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Now updated for CSW19. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

aasvogel a S. African vulture. [Dutch 'carrion bird'].
aberdevine a bird-fancier's name for the SISKIN.
accentor a songbird.
accipiter a bird belonging to the Accipiter genus of hawks. [L. accipiter, a hawk].
accipitral resembling a hawk. [L. accipiter, a hawk].
accipitrine pertaining to or designating birds of the family Accipitridae, which includes most birds of prey other than owls, falcons, and New World vultures.
adjutant a large Indian stork or crane.
aepyornis a large fossil bird of Madagascar > AEPYORNISES. [Gk. aipys tall, and ornis bird].
agami a crane-like bird of S. America.
aigrette another name for the EGRET.
albatross a large long-winged seabird.
alcatras a kind of large water bird > ALCATRASES. [Arabic 'the diver'].
alcid a diving seabird, an auk.
alcidine relating to the auk family.
altrices birds whose young are hatched in a very immature and helpless condition, so as to require the care of their parents for some time, as opposed to PRAECOCES. N.B. no ALTRICE*.
amadavat avadavat the strawberry finch, a small Indian song bird, commonly caged and kept for fighting.
amazon a tropical green parrot.
amokura a white pelagian bird of tropical latitudes, with a red beak and red tail feathers.
anhinga a kind of bird, the water turkey. [Tupi ayinga].
ani a tropical American bird.
anserine belonging to the goose family; silly.
anserous resembling a goose; silly; simple.
antbird a group of tropical birds.
antpitta any of several S. American birds related to the ant thrushes.
apteryx a genus of New Zealand birds about the size of a hen, that includes the kiwi.
aquiline of or like an eagle.
araponga arapunga the CAMPANERO or S. American bell-bird.
archangel a kind of pigeon.
argala the adjutant stork of India.
argus an East Indian pheasant; an ophiuroid with much-divided coiling arms. [Gk. argos, bright].
auk a short-winged, black-and-white, heavy-bodied seabird of the family Alcidae. [ON alka].
auklet a small auk.
avian a bird; (adj.) like a bird.
avicular of or pertaining to birds.
avifauna the birdlife of a region > AVIFAUNAS or AVIFAUNAE.
avifaunal relating to AVIFAUNA, the birdlife of a region.
avine like a bird.
avocet avoset a wading bird with a long bill bent upwards towards the tip.
awlbird the green woodpecker; the avocet.
axebird a nightjar of Queensland.
babbler a family of tropical birds.
baldicoot the coot, from its white frontal shield.
baldpate a kind of wild duck.
bantam a small variety of the common domestic fowl.
banty a bantam.
barb a dark-coloured fancy pigeon.
barbet a tropical bird with a bristly beak.
bargander bergander the shelduck.
bargoose a kind of wild goose.
barnacle a kind of wild goose.
bateleur a kind of eagle. [Fr. bateleur, a tumbler].
bawk an Atlantic seabird.
becasse a woodcock.
beccaccia a woodcock.
beccafico a garden warbler or related bird, considered a delicacy by Italians > BECCAFICOS.
beefeater an African bird, aka OXPECKER.
bellbird a South American bird, aka CAMPANERO.
bergander the shelduck. Also BARGANDER.
berghaan the bateleur eagle. [Afrik. berg, mountain, + haan, cock].
bernicle a kind of wild goose. Aka BRANT or BARNACLE.
biddy (dial.) a chicken or hen; an old woman.
birdie a little bird.
birdlife birds collectively> BIRDLIFES .
birdlike like a bird.
bishopbird an Australian bird.
bittern any of several marsh birds of the heron family.
bittor bittour bittur the bittern.
blackbird a bird of the thrush family; (verb) to traffic in slaves.
blackcap a kind of warbler.
blackcock the male of the black grouse.
blackgame black grouse.
blackhead any of various birds with a black head, such as the black-headed gull.
blackpoll a warbler of the United States.
blighty a New Zealand bird, aka white-eye.
bluebill an American duck of the genus Fuligula.
bluebird a small American bird realted to the warblers.
bluebreast a small European bird; the blue-throated warbler.
bluecap the BLUETIT.
bluejay an American bird.
bluethroat a singing bird of northern Europe and Asia, related to the nightingales.
bluetit a small bird of the tit family.
bluewing the blue-winged teal.
boatbill a wading bird of the tropical parts of South America. Its bill is somewhat like a boat with the keel uppermost.
boattail a kind of bird, a GRACKLE.
bobolink a N. American songbird of the warbler family.
bobwhite a kind of quail.
bokmakierie (S. Afr.) a large yellow shrike.
bonxie the great skua. [ON bunkie, heap].
boobook a kind of owl found in Australasia, aka MOPOKE, MOREPORK.
booby a name for various kinds of gannet.
bowerbird any of various passerine birds native to Australia and New Guinea, which construct elaborate runs adorned with feathers, shells, etc., during courtship.
brahma a large domestic fowl.
brambling a bird of the finch family.
brancher a young hawk when it leaves the nest.
brant a species of wild goose, aka brent goose.
brantail the European redstart; -- so called from the red color of its tail.
brent a kind of wild goose; (Scots) lofty, steep > BRENTER, BRENTEST.
broadbill a wild duck, which appears in large numbers on the eastern coast of the United States, in autumn; -- aka BLUEBILL, BLACKHEAD and SCAUP.
broiler a quickly-reared young chicken sold ready for broiling.
brolga an Australian crane.
budgerigar an Australian parakeet.
budgie budgerigar.
bufflehead a N. American diving duck resembling the golden-eye; a stupid fellow.
bulbul an Indian bird.
bullbat a night hawk.
bullfinch a common European finch with red breast and a thick neck.
bulnbuln the lyrebird.
bunting any of the small finch-like birds of the subfamily Emberizinae.
burgomaster a popular name for the glaucous gull.
bushtit a bird.
bustard any bird of the genus Otis, resembling cranes.
butcherbird the SHRIKE.
buteo any of a genus of hawks Buteo with broad rounded wings; a buzzard.
buteonine of hawks.
butterball the buffel duck.
buzzard a large bird of prey of the genus Buteo.
cacique cazique any of various tropical American blackbirds of the genus Cacicus, with conical bills.
cageling a bird confined in a cage; esp. a young bird.
cahow a large rare petrel which breeds in Bermuda. {Imitative of the call].
caille in cooking, a quail.
campanero the bellbird of South America. [Sp. campanero, bellman].
canary a bright yellow songbird found in the Canary Islands.
canvasback a species of duck, so named from the markings of the plumage on its back.
capercaillie capercailzie a large Scottish bird of the grouse family. [Gaelic capull coille, horse of the woods].
