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Now updated for CSW19. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

adolescent in the state of adolescence (noun) one of adolescent age
adolescently (Adv.) ADOLESCENT, in the state of adolescence.
adult grown up (noun) a fully developed individual
adulthood the state of being an adult.
adultlike like an adult.
adultly (Adv.) ADULT, grown up.
adultness the state of being adult.
aetatis (Latin) at the age of.
aged being of a certain age; old.
agedly (Adv.) AGED, old.
agedness the state of being aged.
ageless never growing old.
agelessly (Adv.) AGELESS, never growing old.
agemate a person the same age as another person.
ager one that ages.
aine (Fr.) (of a male) elder, senior.
ainee (Fr.) (of a female) elder, senior.
ancient very old (noun) an old person
ancientness the quality of being ancient.
ancientry (Arch.) the state of being ancient; old people collectively.
anile of, relating to, or suggesting a doddering old woman.
anility the state of being an old woman.
antenati (Lat.) those born before a certain date.
anticke (Obs.) antique; (noun) an antic.
antiquatedness the state of being antiquated.
antique very old; (noun) something very old; (verb) to alter the appearance of eg wood to make it seem very old
antiquely (Adv.) ANTIQUE, very old.
antiquey having a very old look > ANTIQUIER, ANTIQUIEST.
antiqueness the state of being antique.
antiquity the quality of being ancient.
archaic ancient.
archaical ancient.
archaically (Adv.) ARCHAICAL.
auld (Scots) old.
babyhood the state of being a baby.
bacha (Hinglish) in India, a young child.
bachcha (Hinglish) in India, a young child.
bairnlike (Scots) childlike.
bairnly like a child.
bantling (Arch.) a baby, a very young child.
boyhood the state of being a boy.
caillach (Gaelic) an old woman.
cailleach (Gaelic) an old woman.
cailliach (Gaelic) an old woman.
carlin (Scots) an old woman, a witch.
carline (Scots) an old woman, a witch.
centenarian a person who is over one hundred years old.
centenarianism the state of being a centenarian.
childhood the state of being a child.
childish resembling a child.
childishly (Adv.) CHILDISH, resembling a child.
childishness the state of being childish.
childlike like a child.
childlikeness the state of being childlike.
coaeval belonging to the same period; (noun) a person of the same age.
coelacanthic jocularly, old but worth keeping.
coetaneous having the same age; coeval.
coetaneously (Adv.) COETANEOUS, having the same age.
coetaneousness the state of being coetaneous.
coeval belonging to the same period (noun) a person of the same age
coevality the state of being coeval, belonging to the same period.
coevally (Adv.) COEVAL, belonging to the same period.
concubitant of a suitable age for marriage; (noun) someone of a suitable age for marriage.
crone an old woman.
cronish like a crone.
demode (Fr.) old-fashioned.
doited (Scots) in one's dotage.
doitit (Scots) in one's dotage.
dotage a state of senility.
eild old age.
eld (Arch.) old age.
elder an older person.
elderliness the state of being elderly.
elderly aged; (noun) elderly people.
eldership the state of being older; seniority.
ephebic pertaining to the adult period in the life-history of an individual.
fiftyish being about fifty years old.
fogramity the state of being antiquated.
fortyish being about forty years old.
gaffer an old man; a TV lighting technician.
gammer an old wife, an old woman.
geriatric relating to old people; (noun) an old person.
gerontic relating to the senescent period in the life history of an individual.
girlhood the state of being a girl.
grandame (Arch.) a grandmother.
graybeard an old man.
grayhead one with grey hair.
grayheaded having gray hair.
greybeard an old man.
greyhead one having grey hair.
greyheaded having grey hair.
grownup an adult.
hebetic of or pertaining to puberty.
hoarhead a hoary-headed old man.
infancy the state of being an infant.
infant a child in the earliest stages of life.
infanthood infancy.
infantile like an infant, childish.
infantine like an infant, childish.
interage including persons of various ages.
jeune (Fr.) young.
junior a person who is younger than another; (verb) (of a lawyer) to assist the lead lawyer on a case.
juniority the state of being junior.
juvenal a youth; (ornith.) a juvenile.
juvenile young, not adult (noun) a young person
juvenilely (Adv.) JUVENILE, not adult.
juvenility youthfulness; adolescence.
kiddish childish.
kiddishness the state of being kiddish.
kidlike like a kid.
ladhood the state of being a lad.
lastborn the last child to be born.
laterborn someone born later.
littlie (Aust. sl.) a young child.
longaeval long-lived.
longaevous long-lived.
longeval long-lived.
longevity long life.
longevous long-lived.
mature fully developed (verb) to make or become mature
matureness the state of being mature.
maturer one who matures.
midlife the middle of one's life, as in midlife crisis.
midlifer a middle-aged person.
modern belonging to the present time (noun) one living in modern times
modernly (Adv.) MODERN, belonging to the present time.
