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Now updated for CSW19. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

aal an East Indian shrub.
aalii a tropical tree.
abele the white poplar tree. [Du. abeel, ult, from L. albus, white].
abelia any of several hardy evergreen shrubs of the honeysuckle family, native to eastern Asia. [From Clarke Abel, 1780-1826, English physician and botanist].
abelmosk an evergreen shrub of the East and West Indies and Northern Africa, whose musky seeds are used in perfumery and to flavor coffee.
abies a fir tree > ABIETES.
abietic relating to the genus ABIES, fir trees.
acacia a genus of thorny leguminous trees and shrubs, found esp. in arid regions of Australia and tropical Africa.
acajou the cashew tree; also, its fruit.
acer a plant of the maple genus. [L. acer, maple].
acerola a West Indian shrub.
ackee akee a small African sapindaceous tree, now common in the W Indies; its edible fruit, often used in Caribbean cookery.
afara a type of W. African tree having a light-coloured, straight-grained wood.
agalloch a kind of tree found in the Middle East, aka EAGLEWOOD. [Gk. agallochon, a word of Eastern origin].
ailanthic of or like the AILANTHUS, the tree of heaven.
ailanthus ailanto an oriental tree, the tree of heaven > AILANTOS. [Amboina (Moluccas) aylanto, tree of the gods].
ake akeake a New Zealand tree.
akebia a climbing shrub.
akee see ACKEE.
akiraho a small New Zealand shrub with white flowers.
al an E. Indian shrub > ALS.
alamo a kind of poplar > ALAMOS.
albespine albespyne hawthorn.
albizia albizzia a tropical tree.
alder any tree of the genus Alnus, related to the birches.
alectryon a sapindaceous tree of the genus Alectryon of Australasia, Southeast Asia, and Micronesia.
algarroba algarroba algarrobo the carob, a leguminous tree of the Mediterranean region; also, its edible beans or pods > of ALGARROBO is ALGARROBOS.
almond a tree related to the peach.
aloe any member of a mainly S African genus Aloe, consisting mostly of trees and shrubs of the lily family.
amla an E. Indian tree, aka EMBLIC.
ampelopsis a woody vine.
anacardium a genus of plants including the cashew tree. [Gr ana, according to + kardia, heart (from the shape of the fruit)].
andromeda a plant of the genus Andromeda, shrubs of the heath family.
angico a S. American tree of the mimosa family > ANGICOS. [Portugese, from TUPI].
angophora an E. Australian tree, related to the eucalyptus. [Gk. angos, jar, + phoros, bearing].
annona any of the various trees and shrubs of the genus Annona grown for their edible fruits.
antiar the UPAS tree; its poisonous latex.
aphelandra any shrub of the evergreen genus Aphelandra, originally from tropical America, widely grown as a house plant for its variegated shiny leaves and brightly coloured flowers.
appleringie an aromatic shrub of the wormwood genus, aka SOUTHERNWOOD.
arabica a shrub producing coffee
arar the SANDARAC tree. [Moroccan name].
araroba a Brazilian tree; a bitter yellow powder, Goa powder, obtained from it and used as a purgative and in the treatment of skin disease, aka CHRYSAROBIN.
araucaria a genus of tall conifers of the pine family, aka monkey-puzzle.
arboret a small tree.
arborvitae any of a number of N. American or Far Eastern evergreen conifers, belonging chiefly to the genus Thuja.
arbute arbutus the strawberry-tree.
arbutean relating to the ARBUTE or strawberry-tree.
areca a tree of the betel-nut genus of palms, Areca, native to SE Asia and the Indian subcontinent. [Portuguese, from Malayalam adekka].
argan a Moroccan timber-tree; its oil-bearing seed.
arolla the Swiss stone pine or Siberian cedar. [Fr. arolle].
arrowwood a shrub growing in damp woods and thickets, so called from the long, straight, slender shoots.
artocarpus a tree of the genus Artocarpus of the mulberry family, that includes breadfruit and jack > ARTOCARPUSES.
aspen a species of poplar, noted for its tremulous leaves.
aspine aspen.
assai a S. American palm.
atap attap the NIPA palm. [Malay atap, roof, thatch].
aucuba a shrub of the dogwood family.
ausubo a large evergreen tropical tree, aka BALATA > AUSUBOS.
avodire an African tree. The e has an accent.
ayahuasca ayahuasco a South American vine.
azalea a flowering shrub.
babassu babacu a Brazilian palm tree. [Brazilian Port. babaçú from Tupi yb´ fruit + guasu large.]
bablah babool babul a species of acacia from which gum arabic is obtained.
bael bel bhel a thorny Indian tree.
balata a large evergreen tropical tree; a gum produced from this.
banak a Central American tree.
bangalay an Australian myrtaceous tree with hard red wood.
bangalow an Australian palm-tree.
bania banian banyan an Indian fig tree with vast spreading branches; a Hindu trader.
banksia an evergreen, flowering shrub, native to Australia. [From Sir Joseph Banks, English naturalist].
baobab an African tree with an enormously thick trunk and large edible pulpy fruit.
barberry a shrub of the genus Berberis, common along roadsides and in neglected fields.
basswood an American lime-tree or its wood.
bauera a kind of evergreen shrub with pink flowers.
bauhinia a plant of the Bauhinia genus of tropical trees. [J and G Bauhin, 17c Swiss botanists].
bearwood a small tree of the buckthorn family.
bebeeru the greenheart tree of Guyana. [Sp. bibirú f. Carib].
beech a common forest-tree of the genus Fagus with smooth grey bark.
beechy of or relating to beeches > BEECHIER, BEECHIEST.
beefwood an Australian tree and its red wood, used for cabinetwork.
belah an Australian tree of the Casuarina genus.
belar = BELAH, an Australian tree of the Casuarina genus.
berberis a flowering shrub > BERBERISES.
berrigan an Australian tree with hanging branches.
bhel see BAEL.
bignonia a large genus of American, mostly tropical, climbing shrubs, having compound leaves and showy somewhat tubular flowers.
bilberry a whortleberry shrub; its dark-blue edible berry.
bilian a heavy ant-proof timber tree of Borneo.
bilimbi bilimbing blimbing an E. Indian tree of the wood-sorrel family; its sour green fruit, used in chutneys.
bilsted a hardwood tree.
bimble as in bimble box, a type of dense Australian tree.
birch a hardy forest-tree (genus Betula), with smooth white bark and very durable wood; (verb) to flog.
birk birch.
bito a tree of dry tropical Africa and Asia > BITOS.
bitou as in bitou bush, a sprawling woody South African shrub.
bitterbark an Australian tree with bitter-tasting bark, used for tonic medicine.
bitternut a North American hickory tree.
bitterwood a West Indian tree from the wood of which the bitter drug Jamaica quassia is obtained.
blackboy an Australian grass tree, aka YACCA.
blackbutt a type of eucalyptus tree.
blackgum a TUPELO, a kind of dogwood.
blackjack a kind of OAK.
blackthorn a dark-coloured thornbush bearing sloes.
blackwood a tall Australian acacia tree.
bladdernut a genus of shrubs with inflated capsule.
blimbing see BILIMBI.
bloodwood a tree having the wood or the sap of the color of blood.
bluebush an Australian shrub.
bluegum an Australian tree.
bluejack a kind of oak tree.
bluewood an American shrub.
bo bodhi a sacred tree of India.
boab short for BAOBAB, a tree native to Africa.
