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Now updated for CSW19. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

abalone a sea snail of rocky coasts, aka ORMER.
ammonite the coiled shell of an extinct mollusc.
argonaut a sort of CUTTLEFISH, aka paper nautilus. [Gk. Argo, and nautes, a sailor].
ataata (Maori) a grazing marine gastropod.
belon a kind of OYSTER.
bivalve a bivalve mollusc.
blackhead a larval clam or mussel attached to the gills of a freshwater fish.
bluepoint a small oyster typically from the south shore of Long Island.
brachiopod a bivalve marine invertebrate.
buckie a large spiral marine shell, esp. the common whelk. [L. buccinum, shellfish].
byssal of or like BYSSUS.
byssus a filamentous tuft ('beard') by which molluscs attach themselves to rocks > BYSSI or BYSSUSES.
calamar calamari calamary any of various species of squid. Note that CALAMARI is really a plural noun, but can take an -S.
capiz the translucent shell of a bivalve mollusc, used in making jewellery > CAPIZES.
cephalopod any marine mollusc of the class Cephalopoda, characterized by well-developed head and eyes and a ring of sucker-bearing tentacles. The group also includes the octopuses, squids, cuttlefish, and pearly nautilus.
cherrystone a medium-sized QUAHOG.
chank the shell of several species of Turbinella, gastropod molluscs of the E Indian seas, sliced into bangles and worn by Hindu women.
chiton any primitive marine mollusc of the genus Chiton, with an elongated body covered with a shell of movable plates.
clam an edible shellfish of various kinds; (verb) to dig for clams > CLAMS, CLAMMING, CLAMMED.
clamlike like a clam.
cockle a large bivalve mollusc; (verb) to pucker.
cohog quahog quohog quahaug a kind of clam.
conch a kind of shell > CONCHS or CONCHES.
coquina a small American clam used for broth or chowder (also a kind of limestone).
cowrie cowry a kind of shell.
cuttle the cuttlefish, a cephalopod mollusc; (verb) to fold cloth in a particular fashion > CUTTLES, CUTTLING, CUTTLED.
cuttlebone the internal shell of the cuttlefish, used for making tooth-powder, for polishing the softer metals and for cage-birds to sharpen their beaks on.
cuttlefish any cephalopod mollusc of the genus Sepia.
dentalium any mollusc or shell of the genus Dentalium, of scaphopod molluscs whose shells resemble an elephant's tusk > DENTALIA or DENTALIUMS.
devilfish an octopus; also, a huge ray of the Gulf of Mexico and Southern Atlantic coasts > DEVILFISHES.
dibranchiate Having two gills; (noun) any of a certain subclass of cephalopods.
dodman hodmandod a snail; a snail shell.
doridoid a genus of nudibranchiate GASTROPODS, shell-less molluscs with a plumy tuft of gills on the back.
escallop a kind of shell with a wavy edge; (verb) to indent like an escallop > ESCALLOPS, ESCALLOPING, ESCALLOPED.
escargot an edible snail.
eugarie yugarie (Maori) a type fo shellfish, aka PIPI.
gaper a soft-shelled CLAM, with a permanent opening between the valves through which the siphon protrudes.
gasteropod gastropod gastropodan any mollusc of the class Gastropoda, typically having a flattened muscular foot for locomotion and a head that bears stalked eyes. The class includes the snails, whelks, limpets, and slugs.
geoduck gweduc gweduck a large edible clam.
glochidium the larva of a freshwater mussel that develops as a parasite on fish > GLOCHIDIA.
gweduc see GEODUCK.
gweduck see GEODUCK.
haliotis a genus of molluscs > HALIOTES or HALIOTISES. [Gk. hals, sea + ous, otos, ear].
heteropod any of a group of free-swimming prosobranch gastropods having the foot adapted for swimming.
hodmandod see DODMAN.
lamellibranch any member of the Lamellibranchiata, bivalve molluscs including clams, mussels and oysters.
lampshell a kind of brachiopod with a shell shaped like an antique lamp.
limaceous pertaining to, or like, Limax, or the slugs.
limaciform slug-like.
limacine of, relating to, or resembling a slug.
limacology the study of slugs.
limax a slug > LIMACES. [L. limax, a slug].
limnaeid any member of the family Limnaeidae, pond-snails.
limpet a gastropod with a conical shell, that clings to rocks.
littleneck a young QUAHOG suitable to be eaten raw.
loligo a genus of cephalopods, including numerous species of squids, common on the coasts of America and Europe > LOLIGOS.
malacology the study of molluscs.
melanian one to a family of fresh-water mollusks, having a turret-shaped shell > MELANIANS.
mollusc mollusk any animal of the phylum Mollusca, members of which (as limpets, snails, cuttlefish, oysters, mussels, etc.) have soft bodies and (usu.) hard shells. [L. molluscus softish, from mollis soft].
molluscan molluskan (a member) of the molluscs.
molluscoid a member of a now abandoned division of invertebrates of the Molluscoidea, Polyzoa and brachiopods.
molluscous like a mollusc.
murex a genus of shellfish, yielding a purple dye > MUREXES or MURICES. [L. murex].
muskle a MUSSEL.
mussel any of various marine bivalves of the genus Mytilus and related genera.
mytiliform mussel-shaped.
mytiloid mussel-shaped.
nacre mother-of-pearl or a shellfish yielding it; (verb) to coat with mother-of-pearl > NACRES, NACRING, NACRED.
nacreous nacrous of or like NACRE, mother-of-pearl.
nautiloid like or pertaining to the NAUTILUS; shaped like a nautilus shell.
nautilus a cephalopod of southern seas > NAUTILI or NAUTILUSES.
