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Now updated for CSW19. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

acarian acaroid mite-like.
acarid acaridan acaridean acaridian any member of the class Acarida, mites and ticks.
acaroid see ACARIAN.
acarus a mite > ACARI.
arachnid arachnidan any member of the Arachnida, the large class of arthropods that includes spiders, scorpions, mites, etc.
araneid a spider.
araneidan related to spiders.
attercop ethercap ettercap a spider.
bobbejaan (S. Afr.) a large black spider; also a baboon.
cheesemite a very small arachnid that breeds in cheese.
citigrade moving quickly, applied specifically to the Lycosidae or wolf-spiders that run down their prey.
epeira a genus of spiders, including the common garden spider.
epeirid a member of the family Epeiridae, that includes garden spiders.
eriophyid any of a large family of minute plant-feeding MITES.
ethercap see ATTERCOP.
ettercap see ATTERCOP.
harvester harvestman any member of the Opiliones, a class of Arachnida with very long legs.
ixodid a TICK from the family Ixodidae. [Gk. ixodes, sticky, from ixos, birdlime].
katipo a venomous black New Zealand spider with a red spot on its back > KATIPOS.
mite any of various tiny arachnids of the order Acarida, many of which carry disease, smaller than ticks and, unlike them, are not always parasitic in habits.
mity infested with mites > MITIER, MITIEST.
mygale an American bird-catching spider. [Gk. mygale a field-mouse, a shrew, from mys, mouse, and galee, weasel].
oribatid any of a family of eyeless mites.
phalangid one of the Phalangoidea, a long-legged arachnid, a harvest-spider.
pseudoscorpion any of various small arachnids of the order Pseudoscorpiones, resembling a scorpion but tailless, and found in soil, leaf litter, bark, etc.
saltigrade a kind of jumping spider.
sarcoptic relating to a genus of small MITES.
scorpioid a scorpion; a scorpion-like animal.
scorpion any arachnid of the genus Scorpio or order Scorpionida with head and thorax united, pincers, four pairs of legs, and a segmented abdomen including a tail with a venomous sting.
solpugid a type of venomous arachnid.
spider an arachnid of the order Araneae.
spiderish spiderlike like a spider.
spidery abounding in spiders; (of writing) thin and straggly.
tampan a venomous South African tick.
tarantula any one of several species of large spiders, popularly supposed to be very venomous > TARANTULAE or TARANTULAS.
tick any of the larger bloodsucking MITES of the Acarina order.
trombiculid of or relating to any of the MITE family (Trombiculidae).
tyroglyphid a mite of the genus Tyroglyphus, including the CHEESEMITE and the flour-mite. [Gr. tyros, cheese, + glyphein, to carve].
varroa an Asiatic MITE which paralyses and kills the honey-bee. [From Varro, a Latin writer on bees].