bolletrie bulletrie a West Indian saponaceous tree.
bombax a tree of the genus Bombax, the silk-cotton tree.
boobialla an Australian tree, aka golden wattle.
boojum an American tree.
boortree bountree bourtree the elder tree.
boree any of several species of Australian acacia.
boronia an Australian scented shrub. [From Borone, an Italian botanist].
bountree see BOORTREE.
bourtree see BOORTREE.
bowwood a deciduous tree.
boxthorn a plant of the genus Lycium, esp. Lycium barbarum.
brambly full of brambles > BRAMBLIER, BRAMBLIEST.
breare brere a brier.
briar brier a prickly bush, esp. of a wild rose.
briared briered full of briars.
briary briery full of briars.
brigalow any of several species of acacia.
bristlecone a western American pine with bristle-like prickles on its cones.
broadleaf an Australian evergreen tree with broad leaves > BROADLEAVES>.
broom a yellow flowering shrub of the pea family.
broomy of or pertaining to broom; overgrowing with broom > BROOMIER, BROOMIEST.
brugmansia a subtropical tree.
buaze bwazi an African shrub.
bubinga a species of West African tree.
buchu bucku a rutaceous genus of shrub, with leaves of medicinal value.
buckbrush an American shrub.
buckeye a name given to several American trees and shrubs of the same genus as the horse chestnut.
buckthorn a shrub of the Rhamnus genus.
buddleia a flowering shrub, the butterfly bush.
buffaloberry an American shrub of the oleaster family; its edible scarlet berry.
bullace a small wild plum fruit and tree.
bulletrie see BOLLETRIE.
bullwaddie bullwaddy bulwaddee bulwaddy a N. Australian tree.
bumelia a thorny shrub.
bunchberry the dwarf cornel, which bears clusters of bright red berries.
bunya an Australian coniferous tree with edible seeds.
buriti a kind of S. American palm-tree > BURITIS.
burrawang any of various palm-like plants having edible nuts.
bursera designating a tropical American genus of trees yielding ELEMI and timber. [From Joachim Burser (1593-1649), German botanist]. N.B. this is an adjective > No —S hook.
bussu a tropical American palm with gigantic leaves that serve for cloth. [Port. f. Tupi ubu-ussu, f. ubu leaf + ussu big.]
bustic a tropical tree.
butternut an American tree of the Walnut family, and its edible fruit; -- so called from the oil contained in the latter.
buttonball buttonwood the Platanus occidentalis, or American plane tree, a large tree, producing rough balls, from which it is named.
buttonbush a N. American shrub of the madder family with globular flower heads.
buttonwood see BUTTONBALL.
bwazi see BUAZE.
cacao a small evergreen tree of South America and the West Indies, from the fruit of which cocoa and chocolate are prepared.
cadaga cadagi an Australian eucalyptus with smooth green bark.
cade a Mediterranean medicinal shrub.
calamondin a small citrus tree, native to the Philippines; its acid-tasting orange-like fruit. [Tagalog kalamunding].
calamus a genus of plams whose stems make canes or rattans.
callistemon an Australian genus of the myrtle family, bottlebrush shrubs.
candleberry a shrub, the wax myrtle.
canella a genus of trees of the order Canellaceae, growing in the West Indies.
canoewood another name for the tulip tree.
caragana any of a genus of hardy leguminous shrubs grown for their showy golden flowers.
carambola a small E Indian tree of the wood-sorrel family; its acrid yellow pulpy fruit used for making tarts, preserves, etc (aka star fruit).
carap a S. American tree of the mahogany family. [From caraipi, the native Guiana name].
carbeen an Australian eucalyptus with drooping branches and grey bark.
carnahuba carnauba a Brazilian palm tree yielding a fine yellowish wax.
carob the sweet-flavoured seed of an evergreen tree, also called locust bean. [Arabic kharrubah]. Cf. ALGARROBA.
cascarilla a euphorbiaceous West Indian shrub; also, its aromatic bark.
cashew a large tree native to tropical America and cultivated for its edible kidney-shaped nuts; the nut itself. [Tupi (a)caju)].
cassena cassene cassina cassine an American tree.
cassia a relative of the cinnamon tree.
cassie a thorny shrub or small tree of tropical or subtropical America, with clusters of fragrant yellow flowers, aka huisache.
cassiope an evergreen shrub.
casuarina a tree of the genus Casuarina, native to Australia and parts of SE Asia, with jointed branches resembling gigantic horsetail plants.
catalpa a tree of the genus Catalpa, of the bignonia family, with heart-shaped leaves, trumpet-shaped flowers, and long pods.
catbrier catbriar a thorny vine.
catclaw a type of acacia.
catjang a tropical shrub.
ceanothus a shrub with blue flowers. [Gk. keanothos corn-thistle].
cecropia a fast-growing tropical American tree of the mulberry family. [From the mythical Attic King Cecrops].
cedar a large evergreen coniferous tree.
cedared covered with cedars.
cedary of or like cedar > CEDARIER, CEDARIEST.
cedrine belonging to the cedar tree.
ceiba a kind of tropical tree.
cembra the Swiss stone pine. [NL, from Germ. dial. zember, timber].
cercis any tree or shrub of the leguminous genus Cercis, which includes the redbud and Judas tree. [NL. from Gk. kerkis, weaver's shuttle, Judas tree].
cerrial of or pertaining to the CERRIS, a species of turkey oak.
cerris a species of oak native to the Orient and southern Europe, aka Turkey oak > CERRISES. [L. cerreus].
chamisa an American shrub.
chamisal a dense thicket of CHAMISO, a Californian shrub with white flowers.
chamise chamiso a Californian shrub with white flowers, growing in dense thickets > of CHAMISO is CHAMISOS.
champac champak an E. Indian tree of the magnolia family, sacred to Hindus. [Malay cempaka].
champaca = CHAMPAC, an E. Indian tree of the magnolia family, sacred to Hindus.
chaulmoogra chaulmugra a kind of Asian tree, yielding an oil used in the treatment of leprosy.
chempaduk an evergreen moraceous tree of Malaysia.
chenar chinar the oriental plane tree.
chestnut a tree of genus Castanea, esp the Spanish or sweet chestnut; its edible nut, encased (three together) in a prickly husk.
chico a prickly American shrub.
chicot a handsome tree of central and eastern North America having large bipinnate leaves and green-white flowers followed by large woody brown pods whose seeds are used as a coffee substitute.
chinaberry a small Asian tree of the mahogany family.
chinachina kina kinakina quina quinquina quinaquina a tree yielding CINCHONA bark, from which quinine is made. [Sp. f. Quechua kina, bark].
chinar see CHENAR.
chincapin chinkapin chinquapin the dwarf chestnut of the US. [Algonquin].
chiquichiqui a piassava palm tree of S. America.
cholla a tree-like cactus.
cinchona see CHINACHINA.
cissus a genus of tropical climbing plants, that includes the kangaroo vine > CISSUSES.
citrus a CITRON tree.
clematis a climbing plant with showy flowers. [L. from Gk. klematis a plant, probably periwinkle, from klema, a twig].
clianthus any climbing shrub of the genus Clianthus. [L., from Gk. kleos. glory + anthos, flower].
clintonia a shrub that bears blue berries.
coachwood an Australian tree yielding a light-grained wood formerly used in coach-making.
cobaea a climbing shrub with purple flowers.
cockspur a variety of hawthorn with long, straight thorns.
