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Now updated for CSW19. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

acumen (Lat.) keenness of intellect.
acuminous characterized by acumen.
adept skilled (noun) one who is adept
adeptly (Adv.) ADEPT, skilled.
astucious (Scott) of astute and penetrating discernment.
astuciously (Adv.) ASTUCIOUS, of astute and penetrating discernment.
astucity craftiness, astuteness.
astute shrewd.
astutely (Adv.) ASTUTE, shrewd.
astuteness the quality of being astute.
brainily (Adv.) BRAINY, intelligent.
braininess the quality of being brainy.
brainpower intellectual ability.
brainy intelligent.
cagey cautious.
cageyness the quality of being cagey.
cagily (Adv.) CAGY, cautious, wary.
caginess the quality of being cagy.
cagy cautious, wary.
cagyness the quality of being cagy.
cautel (Shakesp.) cunning; caution.
cautelous (Obs.) cautious, prudent.
caution carefulness; (verb) to warn.
clever dexterous, able.
cleverality (Scots) cleverness.
cleverly (Adv.) CLEVER, dexterous, able.
cleverness the quality of being clever.
cluey (Aust. sl.) well-informed and adroit.
commonsense relating to practical wisdom. No -S.
foxlike resembling a fox in his characteristic qualities; cunning.
foxship (Shakesp.) foxiness, guile.
gleg (Scots) quick, sharp.
glegly (Adv.) GLEG, quick, sharp.
glegness cleverness, sharpness.
gnostic knowing; wise; shrewd (noun) one who knows
gumption capacity; shrewdness; common sense.
gumptious possessing gumption.
habile (Fr.) dexterous; adroit.
intelligent having a high degree of intelligence.
intelligently (Adv.) INTELLIGENT, having a high degree of intelligence.
knackiness craftiness, cunning.
leariness the state of being leary.
leary cunning, wary.
leerily (Adv.) LEERY, cunning, wary.
leeriness the state of being leery.
leery cunning, wary.
longheaded having unusual foresight or sagacity.
machiavelian characterised by ruthless political cunning; (noun) a politically cunning person.
nimblewit an alert and clever person.
nimblewitted alert, intelligent.
outwit to get the better of by superior cleverness.
overwise too wise; affectedly wise.
overwisely (Adv.) OVERWISE, affectedly wise.
perceptive responsive to sensory stimuli.
perceptively (Adv.) PERCEPTIVE.
perspicacious clear-minded; astute; perceptive.
perspicaciously (Adv.) PERSPICACIOUS, clear-minded; astute; perceptive.
politic shrewd (verb) to engage in politics
politicly (Adv.) POLITIC, shrewd.
rumblegumption (Scots) common sense.
rumgumption (Scots) common sense.
sagacious wise.
sagaciously (Adv.) SAGACIOUS, wise.
sagaciousness the state of being sagacious.
sagacity wisdom.
sagehood the state of being wise.
sagely (Adv.) SAGE, wise.
sageness wisdom.
sapience discernment, judgement.
sapiency discernment; judgement.
sapient wise (noun) a wise person
sapiential providing wisdom.
sapientially (Adv.) SAPIENTIAL, providing wisdom.
sapiently (Adv.) SAPIENT, wise.
savviness the quality of being savvy.
scient (Arch.) knowing; skillful.
shrewd crafty.
shrewdie (Aust. sl.) a shrewd person.
shrewdly (Adv.) SHREWD, crafty.
shrewdness the state of being shrewd.
shrowd (Shakesp.) shrewd.
skilful full of skill.
skilfull full of skill.
skilfully (Adv.) SKILFUL, full of skill.
smart clever (noun) a stinging pain; (verb) to sting
smartly (Adv.) SMART, clever.
streetwise possessing the skills and attitudes necessary to survive in a difficult or dangerous situation or environment.
uptak (Scots) uptake, as in gleg in the uptak.
volable (Shakesp.) nimblewitted.
wice (Scots) wise.
wisdom the power of true and right discernment.
wise intelligent (verb, Scots) to guide in a certain direction
wisely (Adv.) WISE, intelligent.
wiseness wisdom.
wittily (Adv.) WITTY, possessed of wit.
witty possessed of wit, clever.