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Now updated for CSW19. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

dankish somewhat dank.
foughty (Dial.) musty, mouldy.
fousty (Scots) mouldy, damp.
froughy musty, rancid.
frouzily (Adv.) FROUZY.
frouziness the state of being frouzy, fusty, stuffy.
frouzy fusty, stuffy.
frowie (Spenser) musty, rancid.
frowsily (Adv.) FROWSY.
frowsiness the state of being frowsy, fusty, stuffy.
frowster (Obs.) one who frowsts.
frowstiness the state of being frowsty.
frowsty fusty, stuffy.
frowsy fusty, stuffy > FROWSIER, FROWSIEST.
frowy musty, rancid > FROWIER, FROWIEST.
frowzily (Adv.) FROWZY, fusty, stuffy.
frowzily (Adv.) FROWZY, fusty, stuffy.
frowziness the state of being frowzy, fusty, stuffy.
frowzy fusty, stuffy > FROWZIER, FROWZIEST.
fug a very hot, close atmosphere (verb) to cause a fug in
fuggily (Adv.) FUGGY, close, stuffy.
fugginess the state of being fuggy.
fuggy close, stuffy.
fust a strong, musty smell; mustiness (verb) to smell mouldy
fustily (Adv.) FUSTY, old-fashioned; musty.
fustiness the state of being fusty.
fusty old-fashioned; musty.
leafmold mould from decayed leaves. No LEAFMOULD*.
mildew a whitish growth produced by fungi (verb) to affect with mildew
mildewy covered with mildew > MILDEWIER, MILDEWIEST.
mochie (Scots) mouldy, damp.
mochiness (Scots) mouldiness, dampness.
mochy (Scots) mouldy, damp.
mold (US) mould (verb) to mould
molder to become mouldy.
moldiness the state of being moldy.
moldy mouldy.
mool (Scots) to cover with soil.
moulder to become mouldy.
mouldiness the state of being mouldy.
mouldy covered with mould.
mucedinous mouldy; mildewy.
mucid mouldy, musty.
mucidity mouldiness.
mucidness the state of being mucid.
mustily (Adv.) MUSTY, having a stale odor.
mustiness the state of being musty.
musty having a stale odor.
reast to become rancid REASTY.
reest a fit of stubbornness (verb) to become rancid
reist to become rancid.
stivy stuffy.
vinew to become mouldy.