coco the coconut palm > COCOS.
cocoplum a W. Indian rosaceous tree; its edible fruit. [Sp. icaco + plum].
cohune cahoun a S. American palm tree.
cola kola a genus of W. African trees producing nuts used in drugs and for flavouring soft drinks.
combretum a member of a genus of tropical trees known for the beauty of their flowers > COMBRETUMS.
conifer any tree or shrub of the group Coniferae, including yews, pines, firs, etc, which typically bear cones.
coolabah coolibah coolibar a species of Australian eucalyptus tree.
coontie coonty any of several low-growing palmlike cycads of the genus Zamia, native to tropical and subtropical America. [Seminole].
copalm a hardwood tree.
coprosma any Australian evergreen shrub or small tree of the genus Coprosma with glossy, leathery leaves and egg-shaped white or orange berries.
coquito a Chilean palm tree. [Sp. dim. of coco, coconut].
coralberry an American shrub of the snowberry genus.
cordyline a tropical or subtropical palm-like shrub.
corktree the cork oak, or other tree with corky bark.
cornel a shrub, aka DOGWOOD.
cornus the dogwood > CORNUSES.
corozo a short-stemmed S. American palm > COROZOS.
correa an Australian evergreen shrub with large tubular showy flowers.
corylus a deciduous nut-bearing tree of the Corylus genus, including hazel.
cotoneaster any shrub or small tree of the genus Cotoneaster, related to hawthorn. [L. cotonea, quince].
cottonwood an American tree of the poplar genus, having seeds covered with abundant cottonlike hairs.
courbaril the West Indian locust-tree.
cowtree a S. American tree of the mulberry family, that produces a nourishing fluid resembling milk.
coyotillo a poisonous shrub > COYOTILLOS.
crabwood a tropical American tree.
crampbark the guelder rose; its medicinal bark.
crossandra any evergreen shrub of the genus Crossandra.
crowberry a low creeping moorland shrub with small black berries.
crowea an Australian shrub with pink flowers.
cryptomeria a kind of evergreen tree.
cudgerie a large tropical rutaceous tree.
cullay quillai quillaia quillaja the soapbark tree, a rosaceous tree native to Chile.
cupressus any tree of the genus Cupressus > CUPRESSUSES.
currajong kurrajong currejong currijong an Australian evergreen.
cusso kousso kusso an Ethiopian tree, the flowers of which are used as a vermifuge.
cycad any member of an order of primitive gymnospermous plants, related to conifers but superficially resembling ferns and palms.
cycadeoid a member of the CYCAD family.
cycas a tropical plant, a CYCAD.
dagwood dogwood any of various chrubs and trees of genus Cornus.
dahoon an evergreen tree.
dali a tropical American tree related to nutmeg, yielding staves etc. and wax seeds.
damiana a tropical American shrub; a herbal medicine derived from this.
daneweed danewort an elder-like shrub, said to grow on site of battles with the Danes.
daphne a genus of diminutive shrubs, mostly evergreen, and with fragrant blossoms. [Gk. daphne, laurel].
davidia a kind of tree, aka handkerchief tree.
deerberry a shrub of the blueberry group; its bitter, greenish white berry.
degame degami a tropical tree.
deodar deodara a kind of cedar. [Skr. deva-daru, divine tree].
deutzia a genus of shrubs with pretty white flowers, much cultivated.
devilwood a kind of tree, allied to the European olive.
dhak a leguminous tree of eastern India and Myanmar, with showy orange or red flowers.
dika (the fruit or seed of) the wild mango, a W. African tree. [Mpongwe odika condiment.]
dipterocarp a kind of Oriental tree.
dita a tree of India and the Philippines.
dogwood see DAGWOOD.
doornboom a S. African acacia tree.
doum a kind of African palm tree.
dracaena dracena a genus of liliaceous plants with woody stems and funnel-shaped flowers. [Gk, drakaina, dragon].
durian durion a tree of the BOMBAX family, widely grown in tropical Asia; the spinous fruit of this, the pulp of which is foul-smelling but palatable. [Malay duri, prickle].
durmast a Eurasian oak, which bears sessile acorns and grows chiefly on acid soils.
dyeweed a shrub that yields a yellow dye.
eccremocarpus any plant of the evergreen climbing genus Eccremocarpus, esp. E. scaber, grown for its decorative pinnate foliage and bright orange-red bell flowers > ECCREMOCARPUSES.
eglatere eglantine another name for SWEETBRIAR.
elaeagnus another name for oleaster, a Eurasian shrub or small tree cultivated as an ornamental > ELAEAGNUSES.
elderflower the flower of the elder.
elepidote any of various medium to large rhododendrons with large, leathery leaves lacking the scales characteristic of the related lepidotes.
elm a tree of genus Ulmus.
elmy full of elm trees > ELMIER, ELMIEST.
emblic a deciduous tree of the euphorbia family, native to tropical Asia, a kind of MYROBALAN. [Arabic amlaj, from Persian amleh].
embothrium any evergreen shrub of the genus Embothrium, esp. E. coccineum, native to South America but widely cultivated as an ornamental for its scarlet flowers > EMBOTHRIUMS.
encina an evergreen oak.
encinal relating to an ENCINA, an evergreen oak.
enokidake chinese hackberry.
eriostemon an Australian shrub.
erythrina a plant of the kaffir-boom genus of tropical and subtropical trees with brilliant red flowers.
escallonia an evergreen shrub, often grown as a windbreak. [From Escallon, a Spanish traveller].
eucalypt eucalyptus a large Australian tree > of EUCALYPTUS is EUCALYPTI or EUCALYPTUSES.
eucryphia a tree or shrub of the mostly evergreen genus Eucryphia.
eugenia a genus of myrtaceous plants, mostly of tropical countries, and including several aromatic trees and shrubs. [From Prince Eugene of Savoy (1663—1736)].
eugh a yew.
eumong eumung an Australian acacia.
euonymus evonymus a genus of small European and American trees; the spindle tree. The bark is used as a cathartic.
farkleberry a shrub with hard, black berries.
fatshedera fatsia an evergreen spreading shrub of the ivy family. [Japanese yatsuda].
feijoa an tropical evergreen shrub or small tree of the myrtle family; the edible green fruit of this. [From J. da Silva Feijó (1760—1824), Brazilian naturalist.]
ficus a genus of plants including the fig-tree > FICUSES.
figtree a tree that bears figs.
fir the name of several conifers, esp of the genera Abies and Picea.
firebush as in Chilean firebush, a South American shrub with scarlet flowers.
firethorn a flowering shrub, aka PYRACANTHA.
flindersia any tree of the Australian genus Flindersia.
forsythia any shrub of the genus Forsythia, a popular garden plant producing clusters of yellow jasmine-like flowers in the spring.
frangipani frangipanni a showy, fragrant shrub; a perfume; an almond-filled pastry.
franseria an American shrub.
fraughan (Irish) the whortleberry.
furze another name for GORSE.
garcinia a tropical evergreen tree of the Garcinia genus, yielding gamboge, kokum butter, and mangosteen. [From Dr. Garcin].
gardenia a member of a genus of the madder family of tropical and subtropical trees and shrubs with fragrant, usually white flowers of a waxy appearance.
garrya any of various N. American evergreen shrubs, allied to the cornels, with flowers in drooping clusters resembling catkins.
gaultheria a genus of ericaceous shrubs with evergreen foliage, and, often, edible berries. It includes the American winter-green (Gaultheria procumbens), and the larger-fruited SALAL of Northwestern America (Gaultheria shallon).
