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Being Doing Feeling > Qualities > Excellence

Now updated for CSW19. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

admirability the quality of being admirable.
ameliorate to make better.
bakgat (S. Afr.) fine, excellent.
barrie (Scots) very good.
beezer (Scots) something of exceptional quality.
belter an impressive performer; an outstanding person or thing.
benevolent marked by or disposed to doing good.
benevolently (Adv.) BENEVOLENT, marked by or disposed to doing good.
best most excellent; (adv.) surpassingly; (noun) one's utmost effort; (verb) to defeat.
bettermost best.
betterness the quality of being better.
bitchen wonderful, excellent.
bon (Fr.) good.
bonhomous full of bonhomie, good nature; pleasant and easy manner.
bonza (Aust. sl.) very good.
bonzer (Aust. sl.) very good.
booshit very good.
boshta (Aust. sl.) very good.
boshter (Aust. sl.) very good.
bosker (Aust. sl.) very good.
bottler (Aust. sl.) an outstanding person or thing.
brag first-rate (noun ) a boast; (verb) to boast
brawlie (Scots) very well.
brawly (Scots) very well.
brill brilliant outstandingly good.
budgeree (Aborig.) good.
bully great, terrific (noun) a person, often of superior strength or size, who distresses or persecutes others; (verb) to oppress cruelly
capital excellent (noun) the upper part of a column
capitally (Adv.) CAPITAL, excellent.
choiceness the quality of being of particular value or worth.
copacetic (US coll.) sound, adequate, excellent.
copasetic (US coll.) sound, adequate, excellent.
copesetic (US coll.) sound, adequate, excellent.
copesettic (US) excellent.
crackajack a person or thing of highest excellence.
crackback a person or thing of highest excellence.
crackerjack a person or thing of marked excellence.
crippler one that cripples; (sl.) something astonishingly good.
dandily (Adv.) DANDY, fine, well-dressed.
dandy fine, well-dressed (noun) someone well-dressed
darb something considered excellent of its kind.
dazzler a remarkable or excellent thing or person.
def excellent, brilliant.
deffly (Spenser) deftly.
dench (Sl.) excellent.
dinger anything superlative of its kind.
dinkum (Aust. sl.) genuine, real, truly; (noun) the truth.
duckie (US sl.) excellent.
ducky (US sl.) excellent (noun) a term of endearment
excel to surpass others.
excellence the quality of being excellent.
excellency the quality of being excellent.
excellent very good.
excellently (Adv.) EXCELLENT, very good.
eximious (Arch.) choice, excellent.
eximiously (Adv.) EXIMIOUS, choice, excellent.
exo (Aust. sl.) excellent.
extraordinaire (Fr.) extraordinary, used postpositively as in 'a teacher extraordinaire'.
fab marvellous (noun) a fabrication
fabby excellent, marvellous.
fabulosity fabulousness.
fantabulous (Sl.) marvellously excellent.
feateous (Arch.) shapely, well-made.
feateously (Adv.) FEATEOUS, shapely, well-made.
featous (Arch.) shapely, well-made.
featuous (Arch.) shapely, well-made.
fine of excellent quality (noun) a monetary penalty; (verb) to subject to a fine
fineish somewhat fine.
finely (Adv.) FINE, of excellent quality.
fleek stylishness, as in on fleek.
frabjous splendid, magnificent.
frabjously (Adv.) FRABJOUS, splendid, magnificent.
fundi (Nguni) in S. Africa, an expert.
good having suitable qualities (noun) that which is morally or ethically right
goodiness weak, priggish or canting goodness.
goodish rather good; tolerable.
goodlihead (Spenser) goodness.
goodly of pleasing appearance.
goodlyhead (Spenser) goodness.
goodness the state of being good.
gospoda (Russian) a Russian title of address, equivalent to Mr. No -S.
gospodin (Russian) a Russian title of address, equivalent to Mr. No -S.
gradely decent; orderly.
graithly (Dial.) decent, orderly.
grouse a game bird like a partridge; (adj.) very good (verb) to grumble
gude (Scots) good; (noun) good.
guid (Scots) good; (noun) good.
hellacious remarkable, excellent.
humdinger a person or thing of striking excellence.
