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Now updated for CSW19. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

ablet a kind of freshwater fish, aka BLEAK.
aeneus a kind of aquarium fish > AENEUSES.
agnathan any jawless eel-like aquatic vertebrate of the superclass including hagfish and lamprey.
ahi the YELLOWFIN tuna > AHIS.
ahuru ahuruhuru a small pink cod of SW Pacific waters.
albacore albicore a kind of fish, like the TUNNY. [Arabic al buhr, the young camel].
alec a herring.
alevin a young fish, especially a salmon just hatched.
alewife a fish of the herring family > ALEWIVES.
allice allis the European shad. The pl. of ALLIS is ALLISES.
amberjack a large Atlantic game-fish having golden markings when young.
amia a freshwater fish.
ammocete ammocoete the larva of a LAMPREY.
amphioxus a fishlike creature, two or three inches long, found in temperate seas, aka LANCELET > AMPHIOXI or AMPHIOXUSES.
anabantid any of various spiny-finned fishes of the family Anabantidae.
anabas a genus of fishes, remarkable for their power of living long out of water. [Gk. anabas, aorist participle of anabainein to climb, from ana up, and bainein to go].
anableps a fish of the genus Anableps of bony fishes with open air-bladders and projecting eyes divided in two for vision in air and water. [Gk. ana, up, + blepein, to look].
anchoveta anchovetta a small fish like an ANCHOVY.
anchovy a small edible Mediterranean fish of the herring family.
angelfish a brightly coloured tropical fish.
anglerfish a wide-mouthed voracious fish that attracts its prey by waving filaments attached to its head.
araara another name for TREVALLY, a kind of horse-mackerel.
arapaima a large fresh-water food fish of South America, aka PIRARUCU.
archerfish a kind of fish that shoots a jet of water to knock down insects.
argentine a small marine fish with silvery sides.
arahuana arawana arowana aruana a large tropical fish.
atherine a small marine fish of the family Atherinidae, having a silvery stripe along the sides, aka SILVERSIDES.
aua the yellow-eye mullet.
ayu a small edible Japanese fish, aka SWEETFISH.
azurine a freshwater fish, the blue roach.
baggit full of spawn; (noun) a ripe female salmon that has failed to shed her eggs.
baitfish fish used as bait; any fish that may be caught with bait.
ballan ballanwrasse a kind of WRASSE.
bandfish a brightly-coloured Mediterranean fish.
barbel a fleshy appendage on head of certain fishes; a carplike fish having a barbel.
barbot barbotte a kind of large catfish.
barra short for BARRAMUNDI, an Australian fish.
barracouta barracuda a large marine fish resembling the mackerel, aka SNOEK. [Sp. baracuta].
barramunda barramundi burramundi an Australian river-fish.
bass basse a European fish of the sea-perch family.
batfish a name given to several species of fishes.
beagle a small kind of shark.
beardie the bearded loach.
beluga a kind of sturgeon (can also be a kind of whale).
bergall a fish of the wrasse family, aka cunner.
bergylt the Norway haddock.
betta a strikingly-colored Asiatic fish.
bib a fish of the cod and haddock genus with a large chin barbel, aka POUT.
bichir birchir any of various primitive African freshwater fishes of the genus Polypterus.
bigeye a kind of fish with large eyes.
billfish a name applied to several distinct fishes.
bitterling a roachlike European fish.
blackfin a food fish.
blackfish a colloquial name for various species of fish.
blacktail a small fish, aka RUFF or POPE.
blacktip a kind of small shark.
blain another name for the BIB or POUT.
blay bley a small fish, aka BLEAK.
bleak a small silvery river-fish whose scales yield a pigment used in making artificial pearls.
blennioid any member of the blenny family of fishes.
blenny a long, slender, spiny-rayed marine fish.
blindfish an eyeless fish of the Kentucky Mammoth Cave.
bloodfin a freshwater fish.
blowfish any globe-fish.
blueback a kind of N. Pacific salmon.
bluecap a one-year salmon, with blue-spotted head.
bluefin a species of whitefish found in Lake Michigan.
bluefish a large voracious fish of the Serranidae, on the US Atlantic coast.
bluegill an edible sunfish.
bluehead a marine fish.
bluemouth a deepwater fish.
boarfish a Mediterranean fish, so called from the resemblance of the extended lips to a hog's snout.
bocaccio a rockfish.
bogue a Mediterranean fish.
bonaci an edible fish. Pl BONACIS.
bonefish a slender marine fish.
bonita bonito a large fish of the mackerel family. The pl. of BONITO is BONITOS or BONITOES.
bounce the lesser spotted dogfish.
bowfin a voracious ganoid fish found in the fresh waters of the United States.
boxfish any one of several species of fishes of the genus Ostracion. Aka TRUNKFISH.
braise braize a sea-bream or PORGY.
brassy a brass-coloured fish, the BIB or POUT.
bream a kind of fish; (verb) to clean a ship's bottom by burning off seaweed.
brill 1. a fish related to the TURBOT, spotted with white. 2. (coll.) brilliant > BRILLER, BRILLEST.
brisling a Norwegian sprat.
brit britt the young of the common herring; also, a small species of herring; the sprat.
brookie an American brook trout.
buffalofish a fish of the Mississipi valley.
bullhead a fresh-water fish of many species, aka BULLPOUT or POGGE.
bullpout a fresh-water fish of many species, aka BULLHEAD.
bumalo bummalo a small marine Asiatic fish used in India as a relish; aka Bombay duck > BUMALO not BUMALOS* but BUMMALOS.