gean the wild cherry.
geebung an Australia proteaceous tree or its fruit.
genip genipap genipapo guinep a tropical American tree; its orange-like fruit. [Port. jenipapo f. Tupi ianipaba].
gidgee gidjee a small acacia tree whose foliage gives off an unpleasant odour.
gingko ginkgo jingko the maidenhair tree, an ornamental Chinese fan-leaved tree, holy in Japan > GINGKOES not GINGKOS*; GINKGOS or GINKGOES; JINGKOES not JINGKOS*. [Japanese from Chinese jinxing, silver apricot].
gomuti gomuto a Malayan palm tree, yiedling a black fibre. [Malay gemuti].
gorse gosse any prickly papilionaceous shrub of the genus Ulex, with yellow flowers.
grapetree a tropical American tree.
grapevine vitis vinifera or other species of Vitis.
greasebush = GREASEWOOD, a name for various oily American shrubs of the goosefoot family.
greasewood a name for various oily American shrubs of the goosefoot family.
greenheart a S. American tree of the laurel family, with very hard wood.
grevillea any of various Australian evergreen trees and shrubs.
grugru a West Indian name for several kinds of palm > GRUGRUS.
guaiac guaiacum guaiocum a S. American tree; the resin from this.
guanabana a tropical tree or its fruit.
guango the rain tree or SAMAN > GUANGOS. [Sp., prob. from Quechua].
guava a small tropical myrtaceous tree; its yellow, pear-shaped fruit.
guayule a silver-leaved shrub of the daisy family.
guelder as in guelder rose.
gumtree a tree that exudes gum, esp. a eucalyptus.
gympie a tall tree with stinging hairs.
hackberry hagberry a genus of trees related to the elm, but bearing drupes with scanty, but often edible, pulp.
hackmatack the American larch, a coniferous tree with slender deciduous leaves; also, its heavy, close-grained timber. Aka TAMARACK.
hagberry see HACKBERRY.
hagbush a large American tree.
hakea an Australian shrub.
hamamelis a winter-flowering shrub > HAMAMELISES.
hardbeam a tree of the genus Carpinus, of compact, horny texture, aka HORNBEAM.
hardhack a very astringent shrub, common in pastures.
hawthorn a small tree of the rose family, widely used for hedges.
hawthorny like HAWTHORN.
hazel a tree (genus Corylus) of the birch family.
heartpea heartseed the balloon vine.
heather a common low-growing shrub of the heath family, aka LING.
hedera ivy.
hederal of or pertaining to IVY.
heketara a small shrub that has flowers with white petals and yellow centres.
hevea any of various S. American trees of the spurge family, whose milky sap is a major source of rubber. [Quechua hyeve].
hibiscus any of numerous chiefly tropical herbaceous plants, shrubs, and trees of the genus Hibiscus.
hickory a North American genus of the walnut family, yielding edible nuts and heavy strong tenacious wood.
hinahina = MAHOE, a small, bushy white-barked tree of New Zealand.
hinau a New Zealand tree.
hobblebush a low bush having long, straggling branches and handsome flowers. It is found in the Northern United States.
holly an evergreen shrub having leathery, shining, spinous leaves and red berries.
holodiscus a genus of deciduous shrubs grown for their summer flowers.
hornbeam a tree resembling a beech, with hard tough wood.
horoeka a New Zealand tree.
horopito a bushy New Zealand shrub, with red aromatic peppery leaves.
houhere a small evergreen New Zealand tree.
hovea an Australian shrub with purple flowers.
huckleberry an American shrub of the heath family; its edible blue-black fruit.
huisache a thorny, scrubby acacia.
hule ule a Central American rubber tree.
hydrangea a plant of the Hydrangea genus of shrubby plants.
ilex the holm oak > ILEXES or ILICES.
illipe illupi the MAHWA tree, producing nuts and oil. [Tamil illuppai].
inkberry A N. American shrub of the holly family.
inkwood an evergreen tree.
iroko a hardwood tree of central and eastern Africa > IROKOS.
ironbark ironwood a species of Australian eucalyptus used largely by carpenters and shipbuilders.
ita a kind of palm tree, aka the MIRITI palm.
ivy an araliaceous evergreen plant that climbs by roots on trees and walls.
ivylike like IVY.
ixia a S. African shrub. [Gk. ixos, mistletoe].
jaborandi the native name of a South American rutaceous shrub, whose leaves are used in medicine.
jaboticaba a Brazilian tree of the myrtle family.
jacaranda a tropical American tree of the Bignoniaceae.
jackfruit a tree of the E. Indies of the BREADFRUIT family.
jambolan jambolana jambool jambu jambul the rose-apple tree of Malaysia.
japonica any of several plants native to Japan, esp. the Japanese quince.
jarool jarul a deciduous tree of the purple loosestrife family.
jasmin jasmine jessamine a genus of oleaceous shrubs.
jelutong a Bornean apocynaceous tree (Dyera costulata) producing pontianac, a gutta-percha substitute.
jequirity jequerity the tropical shrub Indian liquorice. [Origin obscure].
jetbead an ornamental shrub.
jingko see GINGKO.
jipijapa jipyapa a palm-like tree of tropical America. [From a town in Ecuador].
jojoba a desert shrub of the box family.
jube jujube a spiny shrub or small tree of the buckthorn family.
juniper an evergreen coniferous shrub (genus Juniperus) whose berries are used in making gin.
jupati a large Brazilian palm tree. [Tupi yupati].
kabiki a tropical tree > KABIKIS.
kahikatea kahikatoa a tall New Zealand coniferous tree.
kaikawaka a small pyramid-shaped New Zealand conifer, aka PAHAUTEA.
kaikomako a small New Zealand tree with white flowers and black fruit.
kalmia a genus of North American shrubs with poisonous evergreen foliage and corymbs of showy flowers. [From Pehr Kalm (1716—79), Swed. botanist].
kalumpit a Philippine tree of the MYROBALAN genus; its edible fruit.
kamahi a tall New Zealand hardwood tree with pinkish flowers.
kanuka a New Zealand myrtaceous tree.
kapuka a large evergreen tree, aka BROADLEAF, PUKA, PAPAUMA.
karaka a New Zealand tree with edible orange fruit whose seeds are poisonous until treated.
karamu a small New Zealand tree with glossy leaves and orange fruit.
karite the shea-tree. [Native African].
karo a small New Zealand shrub or tree.
karri a Western Australian gum tree.
kat khat qat a shrub of E Africa, Arabia, etc, or specif its leaves, chewed or taken as tea for their stimulant effect.
katsura an Asian tree.
kauri kaury a gum- and timber-yielding tree of New Zealand; its white timber; its resin found in lumps in ground > KAURIS; KAURIES.
kawakawa a New Zealand tree, aka PEPPERTREE.
kentia the Howea feather palm. [From William Kent (d. 1828), botanical collector].
kerria a flowering shrub. [From William Kerr (d. 1814), Eng. botanical collector].
khat see KAT.
khaya a lofty West African tree related to the mahogany.
kiaat a tropical African leguminous tree.
kiekie a climbing bush plant of New Zealand.
kina see CHINACHINA.
kinakina see CHINACHINA.
kingwood a hardwood tree.
kitul kittul a kind of palm; a fibre obtained from the leaf-stalks of this, used for making ropes, brushes, etc.
