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Now updated for CSW19. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

aggrandise to increase the power or rank of; to make greater.
aggrandize to increase the power or rank of; to make greater.
barny resembling a barn in size or shape.
behemoth (Hebrew) an enormous creature (in Job 40.15 prob. a hippopotamus or a crocodile); fig. something vast.
big sizeable (verb, Scots) to build
biggie a biggish thing.
biggish quite big.
biggy a biggish thing.
bigly (Adv.) BIG, in a blustering manner.
bigness the state of being big.
brobdingnagian marked by trememendous size.
bustiness the state of being busty.
busty having a large bust.
colossal of enormous size.
colossally (Adv.) COLOSSAL, gigantic.
doozer a thing of surpassing size or excellence.
doozie a thing of surpassing size or excellence.
doozy a thing of surpassing size or excellence.
embiggen to make bigger.
engross to make gross, thick, or large.
engrossedly (Adv.) ENGROSSED.
engrossing very interesting.
engrossingly (Adv.) ENGROSSING.
enlarge to make or become larger.
enlargedly (Adv.) ENLARGED.
enlargen (Spenser) to enlarge.
enlarger something that enlarges.
enorm (Obs.) enormous.
enormity something enormous; a grave offense against decency.
enormous huge.
enormously (Adv.) ENORMOUS, huge.
enormousness the state of being enormous.
feck (Scots) quantity, number (verb) to fuck
gargantuan very large.
gert (Dial.) very big.
gey considerable.
giant of great size (noun) a person or thing of great size
giantess a female giant.
gianthood the state of being a giant.
giantlike like a giant.
giantly giantlike.
giantship the state, personality, or character, of a giant.
gigantean like a giant.
gigantic huge.
gigantically (Adv.) GIGANTIC, huge.
giganticness the state of being gigantic.
ginormous (Jocular) gigantic, enormous.
grande (Fr.) grand, big.
grandeur (Fr.) impressive size.
great large, exalted (noun) one who has achieved lasting fame
greaten to make great.
greatly (Adv.) GREAT, large, exalted.
greatness the state of being great.
huge very large.
hugely (Adv.) HUGE, very large.
hugeness the quality of being huge.
hugeous (Arch.) huge.
hugeously (Adv.) HUGEOUS, huge.
hugeousness (Arch.) the state of being hugeous.
hugy (Arch.) huge, vast.
hulk anything unwieldy (verb) to appear impressively large
humongous jocular for huge.
humungous jocular for huge.
hypertrophied grown to an abnormal size.
immane (Arch.) huge; monstrous in size or character.
immanely (Adv.) IMMANE, huge; monstrous in character.
immanity the state of being immane.
immense huge.
immensely (Adv.) IMMENSE, huge.
immenseness the state of being immense.
immensity the quality of being immense.
ingross (Arch.) to absorb the attention of.
jumboise to make very big.
jumboize to make very big.
largen to enlarge.
largeness the state of being large.
largish quite large.
loftily (Adv.) LOFTY, of majestic or imposing height.
loftiness the state of being lofty.
lofty of majestic or imposing height.
lunker something unusually large eg a game fish.
macroscopic large enough to be visible to the unaided eye.
macroscopically (Adv.) MACROSCOPIC, large enough to be visible to the unaided eye.
magnitude size, extent.
magnitudinous having magnitude.
massive of great size (noun) a group of friends or associates
massively (Adv.) MASSIVE, of great size.
massiveness the state of being massive.
mega very big.
meikle (Scots) great, much.
mickle (Arch.) great, much (noun) a great amount
midsize of middle size.
midsized of middle size.
mightiness the state of being mighty.
mochell (Spenser) much.
moliminous massive; laborious.
monster a strange or terrifying creature; (verb) to criticise severely.
monumental very large.
monumentality the state of being monumental.
monumentally (Adv.) MONUMENTAL, very large.
muchel (Arch.) much.
muchell (Spenser) much.
muchness (Arch.) greatness; extent.
muckle (Scots) great, much > MUCKLER, MUCKLEST; a great deal > MUCKLES.
omnify to make large or universal.
outsize an unusual size.
outsized of an unusual size.
overbig too big.
overlarge excessively large.
overscale oversize.
overscaled oversize.
scrouger (US arch.) a whopper, something large.
sizable quite large.
sizably (Adv.) SIZABLE, quite large.
sizeable quite large.
sizeably (Adv.) SIZEABLE, quite large.
sollicker (Aust. sl.) something very large.
spacious vast or ample in extent.
spaciously (Adv.) SPACIOUS, vast in extent.
stonking impressively large; very.
stupendious (Milton) stupendous.
sture great, formidable.
superlarge exceptionally large.
superscale on a very large scale.
supersize in a very large size; (noun) a supersize dress; (verb) to increase the size of.
tall of more than usual height (noun) a garment size for a tall person
thumper a strikingly big thing of its kind, esp a blatant or gross lie.
titan anything gigantic.
titanic having great magnitude, force, or power.
titanically (Adv.) TITANIC, of great size.
tremendous awe-inspiring; huge.
tremendously (Adv.) TREMENDOUS, awe-inspiring; huge.
ultralarge very very large.
varisized in various sizes.
vast huge (noun) a vastness
vastidity immensity.
vastitude vastness.
vastity vastness.
vastly (Adv.) VAST, huge.
vastness the state of being vast.
vasty (Arch.) vast; immense.
wadge a large or roughly-cut portion.
walloper (Coll.) anything strikingly big of its kind.
whacker (Coll.) something big of its kind; a blatant lie.
whapper anything very large.
whopper something very big.
wodge a large or roughly-cut portion.