inconie (Shakesp.) fine, delicate.
incony (Shakesp.) fine, delicate.
kiff (S. Afr.) excellent.
kilter good condition.
kingpin a thing holding together a complex system or arrangement; the most important person in a party, organization, etc.
kopasetic (US coll.) sound, adequate, excellent.
lalapalooza something excellent.
lallapalooza something excellent.
lollapaloosa something excellent.
lollapalooza something excellent.
lulu an outstandingly bad or impressive person or thing.
lummy (Sl.) excellent.
maestro (Ital.) a master performer.
magnific (Arch.) magnificent.
magnifical (Arch.) magnificent.
magnifically (Adv.) MAGNIFIC, magnificent.
marvy (Coll.) marvellous.
maven (US sl.) an expert, a pundit.
meister (Ger.) an expert in a particular activity.
meliorate to make better.
meliority the state of being better.
mirable (Shakesp.) wonderful; admirable.
mooi (Afrikaans) fine.
nang (Sl.) excellent, cool.
nonesuch a person or thing without an equal.
nonsuch a person or thing without an equal.
oner something that is one of its kind.
optimal most desirable.
optimality the state of being optimal.
optimally (Adv.) OPTIMAL, most desirable.
optimum (Lat.) the best possibility.
outasite amazing, excellent.
overfine excessively fine.
pakka (Hindi) genuine; first-class.
paragon a model of perfection; (verb, arch.) to compare, match.
perfect without flaw (verb) to make perfect
perfectly (Adv.) PERFECT, without flaw.
perfectness the state of being perfect.
perfet (Milton) perfect.
phat terrific, superb > PHATTER, PHATTEST.
phenom someone or something phenomenally good.
primely (Adv.) PRIME, in best condition.
prizeman the winner of a prize.
prizewoman a woman winning a prize.
pucka (Hindi) genuine; first-class.
pukka (Hindi) genuine; first-class.
ripsnorter something extraordinary.
ripsnorting fast and furious, like a ripsnorter > RIPSNORTINGLY.
schmick (Aust. sl.) excellent, elegant.
scrumptious delightful, delicious.
scrumptiously (Adv.) SCRUMPTIOUS, delightful, delicious.
shagtastic excellent, wonderful.
showstopper a performer or performance that wins enthusiastic or prolonged applause.
sik (Aust. sl.) excellent.
skookum (Am. Ind.) first-rate, the best; (noun) an evil spirit.
smasheroo (Coll.) a thing of superlative quality.
socko strikingly impressive.
spiffily (Adv.) SPIFFY, excellent.
spiffiness the state of being spiffy.
spiffy excellent (verb) to make SPIFFY
splendidious (Obs.) splendid.
splendidous (Obs.) splendid.
splendorous full of splendour.
splendrous full of splendour.
stormer an outstanding example of its kind.
stunner a very attractive person.
superb magnificent.
superbad exceptionally good.
superexcellent excellent to a very high degree.
superfine very fine, or most fine, as superfine cloth.
supergood very good.
superior of higher rank, quality, or authority than another (noun) one who is superior
superiorly (Adv.) SUPERIOR, of higher rank, quality, or authority than another.
superman a hypothetical superior man.
supermom a very good mother.
supernacular very good; first rate.
superpro a superior professional.
superstar an extremely popular and successful star of the cinema, popular music, etc.
superstud an exceptionally virile male.
superwife an exceptional wife who combines a career with running a home.
swell a vague word of commendation (noun) a bulge, an increase; (verb) to increase in size ) SWOLN.
terrific very good; fine.
tickettyboo fine, satisfactory.
tiptop the extreme top, the height of excellence.
topflight superior, topnotch.
topnotch first-rate.
toppingly (Adv.) TOPPING, excellent.
triff (Sl.) terrific, excellent.
triffic (Sl.) terrific, excellent.
waly walie (Scots) fine, excellent; (noun) a fine thing
welldoer one who does well; one who does good to another.
whizzo excellent, impressive.
wizard excellent, impressive > WIZARDER, WIZARDEST.
wonderkid (Coll.) an exceptionally successful young person.
wunner something that is one of its kind.
yummo (Aust. sl.) delicious.