bumaloti bummaloti the BUMALO, a small marine Asiatic fish used in India as a relish; aka Bombay duck.
burbot a long, slender, freshwater fish of cod family; the eel-pout.
burrfish a kind of fish with erect spines.
butt a flatfish of various kinds.
butterfish a name given to several different fishes, in allusion to their slippery coating of mucus.
butterflyfish any tropical marine percoid fish of the genera Chaetodon, Chelmon, etc, that has a deep flattened brightly coloured or strikingly marked body.
cabezon cabezone a California fish, allied to the SCULPIN.
cabrilla a name applied to various species of edible fishes of the genus Serranus.
callop an edible freshwater fish of Australia.
candiru a tiny S. American fish which can swim into a body orifice, where it attaches itself by means of a spine and feeds on blood and body tissue.
candlefish a marine fish, allied to the smelt, found on the north Pacific coast, aka EULACHAN (which has many variants, q.v.). It is so oily that, when dried, it may be used as a candle, by drawing a wick through it
capelan capelin caplin a small marine fish of northern oceans.
carangid any spiny-finned marine fish of the genus Caranx, that includes scads, jacks etc.
carangoid belonging to the Carangidae, a family of fishes allied to the mackerels.
caribe a South American fresh water fish, remarkable for its voracity. [Sp. caribe, cannibal].
carp an edible freshwater fish of the family Cyprinidae.
carplike like a carp.
cascadura a type of CATFISH having a scaly armoured skin.
catfish a fish with catlike whiskers near its mouth.
cavalla cavally an American fish of the SCAD family. [Port. cavalla, mackerel].
cavefish a fish that lives in a cave, and is often blind.
ceratodus a genus of ganoid fishes, with lungs so well developed that they can leave the water and breathe in air. [Gk. keras, horn + odous, tooth].
cero a large spiny-finned food fish > CEROS. [Sp. sierra, saw].
chad see SHAD.
chaetodon any fish of the tropical genus Chaetodon, having slender teeth.
char charr a small fish of the salmon family.
characid characin any carnivorous freshwater fish of the family Characidae, which includes the pirana.
chavender another name for the CHUB.
cheven chevin another name for the CHUB.
chimaera any of various cartilaginous deep-sea fishes.
chimerid a fish of the genus Chimaera.
chiro a kind of marine fish > CHIROS.
chondrichthyan a technical name for a cartilaginous fish.
chromide a tropical fish.
chub a species of fresh-water fish of the Cyprinidae or Carp family, aka CHEVEN.
cichlid any teleost fish of the family Cichlidae.
cichlidae the cichlid family of fish.
cichloid like a CICHLID, any teleost fish of the family Cichlidae.
cisco a N. American lake fish > CISCOS or CISCOES.
clingfish any small marine teleost fish of the family Gobiesocidae.
clownfish any of various brightly coloured fish whose markings resemble a clown's make-up.
clupeid a kind of fish, including herring and MENHADEN.
clupeoid any fish of the family Clupeidae, that includes the herring genus.
coalfish a kind of fish, aka SAITHE and POLLOCK.
cobia the sergeant-fish. [Perhaps of W. Indian origin].
cockabully any of various small freshwater fishes of New Zealand. [Maori kokopu].
codfish a cod.
codling a small cod.
coelacanth any of a group of primitive crossopterygian fishes.
coho a Pacific salmon > COHOS or COHOES. Also COHOE.
cohoe a Pacific salmon. Also COHO.
coley an edible fish of the cod family.
comber the gaper, or sea-perch; a species of wrasse.
conger a kind of eel.
conner cunner connor a kind of wrasse, aka GOLDSINNY.
corbina corvina a bluish-grey whiting of the California coast.
coregonine of or like the genus Coregonus, a kind of whitefish.
corkwing a European fish of the wrasse family.
cory any of various freshwater catfish belonging to the South American Corydoras genus.
coryphene a fish of the genus Coryphaena.
cottid cottus any fish of the genus Cottus, including the BULLHEAD and father-lasher.
cottoid like a COTTID, a fish of the genus Cottus.
craigfluke a type of flat fish, aka the witch.
crampfish the electric ray.
crappie croppie a kind of fish, a member of the sunfish family.
crevalle an American fish.
croaker a person or animal that croaks; spec. any fish of the family Sciaenidae.
crossopterygian a member of a subclass (Crossopterygii) of mostly extinct bony fishes, including the COELACANTH.
crucian crusian a colourful carp.
cudden cuddin cuddie cuddy another name for the COALFISH.
cunner see CONNER.
cusk a kind of fish, aka TORSK or BURBOT.
cycloidian a fish with CYCLOID scales.
cyclostome the lamprey.
cyprine relating to the carp family.
cyprinid a member of the carp family of fish.
cyprinoid (a fish) of the carp family > CYPRINOIDS.
dab a kind of flatfish.
dace dare dart a small river fish of the carp family and chub genus.
damselfish a small brightly-coloured tropical fish.
danio a brightly coloured tropical freshwater fish.
dare dart see DACE.
darter a small American fish of the perch family.
dealfish another name for the RIBBONFISH.
demoiselle a kind of WRASSE.
dentex a strongly toothed voracious fish related to perch, found in the Mediterranean > DENTEXES.
devilfish a huge ray of the Gulf of Mexico and Southern Atlantic coasts.
dipnoan a lungfish.
dogfish a small shark of various kinds.
dollarfish any of various fishes that have a rounded compressed silvery body, esp. the moonfishes or the American butterfish.
dorad any member of the fish genus Doras, a bony-plated river fish.
dorado a large edible marine fish, aka CORYPHENE > DORADOS. [Sp. dorado, golden].