capon a castrated cock.
capuchin a hooded pigeon.
caracara a South American bird of several species and genera, resembling both the eagles and the vultures.
carassow curassow a quail-like bird of Curacao.
cardinal a kind of finch.
cargoose a species of grebe, aka crested grebe > CARGEESE. [ON kjarr, copsewood + goose].
cariama a large South American bird related to the cranes, that preys upon snakes. [Ult. from Tupi siriema, sariama, çariama, explained as 'crested']. Aka SERIEMA.
carrier a type of pigeon.
cassowary any large flightless bird of the genus Casuarius, related to the emu. [Malay kesuari].
catbird an American bird allied to the mocking bird, whose note resembles at times the mewing of a cat.
cedarbird the cedar waxwing.
chaffinch a small songbird of the finch family.
chalder a kind of bird; the oyster catcher.
chanticleer a rooster.
chat any small songbird of a subfamily (Turdinae) of thrushes.
chatterer a name for two families of birds, the WAXWING and the COTINGA.
chawk a jackdaw.
chebec a small bird.
cheeper a young bird, esp. a game bird.
cheewink chewink an American bird of the finch family, so called from its note.
chewet an obsolete name for the CHOUGH.
chickadee a small bird, the blackcap titmouse, of North America; -- named from its note.
chick chicken the young of birds, esp. the domestic fowl.
chickling a little chicken.
chiffchaff a small European warbler.
chikhor chikor chukar chukor an Indian partridge.
chinstrap a kind of penguin.
chirper a little bird.
chittagong an Indian variety of domestic fowl. [From Chittagong in Bangladesh].
chook chuckie chucky chookie a chicken.
chough a kind of jackdaw found in rocky places on the sea-coast.
chukar chukor see CHIKHOR.
cirl a species of bunting.
clucker a chicken.
cob a male swan.
cobb a gull, esp. the great black-backed gull. Also COB.
cochin a large variety of the domestic fowl, originally from Cochin China.
cock the male of a bird.
cockateel cockatiel a small crested parrot of Australia.
cockatoo a bird of the parrot family. [Malay kakatua].
cockbird a male bird.
cockerel a young cock.
cockish of or like a COCK.
cocklike of or like a COCK.
cocky a COCKATOO.
coletit a bird of the tit family.
colibri a type of humming-bird > COLIBRIS.
colin the American quail or BOBWHITE.
coly an African bird.
condor either of two large American vultures.
conure a tropical finch.
coot a short-tailed waterfowl.
coppersmith an Asian bird, a kind of barbet.
corbie corby a crow, a raven.
corella an Australian long-billed cockatoo.
cormorant a shiny black webfooted seabird.
corncrake a type of rail with characteristic rasping call.
corvid a member of the crow family.
corvine crow-like.
cotinga a passerine bird of the tropical American family Cotingidae, noted for its brilliant plumage. [Tupi cutinga].
coturnix a variety of QUAIL > COTURNIXES.
coucal a large, Old World, ground cuckoo of the genus Centropus, of several species.
courlan a South American bird, of the genus Aramus, allied to the rails.
courser a swift running bird.
cowbird a kind of American starling, so called because frequently associated with cattle.
crake a crow, raven; the cry of a corncrake; (verb) to utter a crake.
crane any member of the Gruidae, large wading birds with long legs.
creeper a kind of bird that runs up a tree.
crombec a kind of African warbler.
cropper a kind of pigeon noted for its large crop.
crossbill a kind of finch.
crow any of several large black birds of the genus Corvus.
crowlike like a crow.
cuckoo any bird of the family Cuculidae; (verb) to utter the call of the cuckoo.
cuculiform of the cuckoo family.
culver a dove.
cumulet a variety of domestic fancy pigeon.
curassow see CARASSOW.
curlew a wading bird of the woodcock family,
currawong an Australian crow-like bird with a resounding call.
cursores in old classifications, running birds.
cushat cushie the wood-pigeon or ring-dove.
cygnet the young of the swan.
dabchick dipchick dobchick the little grebe.
dakerhen a European bird.
daw a jackdaw; (verb) to dawn.
dawcock a cock jackdaw.
dawish like a DAW, a jackdaw.
demoiselle a type of CRANE.
dickcissel the American black-throated bunting.
dickeybird dickybird (coll.) a bird; a false shirt-front.
didapper dopper a small grebe.
dikkop the stone curlew.
dipper a water bird with a dipping action.
diver any member of a genus (Gavia) of duck-like diving birds.
dodo an extinct bird of Madagascar > DODOS or DODOES. [Port. doudo silly].
dollarbird a bird of the roller family, found in S and SE Asia and Australia, with a round white spot on each wing.
dominick dominicker dominique one of an American breed of chickens.
doo dove, pigeon.
dorhawk the nightjar.
dotterel dottrel a kind of plover.
dove a PIGEON, esp. one of the smaller kinds.
doveish dovish like a dove.
doveishly dovishly in the manner of a dove.
dovekey dovekie a kind of guillemot; also, the little auk.
dovelet a young or small dove.
dovelike like a dove.
dowitcher the red-breasted or gray snipe. [Iroquois].
drake a male DUCK.
drongo any member of the family Dicruridae, glossy-black fork-tailed insect-catching birds of the Old World tropics; (Aus. sl.) an idiot > DRONGOS or DRONGOES.
duck any bird of the family Anatidae, with webbed feet and long flattened bill.
ducker a diving bird.
duckling a young duck.
duiker duyker (S. Afr.) a cormorant.
dunlin a species of brown-and-white sandpiper.
dunnock the hedge-sparrow.
eagle a name given to many large birds of prey of the family Falconidae.
eaglehawk a large bird of prey.
eaglet a young EAGLE.
egret a bird of the heron family.
eider a kind of duck.
elanet a kite of the genus Elanus. [Gk. elanos, a kite].
emu emeu a flightless bird.
erne the sea-eagle.
estrich estridge an ostrich.
estrildid any member of a genus of oscinine birds, the weaver-finches.
evejar the nightjar.
eyas nyas eyass a young hawk taken from the nest or training.
falcon any of the long-winged birds of prey of the genus Falco or related genera.
falconet a small falcon.
falconine like a falcon or hawk; belonging to the Falconidae.
fantail a broad-tailed variety of the domestic pigeon.
fatbird a wading bird.
fauvette a small singing bird, as the nightingale and warblers.
fernbird a small brown and white New Zealand bird.
fieldfare a species of thrush, having a reddish-yellow throat and breast spotted with black.
finch a name applied to many passerine or perching birds, esp. to those of the genus Fringilla.
finchlike like a finch.
finfoot a South American bird allied to the grebes.
