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Now updated for CSW19. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

audacious bold.
audaciously (Adv.) AUDACIOUS, bold.
audaciousness the state of being audacious.
audacity boldness.
aunter (Obs.) an adventure.
ballsiness spunk, spiritedness.
ballsy gutsy.
bodacious remarkable; gutsy.
bodaciously (Adv.) BODACIOUS, remarkable.
bold brave, daring (noun) boldfaced type; (verb) to make type bold
bolden (Obs.) to make bold.
boldly (Adv.) BOLD, brave, daring.
boldness the quality of being bold.
brave showing courage (noun) a N. American warrior; (verb) to face with courage
bravely (Adv.) BRAVE, showing courage.
braveness the state of being brave.
braver one who braves.
bravery courage.
braw (Scots) fine, brave BRAWS.
brussen bold.
chivalrous gentlemanly, valiant.
chivalrously (Adv.) CHIVALROUS, gentlemanly, valiant.
cojones (Spanish) bull's testicles; (fig.) courage, balls.
courage the quality that enables one to face danger fearlessly.
courageful full of courage.
courageous having or characterized by courage.
courageously (Adv.) COURAGEOUS, having or characterized by courage.
courageousness the state of being courageous.
dare to have the necessary courage.
daredevil a reckless person.
daredevilry the state of being a daredevil.
daredeviltry the state of being daredevil.
dareful (Obs.) full of daring.
darer one who dares.
daringly (Adv.) DARING, brave, audacious.
daringness boldness.
darre (Spenser) to dare.
dauntless unafraid.
dauntlessness the state of being dauntless.
daur (Scots) to dare.
doughtily (Adv.) DOUGHTY, marked by fearless resolution.
doughtiness the state of being doughty.
doughty marked by fearless resolution, valiant.
dreadless free from dread.
dreadlessly (Adv.) DREADLESS, free from dread; fearless.
durst (PaP.) DARE, to have the necessary courage.
embolden to give boldness or courage to.
embrave to inspire with bravery.
fearless unafraid.
fearlessly (Adv.) FEARLESS, unafraid.
fearlessness the state of being fearless.
foolhardily (Adv.) FOOLHARDY, recklessly brave.
foolhardiness the state of being foolhardy.
foolhardise (Spenser) foolhardiness.
foolhardize (Spenser) foolhardiness.
foolhardy recklessly brave.
fortitude strength of mind that enables a person to encounter danger or bear pain or adversity with courage.
fortitudinous showing fortitude.
frontless shameless, brazen.
frontlessly (Adv.) FRONTLESS, shameless, brazen.
gallantly (Adv.) GALLANT, brave.
gallantness the quality of being gallant.
gallantry bravery; attention or devotion to ladies.
game plucky (noun) a sport of any kind; an animal shot for the pot (verb) to gamble
gamely (Adv.) GAME, plucky.
gameness the quality of being game.
greathearted characterized by bravery.
greatheartedly (Adv.) GREATHEARTED, characterized by bravery.
gutsily (Adv.) GUTSY, courageous.
gutsiness guts, courage.
gutsy (Coll.) courageous.
hardihead (Arch.) hardihood, boldness.
hardihood boldness; audacity.
hardiment (Arch.) hardihood, boldness.
hen a female bird (verb) to challenge to a daring act
henner (Scots) a challenge to an act of daring.
heroic brave (noun) an epic verse
heroical having the qualities of a hero.
heroically (Adv.) HEROICAL, heroic.
heroicalness the state of being heroical.
heroicly (Milton) heroically.
heroicness heroism.
heroine a brave woman.
heroise to make into a hero.
heroism heroic behavior.
heroize to make into a hero.
heroship the character or personality of a hero.
imbolden to give boldness or courage to.
impavid fearless; undaunted.
impavidly (Adv.) IMPAVID, fearless; undaunted.
innerve to supply with nerves or a nervous stimulus.
intrepid fearless.
intrepidity the state of being intrepid.
intrepidly (Adv.) INTREPID, fearless.
lionhearted brave as a lion.
lionheartedness the state of being lionhearted.
lionlike like a lion; brave as a lion.
manful courageous > MANFULLER, MANFULLEST.
manfully (Adv.) MANFUL, courageous.
manfulness the state of being manful.
manlily (Adv.) MANLY, befitting a man.
manly befitting a man, brave.
moxie (US sl.) courage, daring, vigour.
nonhero one who is not a hero.
outbrave to excel in bravery or in insolence.
outdacious (Coll.) audacious.
outdare to surpass in daring.
outlook a prospect; (verb) to face courageously.
overbold excessively bold or forward.
overboldly (Adv.) OVERBOLD, excessively bold or forward.
overdare to be too daring.
pluck courage (verb) to pull out or off
pluckily (Adv.) PLUCKY, courageous.
pluckiness the state of being plucky.
plucky brave.
shero a woman regarded as a hero.
spunk spirit, courage (verb) to take light, flare up
stalwart staunch (noun) a sturdy, persistent person
stalwartly (Adv.) STALWART, staunch.
stalworth (Arch.) stalwart; (noun) a stalwart person.
stouthearted having a stout heart or spirit.
stoutheartedly (Adv.) STOUTHEARTED, having a stout heart or spirit.
superbold very bold.
temerarious rashly or presumptuously daring.
temerariously (Adv.) TEMERARIOUS, rashly or presumptuously daring.
temerariousness the state of being temerarious.
temerity rashness, unreasonable contempt for danger.
temerous rashly or presumptuously daring.
temerously (Adv.) TEMEROUS, temerarious, marked by temerity.
unafraid not afraid.
unbashful not bashful or modest.
uncourageous not courageous.
undaring not daring.
undaunted not daunted.
undauntedly (Adv.) UNDAUNTED.
unfearful not fearful.
unfearfully (Adv.) UNFEARFUL, not fearful.
unfearing not fearing.
unheroical not heroic.
unheroically (Adv.) UNHEROICAL, not heroical.
valiance valour.
valiancy valour.
valiant brave (noun, obs.) a valiant person
valiantly (Adv.) VALIANT, brave.
valiantness the state of being valiant.
valor (US) valour.
valorous valiant.
valorously (Adv.) VALOROUS, valiant.
valour courage.
venturingly (Adv.) VENTURING.
venturous venturesome; adventurous.
venturously (Adv.) VENTUROUS, venturesome.
venturousness the state of being venturous.