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Now updated for CSW19. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

artful crafty.
artfully (Adv.) ARTFUL, crafty.
artfulness the state of being artful.
callid characterized by cunning or shrewdness.
callidity shrewdness.
cannie shrewd, cunning.
cannily (Adv.) CANNY, shrewd.
canniness the state of being canny.
canny shrewd, cunning.
craftily (Adv.) CRAFTY, cunning.
craftiness the quality of being crafty.
crafty cunning.
cunning guileful (noun) craft, guile
cunningly (Adv.) CUNNING, guileful.
cunningness the state of being cunning.
foxily (Adv.) FOXY, like a fox, crafty.
foxiness the state of being foxy.
foxy lIke a fox, crafty.
guileful cunning.
guilefully (Adv.) GUILEFUL, cunning.
knackish having a knack; cunning.
knacky having a knack; cunning.
outcrafty (Shakesp.) to exceed in cunning.
outfox to surpass in cunning.
outslick to outwit.
outsmart to outwit.
outwile to surpass in wiling.
overwily excessively wily.
slee (Scots) sly.
sleekit (Scots) crafty, sly, smooth.
slily (Adv.) SLY, cunning.
sly cunning, wily; surreptitious.
slyish somewhat sly.
slyly (Adv.) SLY, cunning, wily.
slyness the state of being sly.
subdolous rather crafty.
versute crafty; wily.
vulpinism foxlike cunning.
wilily (Adv.) WILY, crafty.
wiliness the quality of being wily.
wily crafty.