doree dory a golden-yellow fish of the mackerel family.
dorse a small cod.
dory a golden-yellow fish of the mackerel family.
dragonet a fish of the genus Callionymus.
drumfish any fish of the Sciaenidae.
eel any of various fishes with long smooth cylindrical or ribbon-shaped bodies.
eelfare a brood of eels.
eellike like an eel.
eelpout a kind of fish, aka BURBOT.
eely like an eel > EELIER, EELIEST.
elasmobranch any member of the Elasmobranchii, that include sharks, rays, and skates.
ellops elops a kind of STURGEON.
elver a young eel.
escolar an Atlantic fish of spectacled appearance. [Sp. escolar, scholar].
eulachan eulachon oolachan oolakan oulakan oulachon ulicon ulikon oolichan the North Pacific CANDLEFISH. [Chinook ulakan].
fallfish a fresh-water fish of the United States.
fatback a kind of fish, aka MENHADEN.
filefish a kind of fish with roughly granulated skin, which is sometimes used in place of sandpaper.
finfish (US) generic word for actual fish as distinct from shellfish.
fingerling a salmon PARR or young trout less than a year old.
finnac finnack finnock phinnock a young sea trout.
fishful abounding with fish.
fishify to change to fish.
fishless without fish.
flatfish a flat-shaped fish, such as PLAICE or SOLE.
flathead any of various species of edible flat-skulled fish of the Pacific and Indian Oceans.
flattie (New Zealand) a flounder or other flatfish.
flounder a name given to a number of species of FLATFISH.
flowerhorn as in flowerhorn fish, a brightly coloured cichlid fish with a large protuberance on the head.
flutemouth a fish of the genus Aulostoma, having a much elongated tubular snout.
fogash a fish, the pike-perch. [Hungarian fogas].
foolfish the orange FILEFISH.
forktail a salmon in the fourth year of its growth.
foxfish the fox shark; aka sea fox.
foxshark a large long-tailed shark, the thresher.
frogfish a marine fish.
frostfish an American fish appearing in frosty weather.
fugu a toxin-containing fish.
gadid gadoid any member of the cod family.
gambusia a small fish.
ganoid having shiny smooth scales, such as sturgeon and gar.
gar (noun) a GARFISH; (verb) to compel > GARS, GARRING, GARRED or GART.
garfish garpike any of various fishes with slender bodies and long spearlike snouts, aka NEEDLEFISH.
garoupa in Chinese cookery, another name for the GROUPER.
garvie garvock a SPRAT.
gaspereau a fish of the herring family found on the Atlantic coast of N. America, aka ALEWIFE > GASPEREAUS or GASPEREAUX.
ged the pike.
geelbek a yellow-jawed fish.
gemfish an American marine food fish of the Atlantic coast; aka KINGFISH.
gibel a kind of carp, aka Crucian carp. [Ger. Giebel, earlier Gibel.]
gillaroo an Irish trout with a thickened muscular stomach. [Irish giolla ruadh, red lad].
gilthead a kind of fish with a gold half-moon between the eyes.
globefish a fish that can suck in water or air and distend the body to a more or less globular form.
goatfish a fish of the genus Upeneus, inhabiting the Gulf of Mexico. It is allied to the SURMULLET.
gobiid gobioid any fish of the GOBY family.
goby any fish of the genus Gobius with ventral fins forming a sucker.
goggler a CARANGOID oceanic fish, having very large and prominent eyes.
goldeye a N. American freshwater fish.
goldfinny goldsinny one of two or more species of European labroid fishes.
goldfish a freshwater cyprinid fish of E. Europe and Asia, esp. China, widely introduced as a pond or aquarium fish.
golomynka a very oily fish found in Lake Baikal.
goosefish an American fish, the angler-fish.
goramy gourami gurami a large freshwater food fish of Asia. [Malay gurami]. The pl. of GOURAMI is GOURAMIES or GOURAMIS.
graining a Lancashire name for DACE.
grayfish a dogfish.
grayling a European fish, allied to the trout, having a very broad dorsal fin.
greenbone another name for the BUTTERFISH
greeneye a small W. Atlantic fish with pale green eyes.
greenling a kind of fish with a greenish hue.
grenadier a deep-sea fish of the Macrouridae family.
grig a small lively eel; (verb) to fish for eels.
grilse a young salmon.
groper grouper one of several species of valuable food fishes, found esp. round Florida and the Gulf of Mexico.
groundfish a marine fish that is found at the bottom e.g. cod, haddock.
grunion a small Californian sea-fish which spawns on shore.
grunt grunter any of various kinds of grunting fish.
gudgeon a small fish; (verb) to defraud, delude.
guitarfish a kind of ray, somewhat guitar-like in shape.
gummy a kind of shark > gummies.
gunnel a small eel-like coast fish of the blenny family.
guppy a small brightly-coloured West Indian fish.
gurami a large freshwater food fish of Asia > GURAMIS. [Malay gurami]. See also GORAMY.
gurnard gurnet a fish with a large, bony-plated angular head and three finger-like walking rays in front of the pectoral fin.
gwiniad gwyniad a fish of North Wales and Northern Europe, allied to the lake whitefish; aka POWAN. [Welsh gwyn, white].
haddie the haddock.
haddock a North Atlantic gadoid food fish > similar to but smaller than the cod.
hag hagfish any of various scavenging or predatory cyclostome fishes of the family Myxinidae.
hairtail any of various marine fish with long whiplike scaleless bodies.
hake a fish of the cod family.
haku the kingfish.