firebird a bird with bright plumage, aka Baltimore oriole.
firecrest a bird closely related to the goldcrest, aka KINGLET.
flamingo a long-legged tropical bird > FLAMINGOES or FLAMINGOS.
flapper a young wild duck or partridge.
fledgling fledgeling a young bird just fledged.
flicker a N. American woodpecker.
flinthead an American wading bird.
flycatcher one of numerous species of birds that feed upon insects, which they take on the wing.
forktail a name for various birds esp. the kite.
fowl a bird esp. of the poultry kind.
francolin a bird of the Francolinus genus of partridges.
friarbird an Australian honeyeater with featherless head.
fringillaceous of or pertaining to finches.
fringilliform resembling a finch.
fringilline like a finch; belonging to finch family of birds.
frogmouth one of several species of Asiatic and East Indian birds, so called from their very broad, flat bills.
fulmar a gull-like sea bird.
gadwall a large duck, found in the northern parts of Europe and America.
gairfowl garefowl the great auk; also, the razorbill. [ON geirfugl].
galah an Australian bird of the parrot family; (fig.) a loud, rude person.
gallinaceous of or resembling pheasants and other domestic birds.
gallinazo a turkey-buzzard or other vulture > GALLINAZOS.
gallinule any of various aquatic birds of the rail family.
gambet gambetta the redshank. [Ital. gambetta, ruff].
gamecock a cock (of a kind) bred for fighting.
gamefowl a gamecock.
gander a male goose.
ganderism behaviour of or suited to a gander.
gannet a large white seabird of the family Sulidae, with black-tipped wings.
garefowl see GAIRFOWL.
garganey a kind of teal. [Ital. garganella].
garrot a name for various ducks esp. the GOLDENEYE.
gentoo a kind of penguin. [Port. gentio, a Gentile].
gerfalcon gyrfalcon jerfalcon a heavy, powerful falcon of cold northerly regions.
gled glede the common kite.
gleenie a guinea-fowl.
gnatcatcher any of the insectivorous American songbirds of the genus Polioptila.
gnatwren any of various species of small bird of the gnatcatcher family.
gnow in W. Australia, the MALLEE fowl.
goatsucker one of several species of insectivorous birds, belonging to Caprimulgus and allied genera, so called from the mistaken notion that it sucks goats.
gobbler a turkey cock.
goburra a large Australian kingfisher. Its call sounds like a raucous laugh. Also KOOKABURRA.
godwit a bird of the plover family, with a long slightly up-curved bill and long slender legs.
goldcrest a gold-crested bird of the genus Regulus.
goldeneye a kind of duck.
goldfinch a European finch of the genus Carduelis.
goldspink gowdspink the goldfinch.
goldy a goldfinch > GOLDIES.
gooney goony goonie gooneybird the albatross.
goosander any bird of the genus Mergus (goosander, smew, etc).
goose a kind of bird; (verb) to prod someone between the buttocks from behind.
gooselike like a goose.
goosy goosey like a goose > GOOSIER, GOOSIEST; (noun) a goose, a blockhead > GOOSIES, GOOSEYS.
gor a seagull > GORS.
gorcock the cock of the red grouse. Cf. GORHEN.
gorcrow the carrion crow.
gorhen the hen of the red grouse. Cf. GORCOCK.
goshawk any large hawk of the genus Astur.
goslet one of several species of pygmy geese, native to Africa, India, and Australia.
goura a large, crested ground pigeon inhabiting New Guinea and adjacent islands. [Native name].
grackle grakle one of several American blackbirds, of the family Icteridae.
grassbird an Australasian warbler with streaked brown plumage.
grassfinch a kind of Australian finch.
grassquit a tropical American finch.
grayback greyback the hooded crow.
grayhen the female of the blackcock.
graylag greylag a species of wild goose.
grebe a diving bird.
greenfinch a finch of a green colour, with some grey.
greenhead the mallard.
greenlet any of various small American songbirds of the genus Vireo, which have mainly green or brown upperparts and yellow or white underparts.
greenshank a large sandpiper with long, somewhat greenish legs.
greenwing a green-winged teal.
greyhen the female of the blackcock.
gripe grype a GRIFFIN; a VULTURE.
grosbeak any of various finches or finchlike birds with heavy bills.
grouse a game bird like a partridge; (verb) to grumble.
gruiform designating an order of birds, the cranes.
guacharo a nocturnal bird of South America and Trinidad, aka OILBIRD > GUACHAROES or GUACHAROS.
guan any one of many species of large gallinaceous birds of Central and South America. Several of the species are often domesticated.
guanay a Peruvian cormorant.
guga a young gannet.
guillemot a northern black-and-white sea bird.
guitguit one of several species of small tropical American birds of the family Coerebidae, allied to the creepers.
gull any seabird of the family Laridae.
gynney gynny a guinea hen.
hackbolt hagdon hagden hagbolt hagdown the greater shearwater.
hacklet haglet the kittiwake or shearwater.
hadedah a large greyish-green ibis.
haggard a wild or unreclaimed hawk.
halcyon a bird that calmed the sea on the winter solstice; the kingfisher.
hammerkop hammerhead a bird of the heron family, aka UMBRETTE. [Dutch 'hammer-head'].
handsaw perhaps a corruption of HERONSHAW > a heron.
hangbird hangnest the Baltimore oriole, so called because its nest is suspended from the limb of a tree.
hareld a N. American duck, aka OLDSQUAW or OLDWIFE.
harrier any of various birds of prey e.g. marsh harrier, hen harrier.
hawfinch the common GROSBEAK.
hawkish like a hawk.
hawklike like a hawk.
hazelhen a brown speckled grouse of European woodland, Bonasa bonasia.
heathbird the black grouse.
heathcock the male black grouse.
heathfowl a red, or black, grouse. Also MOORFOWL.
helldiver a small greyish-brown N. American grebe.
hemipod hemipode the button quail. Also HEMIPODE.
hen a female bird, esp. a female domestic fowl.
henlike like a hen.
hennish like a hen.
hennishly hENNISH, like a hen.
henny like a hen > HENNIER, HENNIEST; (noun) a hen-like cock.
hern hernshaw heronshaw heronsew a heron.
heron a large long-legged, long-necked wading bird.
hickwall the green woodpecker.
hickymal a titmouse.
hirundine of or pertaining to swallows.
hoactzin hoatzin a South American bird; the young have clawed wings > HOACTZINES or HOACTZINS and HOATZINES or HOATZINS.
hobby a small species of falcon.
homer a homing pigeon.
homescreetch the missel thrush.
honeycreeper a kind of tropical bird.
honeyeater honeysucker any bird of a large Australian family.
