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Now updated for CSW19. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

abomination something abominable.
arrant thoroughgoing; notoriously or outstandingly bad.
arrantly (Adv.) ARRANT, thoroughgoing; notoriously or outstandingly bad.
atrocious terrible.
atrociously (Adv.) ATROCIOUS, terrible.
awful very bad.
awfully (Adv.) AWFUL, very bad.
awfulness the state of being awful.
bad evil, wicked (noun) something evil
baddie a bad person.
baddish not very good.
baddy a bad person.
badly (Adv.) BAD, evil, wicked.
badness the state of being bad.
baleful foreboding or threatening evil.
balefully (Adv.) BALEFUL, foreboding or threatening evil.
botchily (Adv.) BOTCHY, full of botches.
botchiness the state of being botchy, full of botches.
botchy full of botches.
calamitous disastrous.
calamitously (Adv.) CALAMITOUS, disastrous.
cheesily (Adv.) CHEESY, having a popular appeal in spite of being artificial or inferior.
cheesy (Sl.) having a popular appeal in spite of being artificial or inferior.
corruptive tending to corrupt.
corruptively (Adv.) CORRUPTIVE, tending to corrupt.
corruptor someone or something that corrupts.
cronk (Aust. coll.) ill; of poor quality.
crumminess the state of being crummy.
delinquency a delinquent act.
depravation the act of depraving.
deprave to corrupt in morals.
depravedly (Adv.) DEPRAVED.
depravedness the state of being depraved.
depravement (Arch.) vitiation.
depraver one who depraves.
depravingly (Adv.) DEPRAVING.
depravity wickedness.
deteriority (Obs.) worseness.
devilish fiendish.
devilishly (Adv.) DEVILISH, fiendish.
devilishness the state of being devilish.
devilment deviltry.
devilry devilish behaviour.
deviltry devilish behaviour.
diabolic devilish.
diabolically (Adv.) DIABOLICAL, devilish.
diabolise to convert into a devil, render diabolical.
diabolize to convert into a devil, render diabolical.
dire dreadful.
direful dreadful.
direfully (Adv.) DIREFUL, dreadful.
direfulness the state of being direful.
direly (Adv.) DIRE, dreadful.
direness the state of being dire.
disastrous attended by or causing suffering or disaster.
disastrously (Adv.) DISASTROUS, attended by or causing suffering or disaster.
draffish worthless.
draffy worthless.
dreck (Yiddish) inferior merchandise, rubbish.
dreckish like dreck, rubbish.
drecky rubbishy.
drek (Yiddish) inferior merchandise, rubbish.
drekkish like drek, rubbish.
drekky rubbishy.
eale (Shakesp.) evil; (verb) to ail.
egregious conspicuously bad or offensive.
egregiously (Adv.) EGREGIOUS.
evil bad (noun) something bad
evildoer one that does evil.
evilly (Adv.) EVIL, wicked.
evilness the quality of being evil.
execrable detestable, wretched.
execrableness the state of being execrable.
execrably (Adv.) EXECRABLE, detestable, wretched.
facinerious (Shakesp.) extremely wicked.
facinorous (Arch.) extremely wicked.
facinorousness (Arch.) the state of being facinorous, extremely wicked.
faultful (Shakesp.) full of faults or sins.
fellness destructive cruelty.
festy (Aust. sl.) very bad.
fiend a devil; a person driven by the most intense wickedness or hate.
fiendish like a fiend.
fiendishly (Adv.) FIENDISH, like a fiend.
fient (Scots) a fiend, a devil.
flagitious marked by scandalous crime or vice; villainous.
flagitiously (Adv.) FLAGITIOUS.
flagitiousness the quality of being flagitious, villainous.
flawy full of flaws, defective.
flooey awry.
flooie awry.
foobar fucked up beyond all repair.
foul dirty, repulsive (verb) to make dirty
foully (Adv.) FOUL, dirty.
fubar fucked up beyond all repair.
furshlugginer (Yiddish) well-worn, beat-up.
godawful extremely unpleasant.
godless having, or acknowledging, no God; impious; wicked.
godlessly (Adv.) GODLESS, having, or acknowledging, no God.
grotty wretchedly shabby; of a poor quality.
heinous hatefully or shockingly evil.
heinously (Adv.) HEINOUS, hatefully or shockingly evil.
heinousness hateful or shocking evil.
hellhole a horrible place.
hellish horrible.
hellishly (Adv.) HELLISH, horrible.
hellishness the state of being hellish.
hideous very ugly.
hideously (Adv.) HIDEOUS, very ugly.
hideousness the state of being hideous.
horrible dreadful (noun) something horrible
horribly (Adv.) HORRIBLE, dreadful.
horrid nasty, repellent.
horridly (Adv.) HORRID, nasty, repellent.
horridness the quality of being horrid.
immoralism rejection of morality.
immoralist a person who practises immorality.
immorality the state of being immoral.
iniquitous characterized by gross wickedness.
iniquitously (Adv.) INIQUITOUS, characterized by gross wickedness.
iniquity wickedness; gross injustice.
inquinate to corrupt or defile.
inquination the act of inquinating.
litherly (Obs.) mischievous.
lousily (Adv.) LOUSY, bad.
lousiness the state of being lousy.
lousy full of lice, bad.