halfbeak any slender, marine fish of the genus Hemirhamphus, having the upper jaw much shorter than the lower.
halibut holibut a large flatfish.
hammerhead a type of shark.
hapuka hapuku the groper.
hardhead any of several fishes with armoured heads.
hassar a kind of S. American catfish. [Native name].
hausen a large sturgeon from the region of the Black Sea, aka BELUGA.
headfish a marine fish, the SUNFISH.
helleri a tropical fish > HELLERIES or HELLERIS. [From C. Heller].
herling hirling a young sea-trout, a FINNOCK.
herring any marine soft-finned teleost fish of the family Clupeidae.
hippocampus a genus of small fishes (family Syngnathidae) with horse-like head and neck.
hippodame (Spenser) the sea-horse.
hogfish a large West Indian and Florida food fish. Aka PIGFISH.
hoka red cod.
hoki a food fish with white flesh > HOKIS.
holibut see HALIBUT.
homelyn the spotted ray.
hornbeak a dialect name for the garfish.
hornfish a dialect name for the garfish.
hornpout a kind of catfish.
hornyhead a North American river chub.
horsehead a kind of fish.
hottentot a small fish.
houndfish a name given to various species of small shark or dogfish.
houting a European food fish with white flesh.
huso the great sturgeon > HUSOS. [OHG huso].
huss a kind of dogfish.
ichthyoid any fishlike creature.
id ide a fish of the carp family.
inanga the New Zealand whitebait.
inconnu a large food fish of NW Canada; also , an unknown person (fem. INCONNUE.
jackfish a food fish.
jacksmelt a large fish of the Pacific coast of North America.
jaculator another name for the ARCHERFISH.
jerker a kind of fish, aka HORNYHEAD.
jewelfish a brightly-coloured African cichlid.
jewfish a large serranoid fish of Florida and the Gulf of Mexico.
jewie the JEWFISH.
jurel a kind of food fish. [Sp. from L. saurus, horse-mackerel].
kabeljou kabeljouw a large S. African fish.
kahawai a large marine fish of the perch family.
kanae grey mullet.
keeling a codfish.
kelpfish a fish that lives in the kelp.
kelt a salmon that has just spawned.
keta a Pacific salmon, the dog-salmon.
kiack a fish of the herring family.
killie killifish a small freshwater fish, used as bait.
kingfish an American marine food fish of the Atlantic coast; aka GEMFISH.
kingklip any of several marine food fishes.
koi a Japanese carp > KOIS
kokanee a small landlocked species of sockeye salmon. [Salish].
kokiri the rough-skinned New Zealand triggerfish.
kokopu any of several small freshwater fish of New Zealand.
labrid of the wrasse genus of fish, of the family Labridae.
labroid any fish belonging to the family Labridae, a family of marine fishes, often brilliantly colored, abundant in the Indian and Pacific Oceans.
ladyfish a large, handsome fish, found both in the Atlantic and Pacific oceans.
laker a fish found in lakes; a type of ship which trades only in the Great Lakes of North America.
lamper a cyclostome fish with an eel-like body, aka LAMPREY.
lampern the river lamprey.
lamprey a cyclostome fish with an eel-like body without scales or paired fins and a jawless mouth like a sucker with horny teeth and rough tongue.
lampuka lampuki an edible Mediterranean fish.
lancelet any of a number of small elongated fishlike chordates of the family Branchiostomidae, that burrow in underwater sand.
largemouth a kind of fish, a large black bass.
latimeria any fish of the coelacanth family.
launce the sand eel, an eel-like fish that buries itself in the sand at low tide; (verb) to lance.
lax a kind of salmon; (adj.) slack, loose > LAXER, LAXEST.
leatherjacket any of various tropical carangid fishes having a leathery skin.
lepidosiren a S. American lungfish having an eel-shaped body and whiplike paired fins.
leptocephalus the larva of the conger eel > LEPTOCEPHALI.
ling lingcod a food fish.
lionfish a kind of tropical fish.
loach a small freshwater fish.
lobefin a type of fish to which the coelacanth belongs.
loche a fish of the cod family.
lookdown a marine fish.
lophobranch any fish of the pipefish and seahorse genus.
lotte a food fish.
louvar a large silvery whalelike scombroid fish.
lubfish a kind of stockfish.
luce the pike or jack, a fresh-water fish.
luderick an estuarine and rock fish of Australia.
lumpfish lumpsucker a kind of fish covered with lumps.
lungfish a fish able to breathe air using primitive lungs, a DIPNOAN.
lunker (US slang) an unusually large game fish.
lyomerous relating to the Lyomeri, soft-bodied fishes.
lythe the POLLACK, a fish of the cod family.
maatjes matjes a young herring before it has spawned, cured in brine.
mackerel an edible bluish-green N. Atlantic fish.
madtom a species of catfish.
mahimahi the dolphin-fish, esp. its flesh prepared as food > MAHIMAHI.
mahseer mahsir a large freshwater fish. [Hindi mahasir].
maigre meagre a large Mediterranean food-fish.
mako a kind of shark > MAKOS.
maomao a New Zealand fish.
marari the BUTTERFISH.
margate a tropical fish.
marlin a large oceanic fish.
maskallonge see MUSKELLUNGE.
maskalonge see MUSKELLUNGE.
maskanonge see MUSKELLUNGE.
maskinonge see MUSKELLUNGE.
masu a Japanese salmon.
mattie a young herring with undeveloped roe
mayfish a common killifish of N. America.
medacca medaka a small freshwater fish.
megrim a fish of the turbot family.
mendigo a freshwater fish > MENDIGOS.