monthling (Arch.) a month-old child.
multiage including people of various ages.
mzee (Swahili) an old person.
neanic relating to the adolescent period in the life history of an individual.
neonatal relating to the newly born.
neonatally (Adv.) NEONATAL, relating to the newly born.
neonate a newly born child.
newborn newly born; (noun) a newborn child.
nonadult one who is not an adult.
nonagenarian a person whose age is in the nineties.
obsolesce to grow obsolescent.
obsolete outmoded (verb) to make or consider as obsolete
octogenarian a person whose age is in the eighties.
octogenary of eighty years of age; (noun) someone eighty years old.
old aged (noun) an individual of a specified age
olde (Facetious) old.
olden former, old; (verb) to grow old.
oldie (Coll.) an old person or thing.
oldish somewhat old.
oldness the state of being old.
oldster an old person.
oldstyle old-fashioned; (noun) an old-fashioned way of doing things.
oldy (Coll.) an old person or thing.
ould (Irish) old.
overaged too old to be useful.
overdated out of date.
passe (Fr.) out of date, or nearly so.
passee (Fr.) out of date, or nearly so.
postadolescent someone just out of adolescence eg in their early twenties.
preadult preceding adulthood; (noun) one of preadult age.
preaged previously aged.
prenatal being or happening before birth (noun) a prenatal examination
prenatally (Adv.) PRENATAL, being or happening before birth.
prenubile before the state of being nubile.
prepuberal occurring in prepuberty.
prepubertal occurring in prepuberty.
preschooler a child not yet old enough for school.
preteen a child who is not yet a teenager.
puberal of or pertaining to puberty.
pubertal of or pertaining to puberty.
pubescence the state of being pubescent.
puerile juvenile; childish.
puerilely (Adv.) PUERILE, juvenile; childish.
puerilism childishness.
quadragenarian a person who is forty years old, or between forty and fifty.
quarterlife designating the period of life immediately following the major changes of adolescence, usually early twenties to early thirties.
quinquagenarian aged between fifty and sixty; (noun) a person in the fiftieth to sixtieth year of life.
senectitude old age.
senesce to become old.
senescence the state of growing old; decay by time.
senescent growing old.
senile deteriorated with age (noun) one who exhibits senility
senilely (Adv.) SENILE, deteriorated with age.
senility mental and physical infirmity due to old age.
senior a person who is older than another.
seniority the state of being senior.
septuagenary a septuagenarian.
sevenish around seven years of age.
sexagenarian aged between sixty and seventy years old; (noun) a person aged between fifty and sixty.
signeur (Shakesp.) senior. No -S.
sixish around six years of age.
sixtyish about sixty.
staggy of an animal, having the characteristics or appearance of a mature male; (of meat) coming from such an animal.
stripling a youth in the state of adolescence, or just passing from boyhood to manhood.
subadolescent a child who has not yet reached the age of adolescence.
subadult older than a child, but not adult; (noun) someone older than a child but not adult.
subteen a child younger than thirteen years.
tachistoscope an instrument for rapidly showing images on a screen to test perception.
tachistoscopic relating to use of the tachistoscope.
teenage pertaining to teenagers; (noun) the age between thirteen and twenty.
teenaged aged between thirteen and twenty.
teenager a person between the ages of thirteen and nineteen.
teendom teenagers collectively.
teener a teenager.
thirtyish about thirty (in age).
toddler one that toddles.
toddlerhood the state of being a toddler.
tweenage having the characteristics of a tweenager.
tweenager a child of approximately eight to fourteen years of age.
tweener a child of approximately eight to fourteen years of age.
twichild a person in his or her second childhood.
unadult not adult.
unaged not aged.
unageing not ageing.
unaging not aging.
unchildlike not like a child.
underage not yet of the required age; (noun) one who is underage.
underaged not adult.
unyoung not young.
venerability the state of being venerable.
venerable worthy of reverence (noun) a title of respect
venerably (Adv.) VENERABLE, worthy of reverence.
veteran a former member of the armed forces.
whitebeard an old man, a graybeard.
woopie a well-off older person.
woopy a well-off older person.
wrinklie (Coll.) an old person.
yealing a person of the same age.
yeelin a person of the same age.
young born recently (noun) the young of a species
younger an inferior in age.
youngers young people.
youngish somewhat young.
youngling (Arch.) a young person or animal.
youngly (Adv.) YOUNG, born recently.
youngness the state of being young.
youngster a young person.
youngth (Spenser) youth.
youngthly (Spenser) youthful.
youth a young person.
youthen to make or grow young.
youthful young.
youthfully (Adv.) YOUTHFUL, young.
youthfulness the state of being youthful.
youthhead (Obs.) youth.
youthhood (Obs.) youth.
youthly (Spenser) youthful.
youthsome (Obs.) youthful.
youthy (Scots) young.