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Now updated for CSW19. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

alevin a young fish, esp a salmon just hatched.
bonham a piglet.
brit a young herring, sprat or other fish.
britt a young herring, sprat or other fish.
calf a young cow the skin of a calf, calfskin
calflike like a calf.
calve to give birth to a calf.
cheeper a young bird, esp a game-bird.
chick a young bird.
chickling a small chick or chicken.
cub the young of certain carnivorous animals; (verb) to produce cubs.
cubhood the state of being a cub.
cubless without cubs.
cygnet a young swan.
dogey a motherless calf.
dogie a motherless calf.
dogy a motherless calf.
duckling a baby duck.
eaglet a young eagle.
ean to give birth to.
eanling a young lamb.
eirack a young hen.
elt a young sow.
elver a young eel.
eyas a young hawk taken from the nest for training.
eyass a young hawk taken from the nest for training.
fawn a young deer; a yellowish-brown colour (verb) to ingratiate oneself with
fawnlike like a fawn.
fingerling a salmon parr or young trout less than a year old.
finnac a young seatrout.
finnack a young seatrout.
finnock a young seatrout.
firstling the first produce or offspring, esp of animals.
fledgeling a young bird just fledged.
fledgling a young bird just fledged.
foal the young of any animal of the horse family; (verb) to give birth to a foal.
froglet a little frog.
frogling a little frog.
gilt a young sow.
gimmer a young ewe; (contemptuously) a woman.
goatling a young goat in its second year.
gosling a young or unfledged goose.
grilse a young salmon.
gryce a young boar.
guga a young gannet, eaten as a delicacy in the Hebrides.
hatchling a creature just hatched.
hedgepig a young hedgehog.
herling a young seatrout, a finnock.
hidder a young male sheep.
hirling a young seatrout, a finnock.
hoggerel a young sheep.
howlet a young owl.
immature not mature (noun) an immature animal
immaturely iMMATURE, not mature.
keb to give birth to a stillborn lamb.
keet a young guinea-fowl.
kidlet a very little kid.
kidling a young kid.
kitling a young kitten; a whelp.
kitten a young cat (verb) of a cat, ferret, beaver, etc to give birth to a kitten or kittens
kittenish of or like a kitten.
kittenishly kITTENISH, of or like a kitten.
kittenishness the state of being kittenish.
kitteny like a kitten > KITTENIER, KITTENIEST.
lamb a young sheep (verb) to give birth to a lamb
lambie a lambkin.
lambkin a little lamb.
lamblike like a lamb; gentle; meek.
lambling a little lamb.
lamby lamblike.
lionet a young lion.
mattie a young herring with undeveloped roe.
owlet a young owl.
parr a young salmon, during its freshwater days (first two years).
phinnock a young seatrout.
pickerel a young pike; a small American freshwater fish.
piglet a little pig.
pigling a little pig.
podley a young coalfish.
poot a poult, a young fowl; (verb) to shoot at young partridges or young grouse.
poult a young fowl, esp turkey.
pullet a young hen.
pullus a chick or young bird.
samlet a young salmon, a parr.
scaury in the Orkneys, a young gull.
schrod a young cod or haddock.
scourie in the Orkneys, a young gull.
scowrie in the Orkneys, a young gull.
scrod a young cod or haddock.
shellbound of a baby bird etc., unable to escape from the shell.
sillock a young coalfish.
skegger a young salmon.
smolt a young salmon two or three years old.
soare a young hawk.
spottie a young deer up to the age of three months.
sprat a young herring.
squab fat, clumsy, unfledged (noun) a young pigeon; (verb) to stuff, upholster
steerling a young small steer.
tarrock the young of the kittiwake gull before the first molt.
yean esp. of a sheep, to bring forth young.
yeanling an animal that is undergoing the process of weaning.
yelt a young sow.