honeyguide an African bird that guides men and ratels to honey.
honker a wild goose.
hoodie a kind of crow.
hoopoe hoopoo a medium-sized, short-legged perching bird of Africa and Eurasia, having a prominent crest.
hornbill a bird with a horny excrescence on its bill.
hornywink a lapwing.
horseman a kind of carrier pigeon.
houdan a black-and-white five-toed domestic fowl.
huia a New Zealand bird akin to a crow.
hummer hummingbird any member of the tropical family Trochilidae, very small birds of brilliant plumage and rapid flight.
ibis any of a group of gregarious wading birds of warm and tropical climates.
ichthyornis toothed fossil bird of America.
icterid of or resembling a member of a family of American orioles.
ivorybill the ivory-billed woodpecker.
jabiru one of several large wading birds, allied to the storks in form and habits.
jacamar any of various small insectivorous birds of tropical S. America of the family Galbulidae, with partly iridescent plumage. [Fr. from Tupi].
jacana any of various small tropical wading birds of the family Jacanidae, which have greatly elongated toes and claws, enabling them to walk on floating vegetation. [Portugese, from Tupi].
jackdaw a small species of crow with a greyish neck.
jacksnipe a kind of snipe.
jacobin a hooded pigeon; a kind of hummingbird.
jager jaeger a skua that chases and robs other birds.
jay a bird of the crow family with colourful plumage.
jaybird a jay.
junco a kind of bird > JUNCOS or JUNCOES. [Sp. from L. juncus rush].
jynx the wryneck. [L. iynx, from Gk. iynx or iynx]. Also YUNX.
kae a jackdaw; (verb) to serve.
kagu a flightless bird. [Native name in New Caledonia].
kaka a brownish-green New Zealand parrot.
kakapo a ground-dwelling New Zealand parrot.
kakariki a green-feathered New Zealand parrot.
kamichi a S. American bird, aka the horned screamer.
karearea a New Zealand falcon.
karoro a large seagull with black feathers on its back > KAROROS.
kawau the black shag.
kea a large brownish-green parrot of the Southern Alps of New Zealand, formerly reputed to kill sheep.
keelie the kestrel or other hawk; also, an urban tough, esp. from Glasgow.
keet a young guinea fowl.
kereru a New Zealand pigeon.
kestrel a small species of falcon.
kight a kite.
killdee killdeer a bird of the plover family.
kingbird a small American bird, noted for its courage in attacking larger birds, even hawks and eagles, especially when they approach its nest in the breeding season.
kingfisher a European fish-eating bird with very brilliant blue-green and chestnut plumage, formerly known as the HALCYON.
kinglet any of several tiny birds of the genus Regulus.
kiskadee a kind of large flycatcher.
kite a long-tailed bird of prey of the hawk family; (verb) to fly like a kite.
kittiwake a kind of gull.
kiwi a New Zealand bird, the APTERYX.
knot a wading bird of the sandpiper family.
koekoea the long-tailed cuckoo of New Zealand.
koel an Asian or Australian bird of the cuckoo family. [Hindi koël, koïl from Skt. kokila].
kokako a large dark grey wattled crow of New Zealand > KOKAKOS.
kookaburra a large Australian KINGFISHER. Its call sounds like a raucous laugh. Also GOBURRA.
kora another name for the water cock.
korimako the BELLBIRD.
korora the fairy penguin or little blue penguin.
kotare a small greenish-blue kingfisher found in New Zealand and Australia.
kotuku a kind of heron with brilliant white plumage, black legs, yellow eyes and bill.
kuku a large fruit-eating pigeon of New Zealand.
lammergeier lammergeyer a large European bird of prey, aka bearded vulture.
landrail the corncrake.
langshan a small black Chinese hen.
lanner a kind of falcon.
lanneret the male LANNER, a kind of falcon.
lapwing a bird of the plover family with crested head.
larine laroid of or pertaining to the gull family.
lark a bird of the genus Alauda.
lavrock laverock a skylark. LAVEROCK can also be a verb > to catch larks.
leghorn a kind of chicken.
leipoa any bird of the genus Leipoa of Australian mound-birds. [Gk. leipein, to leave + oon, an egg].
limicoline any bird of the suborder Charadrii.
limpkin an American wading bird, like a rail.
linnet a common finch, feeding on flaxseed.
lintie lintwhite a linnet.
loerie lourie a type of African bird with crimson or grey plumage > LOERIES. Also LOURIE.
longspur any of several N. American buntings of the genus Calcarius.
loom loon a northern diving bird.
lore on a bird, the area between the eye and the bill.
lorikeet a kind of Australian parrot.
loriot the golden oriole.
lory lowrie lowry a kind of small parrot. [Malay lori].
lovebird a small bird popular in aviaries.
lowan an Australian bird, the mallee-bird. [Aboriginal lauan].
lungie lunyie the guillemot.
lyrebird an Australian bird, that spreads its tail like a lyre during courtship.
macaroni a ROCKHOPPER or crested penguin.
macaw any of the large, long-tailed, brightly-coloured tropical American parrots of the genus Ara or Anodorhynchus.
madge the barn owl.
maggie a magpie.
mag magpie a black-and-white bird of the crow family.
mallard a kind of wild duck with a shiny green head.
mallemuck the albatross. [Du. mallemok, f. mal foolish + mok gull]. Also MOLLYMAWK.
manakin any of various small fruit-eating passerine birds of the tropical American family Pipridae.
manucode a bird of Paradise.
manumea a Samoan pigeon with a notched lower mandible.
marabou marabout a large stork, which furnishes plumes worn as ornaments. [Fr. fr. Arabic murabit, hermit].
martin martinet a bird of the swallow genus.
martlet = SWIFT, the bird ('the temple-haunting martlet'); (Her.) a footless, beakless bird, denoting fourth son.
matata a New Zealand bird, aka FERNBIRD.
mavie mavis a songbird.
maw (obs.) a gull.
maybird an American songbird.
meadowlark any of several American songbirds of the genus Sturnella, speckled brown with yellow underparts.
meawes = MEWS, gulls.
megapod megapode one of a family of birds of Australasia, including jungle fowl, brush turkey, etc.
merganser an aquatic bird.
merl merle a blackbird.
merlin a species of small falcon.
meropidan one of a family of birds that includes bee-eaters.
mew a GULL.
milvine of or resembling birds of the kite kind.
mina myna mynah an Asiatic bird of the starling family. [Hindi maina].
minivet a singing bird of India.
minorca a type of domestic fowl.
miromiro a small New Zealand bird.
missel the mistle-thrush.
moa an ostrich-like New Zealand bird, extinct for over a century.