koa a kind of acacia with crescent-shaped leaves and white flowers.
kohekohe a New Zealand tree with large glossy leaves and reddish flower.
kohutuhutu a New Zealand shrub with tasty purple berries.
kokum kokam kookum an E. Indian tree.[Marathi kokamb, mangosteen].
kola see COLA.
koromiko a flowering New Zealand shrub.
kotukutuku the tree fuchsia.
kousso see CUSSO,
kowhai a New Zealand tree with golden flowers.
krameria a genus of spreading shrubs with many stems.
kumarahou a New Zealand shrub.
kurrajong see CURRAJONG.
kusso see CUSSO.
laburnum a genus of ornamental shrubs.
lacebark a West Indian tree.
ladypalm a kind of palm tree.
lambkill an evergreen shrub.
lantana a tropical shrub of the VERVAIN family.
larch any tree of the coniferous genus Larix, distinguished from cedar by the deciduous leaves.
laurustine laurustinus a winter-flowering shrub > of LAURUSTINUS is LAURUSTINUSES.
laylock lilac.
leatherleaf an ericaceous bog shrub with coriaceous leaves.
leatherwood an American tree, aka WICOPY.
lebbek an Old World tropical mimosaceous tree. [Arab. labak.]
lecythis relating to a genus of gigantic trees, chiefly Brazilian. N.B. this is an adjective.
lehua a Polynesian tree of the myrtle family with bright red flowers, aka OHIA.
lemonwood a small tree of New Zealand.
lentisc lentisk the mastic tree, Pistacia lentiscus. [L. lentiscus].
lepidote a flowering shrub.
leylandi leylandii the Leyland cypress.
liana liane any climbing plant, esp. a twisted woody kind festooning tropical forests.
lianoid like a LIANA.
ligustrum a plant of the genus that includes the privets.
lilac a European tree (Syringa vulgaris) of the olive family.
limba a kind of African tree.
lime a tropical citrus tree; its small nearly globular fruit, with acid-tasting flesh; (verb) to treat with lime.
lind linden a lime tree.
ling a common low-growing shrub of the heath family, aka HEATHER.
liquidambar a genus of balsamiferous trees of the family Hamamelidaceae, found in N. America and Asia.
lobstick lopstick a tree with its lower branches trimmed.
lodgepole a kind of N. American pine tree.
longleaf an evergreen tree.
lonicera honeysuckle. [From the German botanist Lonicera].
lopstick see LOBSTICK.
loquat a Chinese and Japanese tree or its small, yellow, edible fruit. [Cantonese luh kwat lit. 'rush orange'].
lowbush a bush with sweet blueberries.
lucuma any of various tropical American trees of the former genus Lucuma, now Pouteria, which bear sweet fruit.
lumbang the candle-nut tree.
macahuba macoya an American palm, whose nuts yield a violet-scented oil.
maceranduba massaranduba masseranduba the Brazilian milk-tree.
macoya see MACAHUBA.
macrocarpa an evergreen conifer of New Zealand.
madrona madrone madrono a Californian tree of the Arbutus genus.
magnolia any tree or shrub of the magnoliaceous genus Magnolia of Asia and North America > cultivated for their white, pink, purple, or yellow showy flowers.
mahoe a small, bushy white-barked tree of New Zealand.
mahogany any of various tropical American trees, valued for their hard reddish-brown wood.
mahonia any of various Asian and N. American shrubs of the genus Mahonia, of the barberry family, with yellow flowers and prickly pinnate leaves.
mahua mahwa mowa mowra a kind of butter-tree with edible flowers.
mahuang an Asian plant of the Ephedra genus.
mahwa see MAHUA.
mairehau a small aromatic shrub of New Zealand.
majagua a tropical tree.
mallee a scrubby Australian evergreen tree.
malpighia a tropical shrub > MALPIGHIAS.
manatu a large flowering New Zealand deciduous shrub.
manawa a mangrove.
manchineel a tropical tree with poisonous latex. [Sp. manzanilla, little apple].
mangabeira a Brazilian apocynaceous rubber tree.
mangeao a small New Zealand tree with glossy leaves.
mango a tropical tree of the cashew-nut family; its yellowish-red fleshy fruit > MANGOS or MANGOES.
mangostan a tree of the East Indies of the genus Garcinia, bearing a fruit of the same name, also called MANGOSTEEN.
mangrove any of various tropical trees or shrubs with interlacing aerial roots.
manjack a West Indian boraginaceous tree.
manoao monoao a shrub of the heath group.
manuka an Australian and New Zealand tree of the myrtle family, with aromatic leaves used as a substitute for tea.
manzanita a Californian shrub with reddish smooth bark, ovate or oval coriaceous evergreen leaves, and bearing clusters of red berries.
mapau a small New Zealand tree with reddish bark.
maplelike like a maple.
maqui a Chilean evergreen shrub.
margosa a large tree of genus Melia found in India, valued for medicinal purposes, aka NEEM. [Port. amargosa fem. of amargoso bitter.]
marri a eucalyptus of W. Australia, with coloured flowers.
massaranduba see MACERANDUBA.
masseranduba see MACERANDUBA.
matagouri a thorny bush of New Zealand, forming thickets in open country.
matai a coniferous evergreen tree of New Zealand, aka black pine.
matipo a New Zealand shrub.
may hawthorn blossom; (verb) to pick may.
maybush the hawthorn.
mayflower in England, the hawthorn; in New England, the trailing arbutus; also, the blossom of these plants.
medlar a small tree related to the apple; its fruit.
melaleuca an Australian tree with a white trunk and black branches.
merry a GEAN, a wild cherry.
mespil a N.American tree that produces small white flowers in spring.
mesquit mesquite mezquit mezquite muskit a name for two trees of the southwestern part of North America, the honey mesquite, and screw-pod mesquite.
metasequoia a tree, the dawn redwood.
mezereon mezereum an early-flowering woodland shrub with fragrant purplish or rose-coloured flowers. [Arab. mazaryun].
mezquit see MESQUIT.
mezquite see MESQUIT.
milkwood any of various trees associated with latex.
mimosa any tropical shrubs or trees of the Mimosaceous genus Mimosa, having ball-like clusters of typically yellow flowers > MIMOSAE or MIMOSAS.
mingimingi a type of New Zealand tree with white berries.
miriti any palm of the genus Mauritia > MIRITIS.
miro a tall coniferous tree of New Zealand.
misletoe missel mistletoe mistletoe an evergreen shrub, with leathery leaves, yellowish flowers, and waxy white berries > growing as a partial parasite on various trees.
monkeypod the rain-tree.
monkeypot any of various tropical trees of the genus Lecythis.
monoao see MANOAO.
moosewood a North American tree.
mopane mopani a small South African tree with racemes of greenish flowers.
moriche a tall S. American palm, used as a source of sago, fibre, and (from the sap) wine.
morrell a tall eucalyptus of SW Australia.
moutan the Chinese tree peony, a shrub with large flowers of various colors.
mowa see MAHWA.
mowra see MAHWA.
mugga an Australian eucalyptus with dark bark and pink flowers.
mulga a kind of acacia found in arid regions of Australia.
muntrie an Australian shrub with green-red edible berries.
muskit see MESQUIT.
mvule a large African tree of the mulberry family.
myrica a widely dispersed genus of shrubs and trees, usually with aromatic foliage.
myrtle any evergreen shrub or tree of the myrtaceous genus Myrtus, esp M. communis, a S. European shrub with pink or white flowers and aromatic blue-black berries.
