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Now updated for CSW19. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

airsome cold.
algid cold or chill, esp applied to a cold fit in disease.
anticold designed to prevent cold.
baltic (Coll.) extremely cold.
benumb to make numb.
benumbedness the state of being benumbed.
benumbingly (Adv.) BENUMBING.
cauld (Scots) cold (noun) cold
cauldrife (Scots) apt to feel chilly; lifeless, without vigour.
chill cold (noun) a fit of cold (verb) to make cold
chillily (Adv.) CHILLY, cool.
chilliness the quality of being chilly.
chillingly (Adv.) CHILLING.
chillness coolness; a chill.
chilly cool.
cold not hot (noun) the state of being cold
coldish somewhat cold.
coldly (Adv.) COLD, not hot.
coldness the state of being cold.
congelation the act of freezing something into a solid state.
cool moderately cold (noun) that which is cool; (verb) to make less warm
coolant a cooling agent; a fluid used to cool eg a car engine.
coolingly (Adv.) COOLING, serving to cool.
coolingness the state of being cooling.
coolish somewhat cool.
coolly (Adv.) COOL, moderately cold.
coolness the state of being cool.
coolth the state of being cool.
defreeze to thaw out, defrost.
defrost to remove frost from.
enfreeze to freeze; to congeal.
freezable capable of being frozen.
freeze to become hardened into a solid body by loss of heat.
freezingly (Adv.) FREEZING.
frigid very cold.
frigidity the state of being frigid.
frigidly (Adv.) FRIGID, very cold.
frigidness the state of being frigid.
frigorific causing cold, chilling.
frize (Obs.) to freeze.
froideur (Fr.) coolness in personal relationships.
frore frozen.
froren frozen.
frorn frozen.
frorne frozen.
frory (Spenser) frozen.
frostbound bound or confined by frost.
frozen very cold.
frozenly (Adv.) FROZEN, very cold.
frozenness the state of being frozen.
gelid extremely cold, icy.
gelidity (Obs.) the state of being gelid.
gelidly (Adv.) GELID, extremely cold.
gelidness the state of being gelid.
iceless without ice, free of ice.
icily (Adv.) ICY, covered with ice.
iciness the state of being icy.
icy covered with ice.
numbingly (Adv.) NUMBING, very cold.
numbness the state of being numb.
overchill to chill to excess.
overcold cold to excess.
overcool to cool to excess.
parky (Coll.) chilly.
prechill to chill in advance.
precool to cool in advance.
prefreeze to freeze in advance.
refreeze to freeze again.
refrigerate to make or keep cold.
refrozen (PaP.) REFREEZE, to freeze again.
regelate to freeze together again.
shiver a trembling (verb) to tremble with fear or cold
shiverer one who shivers.
shiveringly (Adv.) SHIVERING.
shivery shivering.
subfreezing below freezing.
supercold cryogenic.
ultracold very very cold.
ultracool very very cool.
windchill the cooling effect that wind has as it blows on a surface.
winterkill to kill by exposure to cold.
winterkilling killing by exposure to cold.
winterliness the state of being winterly.
wintrily (Adv.) WINTRY, of or like winter.
wintriness the state of being wintry.
wintry of or like winter.