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Now updated for CSW19. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

adventure to risk, to dare.
adventuresome inclined to take risks.
apperil (Shakesp.) peril.
apperill (Shakesp.) peril.
chance that which happens or results without assignable cause (verb) to risk
chancily (Adv.) CHANCY, risky, uncertain.
chancy risky, uncertain.
danger peril, hazard; (verb, arch.) to endanger.
dangerless without danger.
dangerous full of danger.
dangerously (Adv.) DANGEROUS, full of danger.
dicey risky.
endanger to imperil.
endangerer one who endangers.
hazard a risk, a danger; (verb) to venture.
hazardable liable to hazard or chance; uncertain; risky.
hazarder one who hazards.
hazardize (Spenser) a hazardous position, a condition of peril or risk.
hazardous dangerous.
hazardously (Adv.) HAZARDOUS, dangerous.
hazmat hazardous material.
imperil to endanger.
imperilment the act of imperilling.
jeopard to put in jeopardy; to imperil.
jeopardise to expose to loss or injury.
jeopardize to expose to loss or injury.
jeopardous (Obs.) perilous; hazardous.
jeopardously (Adv.) JEOPARDOUS, perilous.
jeopardy exposure to or imminence of death, loss, or injury; the danger that an accused person is subjected to when on trial; (verb) to put into jeopardy.
micromort a unit of risk equal to a one in a million chance of dying.
parlous perilous.
parlously (Adv.) PARLOUS, perilous.
periclitate (Arch.) to endanger; to jeopardise.
periculous (Obs.) dangerous.
peril danger; (verb) to expose to danger.
perilous dangerous.
perilously (Adv.) PERILOUS, dangerous.
perlous (Spenser) perilous.
precarious insecure, uncertain.
precariously (Adv.) PRECARIOUS, insecure, uncertain.
risk a chance of injury or loss (verb) to expose to a risk
risker one who risks or hazards.
riskless lacking in risk.
risque (Fr.) bordering on the unseemly; (noun, obs.) risk.
steepeup (Shakesp.) precipitous or perilous.
steepup (Shakesp.) precipitous or perilous.
tossup an even chance or risk.
ultrahazardous extremely hazardous.
unhazardous not hazardous.
unperilous not perilous.
venture to risk.
venturesome involving risk.
venturesomely (Adv.) VENTURESOME, involving risk.
venturesomeness the state of being venturesome.
wager to risk on an uncertain outcome.
wanchancie (Scots) unlucky, dangerous, uncanny.
wanchancy (Scots) unlucky, dangerous, uncanny.