nabk nebbuk nebeck nebek a tree, the Christ's-thorn. [Arabic nebk].
nandin nandina an evergreen Asiatic shrub of the barberry family. [Jap. nanten].
naseberry neesberry nisberry the SAPODILLA plum; the tree bearing it.
nebbuk see NABK.
nebeck see NABK.
nebek see NABK.
neem neemb nim nimb an East Indian tree.
neesberry see NASEBERRY.
neinei a New Zealand shrub with long narrow leaves.
ngaio a New Zealand tree with white wood.
nikau a Maori name for the palm tree Rhopalostylis sapida, native to New Zealand.
nimb see NEEM.
ninebark a flowering shrub.
nipa a low-growing E. Indian palm, aka ATTAP or ATAP.
nisberry see NASEBERRY.
noni a tree of SE Asia whose fruit provides a possibly health-promoting juice.
nyssa a tree of the genus Nyssa (family Cornaceae) of small American and Asiatic trees with overlapping petals.
oak a genus (Quercus) of trees of the beech family.
oakleaf the leaf of the oak tree.
oaklike like an oak.
oakling a young oak.
oaky oak-like > OAKIER, OAKIEST.
obeche a large West African tree or its whiteish wood.
ocotillo a cactus-like Mexican tree > OCOTILLOS.
ohia a Polynesian tree of the myrtle family with bright red flowers, aka LEHUA.
oiticica any of several tropical S. American trees, whose crushed seeds yield an oil used in paints and varnishes. [Port. f. Tupi oitisica, f. uita plant name + isika resin.]
oleander a poisonous evergreen shrub.
olearia a genus of evergreen shrubs.
oleaster a yellow-flowered, olive-like shrub of S. Europe; erroneously, wild olive. [L. oleaster, from olea, an olive-tree, from Gk. elaia].
ololiuqui a woody-stemmed Mexican vine of the morning glory family.
ombu a S. American tree.
opepe a West African tree yielding a hard yellowish wood used as a substitute for teak.
opulus the guelder-rose, Viburnum opulus > OPULUSES.
orihou a small New Zealand tree.
osier a species of willow whose twigs are used in making baskets.
osiered covered or fringed with osiers.
pachouli patchouli patchouly an Asiatic tree with a fragrant perfume oil; the resulting perfume. [Tamil pacculi].
pachysandra a Japanese tree with evergreen leaves.
padauk padouk a Burmese timber-tree.
pahautea a small pyramid-shaped New Zealand conifer, aka KAIKAWAKA.
palas a leguminous tree of eastern India and Myanmar, the DHAK tree.
palay the ivory tree, a small S. Indian tree of the dogbane family.
palmetto any of various usu. small and sometimes stemless fan palms > PALMETTOES or PALMETTOS.
palmyra a species of palm having a straight, black, upright trunk, with palmate leaves.
paloverde a desert shrub with spiny, yellow flowers. [Sp. 'green tree'].
panax a tree of the Aralia family.
pandanus pandan a palm of S.E.Asia, the leaves of which are used to weave mats > PANDANUSES or PANDANI; PANDANS.
pandani a tropical, palm-like tree of Tasmania > PANDANIS.
papauma a large evergreen tree, aka BROADLEAF, KAPUKA, PUKA.
papaw pawpaw papaya a tree of the custard-apple family; its fruit.
papayan like a PAPAYA.
paperbark an Australian tree with spear-shaped leaves and a a papery bark.
parapara a small carnivorous New Zealand tree.
patchouli see PACHOULI.
patchouly see PACHOULI.
paulownia any tree of the Chinese and Japanese genus Paulownia, of the figwort family, with showy flowers.
pawpaw see PAPAW.
paxiuba a Brazilian palm with stilt-roots.
peebeen a large hardwood evergreen tree.
peepul papal pipul the bo tree, holy tree of the Buddhists, under which Buddha found enlightenment, planted close by every temple.
pepperidge another name for the TUPELO, a North American tree of the Dogwood family, having brilliant, glossy foliage and acid red berries.
peppertree an evergreen tree native to tropical America.
pereira a Brazilian tree, the bark of which is used medicinally. [From Jonathan Pereira, 19th century English pharmacologist].
perovskia a genus of hardy deciduous shrubs of the Labiatae family.
photinia any of a genus of evergreen or deciduous trees or shrubs of the Rosaceae family.
piassaba piassava piassaba piassava a type of palm tree yielding.a coarse stiff fibre for making brooms. [Port. f. Tupi piaç´ba].
pichurim a S. American tree of the laurel family; (in full pichurim bean) the aromatic cotyledon of the seed of this tree, used in cookery and medicine.
pieris an American or Asiatic shrub > PIERISES.
pikake a Hawaiian shrub with small, white, very fragrant flowers. [Hawaiian pikake, peacock].
pinang a kind of palm tree.
pinaster a species of pine growing in Southern Europe.
pinelike like a pine.
piney an erroneous form of PINY, abounding in pine trees.
piny having e.g. the fragrance of pine > PINIER, PINIEST; (noun) a peony.
pipal see PEEPUL.
pipul see PEEPUL.
pistachio a kind of tree, or its edible nut-like fruit.
pitchpine a kind of pine tree.
pittosporum any of numerous chiefly subtropical evergreen shrubs or small trees constituting the genus Pittosporum, native esp. to Australasia and China.
pituri an Australian solanaceous shrub > PITURIS.
platan platane the plane tree.
plumeria a flowering shrub, aka FRANGIPANI.
pohutukawa a New Zealand evergreen which bears clusters of red flowers in December and January; thus called the Christmas tree.
poinciana a tree of the tropical genus Poinciana. [From De Poinci, a French W. Indian governor].
poinsettia a Mexican shrub with very large and conspicuous vermilion bracts below the yellowish flowers. [From Joel Roberts Poinsett, U.S. minister to Mexico during the 1820s].
poisonwood a poisonous tree of the cashew family native to Florida.
pollard a tree pruned back to the trunk; (verb) to prune back a tree to its trunk.
ponderosa a kind of pine found in the US.
poon an E. Indian tree. [Malayalam punna].
popinac popinack a thorny shrub or small tree of tropical or subtropical America, with clusters of fragrant yellow flowers, aka huisache.
poplar a genus (Populus) of rapidly growing trees of the willow family.
prickwood the spindle tree.
privet a half-evergreen European shrub of the olive family.
prunus a genus of tree including plum > PRUNUSES. [L. prunus, plum-tree].
puka a large evergreen tree, aka BROADLEAF, KAPUKA, PAPAUMA.
pukatea an aromatic New Zealand tree, valued for its high-quality timber.
pupunha the peach-palm; its fruit. [Port. from Tupi].
puriri a timber tree of New Zealand, with red berries and glossy green leaves.
pyengadu pyinkado the ironwood tree > PYENGADUS, PYINKADOS.
pyracanth pyracantha the evergreen thorn (Crataegus pyracantha), a shrub native of Europe.
pyxie an evergreen shrub. [From L. pyxidium, the generic name].
qat see KAT.
quandang quandong quantong a small Australian tree of the sandalwood family.
quebracho any of several tropical American trees and their timber or bark > QUEBRACHOS. [Sp. quebrar, to break + hacho, axe].
quercetum a plantation of oak trees > QUERCETUMS.
quercine pertaining to an oak tree.
quickbeam quicken the rowan tree.
quickset formed of living plants arranged in place.