menhaden an oily fish of the herring family, found off the east coast of the United States. [Algonquian, perh. from a base meaning 'fertilize'.]
menominee menomini a small whitefish found in the northern US and Canada.
merling the whiting. [L. merula, a sea-carp].
milkfish a large silvery fish of the Pacific and Indian oceans.
milter a male fish.
minnow any of the small freshwater fish of the Cyprinidae family.
minny a MINNOW.
mojarra any of various small percoid fishes of the family Gerreidae.
moki a New Zealand sea fish > MOKIS.
mola the SUNFISH.
molly mollie a kind of tropical fish.
monkfish a large edible fish.
mooneye a freshwater fish of the SHAD family.
moonfish the OPAH or other silvery disc-shaped fish.
moray murray murrey murry a kind of eel.
morgay the small-spotted dogfish. [Cornish and Welsh morgi, from mor, sea, and ci, dog].
morrhua an old name for the cod. [LL. morua].
mort a three-year old salmon.
morwong an Australasian food fish.
mosquitofish a species of freshwater fish, native to the southeastern US, aka gambusia.
mossback an old fish.
mossbunker an oily fish of the herring family, aka MENHADEN.
mouthbreeder a fish that carries eggs and young in its mouth.
mudcat a name given to several species of catfish.
mudfish a fish that burrows in mud, esp. a LUNGFISH.
mudhopper mudskipper a goby found in Africa, Japan etc.
mullet a kind of fish; a five-pointed star in heraldry.
mulloway a large Australian food-fish. [Aborigine malowe].
mummichog any one of several species of small American cyprinodont fishes; aka KILLIFISH. [Narragansett].
muraena murena a genus of large eels of the family Muraenidae.
muraenid an eel of the family Muraenidae.
murray see MORAY.
murrey see MORAY.
murry see MORAY.
mushmouth the skipjack tuna fish.
muskellunge a N. American freshwater fish of the pike family. Aka MASKALONGE, MASKALLONGE, MASKINONGE, MASKANONGE.
muskie a freshwater fish.
muspike a freshwater fish.
musselcracker a large sea bream that feeds on shellfish.
muttonfish a common food fish of the Western Atlantic, aka mutton snapper.
namaycush a N. American freshwater fish.
nannygai nennigai a large edible marine fish.
nanua a New Zealand sea fish, aka MOKI.
needlefish the European great pipefish.
nerka the sockeye salmon.
noah a shark. (Rhyming slang > Noah's ark).
numbfish the torpedo, which numbs by the electric shocks which it gives.
nursehound a kind of shark.
oarfish a long slender fish, aka RIBBONFISH.
oldwife a fish of various kinds; also a kind of duck, aka HARELD.
ono (Hawaiian) a kind of fish.
oolachan see EULACHAN.
oolakan see EULACHAN.
oolichan see EULACHAN.
opah a large rare fish of deep ocean waters, having a compressed oval body, silver-blue above, with white spots and crimson dorsal and anal fins. Aka SUNFISH.
oquassa a small, handsome trout, found in some of the lakes in Maine.
orfe a kind of carp.
osseter a species of sturgeon.
ouananiche a landlocked variety of the Atlantic salmon, found in lakes in SE Canada. [From Canadian French, from Montagnais wananish, diminutive of wanans salmon].
oulachon see EULACHAN.
oulakan see EULACHAN.
paddlefish a member of the sturgeon family, aka SPADEFISH.
padle paidle a fish, the LUMPSUCKER.
pakirikiri the blue cod.
pakoko a small fish, aka BULLY > PAKOKOS.
panchax any of several kinds of brightly coloured fish, often stocked in aquariums.
panfish any small fish that can be fried whole.
parae a type of fish.
pargo a kind of food fish > PARGOS or PARGOES.
parore a type of fish found around New Zealand and Australia.
parr a young salmon, during its freshwater days (first two years).
parrotfish any brightly coloured tropical marine percoid fish of the family Scaridae, having parrot-like jaws.
patiki the New Zealand sand founder or dab.
patutuki the blue cod.
pectinal a fish with bones or a spine resembling a comb.
pegasus a member of a genus of small fishes superficially like sea-horses, of the coasts of Asia and Australia > PEGASUSES.
penk pink a minnow.
perai pirai a South American fish, the piranha. [Port. piraí f. Tupi, f. pir´ fish + í small].
perch a spiny-finned freshwater fish.
percid a fish of the perch family.
perciform like a perch (fish).
percine a fish belonging to, or resembling, the perches, or family Percidae > PERCINES.
percoid belonging to, or resembling, the perches, or family Percidae.
percoidean like a perch. Also PERCOID.
petrale a food fish, a kind of sole.
phinnock see FINNAC.
pickerel a young pike.
pigfish a large West Indian and Florida food fish. Aka HOGFISH.
pike a voracious freshwater fish; (verb) to kill or pierce with a pike.
pikelike like a pike.
pikeperch a pike-like freshwater fish.
pilchard a fish like a herring.
pillie a pilchard.
pilotfish a fish that accompanies sharks.
pinfish a small marine fish.
pintano a dark-banded fish > PINTANOS.
pipefish any of numerous fishes having a long slender armoured body and a tubular snout.
piper a kind of GURNARD.
pirai see PERAI.
pirana piranha piraya a South American fish. [Port. f. Tupi pir´nye, pir´ya, f. pir´ fish + sainha tooth].
pirarucu a S. American fish, aka ARAPAIMA. [Port. f. Tupi, f. pir´ fish + urucú annatto, red].
piraya see PIRANA
plaice a type of flatfish.