neopilina a mollusc of the genus Neopilina.
nerite a kind of sea-snail. [Gk. nereites, nerites a sea snail (of various kinds)].
nudibranch (a member) of the Nudibranchiata, sea slugs.
nudibranchiate a member of the Nudibranchiata, sea slugs.
octopod octopodan an octopus or other eight-armed creature > OCTOPODS or OCTOPODES, OCTOPODANS.
octopoid octopodous relating to an OCTOPOD, an octopus or other eight-armed creature.
octopus a cephalopod > OCTOPI, OCTOPUSES or OCTOPODES.
opisthobranch a type of mollusc having gills, little or no shell, two pairs of tentacles
ormer a sea snail of rocky coasts, aka ABALONE.
ostracean any one of a family of bivalves, of which the oyster is the type > OSTRACEANS.
ostraceous ostreaceous of or relating to oysters.
oyster an edible shellfish; (verb) to gather oysters > OYSTERS, OYSTERING, OYSTERED.
paua pawa a name for the ABALONE shell.
pelecypod designating or pertaining to a bivalve mollusc; (noun) a pelecypod mollusc, a bivalve.
pennywinkle periwinkle a marine snail.
perlemoen another name for ABALONE.
pholas a mollusc of the piddock genus of rock-boring molluscs > PHOLADES.
piddock a rough-shelled, boring, marine bivalve.
pipi an edible shellfish of Australasia > PIPIS.
polyp polype an obsolete term for octopus or cuttlefish, now used for various other marine animals especially an individual of a colonial animal.
poulp poulpe the octopus.
prosobranch any of a subclass of gastropod molluscs > PROSOBRANCHS.
pteropod a small swimming mollusc, often shell-less.
pulmonate a member of the Pulmonata, an air-breathing order or subclass of Gastropoda.
quahaug see COHOG.
quahog see COHOG.
queenie a Solway scallop.
quohog see COHOG.
radula a tonguelike organ of molluscs > RADULAE or RADULAS.
ramshorn a freshwater snail, often kept in aquariums.
razorclam razorfish a lamellibranch mollusc with a shell like an old-fashioned razor handle.
rudist rudistid a cone-shaped extinct mollusc.
scallop scollop a kind of shell; (verb) to indent like a scallop.
scaphopod a member of a class of marine molluscs.
scollop see SCALLOP.
seashell the shell of a marine mollusk.
sepiost sepiostaire sepium cuttlebone.
shellfish a shelled aquatic invertebrate, esp a mollusc or crustacean, or such animals collectively.
shipworm a wormlike lamellibranch mollusc that makes shell-lined tunnels in submerged wood. Aka TEREDO.
slug a land mollusc with a rudimentary shell or none at all; (verb) to strike.
sluglike like a slug.
snailfish a sea snail.
snaillike like a snail.
snaily like a snail; full of snails > SNAILIER, SNAILIEST.
spat the spawn of shellfish; a shellfish larva.
spirula a genus of cephalopods having a shell in the form of a flat spiral > SPIRULAE or SPIRULAS.
spoot the razor-shell mollusc > SPOOTS.
squid any large-headed cephalopod mollusc, esp of the genera Loligo and Ommastrephes, with a long tapering body, ten tentacles and triangular tail fins; (verb) to fish with a squid > SQUIDS, SQUIDDING, SQUIDDED.
squidlike like a squid.
stoneborer any boring mollusc.
stromb strombus a very large gastropod related to the whelk. [Gr. strombos, a spinning-top, snail, whirlwind].
tectibranch any member of the Tectibranchiata, molluscs including sea-slugs > TECTIBRANCHS.
tectibranchiate of a like a TECTIBRANCH, any member of the Tectibranchiata, molluscs including sea-slugs.
tellen tellin a kind of marine shell.
tellinoid like a TELLIN, a kind of marine shell.
terebra a genus of marine gastropods having a long, tapering spire > TEREBRAE or TEREBRAS.
teredo a genus of long, slender, wormlike bivalve mollusks which bore into submerged wood, aka SHIPWORM > TEREDOS or TEREDINES.
toheroa a kind of New Zealand shellfish.
toothshell any species of Dentalium and allied genera having a tooth-shaped shell.
tridacna a type of giant clam. [Gk. tridaknos, eaten at three bites (applied to a big oyster), from daknein, to bite].
triton a genus of large gastropods with shells that can be used like conchs.
trivalve anything having three valves, especially a shell.
trochus a genus of gastropods, the top-shells > TROCHI or TROCHUSES.
tuatua (Maori) an edible marine bivalve mollusc.
turbo any one of numerous marine gastropods having a turbinate shell, pearly on the inside, and a calcareous operculum > TURBOS. [L turbo, a whirl, a spinning-top].
univalve univalved a shell consisting of one valve only; a mollusk whose shell is composed of a single piece, as the snails and conchs.
veliger a mollusc larva with a velum, a sail-like locomotor organ. [L. velum, sail, + ger, to bear].
venus one of a genus of lamellibranch molluscs > VENUSES.
volute any marine shell of the genus Voluta or related genera, allied to the whelks.
wallfish a snail.
wentletrap any of a genus of gasteropod molluscs, having a spiral shell with many deep whorls. [Du. 'spiral staircase'].
whelk a popular name for a number of marine gastropods.
whelked whelky marked with whelk-like protuberances.
winkle a small edible snail-shaped shellfish, aka PERIWINKLE. (Verb) to extract or force out little by little and with difficulty > WINKLES, WINKLING, WINKLED.
yugarie see EUGARIE.
zygobranch zygobranchiate a type of gastropod having paired, symmetrically placed gills.