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Now updated for CSW19. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

aciculate marked as if with needle scratches.
aciculated marked as if with needle scratches.
annulated marked with a ring or rings.
annulose ringed; composed of rings.
areolar divided into small areas.
areolate divided into small areas.
areolated divided into small areas.
areolation division into areolae.
bausond of animals, having white spots on the forehead.
bawsunt of animals, having white spots on the forehead.
bedimple to mark with dimples.
bedotted covered with dots.
bespeckle to mark with speckles or spots.
bespot to mark with spots.
bespottedness the state of being bespotted.
bestar (Arch.) to cover with stars.
bestreak to streak.
biannulate having two bands, esp of colour.
bicoloured having two colours.
biocellate of animals and plants, marked with two eyelike spots or ocelli.
biserial in two rows or columns.
blebby containing blebs, as, blebby glass.
blotch a large spot (verb) to mark with large spots
blotchily (Adv.) BLOTCHY, covered with blotches.
blotchiness the state of being blotchy.
blotchy covered with blotches.
brinded marked with streaks or spots.
brindled marked with streaks or spots.
brushmark an indented line left by a brush.
chalkmark a mark made with chalk (in phrase walk the chalkmark).
checker to divide into or mark with squares, esp of alternate colours.
chequer to divide into or mark with squares, esp of alternate colours.
chequerwise in chequered fashion.
chequerwork any pattern having alternating squares of different colours.
chevron (Fr.) a pattern consisting of a line of horizontal black and white V-shapes on a board.
chevroned marked with chevrons.
chinky full of chinks or fissures (noun) a meal of Chinese food
cloverleaf the pattern made by a leaf of clover.
countermark an additional mark put on a bale of goods belonging to several merchants, so that it may not be opened except in the presence of all the owners.
creasy full of creases.
crimpy wrinkled, curled.
crisscross to mark with intersecting lines.
crossbanded of a handrail, having the grain of the veneer run across that of the rail.
crosshatch to shade with intersecting sets of parallel lines.
curliewurlie (Scots) twisted, curled; (noun) a twisted or curled pattern.
dactylogram a fingerprint.
dapple to mark with spots.
decussate arranged in crossing pairs (verb) to divide in the form of an X; to cross or intersect
decussately (Adv.) DECUSSATE, arranged in crossing pairs.
dermatoglyphic a ridge pattern of skin on the inner surface of the hands and feet.
dimple an indentation (verb) to mark with indentations
dimply full of dimples, or small depressions.
dot a very small spot (verb) to make such a spot
dotter one who dots.
fairnitickle (Scots) a freckle.
fairniticle (Scots) a freckle.
fairnytickle (Scots) a freckle.
fairnyticle (Scots) a freckle.
fasciola (Lat.) a band of colour.
fasciole (Lat.) a band of colour.
fenestrate having windows or the appearance of windows.
fenestrated having windows or the appearance of windows.
fernitickle (Scots) a freckle.
ferniticle (Scots) a freckle.
ferntickle (Scots) a freckle.
ferntickled (Scots) freckled.
fernticle (Scots) a freckle.
fernticled (Scots) freckled.
fernytickle (Scots) a freckle.
fernyticle (Scots) a freckle.
fiddleback a wavy grain found in some woods commonly used for the manufacture of violins.
fingermark a mark made by the fingers.
fingerprint an impression of the ridges of the fingertip; (verb) to take fingerprints.
fissural like a fissure.
flammulation flamelike marking.
fleck a tiny streak or spot (verb) to mark with flecks
flecker to fleck, streak, speckle.
flecky having flecks.
footprint the mark left on the ground or floor by a person's or animal's foot.
freak an abnormal production of nature; (verb) to streak with color
furrowy furrowed > FURROWIER, FURROWIEST.
graticulation division of design into squares when scaling.
guimp a yarn with a hard core; (verb) to make or furnish with this.
gymp a yarn with a hard core; (verb) to make or furnish with this.
hackly rough or broken, as if hacked, esp of the surface of a mineral.
handprint the mark of a hand.
hexafoil a pattern with six leaflike lobes or sections.
hexameral arranged in six groups.
holey full of holes.