quickthorn hawthorn.
quillai see CULLAY.
quillaia see CULLAY.
quillaja see CULLAY.
quina see CHINACHINA.
quinaquina see CHINACHINA.
quinquina see CHINACHINA.
rabbitbrush any of several low branching composite shrubs found in the US.
radiata an originally Californian variety of pine tree, now grown especially in New Zealand for timber > RADIATAS.
raffia raphia a genus of handsome pinnately-leaved palms.
rambutan a tree of the same family as the LYCHEE; its edible fruit. [Malay rambut, hair].
ramin a Malaysian hardwood tree; its timber.
ramona any of the various plants S. officinalis having aromatic greyish-green leaves, aka SAGEBRUSH.
rangiora an evergreen New Zealand shrub with large ovate leaves and small greenish-white flowers.
raphia see RAFFIA.
rata a myrtaceous New Zealand tree with hard red wood and bearing crimson flowers.
ratan rattan any of various esp. Malaysian climbing plants with long thin stems.
ratany rhatany a type of S. American shrub with astringent (styptic, contracting) roots. [Sp. ratania, from Quechua ratana].
rattan see RATAN.
rauwolfia a tropical tree or shrub used as source of various drugs, especially the sedative RESERPINE. [From Leonhard Rauwolf, a German botanist].
redbay a small tree.
redbud a small ornamental leguminous tree of the US.
redwood a species of SEQUOIA with reddish wood much used commercially.
retama retem a name for various desert plants, e.g. Spanish broom.
rewarewa a New Zealand tree whose wood is used in furniture making.
rhamnus a genus of shrubs and small trees; buckthorn > RHAMNUSES. [Gk. rhamnos].
rhatany see RATANY.
rhododendron a large shrub > RHODODENDRA or RHODENDRONS.
rhodie rhody a rhododendron.
rhododaphne a flowering shrub.
rhodora a N. American azalea, bearing rose-purple flowers before the leaves.
rhody see RHODIE.
rhus a genus of shrubs and small trees > RHUSES.
ribbonwood a small evergreen malvaceous tree of New Zealand.
ribes a genus of shrubs including gooseberries and currants of many kinds.
rimu a coniferous New Zealand tree.
robinia a genus of leguminous trees including the common locust of North America. [From Jean and Vespasien Robin, royal gardeners in Paris in the late 16th and early 17th cents].
roble a name for various species of oak.
rockrose a shrub of the Potentilla genus.
romneya a genus of papaveraceous shrubs. [From Thomas Romney Robinson (1792—1882), British astronomer and physicist].
rosebay the oleander; any rhododendron.
rosebush a bush bearing roses.
rosier rosiere a rose-bush.
rotan = RATTAN, any of various esp. Malaysian climbing plants with long thin stems.
rowan a small deciduous tree.
rubus a genus of rosaceous plants, including the raspberry and blackberry > RUBUSES.
sabal a variety of palm tree.
sabicu a Caribbean tree, aka horsehead mahogany.
sabine an evergreen shrub.
sagebrush a low irregular shrub covering vast tracts of the dry alkaline regions of the American plains.
sago a type of palm tree; a nutritive cereal derived from its pith > SAGOS. [Malay sagu].
saikei a Japanese miniature landscape of bonsai trees etc.
saksaul saxaul a low, thick, contorted tree of the goosefoot family.
sal a large North Indian tree.
salal sallal a N.W. American ericaceous shrub. [Chinook].
salix a genus of trees or shrubs including the willow, osier, and the like, growing usually in wet grounds > SALICES.
sallal see SALAL.
sallee a species of acacia.
saltbush an Australian plant of the goosefoot family.
samaan saman zaman zamang the rain-tree, a member of the mimosa family.
sandalwood a compact and fine-grained very fragrant E Indian wood; the parasitic tree yielding it.
sandbox a tree with woody capsules that explode when ripe, used to hold sand for drying ink.
santol a tropical tree.
santolina a genus of fragrant Mediterranean shrubs.
saouari souari a tree of Guiana, yielding butternuts.
sapling a young tree.
sapodilla sapota zapotilla the edible fruit of a Mexican tree.
sapote a tropical American tree.
sapucaia a S. American tree, related to the Brazil nut; the oily edible seed of this. [Port. f. Tupi yasapukaya.]
saskatoon an amelanchier of western N. America; the sweet purple edible berry of this shrub. [Cree].
sassafras an American tree of the Laurel family; also, the bark of the roots, which has an aromatic smell and taste.
sasswood an African tree.
sauch saugh a sallow.
saughy full of SAUGHS, willows. No comp!
savin savine a species of JUNIPER.
saxaul see SAKSAUL.
schefflera any of various evergreen tropical or subtropical shrubs of the family Araliaceae, having large compound leaves and clusters of small flowers followed by berries.
screwbean a leguminous shrub or small tree of the southwestern US.
sebesten an oriental boraginaceous tree; its edible plumlike fruit. [Arabic sebastan].
sequoia a genus of coniferous trees, attaining an immense size.
seringa a Brazilian tree yielding rubber.
shadblow shadbush an American rosaceous bush flowering at shad spawning time.
shaddock a grapefruit-like tree and fruit.
shagbark a rough-barked species of hickory, its nut. Aka SHELLBARK.
shallon an evergreen shrub of Northwest America; also, its fruit. Aka SALAL.
shea an African sapotaceous tree, from the seeds of which a substance resembling butter is obtained; the African butter tree.
shellbark a species of hickory whose outer bark is loose and peeling; a shagbark; also, its nut.
shittah a Biblical tree, probably a species of acacia.
sigillarid one of an extinct family of cryptogamous trees, including the genus Sigillaria and its allies.
silverberry a silvery N. American shrub of the oleaster family.
simarouba simaruba a tropical American tree.
sissoo a papilionaceous Indian timber tree or its wood. [Hindi sisu].
sitka as in sitka spruce, a tall N. American spruce tree.
skimmia an Asiatic shrub with holly-like leaves and fragrant panicles of flowers. [Japanese shirimi].
sloebush sloethorn sloetree the blackthorn tree.
smokebush a plant with purple leaves and small flowers that turn grey-white before they fall.
sneezewood a S. African timber tree, or its wood, whose sawdust causes sneezing.
snowbell a flowering shrub.
snowberry the white berry of a N. American shrub of the honeysuckle family.
snowbush any of several white-flowered ornamental N. American shrubs.
soapbark a S. American tree, the bark of which can be used as soap.
soapberry any tree of the genus Sapindus, the fleshy part of whose fruit is used instead of soap in washing linen.
sorbaria a small deciduous shrub with clusters of white flowers.
sorbus any plant of a large genus of deciduous trees, including the srvice tree and rowan > SORBUSES. [L. sorbus, service-tree].
souari see SAOUARI.
sourgum a softwood tree of eastern N. America.
soursop a W. Indian tree of the Anona species; its large, sour, pulpy fruit.
sourwood the sorrel tree.
southernwood an aromatic shrub of the wormwood genus.
sparkleberry a shrub or small tree bearing black berries, native to southern parts of North America.
spart esparto, Spanish broom.
spekboom a South African succulent shrub of the purslane family. [Dutch 'bacon tree'].
spicebush a pungently aromatic N. American shrub of the laurel family.
spiderwood a kind of tree found in New Zealand.
spruce a type of coniferous tree; (adj.) smart, dapper > SPRUCER, SPRUCEST; (verb) to make smart.
