
treelike resembling a tree.
triangular having the form of a triangle.
triangularity the state of being triangular.
triangularly (Adv.) TRIANGULAR, having the form of a triangle.
triangulately (Adv.) TRIANGULATE, triangular.
tricostate three-ribbed; having three ribs from the base.
tridental having three prongs.
triform having a triple form.
triformed having a triple form.
trifurcation the state of being divided into three forks.
trilateral having three sides (noun) a figure with three sides
trilaterally (Adv.) TRILATERAL, having three sides.
trilobed having three lobes.
trimorphic having three forms.
trimorphous having three forms.
trinacrian three-pointed, with three extremities.
trinacriform three-pronged.
tripart in three parts.
tripedal having three feet.
triquetra a symmetrical triangular ornament formed of three interlaced arcs or lobes > TRIQUETRAE or TRIQUETRAS.
triquetral triangular; three-edged with concave faces.
triscele a figure consisting of three radiating curves or legs.
triskele a figure consisting of three radiating curves or legs.
triskelion a figure consisting of three radiating curves or legs.
trisulcate having three ridges or forks.
trochal resembling or revolving like a wheel.
tubar in the form of a tube.
tubate in the form of a tube.
tube a pipe; any long hollow body; (verb) to provide with or fit into a tube.
tubelike shaped like a tube.
tuberiform shaped like a lump or protuberance.
tuberoid shaped like a tuber; (noun) a thickened or fleshy root resembling a tuber.
tuberous having tubers; knobbed.
tubiform shaped like a tube.
tubular in the form of a tube (noun) a completely enclosed bicycle tire
tubularity the state of being tubular.
tubularly (Adv.) TUBULAR, in the form of a tube.
tubulate to form into a tube; to provide with a tube.
tubulation the act of shaping or making a tube.
tubule a small pipe or fistular body; a little tube.
tubulose resembling, or in the form of, a tube; longitudinally hollow.
tubulous resembling, or in the form of, a tube; longitudinally hollow.
tubulously (Adv.) TUBULOUS, resembling, or in the form of, a tube.
tuft a bunched cluster (verb) to form into tufts
tufty abounding with tufts.
tumescent tending to swell.
tumescently (Adv.) TUMESCENT, tending to swell.
tunnellike like a tunnel.
turbinated shaped like a top.
turbination being shaped like a turbinate, a scroll.
turriculated turreted; formed in a long spiral.
tusklike resembling a tusk.
twiforked bifurcate.
twiformed having two forms.
twiglike like a twig.
umbiliform shaped like an umbilicus.
umbonal of or like an umbo, the boss of a shield.
umbonation the state of being umbonate, having a central boss.
umbraculate overshadowed by an umbraculum.
umbraculum (Lat.) an umbrella or umbrella-like structure.
unarched not arched.
uncate hook-shaped.
unciform shaped like a hook; (noun) something hook-shaped.
uncinate hooked at the end.
uncinated hooked at the end.
uncurved not curved.
undate wavy.
undulance the state of being undulant.
undulancy the state of being undulant.
undulant rising and falling in waves.
undular undulating, wavy.
undulose undulating, wavy.
undulous undulating, wavy.
unguiform shaped like a claw.
unilobar having a single lobe.
unilobed having a single lobe.
unlobed not lobed.
unshape to deprive of shape; to undo.
unshapen (PaP.) UNSHAPE, to deprive of shape.
urnlike like an urn.
variform of various forms.
variformly (Adv.) VARIFORM, of various forms.
vaselike like a vase.
vasiform shaped like a duct or vase.
vaultlike like a vault.
vaulty (Shakesp.) like a vault.
vee the letter V.
veillike like a veil.
veily like a veil, diaphanous.
ventricose distended or swollen in the middle.
ventricosity the state of being ventricose, distended or swollen in the middle.
ventricous distended or swollen in the middle.
vermiform having the form of a worm eg vermiform appendix.
verruciform shaped like a wart; wartlike.
versiform varying in form.
verticillate whorled.
verticillately (Adv.) VERTICILLATE, resembling a whorl.
verticillation the state of being verticillate, whorled.
virgulate shaped like a little twig or rod.
vitriform of the form or shape of glass.
volutoid like a volute, a spiral.
vulviform shaped like a vulva, the external genital of a female animal.
wafery thin, wafer-like> WAFERIER, WAFERIEST.
warp to turn or twist out of shape.
wavelike resembling a wave.
waviness the state of being wavy.
web a fine structure spun by a spider (verb) to envelop with a web
webby of or pertaining to a web or webs.
weblike like a web.
wedge a tapering piece of wood or metal (verb) to force apart with a wedge
wedgelike like a wedge.
wedgewise in the manner of a wedge.
wedgy like a wedge; wedge-shaped.
whelky knobby; rounded.
whiplike resembling a whip.
whorled having whorls.
winglike resembling a wing.
wirelike like a wire.
wispily (Adv.) WISPY, like a wisp.
wispiness the state of being wispy.
wispish like a wisp.
wisplike like a wisp.
wispy like a wisp.
womblike like a womb.
womby (Shakesp.) hollow; capacious.
wormlike resembling a worm.
wreath a circlet or ring of flowers or foliage.
wreathe to shape into a wreath.
wreathen (Arch.) wreathed.
wreathy wreathed.
xenomorphic having a form not its own.
xenomorphically (Adv.) XENOMORPHIC, having a form not its own.
ypsiliform shaped like an ypsilon.
ypsiloid in the form of the letter Y.
zygal formed like the letter H; of or relating to a yoke or union.
zygomorphic bilaterally symmetrical.
zygomorphism the state of being zygomorphic, bilaterally symmetrical.
zygomorphous bilaterally symmetrical.