hoofprint the mark of a hoof.
imbricate overlapping (verb) to lay overlapping one another
impression a stamp, form, or figure resulting from physical contact.
intervein to intersect (as) with veins.
lentiginose freckled, minutely dotted.
lentiginous freckled, minutely dotted.
limbate of eg a leaf, having a border, esp one of different color from the rest.
line something which has length without breadth or thickness (verb) to mark with lines
lineate marked with lines.
lineated marked with lines.
lineation the act of marking with lines.
lineolate marked with fine lines.
lineolated marked with fine lines.
linky full of interlocking rings.
liny like a line.
lunulate crescent-shaped; having crescent-shaped markings.
lunulated crescent-shaped; having crescent-shaped markings.
lunule a crescent-shaped mark or organ.
macled of a crystal or mineral, spotted.
macula (Lat.) a spot, as on the skin, or on the surface of the sun.
macular spotted; patchy.
maculation being covered in spots.
macule to mark with spots.
maculose spotted.
marbelise to stain or grain in imitation of marble.
marbelize to stain or grain in imitation of marble.
marbleise to stain or grain in imitation of marble.
marbleize to stain or grain in imitation of marble.
mark a visible indication or sign; (verb) to make a mark on.
mirly marbled.
mosaiclike like a mosaic.
motley diversified in colour, multicoloured (noun) a variegated outfit, such as is worn by a jester
mottle to variegate blotchily.
mottler one who mottles.
multigrid comprising many grids.
multilineal having many lines.
multilinear having many lines.
network any structure in the form of a net; (verb) to cover with or as if with crossing lines.
nonstriated not striated.
ocellate eyelike and ringed; having an eyelike spot or spots.
ocellated eyelike and ringed; having an eyelike spot or spots.
ocellation the state of being ocellated.
overcheck a large prominent check pattern overlaid with a smaller.
palmprint the mark of a palm.
parded spotted, like a leopard.
patchily (Adv.) PATCHY, covered in or occurring in patches.
patchy covered with or occurring in patches.
pearlised treated so as to give a pearly or lustry surface.
pearlized treated so as to give a pearly or lustry surface.
piebald of different colors esp spotted or blotched with black and white; (noun) a piebald horse.
piedness the state of being pied.
pinstriped having a pinstripe, a very narrow stripe in cloth.
pioted (Scots) pied.
pirnit (Scots) unevenly wrought, striped.
pockily (Adv.) POCKY, full of pocks.
pocky full of pocks, affected with smallpox or other eruptive disease.
poikilitic mottled; having small crystals of one mineral irregularly scattered in larger crystals of another.
pointille ornamented with a pattern of dots made by a pointed tool; (noun) a fine point or subtle distinction.
porose full of pores.
porous full of pores.
porously (Adv.) POROUS, full of pores.
pugmark the track of a big cat eg a tiger.
punctate marked with points or dots.
punctated dotted, pitted.
punctulate bearing small spots or dots; (verb) to mark with small dots.
punctulated bearing small spots or dots.
punctulation the state of having small spots.
punctule a minute dot.
puncturation being marked with punctures.
pupillate having a central spot of another colour; (verb) to cry in the manner of a peacock.
pyebald of different colors esp spotted or blotched with black and white; (noun) a piebald animal.
quincunx (Lat.) the pattern of five objects arranged such that four of the five objects form a square, while the fifth is positioned in the middle.
rangoli (Hindi) a traditional Hindu form of decoration on floors and doorsteps, forming patterns of coloured sand and rice flour.
reticular netted, netlike.
reticularly (Adv.) RETICULAR, netted, netlike.
rimose full of chinks; covered with cracks.
rimosely (Adv.) RIMOSE, full of chinks,
rimous full of chinks; covered with cracks.
ringstraked of an animal, insect, etc, having bands of colour round the body.
ripply having ripples; as, ripply water.
rivulose marked with winding and haphazard lines.
ruffly ruffled, not smooth.
rugal wrinkled.
rugate wrinkled; covered with sunken lines.
rugose wrinkled; covered with sunken lines.
rugosely (Adv.) RUGOSE, having wrinkles.
rugosity the state of being rugose, having wrinkles.