mockingbird any of various long-tailed songbirds of the New World family Mimidae, spec. Mimus polyglottos of the southern US and Central America, noted for mimicking other birds' calls and other sounds.
mohua a small New Zealand bird with yellow head and breast.
mollyhawk the juvenile of the southern black-backed gull.
mollymawk mallemuck the albatross. [Du. mallemok, f. mal foolish + mok gull].
molter moulter a moulting bird.
monal monaul a kind of pheasant, native to the Himalayas. [Nepali munal].
moorbuzzard the marsh harrier.
moorcock moorfowl a red, or black, grouse.
moorhen a water bird, aka water-hen.
moosebird a North American jay.
mopehawk mopoke morepork an owl of Australia and New Zealand.
mossbluiter (Scots) the bittern.
mossie mossy the Cape sparrow.
motmot any of several mainly insectivorous passerine birds of the neotropical family Momotidae.
moundbird an Australian bird that lays eggs in mounds.
mousebird another name for the COLY, an African bird.
mudhen a water bird living in muddy places.
mudlark a name for various birds that frequent mud.
murr murre a guillemot, an auk.
muscovy as in muscovy duck, a kind of duck.
murrelet any of several small auks of the N. Pacific.
musket a male SPARROWHAWK.
muttonbird An Australasian shearwater, esp. the short-tailed, said by some to taste like mutton.
nandoo nandu nhandu the RHEA, or S. American ostrich.
nelly a large seabird of the PETREL family.
nene a kind of goose native to Hawaii.
nestling a bird in the nest.
nestor a genus of parrots with gray heads, of New Zealand and Papua, allied to the cockatoos.
nid a pheasant's nest or brood.
nide a pheasant's nest or brood; (verb) to nest. Also NID.
nightbird a bird that flies or sings at night.
nighthawk an American bird.
nightingale a small bird of the thrush family, celebrated for its song.
nightjar a nocturnal insectivorous migratory bird, with grey-brown cryptic plumage and a distinctive churring call.
nisgul the smallest and weakest in a brood of chickens.
noddy an oceanic bird related to the TERNS.
nonavian not relating to birds.
notornis a domestic-fowl-like bird of New Zealand. [Gk. notos, south + ornis, a bird].
nutcracker a bird of the crow family.
nuthatch any of various small passerine birds of the genus Sitta.
nutjobber nutpecker the nuthatch.
oi a New Zealand bird, the grey-faced petrel.
oilbird a nocturnal bird of South America and Trinidad, aka GUACHARO.
oldsquaw oldwife a kind of duck, aka HARELD.
oological relating to OOLOGY, the collection and study of birds' eggs.
oriole any of various mainly tropical Old World passerine birds, noted for the melodious song and brilliant plumage of the males. [L. aureus, golden].
ornis the birds collectively of a region; its AVIFAUNA > ORNITHES or ORNISES.
ornithine a bird.
ornithoid bird-like.
ortolan a kind of bunting, common in Europe and eaten as a delicacy.
oscine belonging to the sub-order of birds including singing birds.
oscinine of or pertaining to song-birds.
osprey a bird of prey (Pandion haliaetus) that feeds on fish.
ossifraga the giant fulmar. Cf. OSSIFRAGE.
ossifrage a large bird of prey, e.g., an hawk, buzzard, vulture, or eagle. Cf. OSSIFRAGA.
ostrich a genus of large flightless bird.
ousel ouzel a European bird of the thrush family.
ovenbird an American bird.
owl a nocturnal bird; (verb) to smuggle, esp. wool.
owlet a young owl; also, a kind of moth.
owlish owllike like an owl.
owly owlish > OWLIER, OWLIEST.
oxpecker an African bird, aka BEEFEATER.
oystercatcher a black and white wading bird, with red bill and feet, feeding on limpets and mussels (not oysters).
oystrige ostrich.
paiock paiocke pajock pajocke an obscure word conjectured to be a misprint for peacock.
paitrick a partridge.
palmiped palmipede a web-footed bird.
parakeet parrakeet paroquet parroquet paraquito parroket paraquet a small long-tailed parrot.
pardalote a small Australian songbird.
parera a New Zealand duck with brown-edged grey feathers.
parrot any of various tropical birds with bright plumage.
parroty of or like a parrot > PARROTIER, PARROTIEST.
partridge a game bird of the pheasant family.
passager as in passager hawk, a young hawk or falcon caught on migration.
passerine relating to perching birds, and songbirds e.g. jays, warblers, finches, blackbirds, sparrows.
pauraque a long-tailed nocturnal bird.
pavone a peacock.
pavonian pavonine of or relating to peacocks.
peachick a young peafowl.
peacock a genus (Pavo) of large birds of the pheasant kind; (verb) to strut about or pose in order to display one's beauty, elegance, or accomplishments.
peacocky like a peacock > PEACOCKIER, PEACOCKIEST.
peafowl a large pheasant.
peahen a female peacock.
peaseweep peesweep the peewit.
peetweet the American sandpiper.
peewee peewit pewit a bird, the lapwing or plover.
peggy a small warbler of various kinds.
pelican a large tropical and subtropical waterfowl with an enormous pouched bill.
pen a female swan.
penduline building a pendulous nest, as in penduline tit.
penguin a flightless seabird of the Southern hemisphere.
percher a bird with feet adapted for perching.
percolin a small bird, a cross between a partridge and a quail.
peregrin peregrine a kind of falcon.
peristeronic of or relating to pigeons.
pern the honey buzzard; (verb) to move with a spiralling motion > PERNS, PERNING, PERNED.
petchary the grey king-bird.
petrel a kind of seabird.
pettichaps the garden warbler > PETTICHAPSES.
pewee a small, olive-brown N. American bird.
phalarope a small sandpiper-like shore bird.
pheasant a richly-coloured, long-tailed game bird.
philomel a nightingale.
philomela a nightingale. Also PHILOMEL.
phoebe the pewee, or pewit.
picarian picine of or pertaining to woodpeckers.
piciform like a woodpecker.
pickmaw the black-headed gull.
pictarnie a tern.
piculet a small tropical American woodpecker.
pie piet pyat pyot pyet a magpie.
pigeon any bird of the dove family; (verb) to gull or hoax.
pihoihoi a variety of New Zealand pipit.
pinguin a penguin.
pinnock the hedge sparrow.
pintada pintado a kind of petrel; the Cape guinea fowl. [Port. pintado, painted]. Pl. PINTADOES or PINTADOS; PINTADAS.
pintail a kind of duck.
piopio a New Zealand thrush, thought to be extinct.
piper a young pigeon.
pipit one of several lark-like singing birds; a titlark.