platy (noun) a small tropical fish > PLATYS or PLATIES. 1. (adj.) like a plate; consisting of plates > PLATIER, PLATIEST
platyfish a small tropical fish.
plectognath any spiny-finned marine fish of the mainly tropical order Plectognathi, that includes puffers, triggerfish, trunkfish and sunfish.
plectognathic plectognathous belonging to an order of bony fishes including FILEFISHES.
podley a young COALFISH.
pogge the armed bullhead, a bony-plated fish.
pogy a marine fish.
pollack pollock a marine gadoid fish, aka COALFISH or SILLOCK.
pollan a whitefish, plentiful in Irish loughs.
pomfret a sea fish found along the Indian coasts. [Port. pampo].
pompano any one of several species of marine fish > POMPANOS.
pope a small freshwater fish, aka RUFFE.
porae a large edible seafish of New Zealand waters.
porbeagle a species of shark, about eight feet long, having a pointed nose and a crescent-shaped tail; aka mackerel shark.
porgie porgy a species of saltwater fish, a sea-bream.
pout pouting a fish of the cod family.
poutassou a gadoid fish, aka blue whiting.
powan a POLLAN, a species of whitefish found in Scottish lochs.
puffer pufferfish a steam-engine; a steamboat; a kind of fish.
pupfish a tiny fish of the Cyprinidae, native to the warmer waters of the western US.
queenfish a Californian blue-and-silver fish, aka drumfish.
quillback an American fresh-water fish.
quinnat a fish, the king-salmon.
rabbitfish a type of herring, or other fish thought to resemble a rabbit.
rasbora a brightly coloured tropical fish.
rascasse a kind of fish found in the Mediterranean.
ratfish a marine fish.
rattail any of various deep-water marine gadoid fishes of the family Macrouridae, having a large head, short body, and long, tapering tail.
raun rawn fish-roe; a female fish.
rawaru the blue cod.
ray a skate, thornback, torpedo, or any similar flat-bodied elasmobranch fish.
redbelly a fish, the char.
redear a common sunfish.
redfin a small North American dace. The male, in the breeding season, has bright red fins.
redfish the blueback salmon of the North Pacific, aka NERKA.
redhorse a kind of freshwater fish.
remora the sucking-fish, previously believed to delay ships by attaching itself; any delay or obstacle. [L. delay, hindrance].
remorid of or like a REMORA, the sucking-fish, previously believed to delay ships by attaching itself to the keel.
reperepe the elephant fish, a large fish of the Pacific with a trunk-like snout.
requin the man-eater, or white shark > so called on account of its causing requiems to be sung.
reremai the basking shark.
ribbonfish a long slender fish, the oarfish.
rigg the dogfish.
rivulus a small tropical American fish.
roach a silvery freshwater fish of the carp family; (verb) to clip or trim (a horse's mane) short so that the hair stands on end.
robalo a kind of marine fish > ROBALOS. [Sp. robalo, bass].
rockfish any one of several California scorpaenoid food fishes of the genus Sebastichthys.
rockling a small fish of the cod family with barbels on both jaws.
roker any ray other than a skate.
roncador any one of several species of California sciaenoid food fishes. [Sp. roncar, to snore, snort].
rosefish a large marine food fish found on the northern coasts of Europe and America.
roughie roughy a small food fish.
roughback a rough-skinned flatfish.
roussette a kind of DOGFISH.
rudd a fish related to the roach, aka red-eye.
ruff ruffe a small freshwater fish, aka POPE.
ruffin the RUFFE, a small freshwater fish of the perch family.
sablefish a large spiny-finned gray to blackish fish of the Pacific coast.
saibling a European mountain trout, aka TORGOCH.
sailfish a kind of BILLFISH, with a very tall and long dorsal fin, found in warm seas worldwide.
saith saithe another name for the POLLOCK.
salmon any soft-finned fish of the family Salmonidae, esp. Salmo salar of the Atlantic and Oncorhynchus species (sockeye, Chinook, etc.) of the Pacific, which are important food fishes.
salmonet samlet a salmon of small size.
salmonid a member of the salmon family.
salmonoid a member of the Salmonidae, a family of fishes including the trout and salmon.
salmony like a salmon > SALMONIER, SALMONIEST.
samlet see SALMONET.
sanddab a small Pacific flatfish.
sandfish a small marine fish of the Pacific coast of North America, which buries itself in the sand.
sandling a marine fish.
sandsucker a fish, the rough dab.
sar sargo sargos sargus another name for sea-bream. SAR is also a verb > to taste, savour > SARED, SARING.
sardel a small fish related to the sardine. Also SARDELLE.
sardelle a small fish related to the sardine. Also SARDEL.
sardine any of various small marine food fishes of the herring family, esp. a young PILCHARD.
sauger an American fresh-water food fish.
saurel any of various elongated carangid fishes, with bony plates along each side, esp. the scad and the jack mackerel.
saury a sharp-beaked fish, like a needlefish. [Gk. sauros, lizard].
sawfish any of various cartilaginous fishes having a long flattened snout with toothlike projections along each edge.
sawshark a kind of shark with a long flattened serrated jaw.
scad any of numerous carangid fishes, esp. one with a row of large scales along each side; a horse-mackerel.
scalare a kind of tropical fish. [L. scalaris, referring to the barred pattern on its body].
scaldfish a European flounder.
scar scarfish another name for the parrot-wrasse.
schelly skelly a freshwater white fish of the Lake District.
schnapper snapper an Australian fish.
schrod scrod a young cod.
sciaenid sciaenoid a member of the family Sciaenidae of tropical and temperate percoid fishes.