rugous wrinkled; covered with sunken lines.
rugulose somewhat rugose, having wrinkles.
rut a furrow made by a wheel (verb) to make a furrow with a wheel
scalation the way that scales are arranged.
scrobiculate marked with many shallow depressions, grooves, or pits.
scrobiculated marked with many shallow depressions, grooves, or pits.
sematic of markings, coloration, etc, serving as a signal or warning.
sigillation marking with a seal.
skewbald bearing patches of white and some other colour, but not black; (noun) a skewbald horse.
skidmark the mark left by a skid.
soleprint the print of the sole of the foot.
speck a small spot (verb) to spot
speckle a little spot; (verb) to speck.
specky having specks (noun) someone who wears spectacles
splodgily (Adv.) SPLODGY, covered with splodges
splodginess the state of being splodgy.
splodgy covered with splodges.
splotchily (Adv.) SPLOTCHY, covered with splotches.
splotchiness the state of being splotchy.
splotchy covered with splotches.
spokewise arranged in the fashion of spokes.
spot small, roundish discolorations (verb) to mark with spots
spottedness the state of being spotted.
spottily (Adv.) SPOTTY, covered with spots.
spottiness the state of being spotty.
spotty covered with spots.
spreckled (Dial.) speckled.
squiggle a wriggly line (verb) to writhe about; squirm, wriggle
squiggly like squiggles.
stain a dye or colouring matter; discoloration; (verb) to discolor or dirty.
starrily (Adv.) STARRY, covered with stars.
starriness the state of being starry.
starry covered with stars.
stellular starlike; having starlike spots.
stellularly (Adv.) STELLULAR, having starlike spots.
stepwise in the fashion of steps.
stipple to engrave, paint, draw, etc in dots or separate touches.
stippler one who stipples.
streak a long narrow mark (verb) to cover with streaks
streakily (Adv.) STREAKY, having streaks.
streakiness the state of being streaky.
streaky having streaks.
stretchmarks marks left by pregnancy.
stria (Lat.) a fine streak; a furrow.
striate to mark with striae, streaks.
striation marking with striae, streaks.
striature a stria, a streak.
stripe a long distinct band (verb) to mark with stripes
stripey patterned with stripes.
stripiness the state of being stripy.
stripy patterned with stripes.
sulcal of a sulcus; grooved; furrowed.
sulcate with grooves or furrows.
sulcated with grooves or furrows.
sulcation a channel or furrow.
tattersall a pattern of squares formed by dark lines on a light background; a cloth with this pattern.
tearstain the mark left by tears.
tearstained marked with tears.
tegular of, like or overlapping like tiles or slates.
tegularly (Adv.) TEGULAR, of, like or overlapping like tiles or slates.
tegulated composed of plates overlapping like tiles.
tessellation fitting together exactly; leaving no spaces.
thumbprint an impression made by the thumb.
torquate with a distinctive ring (eg of feathers or a different colour) round the neck.
torquated with a distinctive ring (eg of feathers or a different colour) round the neck.
trilineate marked with three lines.
triserial arranged in three rows or series.
undotted not dotted.
unstriated nonstriated; unstriped.
unstriped not striped.
vallecula (Lat.) a groove or furrow.
vallecular pertaining to or like a vallecula, a groove.
valleculate shaped like a vallecula.
variegate to pattern with multi-colour patches.
variegation the act of variegating.
veiny full of veins.
venation the arrangement and pattern of veins in a leaf.
venational of or like venation.
venose with very marked veins.
vermiculate to decorate in a manner reminiscent of a mass of curly worms.
vermiculation wormlike markings.
verticil (Lat.) a whorl.
vittate marked or striped with vittae, bands or stripes of colour.
wale a ridge raised on the flesh by the stroke of a whip; (verb) to mark with wales.
weal a ridge on the skin formed by a blow.
webwork an intricate pattern suggestive of something woven.
whelked ridged like a whelk.
wingbow a mark on the wing of a domestic fowl.
wrinkly wrinkled (noun) an old person
zonary of or like a zone; arranged in zones.
zonate divided into zones.
zonated divided into zones.
zonular like a zone or zonule.