pipiwharauroa a Pacific migratory bird with metallic gold-green plumage.
pitta a genus of Old World birds, aka ant-thrush.
piwakawaka a New Zealand bird, aka the Grey Fantail.
plover a kind of bird, aka LAPWING.
plovery abounding in plovers > PLOVERIER, PLOVERIEST.
pluvian> a crocodile bird > PLUVIANS.
poaka a New Zealand bird of the stilt family.
pochard pockard a kind of European duck with a red head.
podargus a bird of the FROGMOUTH genus.
poll a parrot.
poorwill whippoorwill a NW. American nightjar.
popinjay a parrot.
porphyrio any bird of the purple-coot genus Porphyrio.
potoo a large South American GOATSUCKER. [Jamaican creole from Twi patú of imit. origin].
poulard a fatted or spayed hen.
poult a chicken.
poultry domestic fowl collectively.
poussin a chicken reared for eating at four to six weeks old.
pouter powter a variety of pigeon that can puff out its crop.
powin pown a peacock.
pratincole a bird related to the plovers, with swallow-like wings and tail.
prion any petrel of the genus Pachyptila, blue-grey above and white below, feeding on the plankton of the southern oceans.
protoavis a member of the genus Protoavis of the Triassic periods, with dinosaur-like tail and hind legs, but some anatomical features characteristic of modern birds.
psittacine of or like parrots.
ptarmigan a game-bird of the grouse family. [Gael. tarmachan, f. tarm-, torm-, grumble, croak].
puffback a small African bird.
puffbird any bird of a Central American family relating to the BARBETS.
puffin any of various seabirds (esp. of the genus Fratercula) of the auk family.
pukeko a New Zealand wading bird with bright plumage > PUKEKOS.
pullus a chick or young bird > PULLI.
putangitangi a New Zealand bird, aka paradise duck.
puttock a kite or buzzard.
pygargus the white-tailed sea eagle.
quail a genus of small birds of the partridge family.
quarrian quarrion a kind of COCKATIEL.
queest quest quist quoist a cushat, the wood-pigeon or ring-dove.
quelea a kind of African weaver-bird. [From African name].
quetzal quezal a gold and green bird with long tail feathers > QUETZALS; QUEZALS or QUEZALES.
raddocke = RUDDOCK, the robin.
rail any bird of the genus Rallus, especially the water-rail,
rainbird a bird, such as the green woodpecker, supposed to foretell rain.
ralliform of the rail family of birds.
ralline pertaining to the rail family of birds.
raptatorial predatory; pertaining to birds of prey.
raptor a bird of prey.
raptorial predacious; of or relating to a bird of prey.
ratite a bird having a flat breastbone, such as ostrich, emu.
raven a large black bird of the crow family.
ravenlike like a RAVEN.
razorbill a species of auk, with a compressed bill.
redback a wading bird, the DUNLIN.
redbird a large seed-eating finch.
redbreast the robin.
redhead any of several birds with reddish head, especially the pochard.
redpoll a kind of finch.
redshank a kind of wading bird.
redstart a bird of the thrush family, characterised by a red tail.
redtail a kind of hawk.
redwing a bird of the thrush family, with a red underwing.
ree a female RUFF.
reedbird a kind of bird, aka BOBOLINK.
reedling a small marsh bird.
reeler the grasshopper warbler.
reeve a female RUFF.
reguline of or pertaining to the REGULUS genus of birds, goldcrests.
rhea an ostrich-like bird.
ricebird the Java sparrow.
riflebird each of three birds of paradise of the genus Ptiloris, having velvety black plumage with bright coloured patches, and a long bill.
ringdove the wood-pigeon, from the broken white ring or line on its neck.
ringneck any one of several species of small plovers having a ring around the neck.
ringtail a bird having a distinct band of color across the tail, such as the hen harrier.
riroriro the grey warbler > RIRORIROS.
roading the woodcock's evening flight. Also RODING.
roadrunner a bird of the turkey family, aka the chaparral cock.
robin a widely spread red-breasted bird.
roch rotch rotche rotchie the little auk.
rocker rockier the rock dove.
rockhopper a crested penguin, aka MACARONI.
rockier the rock dove.
roding roading the woodcock's evening flight.
roller a bird (genus Coracias) related to the KINGFISHER.
rook a gregarious species of CROW.
rookish like a rook.
rooky full of rooks > ROOKIER, ROOKIEST.
rooster a domestic cock.
rosefinch any of various finches of the genus Carpodus found in Europe and Asia, the males more or less covered with red or pink plumage.
rosella an Australian parakeet. [First observed at Rose Hill near Sydney].
rouen a type of domestic duck. [From Rouen in France].
roughleg any one of several species of large hawk, having the legs feathered to the toes.
rubythroat any one of numerous species of humming birds, in which the male has on the throat a brilliant patch of red feathers having metallic reflections.
ruddock the robin.
ruff a kind of sandpiper, the male of which has an erectile ruff during the breeding season. Feminine REEVE or REE.
rumkin rumpy a tailless chicken.
ruru the BOOBOOK owl.
rype a ptarmigan > RYPER.
sabrewing a hummingbird of a group with bent outer primaries in the male.
saddleback a rare bird of New Zealand, with saddle-shaped markings on its wings.
saddlebill a large black-and-white stork.
saker a falcon native to Southern Europe and Asia, closely resembling the LANNER.
sakeret the male of the SAKER.
salangane a swiftlet that builds edible nests.
sanderling a small gray and brown sandpiper.
sandgrouse any bird of genus Pterocles.
sandpeep any small sandpiper.
sandpiper any of various smaller waders of the family Scolopacidae.
sapsucker a kind of woodpecker that eats sap.
sarus a large red-headed crane found from India to the Philippines > SARUSES.
sawbill a kind of bird, the MERGANSER.
scamel probably a misprint for sea-mel, sea-mew.
scape the snipe; its cry when flushed.
scart scarth skart skarth a cormorant. SCART is also a verb, to scratch, scrape.
scaup a kind of duck; (verb) to scalp.
scaury scourie scowry in the Orkneys, a young gull.
scissortail an American flycatcher.
scolopaceous snipelike.
scooper another name for the AVOCET.
scops a kind of owl.
scoter a diving duck.
scray scraye a tern; the sea swallow.
screamer a gooselike S. American bird.
seabird any marine bird.
seafowl a seabird.
seagull a general term for birds of the gull family.
seahawk the skua.
seedeater a bird that eats seeds.
seriema a large South American bird related to the cranes. It preys upon snakes and is often domesticated. [Ult. from Tupi siriema, sariama, çariama, explained as 'crested']. Aka CARIAMA.
serin a bird of the finch family. [Fr. serin, canary].