malefaction evildoing.
malefic having a malignant influence, baleful.
malefically (Adv.) MALEFIC, having a malignant influence.
malefice (Arch.) an evil deed; an enchantment.
maleficence the act of committing harm or evil.
malevolence the state of being malevolent.
malformed badly formed.
malign evil (verb) to speak evil of
malignance the state of being malignant.
malignity the quality of being malign.
malignly (Adv.) MALIGN, evil.
malignment a malign act.
maltalent (Spenser) ill-will.
mauvais (Fr.) bad, wicked.
mauvaise (Fr.) bad, wicked.
mesquin (Fr.) mean, sordid, shabby.
mesquine (Fr.) mean, sordid, shabby.
mesquinerie (Fr.) the quality of being mesquin, mean.
misagent a bad agent.
misdeed an evil act.
nastily (Adv.) NASTY, unpleasant.
nastiness the state of being nasty.
nasty unpleasant (noun) something or someone unpleasant
nefandous unspeakable, unmentionable.
nefarious evil, wicked.
nefariously (Adv.) NEFARIOUS, evil, wicked.
nefariousness the state of being nefarious.
nefast (Lat.) wicked.
obnoxious unpleasant.
obnoxiously (Adv.) OBNOXIOUS, unpleasant.
obnoxiousness the state of being obnoxious.
offense (US) a violation of a moral or social code.
oncus (Aust. sl.) disordered, bad.
onkus (Aust. sl.) disordered, bad.
outsin to surpass in sinning.
outvillain (Shakesp.) to exceed in villainy.
peccadillo (Spanish) a slight offence or sin.
peccancy sinfulness; transgression.
peccant sinning; guilty of transgression; as, peccant angels.
peccantly (Adv.) PECCANT, sinning.
pejorate to make worse.
peskily (Adv.) PESKY, plaguy, pestiferous.
peskiness the state of being pesky.
pesky (Coll.) plaguy, pestiferous.
pessimal least favourable.
pestful pestilential.
pesty resembling a pest.
plaguily (Adv.) PLAGUY, vexatious.
plaguy (Arch.) vexatious.
pravity wickedness.
punky like a punk.
renk in N. England dialect, horrible, unpleasant.
ribby having prominent ribs; (sl.) nasty, seedy, squalid.
ropey stringy, glutinous; poor in quality; unwell.
rottenly (Adv.) ROTTEN, very bad.
satanity devilishness.
scaffy having little value, cheap.
shacky dilapidated.
shleppy shabby, rundown.
shlock (Yiddish) of inferior quality; (noun) something of inferior quality.
shlocky of poor quality.
shoddiness the state of being shoddy.
shopsoiled of goods, having deteriorated through handling in a shop.
sif (S. Afr.) syphilitic, nasty.
sin a moral offence; (verb) to commit sin.
sinful marked by sin.
sinfully (Adv.) SINFUL, marked by sin.
sinfulness the state of being sinful.
sinister threatening or portending evil.
sinisterly (Adv.) SINISTER, threatening evil.
sinner one who sins; (verb) to act as a sinner.
snafu a bad situation; (verb) to fuck up.
snide base (verb) to fill or load
snidely (Adv.) SNIDE, base.
snidey snide.
stukkend (S. Afr.) broken or wrecked.
substandard deviating from or falling short of a standard or norm.
suckiness the state of being sucky.
sucky not good.
superbad very bad.
turpitude inherent baseness, depravity.
unright a wrong, a wrongdoing; (verb) to wrong or to make wrong.
unworth lack of worth.
upta (Aust. sl.) of poor quality.
upter (Aust. sl.) of poor quality.
viciate (Obs.) to impair the quality of, spoil.
viciosity the state or character of being guilty of or devoted to vice or immorality.
vild (Spenser) vile.
vilde (Spenser) vile.
vildly (Adv.) VILD, vile.
vildness (Spenser) vileness.
vile odious.
vilely (Adv.) VILE, odious.
vileness the state of being vile.
villainousness the state of being villainous.
villainy the state of being a villain.
villany the state of being a villain.
virous poisonous, foul.
vitiate to impair the quality of.
vitiosity the state or character of being guilty of or devoted to vice or immorality.
vrot (Afrikaans) rotten; putrid; very bad.
war a state of conflict; (verb) to make war (adj., obs.) worse
warst (Scots) worst.
waurst (Scots) worst.
wicked bad, evil (noun) a wicked person
wickedly (Adv.) WICKED, bad, evil.
wickedness the state of being wicked.
wojus (Irish slang) of a poor quality or low standard.
wonkily (Adv.) WONKY, not working properly.
wonky not working properly WONKILY.
wonkiness lthe state of being wonky.
worser worse.
wrang (Dial.) a wrong; (verb) to wrong.
wrong not according to what is right, proper, or correct (noun) something done wrongly to someone; (verb) to treat injuriously or unjustly
wrongdoing evil or improper behavior or action.
wronger one who wrongs another.
wrongful wrong.
wrongfully (Adv.) WRONGFUL, wrong.
wrongly (Adv.) WRONG, not right.
wrongness the state of being wrong.
wrongous unjust; wrongful.
wrongously (Adv.) WRONGOUS, unjust; wrongful.
yawnsome dull and boring; tiresome.
yucko (Aust. sl.) unpleasant.