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Now updated for CSW19. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

mealy covered with pale powder.
moust (Scots) a musk, hair-powder; (verb) to powder.
muist (Scots) a musk, hair-powder; (verb) to powder.
must a smell of dampness (verb, obs.) to powder
pouder (Obs.) powder.
poudre (Obs.) powder.
poulder (Obs.) powder.
pouldre (Obs.) powder.
pouther (Scots) powder; (verb) to powder.
powderer one who powders.
powderless without powder.
powdery like powder.
pulver (Obs.) powder; (verb) to reduce to powder.
pulverable that can be reduced to powder.
pulverous dusty or powder.
pulverulent dusty-looking; readily crumbling; powdery.
pulvil (Hist.) perfumed powder; snuff; (verb) to powder.
pulvilio (Hist.) perfumed powder; snuff.
pulvilised in the form of pulvil, a perfumed powder.
pulvilized in the form of pulvil, a perfumed powder.
pulville (Hist.) perfumed powder; snuff.
pulvillio (Hist.) perfumed powder; snuff.
triturate to crush or grind to a fine powder.
trituration the act of triturating.
unpowdered not powdered.