scleroderm one of a tribe of plectognath fishes (Sclerodermi) having the skin covered with hard scales, or plates, as the cowfish and the trunkfish.
scombrid a fish of the Scombridae, the mackerel genus.
scombroid any member of the Mackerel family.
scopelid scopeloid a member of the Scopelidae, a genus of deepwater fish. [Gk. skopelos a rock, thought by Cuvier to mean a kind of fish].
scorpaenid scorpaenoid any fish of the family Scorpaenidae, spiny-finned marine fish with large armoured heads.
sculpin skulpin the scorpion fish.
scup scuppaug a common Atlantic fish, the northern PORGY. [Narraganset mishcuppauog].
seabream a popular food fish.
seacock another name for the GURNARD.
seahorse any marine fish of the genus Hippocampus with a prehensile tail and a horselike head, that swims in an upright position.
seahound the dogfish.
searat a fish of the Chimaera genus, related to sharks and rays.
searobin an American fish of the gurnard family.
seatrout a marine trout.
seawife a fish, the European wrasse.
seir seer a scombroid fish of the eastern coastal waters of India. Also SEER.
selachian a member of the shark or ray family.
sephen a large sting ray of the Indian Ocean and the Red Sea. The skin is an article of commerce. [Arabic safan, shagreen].
serran a fish of the genus Serranus, that includes sea bass and grouper.
serranid serranoid any fish of the family Serranidae, which includes the striped bass, the black sea bass, and many other food fishes.
serrasalmo a fish of the piranha genus > SERRASALMOS.
sevruga a species of sturgeon found in the Black Sea. [Russ. sevyruga].
sewen sewin the Welsh or Irish name for the sea-trout grilse. Also SEWEN.
shad chad a deep-bodied herring-like marine fish, spawning in rivers.
shanny a small marine fish found in inshore waters and rock pools, aka smooth BLENNY.
shark any of various usually ferocious selachian fishes; (verb) to obtain by deception.
sharkish like a shark.
sharklike like a SHARK.
sharksucker another name for the REMORA.
sheatfish sheathfish a European siluroid fish allied to the cat-fishes, the largest fresh-water fish of Europe.
sheephead a species of fish.
sheepshead a large and valuable sparoid food fish found on the Atlantic coast of the United States.
shiner a small, silvery fish; a black eye.
shorthead a species of fish.
shotten having recently spawned and less desirable as food.
shovelhead a kind of shark, allied to the hammerhead, and native of the warmer parts of the Atlantic and Pacific oceans.
shovelnose a freshwater sturgeon of N. American rivers, having a broad shovel-like snout.
shubunkin a type of variegated, large-finned goldfish.
siganid any of a family of fishes.
sild a young HERRING.
sillock a young COALFISH. [ON silungr, a small salmon].
silurid any member of a genus of fishes including catfishes. [L. silurus].
siluroid belonging to an order of fishes with numerous species, among which are the catfishes.
silverfish any of various silver-coloured fishes, esp. the TARPON.
silversides a small fish, aka sand smelt > SILVERSIDESES.
skate a large edible ray of tropical and temperate waters.
skegger a young salmon.
skipjack a fish that swims near the surface, such as the skipjack tuna.
skulpin see SCULPIN.
smallmouth a river fish, a kind of bass.
smelt any fish of the family Osmeridae, related to the salmon family.
smolt a young salmon two or three years old.
snakefish a fish resembling a snake.
snapper any fish of the family Lutjanidae, related to the basses; (verb) to stumble, trip.
snig a river eel, esp an immature (olive and yellow) eel; (verb) to drag a load with chains or ropes.
snipefish the trumpet fish.
snoek a S. African fish, aka BARRACOUTA. [Dutch snoek, pike].
snook any of several marine fishes including the GARFISH and ROBALO; also used for the SNOEK or BARRACOUTA. [Dutch snoek, pike].
soapfish a tropical fish that produces toxic mucus.
sockeye a Pacific salmon.
sole a type of FLATFISH.
solenette a small European species of sole.
soupfin the requiem shark, whose fin is used for soup.
spadefish a fish, a member of the sturgeon family, aka PADDLEFISH.
sparid sparoid any marine fish of the family Sparidae, including the sea breams, porgies, dentex, etc.
sparling sperling spirling another name for the SMELT.
spawner a mature female fish.
spearfish another name for the MARLIN; (verb) to hunt fish with a spear-gun.
speldin spelding speldrin speldring a haddock or other small fish split open and dried in the sun
sperling see SPARLING.
spikefish a kind of SAILFISH.
spirling see SPERLING.
splake a freshwater fish.
sprat a young herring.
springer a spring salmon.
sprod a salmon in its second year.
spurdog another name for the DOGFISH.
squaloid of or relating to sharks.
squawfish a large cyprinid fish of N. America.
squeteague an American sciaenoid fish, abundant on the Atlantic coast of the United States, and much valued as a food fish. It is of a bright silvery color, with iridescent reflections. Aka WEAKFISH. [Narragansett].
squirrelfish any of various brightly-coloured marine fishes of shallow tropical waters, so called because their large eyes resemble those of the squirrel.
stargazer any of various marine bony fishes.
steelhead a North Pacific salmon found from Northern California to Siberia.
steenbras an edible estuarine S. African fish. [Dutch = 'stone bream'].
stenlock a coalfish.
sterlet a small sturgeon found in the Caspian Sea.
stickleback a freshwater fish with a spiny back.
stingaree the stingray.
stingbull stingfish the European greater weever fish, which is capable of inflicting severe wounds with the spinous rays of its dorsal fin.
stingray a ray with a stinging tail.
