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Now updated for CSW19. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

amphipod a crustacean of the largely marine order Amphipoda, that includes e.g. sand-hoppers.
argulus a genus of copepod Crustacea, parasitic of fishes; a fish louse > ARGULI.
barnacle a cirripede crustacean that adheres to rocks and ship bottoms.
barnacled covered with barnacles.
brachyuran any decapod crustacean of the group (formerly suborder) Brachyura, which includes the crabs.
branchiopod any of a subclass of Crustacea with numerous flattened, leaf-shaped, lobed swimming-feet.
camaron maron a kind of freshwater crustacean similar to a crayfish.
cancroid a member of the crab family.
cirrhipede cirrhopod cirriped cirripede a barnacle or other parasitic marine crustacean.
cladoceran a small crustacean, aka water flea.
copepod a shrimp-like crustacean.
crab a marine crustacean; (verb) to obstruct, frustrate > CRABS, CRABBING, CRABBED.
crablike like a crab.
crawdad crawdaddy a crayfish.
crawfish any crustacean of the family Astacidae, resembling the lobster; (verb) to retreat or back out, especially from a position in which one is being challenged > CRAWFISHES, CRAWFISHING, CRAWFISHED.
cray crayfish a CRAWFISH.
crevette a shrimp or prawn.
crustacea a large class of arthropod animals with hard shells.
crustacean a member of the Crustacea.
cumacean a small crustacean living on the seabed.
cyclops a genus of freshwater copepods; pl. CYCLOPS; a one-eyed monster; pl. CYCLOPES. N.B. no CYCLOP*.
cyprid cypris any member of the Cypris genus of freshwater ostracod crustaceans. Pl CYPRIDS, CYPRIDES.
daphnia daphnid any member of the crustacean genus Daphnia, water-fleas.
decapod any ten-legged crustacean, including shrimps and lobsters.
decapodal decapodan decapodous relating to decapods, an order of crustaceans with ten feet, that includes crabs and lobsters.
euphausid euphausiid one of a genus of shrimplike crustaceans.
gilgie jilgie a YABBY, a small freshwater crayfish.
gribble a small crustacean which destroys submerged timber.
isopod isopodan any crustacean of the order Isopoda, that includes woodlice etc.
isopodous of or like an ISOPOD, a kind of small crustacean.
jilgie see GILGIE.
koura a New Zealand crayfish.
krill a small shrimplike creature eaten by whales > KRILLS.
langostino langouste langoustine the spiny lobster.
limuloid the king crab.
lobster a large strong-clawed edible crustacean; (verb) to fish for lobsters > LOBSTERS, LOBSTERING, LOBSTERED.
macropod any one of a group of crabs remarkable for the length of their legs, aka spider crab.
macrural macrurous pertaining to, like or belonging to the crustacean division including lobsters, prawns, etc. Cf. MACRURAN.
macruran macruroid a creature belonging to the crustacean division including lobsters, prawns > MACRURANS.
maron see CAMARON.
megalops the larval stage of a crab > MEGALOPSES.
mudbug a crayfish.
mysid a small crustacean.
nauplial of or like a NAUPLIUS, the larval form of certain crustaceans.
nauplioid shaped like a NAUPLIUS, a larval form in crustaceans.
nauplius a larval form in crustaceans > NAUPLII.
ochidore Charles Kingsley's name (not otherwise known) for a shore-crab.
oniscoid like a woodlouse. [Gk. oniscos, little ass].
ostracod ostracode a minute freshwater crustacean with a bivalve carapace.
ostracodan one of a class of minute crustacea with bivalve shells.
pagurian pagurid a member of the hermit crab family.
partan an edible British crab. [Perh. ult. f. OIr. partaing, red].
phyllopod one of an order of crustaceans whose swimming and respiratory appendages resemble leaves.
pleon the abdomen of a crustacean, bearing the swimming legs > PLEONS. [Gk. plein, to swim].
prawn a small edible crustacean; (verb) to fish for prawns.
scampi crustaceans of the genus Nephrops, often fried in breadcrumbs > SCAMPIS or SCAMPIES. [Ital. scampi, pl. of scampo, shrimp].
schizopod one of the Schizopoda, shrimp-like crustaceans.
shrimp a small edible crustacean; (verb) to fish for shrimps > SHRIMPS, SHRIMPING, SHRIMPED.
shrimpy full of shrimps > SHRIMPIER, SHRIMPIEST.
sowbug a WOODLOUSE.
spatfall a mass of planktonic shellfish larvae which has settled on the seabed prior to developing into adults.
squilla a mantis shrimp of genus Squilla > SQUILLAE or SQUILLAS.
woodlouse any small isopod crustacean of the suborder Oniscoidea > WOODLICE.
xiphosuran of the Xiphosura, an order of Arthropoda of which the only survivors are the king crabs.
yabbie yabby a small freshwater crayfish: YABBIES.