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Now updated for CSW19. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

aestheticise to make beautiful.
aestheticize to make beautiful.
appealing attractive.
appealingly (Adv.) APPEALING, attractive.
beaut (Coll.) a beauty (adj.) beautiful
beauteous beautiful.
beauteously (Adv.) BEAUTEOUS, beautiful.
beauteousness the state of being beauteous.
beautification the process of making beautiful, as done by eg a cosmetic surgeon.
beautiful fair to look at.
beautifully (Adv.) BEAUTIFUL, full of beauty.
beautifulness the state of being beautiful.
beautify to make beautiful.
beauty the quality that gives pleasure to the sight; (verb, Shakesp.) to make beautiful.
beddable sexually attractive.
belle (Fr.) a young lady of superior beauty and attractions.
bellibone (Spenser) a woman excelling both in beauty and goodness.
bonie (Scots) bonny.
bonnie bonny.
bonniness the state of being bonny.
callipygean having beautiful buttocks.
callipygian having beautiful buttocks.
callipygous having beautiful buttocks.
comelily (Adv.) COMELY, in a suitable or becoming manner.
comeliness the state of being comely.
comely pleasing to look at.
cute pleasingly attractive.
cutely (Adv.) CUTE, pleasingly attractive.
debonaire of good appearance, elegant.
dishy (Coll.) attractive.
elegant tastefully opulent.
elegantly (Adv.) ELEGANT, tastefully opulent.
elysian blissful, delightful.
embellish to add beauty to.
embellisher one who embellishes.
embellishingly (Adv.) EMBELLISHING.
eyesome pleasant to look at.
featurely (Arch.) handsome.
gainliness the state of being gainly.
gainly shapely, comely.
goodfaced (Shakesp.) having a handsome face.
goodliness beauty of form; comeliness.
gorgeous beautiful.
gorgeously (Adv.) GORGEOUS, beautiful.
graceful full of grace.
handsome of attractive appearance (noun) a handsome person
handsomely (Adv.) HANDSOME, of attractive appearance.
handsomeness the state of being handsome.
keepsaky vapidly pretty.
lovelihead loveliness.
lovelily (Adv.) LOVELY, attractive.
loveliness the state of being lovely.
lovely attractive.
menseful (Scots) decorous, graceful.
prepossessing creating a favorable impression; attractive.
prepossessingly (Adv.) PREPOSSESSING, creating a favorable impression; attractive.
prettify to make pretty.
prettily (Adv.) PRETTY, pleasant to look at.
prettiness the state of being pretty.
pretty pleasant to look at (verb) to make pretty
prettyish somewhat pretty.
pulchritude beauty.
pulchritudinous beautiful, comely.
purty (US dial.) pretty.
sightly pleasing to look at.
studly (Sl.) hunky, muscular and attractive.
taky (Obs.) attractive.
unfair not fair (verb, Shakesp.) to deprive of beauty
unfairly (Adv.) UNFAIR, not fair.
unhandsome not handsome.
unhandsomely (Adv.) UNHANDSOME, not handsome.
unprettiness the state of being unpretty.
unpretty not pretty.
viewly (Dial.) pleasing to look at.
winsome charming, captivating.
winsomely (Adv.) WINSOME, charming, captivating.