stonefish a venomous fish of N. Australia.
striper a food and game fish.
studfish any one of several species of small American minnows.
sturgeon a large fish of northern temperate waters.
suckerfish the remora or any other fish with an adhesive disc, e.g. a lumpsucker.
suckfish a sucker fish.
suctorian any cartilaginous fish with a mouth adapted for suction, as the lamprey.
sunfish a marine fish.
surffish surfperch a Western American fish.
surgeonfish a kind of tropical fish with razor-sharp spines on the tail.
surmullet a red mullet, admired by the Romans for its colour changes on death.
sweetfish see AYU.
sweetlip an Australian fish.
swellfish a fish, the puffer fish.
swordfish a large fish with upper jaw compressed and prolonged as a stabbing weapon.
swordtail a small Central American freshwater fish.
tai a Japanese sea bream.
tailor any of several fish including the bluefish and Australian skipjack.
tang a spiny-finned fish, aka sea surgeon.
tarakihi terakihi an Australasian food fish.
tarpon a kind of game fish.
tarwhine an Australian sea-bream.
tautaug tautog a labroid fish of the North American coast. [Narraganset].
teleost teleostean teleostome a type of fish, having a bony skeletons and rayed fins.
tench a kind of fish, aka the doctor fish.
tenpounder a fish of the genus Elops.
teraglin an edible marine fish of Australia.
terakihi see TARAKIHI.
tetra any of various small, often brightly coloured tropical freshwater fishes of the CHARACIN family, freq. kept in aquaria.
thornback a kind of skate having thornlike spines on its back.
thrasher thresher a large long-tailed shark.
threadfin any one of several species of fishes belonging to Polynemus and allied genera. They have numerous long pectoral filaments.
tiddler a small fish, a minnow.
tiktaalik any of a genus of extinct sarcopterygian (lobe-finned) fish from the late Devonian period.
tilapia any member of an African freshwater fish genus.
tilefish an American food-fish.
titarakura a small freshwater fish of New Zealand.
tittlebat the three-spined stickleback.
toadfish any marine fish of the genus Batrachus, having a large, thick head and a wide mouth, and bearing some resemblance to a toad.
togue the Great Lake char or trout, a gigantic SALMONID of N. America.
tomcod tomycod a kind of cod.
tompot as in tompot blenny, a kind of blenny.No —S.
toothfish the Chilean sea bass.
tope a kind of shark; (verb) to drink.
topknot a small fish related to the sturgeon.
topminnow a small, surface feeding soft-rayed fish.
torgoch a red-bellied form of the char found in certain Welsh lakes. [Welsh tor goch, red belly].
torsk tusk a gadid fish, aka CUSK.
trachinus any member of the WEEVER genus of fish.
trachypterus any member of the DEALFISH genus of fish.
trevally any horse-mackerel of the genus Caranx > TREVALLYS or TREVALLIES.
triggerfish a kind of fish, with a large spine on the forsal fin which can be locked upright by a second smaller spine.
tripletail a large marine bony fish.
trout any of various game fishes, esp. Salmo trutta and related species, mostly of fresh water in northern regions > TROUT or TROUTS.
troutlet troutling a little trout.
troutlike like a trout.
trumpeter a large Australian food-fish that makes a noise like a trumpet when caught.
trunkfish any one of several species of fishes of the genus Ostracion, or the family Ostraciontidae, having an angular body covered with a rigid integument consisting of bony scales. Aka BOXFISH.
tubfish the sapphirine gurnard.
tuladi touladi a lake trout of N. America > TULADIS.
tullibee a whitefish found in the Great Lakes of North America.
tuna tunny any of several large marine food and game-fishes of the family Scombridae.
turbot a large flatfish with bony tubercles.
twaite a fish, a kind of SHAD.
tyee a food fish.
ulicon see EULACHAN.
ulikon see EULACHAN.
vendace vendis vendiss a whitefish, found in Scottish lochs.
viperfish a predatory deep-sea fish.
wahoo a large fast-moving marine fish; also a kind of flowering shrub.
walleye another name for the pike-perch.
warehou any of several edible New Zealand fish.
warmouth an American freshwater bream.
warsaw a marine fish, the black grouper of the southern coasts of the United States. [Sp. guasa].
weakfish a kind of fish caught off the Atlantic coast of North America, aka sea trout. [Du. weekvisch, from week, soft + visch, fish].
weever any one of several species of edible marine fishes belonging to the genus Trachinus, with long dorsal fin supported by numerous strong, sharp spines.
wels a large fish, the American giant catfish, introduced into European rivers, aka SHEATFISH.
whiff a fish related to the TURBOT.
whipray a stingray.
whitebait the fry of various species of herring, sprat, etc.
whitebass a silvery food fish of the American Great Lakes region.
whitefish a general name for such fish as the whiting, haddock, plaice, cod, sole, menhaden, etc.
whiting a gadid food fish which is common off European coasts.
whitling a kind of trout, probably a young bull trout.
wirrah a saltwater fish with bright blue spots.
wobbegong a carpet shark.
wolffish any genus of fierce and voracious saltwater fishes.
woof a catfish.
wrasse any of several brightly coloured bony fishes of the family Labridae. [Cornish wrach].
wreckfish a stone bass.
yellowfin a kind of tuna with yellowish fins.
yellowtail any one of several species of marine carangoid fishes of the genus Seriola; especially, the large California species which is highly esteemed as a food fish.
zander a European pike perch allied to the WALLEYE.
zebrafish a striped tropical fish.
zingel a freshwater percid fish, having an elongated body with dark mottling on the back, found in central European rivers such as the Danube.