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Now updated for CSW19. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

assiduous diligent; persistent.
assiduously (Adv.) ASSIDUOUS, diligent; persistent.
bullheaded having a head like that of a bull; (figuratively) headstrong; obstinate.
bullheadedly (Adv.) BULLHEADED, headstrong; obstinate.
bullheadedness the state of being bullheaded.
camelish like a camel, obstinate.
cobby stout, obstinate.
contumacious stubbornly disobedient, rebellious.
contumaciously (Adv.) CONTUMACIOUS, stubbornly disobedient, rebellious.
contumacity stubborn disobedience.
contumacy stubborn perverseness.
cussed obstinate.
cussedly (Adv.) CUSSED, obstinate.
cussedness the quality of being cussed.
difficile (Fr.) difficult.
entete (Fr.) obstinate (of a male).
entetee (Fr.) obstinate (of a female).
hellbent stubbornly determined.
importunacy the state of being importunate.
importunate stubbornly or unreasonably persistent.
importunately (Adv.) IMPORTUNATE, stubbornly or unreasonably persistent.
obduracy stubbornness; persistence.
obdurate stubbornly persistent in wrongdoing (verb) to make obdurate, harden physically
obdurately (Adv.) OBDURATE, stubbornly persistent.
obdure (Obs.) to harden, obdurate.
obstinacy stubbornness.
obstinate stubborn.
obstinately (Adv.) OBSTINATE, stubborn.
obstinateness obstinacy.
pertinacious stubbornly unyielding.
pertinaciously (Adv.) PERTINACIOUS, stubbornly unyielding.
pertinacity the quality of holding unyieldingly to a position.
pervicacious very stubborn.
pervicacity the state of being pervicacious, stubborn.
pervicacy (Obs.) the state of being pervicacious, stubborn.
pigheaded obstinate.
pigheadedly (Adv.) PIGHEADED, obstinate.
refractorily (Adv.) REFRACTORY, unruly, stubborn.
refractoriness the state of being refractory.
refractory unruly, stubborn (noun) a stubborn person
steadfast firm, unwavering.
steadfastly (Adv.) STEADFAST, firm, unwavering.
stedfast (Obs.) of a person, a person's belief, loyalty, etc., constant, unwavering.
stedfastly (Adv.) STEDFAST, constant.
stubborn obstinate (verb, obs.) to be stubborn, persist
stubbornly (Adv.) STUBBORN, obstinate.
thraward (Scots) froward, obstinate.
thrawart (Scots) froward, obstinate.
thrawn (Scots) obstinate; twisted, wry.
thrawnly (Adv.) THRAWN, obstinate; twisted, wry.