squawbush an American shrub.
staggerbush a shrubby heath of the Eastern US, poisonous to livestock.
steeplebush another name for HARDHACK.
sterculia any tree or shrub of genus Sterculia, including KOLA and CACAO.
stringybark an Australian tree.
sugarberry any of several hackberries with sweet edible fruits.
sugarbush an area covered in sugar maple trees.
sumac sumach any of various shrubs and small trees of the genus Rhus.
sundari sundra sundri an E. Indian tree.
supplejack a woody climber with a tough pliant stem.
sweetbriar sweetbrier a wild rose with fragrant foliage.
sweetsop a tropical American evergreen; its sweet fruit.
sweetwood a S. American lauraceous tree.
sycamine the mulberry tree.
sycamore in England, the great maple (Acer pseudoplatanus).
sycomore a kind of fig tree.
syringa the mock orange. [Gk. syrinx, shepherd's pipe].
talipat talipot a very tall southern Indian fan palm with enormous leaves which are used as sunshades etc.
tamanu an E. Indian tree, yielding TACAMAHAC, a kind of gum resin.
tamarack the American or black larch.
tamarind a large tropical tree; its fruit. [Arabic tamr-Hindi, date of India].
tamarisk a heathlike shrub or tree of warm regions.
taraire a type of New Zealand tree.
tauhinu a New Zealand poplar tree.
taupata a New Zealand tree with shiny dark green leaves.
tawai tawhai any of various species of Nothofagus, New Zealand beech.
tawheowheo a type of azalea found in New Zealand.
tawhiri a small New Zealand tree with wavy glossy dark green leaves.
taxus an evergreen shrub > TAXUS.
teak a large tree of the verbena family of India and SE Asia; the timber of this tree, a dark heavy oily wood of great strength and durability. [Malayalam tekka].
teil an oak-like hardwood tree, the TEREBINTH, which when cut exudes a fragrant resinous juice. [OF teil, L. tilia].
terebinth [Gk.] a small Mediterranean tree yielding a resinous liquid. [Gk. terebinthos].
tewart tooart tuart a strong-timbered eucalyptus.
thornbush a bush bearing thorns.
thorntree any tree bearing thorns.
thuja thuya a genus of evergreen trees, thickly branched, with scalelike, closely imbricated, or compressed leaves.
thyine in biblical translations and allusions > of, pertaining to, or designating (the wood of) the thuya.
ti a small Pacific tree; a musical note.
tibouchina a plant of the Tibouchina genus of shrubs, with purple flowers. [Native name in Guiana].
tigridia a type of tropical American plant.
titoki a New Zealand tree > TITOKIS.
tod todde a bush esp. of ivy.
tonka as in tonka bean, a tall leguminous African tree with fragrant black almond-shaped seeds.
tooart see TEWART.
toon an Indian tree of the mahogany family. [Hindi tun].
toquilla a S. American palm-like tree; a fibre obtained from its leaves. [Sp. dim. of toca, toque].
tornillo a flowering shrub, aka the screw-bean > TORNILLOS. [Sp. dim. of torno, turn].
totara a New Zealand timber tree, with reddish wood > mahogany pine.
toyon an ornamental evergreen shrub. [Mex. Sp. tollón.]
troelie troely troolie an Amazonian palm tree, aka BUSSU; its immense leaf, used for thatching. [Tupi tururí].
tuart see TEWART.
tuckamore (Canadian) a stunted tree or bush, especially a spruce or juniper, with creeping roots and interlacing branches.
tumatakuru a native thorny shrub of New Zealand, aka Wild Irishman.
tung a kind of Chinese tree.
tupelo a North American tree of the Dogwood family, having brilliant, glossy foliage and acid red berries. [Creek].
twinberry twinflower a shrubby North American honeysuckle.
ule see HULE.
ulex gorse > ULEXES or ULICES.
upas a tree with a poisonous drip > UPASES. [Malay upas, poison].
vaccinium a genus of ericaceous shrubs including the various kinds of blueberries and the true cranberries. [L. vaccinium, whortleberry].
viburnum a kind of shrub or tree including the guelder-rose. [L. viburnum, the wayfaring tree].
viscum a genus of parasitic shrubs, including the mistletoe of Europe > VISCUMS.
vitaceous of a family of flowering plants that includes the grapevine.
vitex any of various shrubs and small trees of the verbena family > VITEXES.
waboom wagenboom a South African proteaceous tree; also, its tough wood, used for making wagon wheels. [Dutch 'wagon-tree'].
wallaba a leguminous tree of Demerara, with pinnate leaves and clusters of red flowers. [Native name].
wandoo an Australian hardwood tree.
waratah any of a genus of Australian proteaceous shrubs with very showy flowers.
weigela weigelia a hardy garden shrub belonging to the honeysuckle family, with white or red flowers.
wenge a type of tree found in central and West Africa.
whin gorse, furze.
whinny abounding in whins > WHINNIER, WHINNIEST; (verb) to make a high neighing sound.
whitebeam a small tree (Sorbus aria or Pyrus aria) with leaves white and downy on the underside.
whitethorn the hawthorn.
whitewood the soft and easily-worked wood of the tulip tree, much used in cabinetwork, carriage building, etc.
whiteywood a New Zealand tree with smooth pale bark, aka MAHOE.
whortleberry a widely-spread heath plant with a dark blue edible berry.
wich wych a tree with pliant branches, as in wych elm.
wickape an American tree, aka LEATHERWOOD. [Algonquin].
wicken wicky the rowan tree.
wicopy see WICKAPE.
wilga a small white-flowered Australian tree.
willow any tree or shrub of the genus Salix, having slender pliant branches; (verb) to clean in a willowing machine.
winterberry a name given to several shrubs of the genus Ilex, growing in the eastern parts of N America.
wirilda an Australian acacia tree.
witchen the mountain-ash; the wych-elm.
witgat witgatboom a South African evergreen tree with edible roots used as a coffee substitute when roasted. [Afk., f. wit, white + gat, hole + boom, tree].
witherod an American shrub.
withy a willow, a WITHE; (adj.) made of withes, supple > WITHIER, WITHIEST.
wolfberry an American shrub which bears soft white berries.
woodbind woodbine the honeysuckle, applied also to other creepers.
woollybutt a kind of eucalyptus with fibrous bark.
wych see WICH.
yacca yacka a West Indian name for two large timber trees of the Yew family. [Sp. yaca, from Taino].
yang a species of Thai timber tree.
yapon yaupon youpon yupon a bushy evergreen shrub of the holly genus.
yaqona a shrub, of the West Pacific islands, aka KAVA; a narcotic fermented drink made esp. in Fiji from its macerated roots.
yarran a small eucalyptus tree.
yaupon see YAPON.
yellowbark another name for CALISAYA.
yew any tree of the genus Taxus.
yohimbe (Bantu) a tropical African tree.
youpon see YAPON.
yulan a kind of MAGNOLIA, producing large white flowers.
yupon see YAPON.
zaman see SAMAN.
zamang see SAMAN.
zamia a genus of cycads.
zanthoxylum any rutaceous shrub or tree of the genus Zanthoxylum, of temperate and subtropical E Asia and North America > includes the prickly ash and the West Indian yellowwood
zapotilla see SAPODILLA.
zebrano a tree with striped wood > ZEBRANOS.
zelkova a Japanese tree.
zizyphus a shrub or tree of the buckthorn family, aka the JUJUBE tree. [L. jujube tree].