shag a bird allied to the cormorant; (verb) to make shaggy.
shama an Indian millet-like cereal; an Indian song-bird.
sharptail a kind of grouse.
shearwater a gull-like oceanic bird of the petrel family.
sheathbill either of two Antarctic seabirds having a white plumage and a horny sheath at the base of the bill.
sheldduck shelduck shellduck a large duck of genus Tadorna.
sheldrake shelldrake shielddrake a male SHELDUCK.
shikra a kind of small sparrowhawk.
shoebill a large African wading bird allied to the storks and herons, and remarkable for its enormous broad swollen bill.
shorebird any of various birds that live on the shore or close to water.
shoveler shoveller a kind of duck with a broad shovel-shaped bill.
shoveller someone who shovels; a dabbling duck. Also SHOVELER.
shrike a kind of bird, the butcher-bird.
sicklebill any one of three species of humming birds of the genus Eutoxeres, native of Central and South America.
silktail a bird, a kind of WAXWING.
silverbill an Old World finch of the genus Minia, as the M. Malabarica of India, and M. cantans of Africa.
silvereye a greenish-coloured tropical songbird.
sirgang a green Asiatic jay-like bird.
siskin a small green-yellow European finch.
sitella sittella a type of generally small black-and-white bird.
sittine a member of the nuthatch family of birds > SITTINES.
skimmer a seabird that skims the water.
skua a predatory gull-like sea bird.
skunkbird the BOBOLINK.
skylark the common lark; (verb) to frolic, engage in horseplay.
smeath smee smeeth a name for various ducks including smew and pochard.
smew a bird, the smallest MERGANSER.
snakebird any one of four species of aquatic birds of the genus Anhinga or Plotus. They are allied to the gannets and cormorants, but have very long, slender, flexible necks, and sharp bills.
snipe any of several wading birds of the genus Gallinago; (verb) to shoot at from cover.
snipelike like a SNIPE.
snipy snipe-like; frequented by snipe > SNIPIER, SNIPIEST.
snowbird an arctic finch, often appearing in large flocks during snowstorms.
snowcap a very small humming bird native of New Grenada.
snowfleck snowflick the snow bunting.
solan soland the common gannet.
solitaire any of various extinct birds related to the dodo.
songbird any singing bird.
songster a singing bird.
sora soree a North American rail.
sord a flock of mallard.
spadger sparrow.
sparrow any member of a family of small finch-like birds.
sparrowhawk any member of the Accipiter genus of long-legged, short-winged falcons.
speug spug spuggy a house sparrow.
spink the chaffinch.
spoonbill a kind of wading bird with a spoon-shaped bill.
sprigtail a species of duck.
sprug a sparrow.
spurling a tern.
squab a young pigeon.
squacco a kind of heron found in Asia, Northern Africa, and Southern Europe.
standgale a corrupt form of STANIEL, the kestrel.
staniel stannel stanyel the kestrel. [OE stangella, stone-yeller].
stare starling a bird with black, brown-spotted, iridescent plumage.
steganopod any bird of the pelican order.
stilt stiltbird a long-legged bird related to the avocet.
stinkbird another name for the HOATZIN.
stint a small sandpiper; (verb) to be niggardly with.
stonechat a small bird of heath and moor.
stork any large wading bird of the family Ciconiidae.
stormbird a petrel.
stormcock another name for the missel-thrush.
strich the screech-owl > STRICHES.
strigine owl-like; of the owls.
struthioid of birds, relating to the ostrich.
struthious of or relating to ostriches or related birds.
sturnine sturnoid pertaining to starlings.
sturnus any bird of the starling genus.
suboscine belonging to a certain subfamily of birds.
sultan a small white variety of domestic fowl with feathered legs and feet.
sunbird a family of small, often brightly-coloured, tropical birds related to honey-eaters and superficially like hummingbirds.
sungrebe the FINFOOT, a South American bird allied to the grebes.
surfbird an American Pacific shorebird.
swallow a small long-winged migratory bird.
swan any species of Cygnus, a family of large aquatic birds.
swanlike like a swan.
swanny swanlike; as, a swanny glossiness of the neck > SWANNIER, SWANNIEST.
swift a bird superficially related to the SWALLOW, but closer to the HUMMINGBIRD.
swiftlet a species of swift, the builder of edible nests.
swordbill a kind of S. American hummingbird.
sylvia any warbler of the genus Sylvia. [L. silva, wood].
sylviine pertaining to any warbler of the genus Sylviidae.
taha a S. African weaver-bird. [Zulu taka].
tauhou a greenish-coloured tropical songbird, aka SILVEREYE.
tailorbird a kind of Asian warbler.
takahe an almost-extinct New Zealand bird, brightly colored, flightless, with a large bill.
talegalla a genus of Australian birds which includes the brush turkey. [Malagasy taleva, the purple coot, + L. gallus, cock].
tanager a brightly-coloured S. American bird.
tanagrine of or pertaining to the TANAGERS, a family of brightly-coloured S. American birds.
tapacolo tapaculo a small S. American passerine bird with a tilted tail > TAPACOLOS, TAPACULOS. [Sp. 'cover posterior'].
tarcel tercel tiercel tarsal tarsel tassel tassell a male hawk.
tatler tattler any (especially American) bird of the Totaninae family, so-called because of their loud cry.
teal a kind of duck.
tercelet tiercelet the male of various falcons, esp. of the peregrine.
terek a kind of sandpiper, named for the river Terek in Russia.
tern a long-winged aquatic bird, related to the gulls.
teuchat tewhit tewit the lapwing.
thickhead any bird of an Australian family related to shrikes and flycatchers.
thornbill any one of several species of small, brilliantly colored American birds, which have a long, slender, sharp bill.
thornbird any of several tropical birds of the genus Phacellodomus that construct large globe-shaped nests.
thorntail a tropical American hummingbird with bright green plumage.
thrasher any of several N. American birds of the family Mimidae, with greyish or brownish plumage and a slightly down-curved bill.
throstle the song-thrush.
thrush any member of a family of songbirds.
thrushlike like a tit.
ticklace tickleass in Newfoundland, a kittiwake.
timberdoodle the N. American woodcock.
tinamou any one of several species of South American birds belonging to Tinamus and allied genera.
tit any of various small songbirds of the family Paridae.
titipounamou (Maori) a kind of wren, aka RIFLEMAN.
titlark a pipit, esp. the meadow pipit.
titlike like a tit.
titling any of various tits, pipits, and similar small birds, esp. a dunnock.
titmose a TITMOUSE.
titmouse one of various small birds of the tit genus > TITMICE.
tody a small West Indian insectivorous bird.
tomtit a small bird, e. g. a titmouse.
totanus the redshank > TOTANUSES. [Ital. totano squid, from its habit of feeding on small crustaceans and invertebrates].
toucan a tropical bird with a large bill. [Fr. f. Port. tucano f. Tupi tucan, imit. of the bird's call.]
toucanet a smaller kind of TOUCAN.
touraco turaco turacou any one of several species of bird of the genus Turacus, native to Africa, remarkable for the peculiar green and red pigments found in their feathers. towhee any of several buntings of the genus Pipilo, of brush and woodland in N. America.
towhee any of various N American finches.
tragopan a kind of bright-hued Asiatic pheasant. [Gk. tragopan, hornbill, from tragos, goat + Pan, the god Pan].
trembler a West Indian bird of the family Mimidae.
triller a kind of tropical bird.
trochil the crocodile bird. [Gk. trochilos].
trochilus a genus of humming birds > TROCHILI or TROCHILUSES. [Gk. trochilos, a crocodile bird, a wren].
trogon any one of numerous species of beautiful tropical birds belonging to the family Trogonidae, noted for their brilliant colors. [Gk. trogon, nibbling].
troopial troupial any of various American orioles of the family Icteridae.
tropicbird any aquatic bird of the tropical family Phaethontidae, having long slender tail feathers and a white plumage with black markings.
trumpeter a kind of swan; also, a kind of domestic pigeon.
tubenose a group of birds, including the fulmar.
tui a New Zealand bird, a honey-guide.
tumbler a kind of pigeon.
turbit a domestic pigeon having white body, coloured wings, and short beak.
turdine characteristic of thrushes.
turdoid thrush-like.
turkey a genus of the pheasant family.
turnstone any of various species of limicoline birds, allied to the plovers.
turr a Newfoundland name for the guillemot.
turtle turtledove a kind of dove.
twite the mountain linnet, a bird of the finch family.
tystie the black guillemot.
umbre umbrette the HAMMERHEAD, a brown bird related to the storks.
urubu the American black vulture.
veery an American thrush, common in the Northern United States and Canada.
verdin a small yellow-headed bird of Lower California, allied to the titmice.
vireo any one of numerous species of American singing birds, aka GREENLET.
vireonine any bird like a VIREO.
volucrine of or pertaining to birds; bird-like.
vulture any of a number of large rapacious birds of prey.
vulturine rapacious; of or pertaining to a vulture.
vulturish vulturous like a vulture; rapacious.
vulturism the quality or state of being like a vulture; rapacity.
vulturn the Australian brush turkey.
wader a bird that wades in search of food, eg the snipe, sandpiper, etc.
wagtail any bird of the Motacilla and Dendronanthus genera.
waldrapp the hermit ibis of N. Africa and the Middle East. [Ger. 'wood-crow'].
warbler any of numerous small plain-coloured Old World songbirds of the family Sylviidae.
waterbird a bird that leaves on or near water.
waterfowl any bird that frequents the water.
waterhen the gallinule or moorhen.
waterthrush a species of American warbler.
wattlebird any one of several species of honey eater.
wavey wavy the snow-goose. [Cree].
waxbill any of numerous small finchlike birds of the African genus Estrilda, whose bills have a waxy appearance.
waxeye a small New Zealand bird with a white circle round its eye.
waxwing each of three crested perching birds of the genus Bombycilla, which have red waxlike tips to the inner wing feathers.
weaver weaverbird any bird of a passerine family resembling the FINCH.
weka a flightless rail of New Zealand.
whaup a curlew, sometimes great whaup as distinct from little whaup, the whimbrel.
wheatear any of several birds of the genus Oenanthe, which have black tails and conspicuous white rumps.
whidah whydah whyda a group of African birds related to the finch.
whimbrel wimbrel a bird like a curlew.
whinchat a small brown and buff song-bird.
whio a New Zealand mountain duck with blue plumage.
whipbird the coachwhip-bird.
whippoorwill a species of nightjar native to N. America. Aka POORWILL.
whistler any of vairous birds having a whistling call, such as various Australian flycatchers.
whitecap the male redstart or other bird with light-coloured head.
whitehead the blue-winged snow goose.
whitethroat a kind of warbler.
whitewall the spotted flycatcher, so called from the white color of the under parts.
whitewing the chaffinch; -- so called from the white bands on the wing.
whooper a kind of swan.
widgeon wigeon a kind of fresh-water duck with a light crown.
widowbird another name for the WHYDAH.
wildfowl a game-bird, esp. a duck, a goose.
willet a large North American snipe.
windhover the kestrel.
winnard a heron.
wishtonwish the whip-poor-will.
witwall the green woodpecker or the greater spotted woodpecker. Cf. WOODWALE.
wonga the large Australian white-faced pigeon.
woodchat woodshrike a species of shrike, with black-and-white plumage but a red-brown crown.
woodcock a genus of birds related to the snipe.
woodgrouse the capercailzie.
woodhen the WEKA, the flightless rail of New Zealand.
woodlark a kind of lark, smaller than the skylark and having a shorter tail.
woodpecker any of a family of birds in the order Picariae, remarkable for modification of the skull and bill enabling the latter to be used to drill holes.
woodshrike see WOODCHAT.
woodspite the green woodpecker.
woodswallow any of the fly-catching Artamidae, related to the shrikes.
woodthrush an American bird.
woodwale the woodpecker, esp. the green woodpecker. Cf. WITWALL.
woosel woosell a European bird of the thrush family. Cf. OUSEL, OUZEL
wren a genus of small songbirds.
wrentit a long-tailed North American bird.
wrybill a New Zealand bird related to the plovers.
wryneck either of two birds of the genus Jynx, characterized by their habit of twisting and writhing the neck when disturbed.
wyandotte a breed of domestic fowl, of American origin. [Huron wendat].
yaffingale the YAFFLE or green woodpecker.
yaffle the green woodpecker.
yeldring yeldrock yoldring yowley the yellow-hammer.
yellowbird the American goldfinch, or thistle bird.
yellowhammer a small yellow bird.
yellowhead a species of flycatcher found in New Zealand.
yellowlegs any one of several species of long-legged sandpipers of the genus Totanus, in which the legs are bright yellow.
yellowthroat any of several largely olive American warblers.
yite yitie the yellow-hammer.
ynambu a very large South American TINAMOU.
yorling as in yellow yorling, the yellow-hammer.
yucker an American bird, the FLICKER or golden-winged woodpecker.
yunx the wryneck. [L. iynx, from Gk. iynx or iynx]. Also JYNX.
zenaida a wild dove.
zoozoo the wood pigeon.
zopilote the URUBU or American black vulture.